2024 Trending I Love You SMS for Her or Him

Are you looking for I Love You SMS to send to your boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife?

Or you want to send heart touching I Love You SMS or messages?

Okay, down below is a compiled list of Sweet I Love You SMS for your Lover (Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife). Sweet and Romantic I Love You Sms to make them know how much you mean to them.

I Love You SMS for Her – Girlfriend

Sending I Love You SMS to your girlfriend is for sure, an amazing way to make her know you care.

For one perfect way to impress her, is by sending beautiful I Love You SMS to her.

And I know you can’t wait to do that. Right?
Now, here are some of the most beautiful.I Love You SMS to send to the love of your life.

1. The time we have spent has been so fascinating, I must say. But, it’s a season I will long to see it last forever.

2. I am always smiling like a clown, you know why? I Love You, my Girlfriend.

3. That we sometimes fight and argue does not mean I hate you. But I really Love You, my Girlfriend.

4. I Love You, like these words sound, and I mean my words, dear.

5. You and I are meant to be close forever, not just after a short time. I love you.

6. Since I met you, you have been helping me like someone has who has a steady support system. Wow! I can’t let you down.

7. My mind knows that you are too much for me. And I love you!

8. Anything about our relationship is getting better because of you and I can see us getting into greener pastures.

9. Do you know you make my heart to leap up? I love you, my girl.

10. My sweetheart, may you be the best in all you aspire to be. I love you, dear.

I Love You SMS for Her
I Love You SMS for Her

11. With these few words, let me simply type an I-Love-You SMS – you are the best dear.

12. My girlfriend, your love tastes sweeter than fresh honey, I am not exaggerating boy. I love you.

13. I need your companionship, I can’t live happily without you, my hubby.

14. Being with you is a rare sort of blessing one can ever find. I love you, my girlfriend.

15. If all I can have as mine in life is you, then wouldn’t it be wrong to say “I am a loser” even if I fail?

16. It’s making me think I am crazy to say that you have stolen my heart. LOl. I Love You, dear.

17. The person reading my message is the best girlfriend I have ever seen in my life, I Love You.

18. Even when we fight, I still see tons of reasons to stay with you, because I Love You, my sweet girlfriend.

19. If being your lover is a chore, I will not mind passing through the stress, every day. Trust me.

20. I don’t want to leave you to go away, I just want to see us flying into greater heights together. My love.

21. I Love You, my girlfriend. You are way important to me than cash. I mean my words dear.

22. You are like blood inside my vein and always on my mind’s page. I Love You.

23. My heart seems like its beating for you and not me. Because anytime I behold you I find my heart skipping its throb.

24. It’s like there is a wireless connection between us, that makes me feel like we are co-working together. I mean my words.

25. Even myself, often wonders how I spend so many hours thinking about you and nobody else like people suspect I often do, I love you.

26. Together, I see us outweighing perfection, I love our friendship girl.

27. I love the only girl that drives me nuts anytime she passes by – and it’s you.

28. Not even the most worse ills make me break the promise I made to stay by you till we leave here.

29. I feel breathless for missing you and feverish for not been able to see you for a full day. I Love You.

30. I love you, my girl, because you have always put a smile on my face.

31. Hugging you makes me shiver for you are too much and breathtaking, my girl.

32. To me, LOVE STORY is just the term to describe me and your encounter. That’s all.

33. I wished you all the BEST and you are already amazing me like the word. Lol, I Love you.

34. I love you so much that I even wish we can cuff ourselves and be like a chain. ha ha ha.

35. The best life moment I can remember was when I thought of you and how you first spoke to me… I Love You.

36. Your presence has been showing me more reasons to see you as the door to seeing life’s beauty.

37. I’ve hardly had any boring moment since I met you girl. I care.

38. You are the one who has made me realize that there is no cause to worry about strangers just because, I first didn’t know you too.

39. My heart, friend and cheerleader. I love you, dear.

40 Remember, I have no one else but you because you are reliable.

41. I love and care for you, always. My dear.

42. Most times, even to sit-down and think straight is a constraint to me, on its own. Because you make me go crazy.

43. It’s indeed an understatement to even call you my girlfriend. Because you are my drive.

44. The only reason that you say create something
is because he I love you.

45. You don’t need to remind me of how much you love me, I do already and expect.

46. I am already you Times Message doubt even know how to get things when you don’t know me.

47. You are like a star that shines in my life’s darkest moments. Love you.

48. The thought of missing you is already giving me head and heartache. Because I Love You.

49. My heart, friend and closest chum, I can’t live without your love and companionship. I love you.

50. I love you my cute and loving girlfriend. Take care of yourself for me.

I Love You SMS for Him – Boyfriend

1. I love you my sweet boyfriend and just like the moon does to the sky I will not leave you.

2. I will never leave the one whose love makes me feel like I own the world.

3. I can’t imagine being alone and happy without you boy. I love you.

4. To my lovely boyfriend, I am ready to stay beside you forever.

5. If normal love is ephemeral, I choose to go forever with you. Without stopping dear.

6. Just like you’ve trusted me with your things and possessions, so will I give my all to you. Own it.

7. One day, I will turn back and just thank myself for making the decision to say I do. Because I love you.

8. My heart beats for you, my lovely boyfriend. I just can’t spend a minute without missing you, dear.

9. I feel so protected by been your girl. Just like an egg kept in a safe place. I love you.

10. Is there anything that can come in-between you and me? I doubt that because I love you.

I Love You SMS for Him
I Love You SMS for Him

11. You may be a million miles away from me, but you’re always close to my heart. I really love you, handsome.

12. Going to bed and waking up each and every day with the thought of you, gives me the strength to cherish you more than ever before. I love you.

13. Greetings to the man of my dream – You are my peace.

14. You are more than money to me. Like why will I choose notes over you my lovely boyfriend?

15. I cherish you forever. I will not mind going gaga just to please you, my love.

16. I have indeed found a rare gem. Crossing path with you is indeed a blessing that I have never seen.

17. You are the only one that has stolen my heart but I don’t want to get him arrested. haha. I love you.

18. I love you my cute and loving Prince charming. Take care.

19. Let the moon and the stars shine on us all, for you are mine.

20. You know, beyond words I love you, dear. And I can’t lie to just impress you. I really mean my words.

21. You are more pleasant to me than an unexpected gift. I love you to the moon and back, sweetie.

22. I really need to take some medics for you. Because, loving you is like a sickness, if not an addiction.

23. I love you so dearly for the concern and constant attention you give me even when I tend to bore you.

24. From the onset, you are the one I love and will forever do to make you happy.

25. I cherish the man reading this I Love You SMS. For he is one whom I will stay with forever without hissing or having a cause to worry.

26. I long to be the one you lean on, as your queen, and most reliable aid. I love you, my boyfriend.

27. I want, like, crave and wish to be your princess charming forever just like I have made you mine.

28. I really want to be your Valentine not just on February 14 but every day, my boyfriend.

29. Before we crossed paths, my love life was just too unstable and unhappy. Until you came and gave me a reason to smile.

30. My one and only sweet and lovely boyfriend. My heart is meant for you and nobody else.

31. My heart belongs to you my boyfriend and nobody else. I mean it.

32. If words are enough to paint how glad I feel to know you are mine. Then, I guess it will make you fly. Lol.

33. Let me tell you today that you are the cutest and amazing friend I have ever had. I love you, dear.

34. If boyfriends are tagged as mere chums, know that I don’t see you as one, you are the best out of a billion.

35. My heart, mind and body are all yours, dear. I love you, my cute boyfriend.

36. I love you for who you are from the moment when you said you care for me.

37. My heart didn’t just whisper, “you are the one I love”. It has always been and still is. Because I love you.

38. Let this SMS not just be a usual I-Love-You-Message, but a reminder of how much you mean to me.

39. My sweet and cute boyfriend, let your endeavours be crowned with blessings and endless rewards as you continue being my lovely boyfriend.

40. I need you to keep my feeble heart safe in your heart’s cleft. Because I love you, my boyfriend, every single day of my life.

41. I am incomplete without you my sweet boyfriend and best companion.

42. Anytime I think of you my boyfriend, I instantly know that our story will be like this; they were strangers who became close friends, loved themselves and will continue their hearty relationship forever.

43. For the very thing that made you say you love me, I will keep pleasing you forever.

44. My boyfriend, you are like a balm to my heart sores. I Love You.

45. If time was a thing that can be paused, I would have done that since to still re-experience that moment you hold me tight.

46. You are like the Greenwich of my world because you are its centre – my heart.

47. Every day begins and ends with the thought of you my boyfriend because I Love You.

48. I will keep loving you from today henceforth, even when others choose to reserve their affection till when it’s Valentine.

49. If I were asked to use two words to describe your presence in my life, it will be this way; He Is My Air.

50. You have already made me yours and I am ever ready to be one. Love you!

I Love You SMS for Wife

Nothing could be so romantic like having a sweet and lovely wife and making her feel she is over the world by sending I Love You SMS to her.

Now, for sweet and romantic I Love You SMS For Wife. Read through this list.

1. My Cinderella, I can’t attribute my marital joy to anyone but you.

2. I love you even for those little things you do that makes me giggle and laugh out of fun.

3. Dear wife, I can’t imagine living in perpetual bliss without your touch. You are indeed a blessing to my life.

4. I love the mother of my kids and she knows that. Yes, I do.

5. I am so happy with my life and business. Because I have a supportive person like you.

6. It used to be a broken man from the heart to purse, but since I met you. My life’s story changed. I Love You!

7. My love, heart and chum. I love you more than any treasure I have or will ever possess.

8. My sweetheart, I can’t imagine spending a full 24 hours time, without longing for you.

9. I love you and see you as my one and only closest and reliable friend.

10. My heart, love and joy. I love you more than anything.

I Love You SMS For Husband
I Love You SMS For Husband

11. My eve, I am the Adam from today. And I will keep doing what will make you feel like one who is still in the garden.

12. I have an undying craving for your tender touch and sweet voice. Because I Love You, my Wife.

13. Letting me know that an angel like you is okay been with me, is enough to make me be happy for the rest of my life.

14. I love you for always being there for me even when I am making things become worse. I Love You.

15. You are like a star that brightens my marital path, that I can’t even boldly say that my days are gloomy.

16. To the moon and back, so do I love you, my dear wife.

17. Being with you can hardly get me bored. I can’t say that I am not satisfied with your undying affection too. I Love You.

18. My Breath is like an item that meeting you for the first time got it stolen by you. Lol, I Love You!

19. My first, best and close friend, I love you more than I always say and may still say with words.

20. You are my happiness and peace inducer, I love you, my sweetheart.

21. My life’s story gets better daily, without much stress because of you. I love you, my wife.

22. They say, times and seasons but I don’t and won’t reserve my affection for any time other than now. Because, I Love You, my wife.

23. You are a healer, you healed the scars of my wounded self after we parted with my ex, and married me. See, I love you more than you ever will.

24. More than the limits you can break, I am ready to cross them just to please you, my lovely wife.

25. You are a pill to my headaches, may you continue to be, as I help you ease off the stress of satiating your cravings too. I love you.

26. My eve, my life still feels like I am in the garden of Eden. I love you, my wife.

27. A love with no limits of time is the sort I want to always present for you.

28. A distinct kind of affection that makes you wonder if I am out of my mind. Is that, which I will provide for you, my love.

29. Your constant concern is my happiness and nothing more, your commitment to our marriage is indeed, a special kind of love.

30. Hearty wishes are all my heart hopes you get my dear. I love you.

31. Been a full-time partner with you would have been a great investment if I were in business. For your support is beyond normal measure. I love you.

32. Like a new breathe of fresh air, so does your love makes me feel. I love you!

33. My life’s story awes me most times, I feel so surprised and happy as if it were a fairytale. Just because of you.

34. I have one big wish, to be with you in this marriage forever. I Love you, dear.

35. Our marital story is about true commitment and sincere love. Not lustful wishes. No, that’s why I love you!

36. My days often begin and ends with your affection and thoughts of missing you. I love you, my sweet husband.

37. Life just got easier with a nerdy, lovely and understanding wife like you.

38. Our marital story feels like a bird that flaps its wings daily. I love you.

39. My darling wife, every day feels good because of you, and no one else. I love you.

40. For your support, your assistance and constant concern, I can’t break any promise I made because I Love you.

41. Our marriage is more of a practical one, and you still make it more than perfect my dear.

42. You are like a stew put on top of a not-too-tasty Jollof. See, I love you!

43. I love and need you like a dry and chapped lips need moist my sweet wife.

44. You are the hottest crush I have ever had. Because you are the perfect one who fits my taste.

45. Every day, my mind thinks and worries about how to make you smile each and every second of it. Because I Love You, my Wife.

46. For your tender heart and affection, I love you more than I should. Lol.

47. You are the queen of my world and the only one who makes me fly. I love you!

48. My heart-tending Angel, you are like a pill to my headaches I can’t survive the stress without your aid. I need your love.

49. I love you more than this words could ever mean to you, my lovely wife.

50. You are like a radiating sun, that makes me feel overjoyed even at gloomy times, I Love You!

I Love You SMS For Husband

You are looking for I Love You SMS to send to your lovely husband?

Now, read through this post to find sweet and romantic love text messages that will make him know you love him to strengthen your relationship the more.

1. My king, you have been the one right from day one, and you will always be forever. I Love You.

2. My best friend, you are the most special man on earth to me, because you really are and I love you too.

3. My sweetheart, I love you more than a bee loves a flower.

I Love You SMS for Husband
I Love You SMS for Husband

4. I am not only madly in affection with you my husband, I am already drunk on it.

5. I love you so much, even more than the best poet can describe with words.

6. Every passing hour, my cheeks widen because of the thought of being your wife makes me happy.

7. You are more than a shield to me because you are always on my mind too. I love you.

8. The best and most charming husband, I love you more than milk.

9. I have already run out of my diction store due to the love I have for you that can’t be described with words.

10. Not knowing how to string words that can paint how great I feel about you is indeed a glimpse of how genuine and distinct I love you, my husband.

11. Let the walls of that office or room and the screen of your device know that I care and love you so much. Lol.

12. Our love story is like a flower, it’s always heart-mending and soul pleasing. I love you, dear.

13. Being with you is a great blessing that I can’t underrate, never in my life.

14. I am always glad because of nothing, but you. My sweet and lovely husband.

15. The king of my home is you, no one can ever fit your position like you.

16. Times may change pretty soon, but I will still be with you until time ceases to exist again.

17. “I love you” is not a mere say that I pulse to make you like or love me, it is a deep feeling rooted from my heart’s dept.

18. You are a special kind of friend and lover to me, I can’t live in perpetual happiness without you.

19. I love the man reading this SMS. More than the way he thinks I do.

20. My gloomy days still look good because of your soothing presence and remembrance.

21. Love to me is a feeling that makes me want you always and wish to please you the more. Because I do this every day.

22. Nothing can rend down the strong love bond between us. I Love You, my husband.

23. My Adam, do you know that being with you makes me feel like I am still in the garden of Eden, Living happily? I love you, dear.

24. I love you so much, more than these words may make you think I do.

25. Your life is a blessing to me, I can’t say it’s a bad experience. That will be a great lie.

26. It’s like a new life has just been added to me by the thought that you are mine forever. I Love you, dear.

27. For transforming my life, and making it so amazing. I really thank you for all that my romantic husband.

28. My words will still fail me if I am to try using them to explain how happy I feel about you. I love you.

29. More than other lovers do, I want to love you, sweetie.

30. I have always believed that you are the best thing that has happened to me, and I can’t feel okay without your love.

31. From the very moment you said, you love me. I knew we are destined to be together, my dear. I love you.

32. Being your lover is like always been in a paradise that runs daily on happiness and nothing else. I love you, my sweet husband.

33. The most handsome man I have ever seen and been close to, I love you dearly.

34. Looking at the kids’ play, and knowing that we bear them together makes me feel overjoyed.

35. Your deep but humble voice always reminds me of my caring dad that makes me feel like a little baby. I Love you for that, my husband.

36. I love you not because of your affluence or wealth. But, I want to be around you since the first day we met.

37. The first time you boldly open up and said those three magical words, I became so very happy that I almost lose my mind over your romantic words. And today, hmm! You and I are a couple.

38. You can’t be away for a while and then I will feel. Okay, for my heart is like an organ that can’t function well in your absence. I love You.

39. You are the only cause of my marital happiness and no one else. I love you so much.

40. I send you a warm kiss to remind you that my love is way more than a flower and always better. Because it’s forever.

41. We are like a needle and thread. We can’t part just like that, we are meant to be forever. I Love You.

42. For being a supportive husband, I love you more than my words can make it look like.

43. Anytime I think of how we met, the first impression you created on my mind is still fresh. I could remember you saying you want us to be together forever. And now, we are. I Love You Husband.

44. I must say that you are the most amazing husband on this planet. I Loved you, dear.

45. Our love story is like a perfect one, I must admit. We have been in this together and forever will we remain.

46. Waking up every single day makes me thank God for such an exceptional gift – YOU.

47. I must say I thank you so much as you read this; may His grace shower on you. Love you.

48. You are one out of the few reasons I have to say I Thank God every day.

49. My home king, I love you for every help you have been rendering to me. I love you, my husband.

50. My courageous man, I can’t imagine living without your support, constant help and affection. I Love You.