Prayer for wisdom

2019 Powerful Prayer for Wisdom

The bible teaches us that wisdom is more profitable than gold and more precious than jewels. According to Proverbs 3, with wisdom, man can get ...
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Prayer for Strength

50 Powerful Prayer for Strength in 2019

We know we still have so many things to do. We have dreams that should come to pass, goals to be achieved, desires to be ...
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Healing Prayer for the Sick

50 Powerful Healing Prayer for the Sick in 2019

Sickness is inevitable to every human – that's human nature for you! When loved ones, family and friends fall sick, as important as the care ...
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Divine Mercy Prayer

100 Powerful Divine Mercy Prayer in 2019

In a world as crazy as ours, one couldn't do without divine mercy. When a life enjoys divine mercy, it's so easy to see as ...
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Thanksgiving Prayer

2019 Best Thanksgiving Prayer

A grateful heart causes the one to whom you are grateful to, want to do more. Meanwhile, there is hardly a force stronger than a ...
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Prayer for My Boyfriend Success

30 Prayer for My Boyfriend Success in 2019

Prayer, a means of communicating with God is as important as food in our daily lives. How great would it be to pray for the ...
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Prayer for Prosperity

2019 Trending Awesome Prayer for Prosperity

You already know that the race isn't for the swift, but for God who shows mercy! So to our Father in heaven, who knows just ...
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Good Morning Prayer for a Friend

2019 Good Morning Prayer for a Friend

Friends are priceless jewels we have and we ought to treat them like one. Special prayer messages is a beautiful way of telling them they ...
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Good Morning Prayers

Cute Good Morning Prayers for My Love in 2019

I love what you're about to do - send a good morning prayer to your love. With that, we have written a great collection of ...
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Prayer of Encouragement

2019 Prayer of Encouragement with Bible Verses

At some points in our lives - it could be most times too, we are so down and unsure of so many things in our ...
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