I’m Always Tired But Never of You

When you need to tell your lover that you’re always tired but never of him or her, these are the best quotes to use.

I’m Always Tired But Never of You

1. Many things about life are tiring, but having you is the strength I ever needed.

2. I might go weary, but never will I be weary of you.

3. You are always in my thoughts and prayers, my love is willed to you. I love you.

4. Just for you, I’ve crossed the rubicon and I’m no more looking back on this journey of love!

5. You’ve got my heart and my all… I’m moving ahead with you on this journey.

6. The desire to love you forever is renewed every morning. You’ve got me forever, my love.

7. With you, my strength is renewed daily. I’m ever ready to go perpetually in love with you.

8. You’re my daily strength and muse, from you I draw my strength.

9. Even though I am missing you badly, I’m not just going to get tired of loving you.

10. You’re a lifetime voyage, I’m with you until the end of time.