250 Sweet Love Text Messages for Her from the Heart

Isn’t it lovely when there is that special lady who makes you smile and that creates enough ripple effect to make you want to pay back? If yes, these Sweet Love Text Messages for Her from the Heart would do.

Copy and send to your girlfriend and be glad you did.

I Love You Romantic Messages

Romantic I Love You Messages for Her – Sweet I Love You Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend.

1. I’m Glad You Showed Up

A lone tree is easily blown away by the storms and the wind has a high power on a tree that stands alone. Now I understand that I shouldn’t be alone ’cause I’ll be prone to so much hurts. I’m glad you showed up in my life and together we will overcome every storm.
I love you my partner and my all.

2. Kissed My Fears Away

Trapped in fear of being hurt again. I recall all that had happened to me before, I was scared of loving deeply but you came and kissed my fears away.
You showed a better part of love and renewed my heart to learn to love again.
How can I ever put you away? I love you dearly.

I Love You Romantic Messages
I Love You Romantic Messages

3. Your Charm

Where did you get the charm in your smile? From the very first day I saw you, I have been held bound by this smile. How you hardly get angry is a wonder to me. Are you faking it? But I don’t think so ’cause everything about you looks so real.
Your charm sure did a lot of magic in my mind towards you.
I love you my smiling Princess.

4. Deepest Grounds Of My Heart

Your love laying in the deepest grounds of my heart, making naked hopes clad, not leaving me to my plight or leaving me to crash. Your kind of woman is rare and I just want to scream for everyone to know that I love you more than words could describe.

5. I Really Do

Sometimes I feel like I’m imprisoned by your love. Your voice in my head, singing the same song on repeat and I am here humming to the music in my head. Everything about you just hold me back.
All I can say is “I love you and I really do.”

6. Push Me

Somewhere on the paths of your soul, there my dreams get born. You keep them alive just so they won’t die. You motivate me and push me to the edge till I carry out all of it. I can attribute all my success today to you because you’re a great woman.
I love you, my dear.

7. Captivated

I’m trapped. Not by a snare but by you and even in this trap, I feel all the joy I’ve desired in a woman and all my hopes are being fulfilled in you. So I’m not really trapped, just captivated by the kind of woman you are.

8. More Often

Some day soon we will dance holding hands more often.
Kiss away each other’s tears. Share moments of joy, stare into your grey eyes more often and cheer each other up at every instance.
I love you and I patiently look forward to that day.

9. You Deserve More

I’ll open the door for you to go in, hold your hand along the path, stroke your hair and give you that massage you always crave for during those cramps, not just for a while but as long as my strength can carry me. You deserve more than that my lady. I love you much!

10. Always Turn Me On

The one who knows my default and active settings, you always turn me on. I love the love you lavish on me, don’t ever think of stopping ’cause I’m not yet tired of that.

11. Embrace Love

My friend, partner, though the talk of insecurity scares me, but I am rest assured that we are secured together.
Let’s embrace love and embrace each other always.
I love you dearly!

12. Woman Like You

One touch, two kicks, pillow fight, locking lips, cuddling with you, kitchen moments together and the unending arguments over things so irrelevant, who wouldn’t love a woman like you?
My favorite person, I love you too much!

13. Blossom Again

I know how hard it is for you to overlook my faults and take me back, but I know a part of you still wants me ’cause that part in me never stopped wanting you. Let’s make it right and let our love blossom again.

14. Our Love

A little love grown to much and then full grown to maturity, I think that’s the journey of our love and it will keep growing till it bears fruit, beautiful ones at that.

15. Sweet kisses to You

To the one that makes my heart beats to the rhythm of a matchless love every night and day, sweet kisses to you!

16. All the warmth my life needed were found on a platter of gold… All because I found you, sweetheart. I love you.

17. I looked forward to the moon to always brighten my night and finding you brightened my life nonstop!

18. If I’ll ever pray for any changes, it won’t be that my heart is changed for you. You’re my constant K!

19. You’re the definition of a perfect love. You’re the epitome of awesomeness. I love you beyond words.

20. I can’t deviate from the path of matchless love for you, my love. You’re the centre of my world and your heart knows!

I Love You Romantic Messages
I Love You Romantic Messages

Love messages for her from the Heart

The best of sweet and romantic love messages for her from the heart. Sweet love text messages for your girlfriend from the heart. Th very best of romantic sms messages to send to her – your girlfriend.

21. There are 7 billions of people in the world today, just one of them has my heart – and that’s yo!

22. I’ve got my mind made up and I won’t turn back from loving you. You’re my lasting breath!

23. Since I’ve found you, my heart has found its rest, its eternal home in undying love. I love you so much!

24. I have found an unspeakable completeness because I found you. Your love is the missing piece in me! I love you.

25. The love I’ve ever had for you is unbreakable and unshakeable. Guess what? It’ll remain intact as long as I breathe. I love you.

26. Finding you was the piece my heart, body and soul lacked. I can’t thank God enough for you, the gift of love from Him!

27. We keep on rocking! We’re two hearts joined together in perpetual affection… We’re inseparably awesome!

28. Our love has found its way to the world with no fears and no limitations. The world of untold bliss!

29. It’s a rapturous feeling to know that my heart can find a lasting rest in yours! I’m loving you until the end of time!

30. No matter how hard loving you will be, I’ll be giving my all to make sure your heart is secure in love!

31. You keep giving reasons that you’re the core of my hearts essence in love! I just can’t live without you!

32. Having you in my life is the definition of fortune, the greatest description of luck! Thanks for being in my heart!

33. Since you keep proving to me that you’re bae, you deserve the “Before Anyone Else” treat, forever in my heart!

34. I’ve only caught a glimpse of love until I met you. Now my whole world is wrapped in am endless measure of love’s dictates!

35. Your love is undeniable because my heart professes its dictates since I met you. I’m loving you forever!

Love messages for her from the Heart
Love messages for her from the Heart

36. You’ve shown me the reason to keep falling in love with you. I’ve finally found a place to live and that’s your heart!

37. Your love is the ember of affection that sets my heart on fire, strengthening the core of my being! I love you.

38. Without your heart, mine isn’t special. Without your love, the world makes no sense!

39. I keep wondering how I’ve managed to live without the awesomeness that your love now gives! I’m loving you forever, my queen.

40. I’ll call me emptiness if I have not your love. Your love keeps filling me up with savoury affection!

41. You’ve given me reasons to not live without your love and I won’t be a fool to trivialize them all!

42. I’ve had my share of life’s thrilling experiences and now I know that loving you surpasses all the great feelings they all gave!

43. You’re the priceless gem I’ll choose to cherish as long as my heart keeps pumping blood. I love you.

44. Here’s a toast to a lifetime of blissful moments with your love. 1000 Kisses!

45. Love is like an ocean and you’re the source of mine. I love you for as long as I use water!

46. They are wrong, who say love is blind because yours keep on leading me on! I’m made!

47. There’s no point comparing you to a million before I know you’re my one in a million! You rock my world!

48. If I’ll search all the earth, none will be as compatible with my heart as you. You’re priceless, my heart knows!

49. From now until I drop my last breath, your love will be the centre of my intents and goals. My heart loves you… So much!

50. Do you have a diary inside your heart? Then take me for my words. I’ll love you with all my heart!

Good Morning Romantic Messages for Her

Good Morning Love Text Messages For Her – Love Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend and Make Her Day.

1. My Princess

Good morning my Princess. Breakfast in bed. Kisses to wake you up and this little message to cheer you up and make you smile the more. Now drink up your cup of tea and smile again..
Good Morning.

2. You Are Bright

The day is bright and the sun shining with all its beauty and you are bright and radiating from within with all you’ve got.
My darling, you are amazing and you thrill me always.
Enjoy your day Dearest.

3. Strong to Me

Forget your worries, ignore your fears, leave your skepticism behind. I know women are called the weaker vessel, but you are strong to me.
Don’t forget to complete your attire with a smile.
A day filled with strength I pray you.

4. Before We Sleep

I’ve always longed to wake up beside you every morning and that is why I always settle our differences every night before we sleep. No one should hold a thing against a soul like you.
You are pretty like a baby as you’re still wrapped in your blanket.
Good morning Mine

Good Morning Romantic Messages for Her
Good Morning Romantic Messages for Her

5. It’s Time

Wake up wake up…
It’s time to exercise more and time to do more and time to stretch your bones for more strength and grace your mind with more wisdom. It is a new day with new possibilities and opportunities, let’s go out and grab it dear.
Good Morning Love.

6. Grown Up Baby

To a lovely grown up baby wrapped in her blanket looking so naturally cute and hair curly making your face look cute. Now you might think this is a lie but that is the way you look this morning.
Now wakie wakie, cutie baby.
Good Morning Love.

7. Beautiful Morning, Beautiful Woman

It’s a beautiful new day with a more beautiful woman beside me. I don’t know what else to ask for ’cause all I need I found in you.
Good Morning Sweetheart. Let’s enjoy the day together.

8. My Mind

This morning I woke up and I felt weak. No, I’m not sick but looking out for you was the first thing on my mind. Now good morning and have a great day and be great too. Don’t forget that. Kisses.

9. About the Morning

Woke up this morning, told my friends there’s something more pretty about the morning. They asked me what and I told them you.
Yes, you are pretty and I’m saying Good Morning from my end to you.

10. You Are Amazing

A desire that everyone wants to reach and take hold of, but I reached you and we realized we were meant for each other. Thank God I didn’t choose otherwise.
You are just so amazing and I appreciate you.
It’s a lovely morning again with you and I’m loving you more.
Good Morning Dear.

11. Hello beautiful! You were the first thing to come to my mind as I woke up this morning. Good day!

12. Whatever comes your way today, remember I love you, and I’m here if you need listening ears.

13. I got up to watch the sunrise this morning. It actually reminds me of your smile, and I can never get enough of your it. Have a lovely day.

14. I got up this morning with you in my thoughts. Besides, I went to bed last night the same way. Have a great day.

15. With your brains, your energy and all you’ve done to get to this point, you don’t need luck, but I wish it to you anyway. Good luck, and good day!

16. Good morning! I just wanted to remind you to take my love with you today as you face the weather. It’s all you need to keep you warm all day.

17. May you rise and shine exactly the way the sun does, and nothing will keep you back. Good morning!

18. Whatever you want today, make it happen. It doesn’t take luck but takes guts and skill, of which you have both. I have faith in you. Good morning!

19. Today was just going to be an ordinary day until I thought of you and suddenly everything everywhere became extraordinary. I just thought I should let you know. Good morning.

20. The thing about lovers is that distance can separate them, but it can’t erase the special thing that made them close at first. Hope you have a great day, my love.

Good Morning Romantic Messages for Her
Good Morning Romantic Messages for Her

21. I just woke up and you’re already on my mind. Good morning, lovely!

22. I woke up thousands of miles away from you, but it doesn’t matter because you are permanently fixed in my heart. Good morning, dear.

23. I hope that your day will be fine and you will not get stuck in traffic like yesterday. Morning.

24. Darling, wake up and start your day, the fact that I am not around, doesn’t mean that you should spend the whole day in the bed.

25. I envy the sun because it sees you first in the morning. Start your new day gorgeously, darling. Good morning!

26. My dream is to wake up next to you every morning. Soon, it will come true. Good morning, my love.

27. Let me fill your morning with tenderness, care, love and attention from now and until the end of our days together. Good morning!

28. You’re the biggest treasure I have ever had. Just wanted to let you know I’m still the man that thinks about you every time. Good morning.

29. Each morning I look at your photo and each morning I fall in love with you, you are my perfect soul mate.

30. Hey love! I wanna wish you a good morning. May God protect you and I hope that this day will be full of joy.

31. Now my heart skipped a beat and I felt that my other half has woken up. Good morning, darling.

32. What does a woman need to be happy? She needs a man, who will light her heart and beautify her life. I love you, you love me. Give me another reason not to be happy with life… I am happy with you.

33. Do you know what I appreciate most, of all about you? Your smile in the morning! Please, smile always! Good morning, dear!

34. As I open my eyes each day, all I want to see is you. Good morning my dear.

35. I thank God for giving me eyes to see the beauty of the sunrise, nose to smell the fragrance of the blooming flowers and a heart to love the most wonderful person in my life. That is you, my dear. Good morning.

Good Morning Romantic Messages for Her
Good Morning Romantic Messages for Her

36. Wake up, sleepyhead! I sent you a message saying; “I love you”. Hope you like it.

37. Leave your worries of yesterday and put up a smile today. Sending you this message to make you have a beautiful smile to complete your day. Good morning, love.

38. Good morning to the most precious gem of my life. Have a nice day.

39. Seeing you smile brightens up my day. Hope to see your lovely smile soon. So keep smiling.

40. With your love and mine, I am ready to survive all the test of time. Good morning, my love.

41. With you in my life, I use the alarm clock on the wall anymore. Because I can’t wait to get up. Always remember that I love you.

42. I just wanted you to know how much I love you. You’re always in my thoughts. Have a good day.

43. A thought of you, and I don’t need that first of coffee. At least not now… Maybe later. But for now, I’m good. Good morning, baby.

44. Just a note to connect with you, to tide me over until I see you today. Then we’ll both have a great day. Morning love.

45. I love you in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the hours we are together, and the hours we are apart. Good morning, dearie.

46. I may not be able to whisper sweet words into your ear at night, but I can always type them to you in the morning. I love you.

47. You are in my thoughts always. Good luck today, and remember, I am just a phone call away if you need me. Good morning.

48. You are the only reason I smile even when I am sad, and I am happy even when I am sad. Good morning my love.

49. Just wanted to say good morning to one of the persons that mean a lot to me. Have a good day.

50. Just thinking about you makes me feel like tackling the world. You are the reason I’m a warrior. Have a great day.

Good Night Romantic Messages for Her

Good Night Love Text Messages For Her – Sweet Dreams Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend or your crush.

As You Sleep: I watch you as you sleep each night. Your pursed lips makes me long to leave a lasting kiss on them, but then I might wake you up. I just want you to sleep tight and wake up to this message blushing and feeling special, that’s how special you are.

1. Each Night I Pray

I imagine how you work tirelessly during the day. Maybe you were brought up that way or you are a perfectionist, I’m still trying to understand. But each night I pray you a relaxing sleep and a renewed strength. Sleep well, my Queen.

2. Every Dream

My angel my sweetheart, keep your worries at bay and close those eyes to sleep.
May Every dream make you smile and awake with a pretty smile.
Sleep tight.

3. Found You

He who finds a wife finds a good thing, I found a wife in you.
You are my sister, mother and friend. Thank God I found you.
Now go to sleep in the most loveliest way.

4. Every Night

It’s so cool to see you put off those artificials on you every night. I would have protested you stop using them ’cause you’re pretty enough and you don’t need enhancement but you might take it personal. Well, tonight I want to appreciate your beauty and I say “you are naturally pretty the way you are”. Sleep well, my Queen.

Good Night Romantic Messages for Her
Good Night Romantic Messages for Her

5. Close Your Eyes

I don’t know who jinxed who amidst us, but I guess yours was more powerful. You make my World fulfilled. Now close your eyes and sleep maybe I’ll be able to get my attention off you for a while.

6. Dream of Me

As you sleep tonight, dream of our beautiful moments. Dream of laughter and love. Dream of things that make you happy and I know I’m not excluded from any of the above, so dream of me my Angel.

7. I dream about you, every night. I love the way you capture my heart. I love you, and goodnight!

8. A day is going to an end again. It is nice to have someone like you, making everyday seem so great. Goodnight. See you tomorrow.

9. Thank you, my love, and may all the angels guard you this night. Goodnight love.

10. Every day, I love you more than yesterday. Sweet dreams, darling.

11. I don’t dream about you because I can never fall asleep thinking about you. Good night and sleep tight.

12. My night will never be good, without hearing your sweet voice before bed. Good night baby.

13. In sleep, we must be apart, my love, but rest assured for I will dream of you till we meet again.

14. When we are apart in sleep, the dream of you keeps me company. I can’t wait for everything to become reality. Goodnight dear.

15. Even in the darkest of nights, the light of your love shows me the way. Do not fear this night, cos I’ll always be here with you.

16. Today wouldn’t have been complete without getting to see you. I can’t explain how I feel, not seeing you beside me tonight. Goodnight dear.

17. Even in my wildest dreams, I could never imagine a love as sweet as yours. You’re the bomb! Goodnight.

18. My dreams of you dance in my mind like the stars across the sky. My only hope is that as you sleep tonight, you dream of me too.

19. When I am alone in the night and I look beside me, on my bed, the only body I want to see is yours. Good night, sweetness.

20. We might be apart in sleep, you will always be with me in my dreams. Love you.

Good Night Romantic Messages for Her
Good Night Romantic Messages for Her

21. My bed is lonely without your loving and warm embrace. I long to be with you, even while my body is sleeping. Good night, my love.

22. As the darkness of the night covers my mind and body like a blanket,
your memory is like the moon that shines above me, keeping me company through the night. Goodnight baby.

23. You remain my bewitching dream! Goodnight, lovely Princess.

24. I am reminded of how lucky I am to have spent the days I have with you. And my heart is swollen with anticipation for the many sunsets that we have yet to experience with one another. Goodnight, baby!

25. For me, the night time is the most difficult. For it is the time that I spend without you. Goodnight lovely.

26. For every night you have lulled me to sleep with the sound of your voice, for every morning I have awoken to your loving embrace, my only prayer to you is that I devote every night I am given, to you. Goodnight, my Queen.

27. You are the queen of my heart, and my heart beats for you alone. Good night, dear.

28. Even in the dark of the night, your radiance outshines the stars. I love you very much, dear. Goodnight.

29. As the moon sits high above the clouds, I gaze up into its beauty and find myself thinking of you, for you are more attractive.

30. Darling, as I go to bed tonight, I think about you. You’re my everything. Goodnight baby.

31. The night is purer than a day; it is better for thinking, loving and dreaming. At night everything is more real, truer. Go have your part of the night. Good night dear.

32. Since I met you, heavenly dreams have been mine. My nightmares stopped so long ago. Just wanna let you know you’re my dream come true. Goodnight, love.

33. Dream touches your heart and soul. It is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality. Hope you’ll have the sweetest dream tonight. Good night, dear.

34. At this moment, there are so many people sleeping or just waking up to start their day. It’s amazing that the only thought I have tonight is YOU. I hope you dream of love and happiness.

35. I may not be by your side, but trust me, you’re always in my heart. Good night.

Good Night Romantic Messages for Her
Good Night Romantic Messages for Her

36. Saying good night is not just putting an end to a day, it’s a way of saying, I remember you before I close my eyes to sleep. Hope you can feel the emotion that goes with it, Goodnight.

37. You are the reason why I have sleepless nights. You are the reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight. And you are the reason I can’t sleep without saying goodnight. See you in the morning.

38. Always end the day with a positive thought and a grateful heart. God is with you. Good night.

39. I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars. And without you to text, there’d be no one… I wish you sweet dreams.

40. Beautiful dreams, stars, the moon, flowers, and sunsets have nothing on you, dearie. You make the world even a brighter place even when you’re going to sleep.

41. I know you are busy. I just wanted to tell you to have a good night.

42. I never have to worry about nightmares again. I just close my eyes, think of you, and everything is full of sweet dreams again. Night!

43. My night is always the same. I jump in the shower, brush my teeth and spend the whole night thinking about you. It is awesome!

44. My wishes for you tonight are dreams filled with love, peace, comfort and sweet thoughts of me. Goodnight, dear.

45. I wish the moon will always be full and bright, and you always stay cool and right. Good night love.

46. Whenever you go to switch off the light, remember that I’m wishing you, Goodnight.

47. I will be dreaming of you all night. Good night love.

48. Wherever you are, you are always in my thoughts. Good night to you, sweetheart.

49. Every day I spend with you is the new best day of my life. Can’t wait for the morning. Good night babe.

50. May tomorrow be sunny and bright, and also bring you closer to me. Goodnight dear.

I Miss You Romantic Messages

Missing You Messages for Her – I Miss You Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend or your crush.

Beyond Words
It’s being a lonely moment all day. When you were here, you would have spiced everything up and made it lively. It’s so boring here without you and I crave for those fun-filled moments. I miss you beyond what words can express.

1. Hearts Closer

I know you’re far from me but I pray each day brings our hearts closer to each other until we are finally together. I want you here. I Miss you.

2. I Miss All About You

I miss your jokes. I miss your laugh. I miss your whispers. I miss seeing you in my clothes looking like the oldies. I miss lifting your lithesome body off the floor. I miss all about you.
Come back quickly, my Love.

3. Keep You With Me

A joy to behold. A smile to cherish, a voice to long for that gives you tickles. Mine, I miss you here and I wish I could drag you back and keep you with me, but duty calls and I understand.
Please take care of yourself over there.
I miss you.

4. Don’t Let It

Hearts beating as one but body far apart, why would distance be so wicked… It’s blocking our view from each other but please don’t let it block our hearts.
I hope to see you soon.

5. I Miss You so Much

When We’re far apart, I feel tempted to go for another woman but then I try, but they can’t be compared to you. You are my special one and I can’t trade you for them.
I hope to feel your embrace soon.
I miss you much!

I Miss You Romantic Messages
I Miss You Romantic Messages

6. Miles may tear us apart, but I won’t stop loving you. I miss you.

7. Without you life is meaningless. I see my happiness in you. You are my life. That’s why I miss you each second!

8. I only hope you understand how I feel, and come home real soon.

9. I thought my lonely moments were over when I met you. But it’s like they are back now that I am missing you.

10. Gloom is taking the whole of me, all because I am missing you.

11. Boring is the description of my day without you. I am feeling your absence so much, dear.

12. My days are never complete without you in them. Having that feeling again. I am really missing you, dear.

13. The moments that we share keep me going in life. But truth to be told, loneliness is affecting me. I am not sure I can last with this. Miss you, dear.

14. No one will ever break us apart, our love will stay strong until the end of our lives. Miss you much.

15. You are as beautiful as the sky, your eyes shine like the star, your smile as the moon illuminates the beauty of the night.
I miss you.

16. When you’re here, it’s like heaven on earth, but when you’re away it’s more than killing. This is nothing else but you. Really, I have missed you.

17. I miss you so much, that I want to be near you again!

18. You’ve changed my life for the best, and for this I will always stay loyal to you. I miss you.

19. My days are empty without you. My ways are lonely without you. I miss you so much and you know it. Love always!

20. I can’t wait until the day I can wake up right next to you.

21. When I’m alone, I think of so many things to say to you but when I have the chance to tell you, I go speechless. It’s like I’m not gonna be speechless this time, so come home already.

22. Even if I spent the whole day with you. I still miss you the second you leave.

23. We won’t always see each other, but we will always be there for one another. That’s sure.

24. Each minute feels like a year. And every day feels like forever, but I will wait for you, my love.

25. I wish you were here holding me tight in your arms. Miss you much.

26. I will wait for you because honestly no one else can love me the way you do.

27. Everything about you makes this distance so worth it. Notwithstanding, come home soon.

28. The bed have been my enemy since you left. I don’t even stay in the bedroom, cos of the thoughts of you. Please come home soon, my love.

29. My soul longs for you. Come home soon!

30. The few hours I spend with you are worth the thousand hours I spend without you. I miss you.

31. I can’t stop thinking about you. It feels so hard to be away from you. I miss you.

32. I miss your beautiful face. I’m nothing without you.

33. You just walked out of the house, but I’m missing you already.

34. Whenever I miss you, I wont look for you in my dreams, or try to hear your voice in your messages. I’ll just put my right hand across my chest and feel you! Miss you very much.

35. I would cross a thousand miles and oceans just to hold you tight. Miss you, baby.

36. I miss your joy and laughter. I miss your company when you’re with me. You are an inspiration to me! You are my muse!

37. I miss the touch of your hand in mine. Most especially, your captivating smile.

38. Your love warms me like the morning sun shine. I miss your soothing breath on my ear as we embrace.

39. I miss everything about you, darling. Please, be home soon.

40. Honey, my heart is breaking because I’m not with you! Need to see you again.

41. I miss your lip! I miss your lovely smile. And I miss our play together.

42. Every moment I’m not with you feels like eternity. I miss you more and more, each day.

43. I hate being away from you. I miss you so much.

44. If I could hold you close again, I’d never let you go.

45. Missing you hurts so much, because our hearts and souls are connected. Hope you feel the same…

46. I think about you constantly, whether it’s with my mind or my heart.

47. I wish I were kissing you instead of missing you.

48. Miss your words every night, “early to sleep is early to rise.” Just come back home.

49. Every time I miss you, all I do is stare at your pictures and smile.

50. In you, I find a place to dwell forever. You’re my dream come true. I can’t be happy without you. I miss you.

I Am Sorry Messages for Her

1. I know I fucked up and goofed it too. I’m sorry my dear. How about dinner for two?

2. It’s been days since you last sent me a text message. I can’t stand it any longer. I apologize for everything I’ve done. I’m so sorry, darling. Forgive me.

3. I’ve been a fool, and I know that isn’t cool. I’m so sorry my love. Hoping your push won’t turn to shove. Forgive me please.

4. You know how I love it when you smile, but not when you’re truly hurt. I’m sorry for hurting you, baby. Forgive me.

5. My inaction has led to us being hurt. I want you to accept my apology. It’s all my fault. Forgive me. I love you, and that’s all that matters now.

6. I want you to know that I am sorry. It was all me to blame. I love you and I will be true to you forever. Please forgive me.

7. I was wrong. Yes! But I hope you can forgive me. Let’s give our love a new and refreshing chance and I will be the right guy for you.

8. I feel terrible ever hurting you. Of all people, you are the one I hurt. I want to apologize deeply and I hope you can forgive me. I love you so much.

9. Honey, it was all my fault. I’m deeply sorry. I miss “US.”

10. I want us to be together again, that is why I am sending you this apology message. I am very sorry for what happened. Hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me. I love you and I always will.

11. I miss you so badly. It was wrong of me to have hurt you that way and I am really sorry. Forgive me love. And this time, I promise to show you how much I care.

12. I have been a fool, and I’m sorry for acting that way. You complete me. Let’s give it another chance.

13. I now know how hard it is, being alone without you. I’m sorry for what happened. Forgive me please. I miss you!

14. Hurting you is last thing I’d do, I did not mean to do that. I am so sorry. I need you back in my life. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me.

15. It hurts when you don’t return my calls. I know I did wrong, and I deserve to be treated that way. But I am sorry for hurting you. Forgive me please. I love you, and you know it.

16. It’s not cool losing touch with you. I’m sorry for everything. Do not allow this break us. Forgive me. Please pick my calls.

17. Darling, I’m saying sorry because I know I hurt you so badly. I didn’t mean to break your heart. I’m deeply sorry. Please come back to me.

18. It’s me who has done really bad. And it’s still me who wants to ask for an apology. I’m sorry and I will not hurt you again. I love you!

19. I’m really sorry. My heart is in pain each time you ignore my calls and messages. Please let us have some moments to talk together. I miss you!

20. I am sorry for all the mistakes and hurts that I’ve caused you. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

I Am Sorry Messages for Her
I Am Sorry Messages for Her

21. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I promise I will never be untrue to you, not anymore!

22. Please give me this one last time. Please don’t say no to me. Give me a chance to make it up to you. I am in love with you completely, and I need you to trust me as such.

23. I know things went wrong. I didn’t mean to hurt you and I hate to see you cry. I promise to love you and take care of you. I’m sorry my dear.

24. Please do not ignore me. I just want to see you and make it all up to you. You are the best girl I have ever known. I don’t wanna lose you. I am sorry.

25. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t even go to work. It’s you in my mind. Please tell me how to live without you. I am sorry for being so nasty.

26. I’m sorry for causing you so much pain. I can’t take my sleepless nights anymore. Please accept my apology. I miss you.

27. I know I made a mistake. I know hurt you and I know I made you cry. Today, I realized how much I love you. I want to say sorry and I hope you would accept it.

28. I admit, hurting you is one of my biggest mistakes. I promise not to do that again. I’m sorry and please come back to me.

29. My love for you is strong enough to shatter the earth. My heart shattered when you left me. I know it was all my fault. But I’m sorry! And please forgive me.

30. I feel so terrible about the pain I’ve caused you to feel. I beg you in God’s name, please forgive me.

31. I’ve been a complete fool for a very long time now. I am fully aware what I did was all wrong, and I regret every single thing. I love you, and I am sorry.

32. I’ve realized the foolishness and insensitivity of my actions and I want a chance to show you that I’ve really changed. Will you forgive me, please?

33. I keep getting hurt day and night by thoughts of the pain my words and actions have caused you. The thought of you crying makes me feel so horrible. Please forgive me.

34. I never, ever want to make you feel hurt like this again. I’m so so sorry for the way I treated you. Darling, please forgive me.

35. They say you don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it. And I can now say that is true. Your absence is really driving me crazy. I can’t help this anymore. Please forgive me.

36. I am deeply sorry that I was so nasty with my choice of words. I didn’t mean all I said. Would you please forgive me?

37. I am extremely sorry for all the pain I caused you. It won’t happen again. Please forgive me.

38. I’m aware I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I am begging for it because I stand seeing you unhappy. I’m sorry for everything. Please forgive me.

39. There’s nothing I want more than your happiness. I am so sorry for causing you to feel sad. Forgive me, please.

40. We all make mistakes, but admitting to them is important. I’ve admitted I made a mistake by hurting you with my words. But, I’m sorry.

41. I beg you, remember all the good things we’ve been through. I want us to do more beautiful things together. You have to forgive me.

42. I know I am a terrible person! I also know I am foolish. But at least, I’m your fool. I am sorry, forgive me for what I’ve done. I love you.

43. I just want you to know that I feel so empty without you. I cannot stand waking up without you by my side. And I know you can’t too… So why not just forgive me?

44. I know that what I did was totally wrong, and I am fully capable of setting things straight for us. But I just want you to forgive me and give me this one last chance. I love you, and I promise to make it up to you.

45. I’m sorry for cheating on you. I was so foolish. By the way, I was drunk! I beg you, reconsider your decision.

46. For days, I haven’t eaten or done any tangible thing. If you were here, we’d do things together and share ideas. I’m nothing without you. Please forgive all my wrongs, and come back to me.

47. You’re my light. Going out of my life has brought me nothing but deep darkness. I beg you, give me this last chance.

48. I really can explain things, but you won’t understand. All I can say now is, forgive me.

49. Babe, I knew I was wrong. But I never saw all these coming. Please forgive me, and I promise to be the perfect guy for you.

50. Sweetness, I’m so much down and depressed. I don’t even know what to do again. I have been calling and texting you, but you failed to reply any. I’m sorry. I would do anything you want, this time.

  • Written By Olalekan Adebumiti.

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