2024 I’m Missing You Love Quotes

Because we are humans, we miss the ones we love when they are not next to us.

However, what makes it an easy burden to bear is the fact that we can convey to them, how we feel in their absence.

Here are “Romantic I’m Missing You Love Quotes” – such you can send to your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife – not just to let them know you are waiting but for a truth, to bring them back into your arms as soon as possible!

Missing You Love Quotes

You really do miss your lover. These Missing You Love Quotes are available for you to express your feelings.

1. I wish that distance is not a barrier to feeling your skin right now, however, I’ll wait as long as I have to, just to have you by my side.

2. You are simply irreplaceable, so I bear the burden of not having you around. I’m missing you, my love!

3. In your absence, I feel your presence the more. I can’t help but be desperate for your return.

4. I just want to kiss you, touch you, and tell you how much I’ve missed you.

5. It doesn’t matter what else I’m doing, my mind is always on you.

6. If I can’t have you right now, I just don’t wanna feel again!

7. When I have you around, I’ll kiss you the more, touch you the more and stare at you even more cause that’s what our separation has taught me!

8. The smile of you in my head has kept my heart beating ever since you left my side.

9. The thought of you makes my world stand still, I just can’t get it moving. I’m missing you, so much!

10. If we ever have to be separated again, I’ll leave my heart with you cause there lies the burden of not having you around!

I’m Missing You Love Quotes

Best collection of I’m Missing You Love Quotes for your lover.

11. I knew I was gonna miss you, but then, missing you this much is a heart attack.

12. Every morning, I look forward to seeing you walk through my door and every night I pray that dream comes through!

13. Nothing can travel faster than light they say, but I’ll run faster if I had the opportunity to hold you close right now.

14. Nothing on earth beats the prayers of having you in my arms again.

15. I’m alive cause I know we’ll make more memories when I see you again.

16. How art the mighty fallen, when the love of his life is gone away! I want you now, my love!

17. Is the world at a standstill cause it seems the seconds are longer? I guess I’m just missing you, my love!

18. Please, come back to me on time! Come back to me on time, please! Need I say more?

19. I’m hopeful for today cause I know the heavens answered my prayers of protection over you. Where ever you are, I’m missing you!

20. I’ve always known that I love you, but even more glaring now, is the fact that I can’t do without you!

Sweet I’m Missing You Quotes

Sweet I’m Missing You Quotes you can also use.

21. Let your words caress me and your voice keep my heart beating for I miss you that much!

22. I have no other phobia than the one of missing you. Oh! How I miss you, darling!

23. The most fulfilling moment of my life is when I’ll see you walking right up to me again. I’m missing you!

24. All I wanna do these days is close my eyes and dream about you! I miss you to the moon and back!

25. This thirst of mine, only you can quench, this hunger of mine, only you can satiate. I miss you, dearie!

26. Patience they say is a virtue but I can’t wait to see you, my love!

27. We are apart right now, but not once did you leave my mind. I want you back!

28. It’s 24hrs in a day but it feels 42hrs instead because I miss you!

29. Hearing your voice isn’t enough, seeing your images ain’t enough either, I just want to feel the warmth of your embrace.

30. No matter the distractions, everything reminds me of you!

Romantic I’m Missing You Love Quotes

Romantic I’m Missing You Love Quotes to express how much you miss your lover.

31. Every morning I see your smile on my loaf of bread, and your eyes seem to take the shape of my coffee. How can I live without you?

32. Do not keep me waiting, do not keep me wishing, please come back into my arms in no time.

33. I can’t help just how much I miss you. Next time, I’d rather go everywhere with you!

34. Always remember, there’s a heart waiting for your return, and a beautiful pair of eyes waiting to see you.

35. Could it be that 60 secs no longer make a minute? How I miss you!

36. May the good Lord, today, grant me the grace to patiently wait for your return!

37. The image of your silhouette on my wall is all I look forward to at night!

38. Let me be the captain of your ship, the pilot of your plane so I’d travel everywhere with you, darling!

39. The hope of beholding your face once more flows like the rivers. I’m missing you!

40. My eyes are fond of your figure, my nostrils are fond of your scent, my skin is fond of your touch so my body longs for you!

Cute I’m Missing You Love Quotes

You can also check these Cute I’m Missing You Love Quotes.

41. Every morning, I open my windows just to see you walk up to me, every night I go to sleep with the hope of your knock on my door.

42. How can I not miss you, when you alone are my chosen one?

43. I just wanna make one dream come true and that is seeing you smile again!

44. You are my dream and my wish because all I want is you! I miss you!

45. You are the reason for the gap in between my fingers, they long to hold yours in between!

46. My thousand kisses are reserved for you, I can’t wait to shower them on you!

47. I spend most of my day thinking about you, most of my night dreaming about you. I miss you!

48. Doing the things we used to do ain’t fun anymore because I now do them alone without you. Come brighten my world, my love!

49. I know it’s you I wanna spend the rest of my life with cause spending a day without you now, is me not living at all. I miss you!

50. Off you went, off my world. I miss you!