2024 Romantic Good Morning Love SMS for Him – Your Boyfriend

Waking up in the morning, feeling loved and loving someone special, it occurs to you, you just need to spice up his day by sending a simple yet emotion provoking Good morning love SMS.

Don’t bother putting them together yourself, here are some top-notch Good Morning Love Sms Messages for Him.

Sweet Good Morning Text Messages for your Boyfriend to wake up to.

Good Morning Love SMS for Him

Do you need Good Morning Love Messages your Boyfriend will never look away from whenever he sees it? You are just at the right place. Just send these to him and wish him successful day ahead.

1. Waking up this morning, I wanna tell you that, we make a perfect duet than Ed Sheeran and Beyonce.

2. Giving up on us is a nightmare I dread, loving you always is a dream I’ll fight for. This morning I’ll fight for that dream.

3. Whenever we listen to our favourite song together, your melody lingers on in my heart. I just wanna say have a lovely day.

4. Girl, you are a Good morning gift I can’t unwrap, you’ll always be my precious gift.

5. Beyond sharing your dreams, I dream we share a home and children. Good morning.

6. Looking into your eyes takes me into a future I couldn’t have seen on my own. It’s a bright morning with my shining star in the person of You.

7. I know it’s a new dawn when the first thing I see is your lovely face in my mind.

8. Good morning baby girl, loving you is sweeter than the morning dew.

9. Bonjour amor, do you know our bond is stronger than marriage and our love weighs than the whole earth.

10. I wake up this morning and I realized without you in my dream it would be like a cake without the icing.

11. Take it from me sweety, this morning is better than the last because you finally said yes to have you in my world.

12. Blow my heart away this morning by making a coffee for two.

13. I love you is something I continually repeat in my heart and demonstrate in our life. Good morning, my everlasting love.

14. You make me wanna sing better than the best singer I know and this morning I’ll sing a song for you cause you blow my heart away.

15. Plato said, “at a touch of love, everyone becomes a poet” but at a touch of your love I became an actor who could play any role just for you. Good morning the lead actress in my world.

16. You wake up flawless not because of your pulchritude but because our love is without a blemish. I love you, baby.

17. My heart was stolen last night, this morning I found it with you. You are my heartbeat.

18. This morning, I wished for nothing but a good morning kiss from you cause I love you body and soul.

19. Come give me what I’m missing this morning and that is your graceful presence.

20. It’s a cold world without you, I’m glad you made it into my world this new dawn.

Romantic Good Morning Love SMS for Him

Your night with your lover was filled with nothing but greatness. Do not let it end just like that, extend the joy of the night into the morning by sending him these Most Romantic Good Morning Love Sms for Boyfriend.

21. Your boy is coming back to you this morning cause I miss you badly.

22. Your hug is the tightest bond I know. Good morning my only one.

23. The sweetest person to wake you up is your love, I’m glad you constantly wake me up with your touch of love.

Romantic Good Morning Love SMS for Him
Romantic Good Morning Love SMS for Him

24. Our love can never be over, cause they are new every morning.

25. The night becomes too long cause I eager to see your face each morning. I love you.

26. My girl, last night I dreamt of you in a white veil walking up to me, let’s bring that dream to pass this morning.

27. Loving you is more than my desire, I long to love you each day my love.

28. Can I say I love you, instead of a good morning?

29. Your world is my world, your dream is my dream and your love is my love. Good morning sweetheart.

30. I’m happy it’s another good morning to give you a kiss warmer than the warmth of Romeo and Juliet.

31. It’s always a good morning cause you bring a new dawn into my world. Baby, I love you.

32. 24hrs are not enough to show you how I feel about you, but I’ll make this morning count.

33. My love for you is a miraculous feeling that is more than the supernatural. Good morning dearie.

34. Sweety, my love for you, leads me away from the temptation of this world. Have a very good morning.

35. Last night, you whispered to me that you love me, but this morning, it’s louder than the trumpet of the last day.

36. Good morning from me to you means, “I slept well cause you loved me silly last night”.

37. I’ll always search for you each morning cause you must be found in my world all day.

38. Last night was better than the day before but this morning is the best of them all simply put, I love you.

39. This morning, I want you to know that there is a guy who loves you than you know, who cares for you than you can imagine and who fights for you than a warrior.

40. No mask can hide you from me, cause I’ll spot you with the love I feel when you come my way. Good morning my love.

Good Morning Love SMS for Boyfriend

Are you in need of Lovely Love Sms to Send to Your Boyfriend? Here are the best collection of Good Morning Love Messages and Wishes for Him around.

41. This morning I want you to know that there is no sweeter risk than the risk of love. It is worth it cause you are the one I love.

42. Love is not dead cause God is not dead. Good morning my love.

43. You know it when I am down and you don’t hesitate to wake me up with this feeling I can’t explain. I love you, good morning.

Good Morning Love SMS for Boyfriend
Good Morning Love SMS for Boyfriend

44. My only one, my ever burning fire, my sweetest love, I wanna tell the world it’s a good morning cause we found love in a hopeless world.

45. I do everything for you and you do anything for me cause more than any other thing what we have in common is true love. I love you, sweetheart, good morning.

46. Baby, I woke up dancing to the tune of our love.

47. When the spirit of your love is on my soul, I dance better than the greatest ballet dancers. Sweetheart, good morning.

48. We would say “I do” in a beautiful morning just like this one, my love.

49. The echoes of your love woke me up this morning. I hope you can also hear the echoes of my love.

50. What wouldn’t I do for you, I know, and that is not loving you. How was your night?

51. My love, this morning I wanna let the whole world know it’s a bright day simply because you are in it.

52. Boy, you find pride in your integrity than your ego, and that’s why I wanna say I love you this morning.

53. You are all I want, you make me feel safer in your presence, I’m glad I’ve got another morning to welcome you into a new day.

54. My Prince, you rock my world better than a rock star rocks his band. Sending you my kisses this morning.

55. Kisses, hugs, touches, and pecks are not enough to show you my affection. Keeping you forever in my life is the only way to show you I mean it when I say you are my breath. How was your night my Romeo?

56. Great minds they say think alike, but I’ll say great minds find each other, I’m happy I found you again this morning. I love you.

57. When life throws you her lemon, I want you to know I’ll be your lemonade cause I love you. Good morning my King.

58. My love would you be my sunset so I’ll be your sunrise? Good morning my angel.

59. My love, what is better than growing old together in love? I want you in my old age than my youth. Good morning.

60. In the turbulence of life, our love and commitment are sure. I want the world to know. Good morning, sweety.

Good Morning Love SMS for My Boyfriend

Good Morning is the song to sing for a lovely Boyfriend like yours. Here are carefully constructed Good Morning Love Message for Boyfriend you can send to your boyfriend.

61. Your love amazes me, your strength encourages me, your trust in me honours me that’s why I can’t love you any less. Hope you slept better than the days before?

62. You told me your manliness is in loving me with your whole strength, I tell you what, my honour is in having you here with me. Good morning, sweety.

63. Your charms work better magic on me than Abracadabra. I miss you already, this morning.

64. Baby, you mesmerize me, hypnotize me, charm me and deliver me into your arms. I wanna be with you till morning comes.

Good Morning Love SMS for My Boyfriend
Good Morning Love SMS for My Boyfriend

65. Baby, you stand out when you stand with me. Let the world see us together this morning.

66. We are young and in love, yet we picture each other in old age staying young through each other’s eyes. Good morning my only one.

67. My sweety, we caught each other’s stare just the same way we caught each other’s love. Good morning.

68. My Prince, this morning seems brighter than a ruby fire with our love evergreen than an emerald.

69. Our love is like walking on waters because it makes us do the impossible for each other. Good morning my miracle.

70. I feel sad at night when you ain’t here with me, but the morning always comes with Joy knowing you will soon be with me.

71. My Firefly, I thought I was happy before you came into my world, right now your arrival into my life has shown me the true meaning of happiness. Good morning.

72. A life well spent is a life spent in mutual love. I’m glad we have a mutual love, trust and commitment. You are my morning.

73. If I don’t see you, I feel you, cause you’re always in my heart. Sweety, good morning.

74. My Prince, you add flavour to my world than vanilla, moisturize my skin than cream all because your love means everything to me. Good morning.

75. I don’t need roses neither do I need cakes. What I need is you. Grace my world with your presence this morning.

76. Baby, our love only goes up and never down, thereby, defiling the law of gravity. Good morning my partner in crime.

77. Your love for me makes water in my desert and rivers in my wilderness, let me whisper it one more time, you are my miracle. Good morning.

78. I was touched by an angel, the moment I found love in your heart of heart. How was your night Bambi?

79. You are the motion that role my mind. The alarm that wakes me up each morning.

80. You left me in awe when you told me, you gonna hold me down for life. Baby, let’s ride life together. Good morning.

81. Baby, if it’s not you, then it’s not love. Good morning.

82. I had a dream to love someone forever. I’m glad I’ve found him in you. Good morning, you’re my dream come true.

83. You’re the craft carefully designed for me, little wonder your rib is found with me. Good morning, my love.

84. Eternity is not enough to kiss you, love you and cherish you, but this morning I won’t fail to let you know you mean the world to me.

85. I’m so glad I can say you know my thoughts, cause I see you in me and you see me in you. Good morning, sweety.

86. I’ll gladly share a home with you, children with you and dreams with you because I love you. Good morning.

87. Our love will be as tall and sweet as my man. Good morning.

88. You beat my drum, sing my song, play my piano and you do all these right because you love me right. Good morning.

89. You fix my broken wings last night, this morning I can fly till the end of time with you. Sending all of my love and kisses.

90. You are the pilot in my plane, fly me where ever you want this morning, till the end of time.

91. Our love is perfect because it is mutual. What better way can I wake up, than waking up by your side.

92. Your fragrance renders me speechless, your aura elevates me and your words heal me. You are this and so much more. I love you, good morning.

93. I thought I had it all until you came into my world and I realized all I’ve been missing all along. You make me complete, I love you my second half. Hope you slept well.

94. You saved me from the road of loneliness and put me on the path of lifetime companionship. I can’t love you less my Prince charming.

95. Our love breaks the record than a block star movie. Good morning my love.

96. I’m glad love couldn’t escape us but could find us. Good morning, dearie.

97. Our love can never sink like the Titanic boat, can never freeze like Romeo and Juliet. Good morning, my love.

98. We are so into each other and can never give up on us. Now, I know what love truly is. Good morning.

99. I love you in the evening, and in the noon, this morning is not an exception. I hope you woke up like Prince Arthur.

100. Our love is stronger than vows. I love you strongly. Good morning, sweety.