2024 Sweet Early Morning Love Messages for Her or Him

Do you have these wonderful thoughts about your lover all through the day and you don’t know how to convey them, you want them to have you in mind while they work, you want to assure them of your love and don’t know how to go about it?

Well, I’ve got a good number of messages that could help you convey your thoughts, your emotions and as well get your partner thinking about you all day as you wish.

Below are mind-blowing Early Morning texts fitting this category, just for you.

Early Morning Love Messages for Lovers

Spice up your love relationship to make the love grow on daily basis. Send these Early Morning Love Messages to your lover and watch Him/Her crave for you.

1. Be in love and make me feel loved today.
Let the thoughts of me fill your head
So you can come back on time.
Good morning.

2. Hi love! are you awake already?
Okay! Just want to say I love you.
Good morning.

3. “I love you”
Those three words inspire me;
Those three words motivate me;
These three words give me strength.
I hope it strengthens you today.
Have a beautiful morning Darling.

Early Morning Love Messages for Lovers
Early Morning Love Messages for Lovers

4. So last night I dreamt where you led me by the hand and we both
climbed the milky way to our big dreams.
This is to motivate you my love; Good morning.

5. Last night, you bathed me with Love;
This morning it is your kisses;
I guess it will be my turn tonight to do mine.
Good morning Sweetheart.

6. How beautiful you look;
How lovely and sweet you are;
Let me kiss every part of you before I say good morning.

7. Hey, wake up! Wake up!!
See those pretty-sleepy eyes of yours;
Hold me again and whisper those words into my ears all over.
Good morning dearie..

8. Your broaden chest tickles me;
While I lie I feel so secure that I do not want to get up again.
Good morning!

9. See how alluring you look lying down on that bed;
Now I know why they say women are most beautiful in the morning.
Good morning My Love.

10. Although yesterday I slept restlessly just because you weren’t there;
Today I woke up strong knowing someone cares a lot about me.
Your text my love assured me. Good morning!

Romantic Early Morning Message for Lovers

These are Romantic Messages you should send to your lover early in the Morning.

11. Waking up without you by my side wasn’t all that easy baby;
But guess what! The thoughts of you made me do.
Good morning my one and only treasure.

12. Good morning!
I hope that today be less tedious.
Well if you think of me I bet it will. Do have a beautiful day Hunnay.

13. Hey, are you still sleeping?
Get up! Wake up breakfast is getting cold.
Yea, I bet you would now. Lol.

Romantic Early Morning Message for Lovers
Romantic Early Morning Message for Lovers

14. As you step out today, I pray that the good Lord guide you in all thing and give you Victory.
Stay safe My Love.

15. Sometimes I wonder if I would ever get weary of dreaming about you;
You occupy my heart and fill my soul every night.
Good morning Sweet.

16. I couldn’t disrupt the sleep and sweet dreams of my one and only so I had to leave.
Breakfast is on the table don’t grumble yet.
I love you.

17. Common wake up!
Get up….. Get up…… Get up…..
Yea I got you. Good morning.

18. Good morning Sweetheart, hope you dreamt of me.
Mine overflowed with the thought of you.
Get ready I’m coming for you.

19. Oh, dear, are you still sleeping?
Wake up now sleepy head cox I’ve got something to tell you.
……………..“I love you”……………. that’s it.
Good morning.

20. Hey Baby, this is to let you know how much I love you;
I do care about you, honey. Dress up and let me come pick you.
Good morning!

Early Morning Love Messages for Her

She would be excited to wake up to these Sweet Early Morning Love Messages.

21. Can’t wait for the day I’ll have you fully to myself;
Days when I’ll never have to wake without you by me.
Missing you badly. Good morning.

22. Get up, Sweetheart…….!
I’m waiting………..
Now walk to the mirror opposite you…….
Yea, that’s you looking radiant. Good morning Baby.

23. Let me be the one you think of all day;
I’ll be waiting at the bakery after work.
Good morning sweet.

Early Morning Love Messages for Her
Early Morning Love Messages for Her

24. I just want to let you know that someone here thinks about you all day;
That someone here wants to be the one to take your hand;
That someone here wants to spend the rest of his life with you.
That somebody is me, Darling.
Do have a Lovely day.

25. Last night was dark, cold and cosy;
And I really wished you were there to wrap me.
Missing you like no other. Good morning.

26. Did anyone ever tell you how much you mean to me?
You mean a whole lot baby. Please come back soon.
Good morning.

27. I knew I was wrong yesterday Dearie and see,
I couldn’t sleep last night knowing you were upset.
I hope you forgive before the end of the day because I love you.
Good morning.

28. I ask myself every day what a lady really wants;
Love, care, affection, attention;
All these I got and more the day I met you, darling.
Good morning.

29. Soar like the eagle today;
Roar like the Lion today;
Shine like the stars today;
Spread your wings like me today.
Good morning.

30. I wish I could lie here forever in your arms;
I wish I could remain there beneath your warm embrace;
But I have to go.
Good morning.

Love Text Messages for Her in the Morning

Sending Love Text Messages to her in the Morning would have a long way to go in spicing your love relationship.

The best of sweet and romantic love text messages for her in the morning. Love sms messages for her to wake up to and feel special. The best every good morning texts for your Girlfriend.

31. Still sleeping? I know;
Just get up already otherwise you’ll run late.
Good morning.

32. Good morning Baby;
I’m so missing your love and care right now;
The breakfast in bed, and all your Sweetness.
Can’t wait to see you.

33. Yes, Hunnay, it’s a new dawn already;
Stretch those limbs well; spread those arms wide;
Tint those beautiful eyes of yours.
Oh! How I miss them.
Good morning.

Love Text Messages for Her in the Morning
Love Text Messages for Her in the Morning

34. Are you up in the Gym already?
Why didn’t you wait till I had woken up;
So I could view the rising and falling of your chest.
Good morning!

35. We made it to another beautiful morning Darling.
Dream big cox I’ll always be there to uphold you.
Good morning…

36. Good morning My Queen, trust you slept well?
Just want to let you know how much I care about you.

37. Your words give me strength every day to continue with the struggle.
Love you plenty plenty like no other. Good morning…

38. I want to wake up every morning beside you;
To feel you, to touch you, to hold you.
Let’s make this happen Sweet.
Good morning.

39. I can’t believe woke up fighting with the pillows;
Playing with the sheets; and making sweet love again.
You’re so sweet, darling. Good morning.

40. I’m so used to sleeping next to you that I feel so lonely now without you; Good morning!

Early Morning Love Text Messages

Best Early Morning Love Text Messages for that special person.

41. Thank God it’s Friday!
Get ready Baby, I’ll come to pick you up for lunch later.
Good morning!

42. You are beautiful;
You are gorgeous; you are awesome.
You really mean the world to me.
Good morning.

43. The Lilies stand beside you;
The fountains await your awakening.
Wake up for the world is waiting for you, My Love.
Good morning.

Early Morning Love Text Messages
Early Morning Love Text Messages

44. It’s time to rise Dearie,
Wake up breakfast is getting cold……..
Good morning.

45. Walk to the door of my heart and let me loose by your love;
This love in itself I don’t want to path with Dearie.
Good morning.

46. Why does the sun have to keep interrupting our precious moments?
I swear I don’t want to leave. I want to be in your arms forever.
Good morning.

47. Hello beautiful!
Look beside you and you’ll see what I prepare for you;
So I made you some breakfast before I left the house.
Good morning!

48. I love it when you smile in the morning;
Those smiles are captivating. Please smile when you’re coming.
Good morning.

49.Love is a beautifully gorgeous thing because of you Sweetheart. I found out the very first day I met you
Good morning heart.

50. Be strong my love.
The Lord will increase you on every side, my dear.
Good morning.

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