2024 Baby Congratulations Quotes and Greetings to Welcome a Newborn

The birth of a new baby is good news for not just the parents, but other friends and family. And sending good wishes for both mother and baby is usually in place. Find wishes below to send to the new parents to felicitate with them.

Baby Congratulations Quotes

Best Congratulations Quotes you can send to loved ones that just had a new Baby.

1. Congratulations on the birth of your new baby. I wish you strength and grace to recover strongly.

2. I felicitate with you on the delivery of your baby. I wish that the baby will bring only joy into the home.

3. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. I was so mesmerised by the cuteness of your baby that I wanted to save it in a glass. I wish that the beauty he/she has brought in will not fade.

4. A baby is a joy to carry and to cuddle. I can’t wait to see yours. I wish him/her greatness all the days of his/her life.

5. It is a blessing to bring such a beautiful baby into our world. I wish that blessing will keep increasing in your home.

6. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby. This time when you are enjoying the precious gift you have been given, my prayer for you is that no sorrow will not ruin it.

7. I congratulate you on the new addition to your family. Having a newborn gives one courage to fight battles thrown at your baby and I wish you victory all around.

8. I rejoice with you on being new parents. I know the baby will not lack great parenting. I pray you have all you need to even be greater parents.

9. Having a new baby is really a thing of joy. May the love the child brings never cease to blossom in your heart.

10. I greet you warmly from my heart over the news of your newborn baby. And I wish you a warm and loving parent-child relationship.

Baby Greetings Quotes

Congratulate your loved ones who just had a new Baby with these Baby Greetings Quotes.

11. A new addition always brings changes in one’s life. May the addition of this new baby to your family only bring good tidings.

12. Congratulations to you two. We can only imagine the wealth of your love for your baby. No evil eye will ruin it.

13. I know you have other children but the birth of another baby always seems new and fresh. I congratulate you.

14. Every child comes with a different lesson, thrill and challenges. May you be filled with wisdom to handle it all. Congratulations.

15. Congratulations on the new baby. May you enjoy all the feelings of joy that has accompanied his/her birth.

16. I envy your new baby. He/she couldn’t have picked a nicer family to be born into. May his/her birth even bring you closer.

17. Immediately I saw your baby, I knew the Almighty sent an angel over to you to fill your family with all kinds of goodness.

18. I am so happy for you over the successful delivery of your baby. May your time with him/her be filled with sweet memories.

19. May this new birth usher in the birth of peace, love, joy, happiness and greatness into your family. Congratulations.

20. Congratulations to you two on being new parents. May the baby experience the good things of life.

Congratulations Quotes For Baby Boy

Congratulate your loved ones who just had a new Baby boy with these Congratulations  Quotes For Baby Boy.

21. I wish for wisdom and knowledge for your baby to address all of life’s curves. I congratulate you on the birth of the baby.

22. May the world experience impact by the reason of your baby’s birth. I felicitate with you.

23. Hi to the new member of the family. Help me tell him/her welcome to the world. Congratulations.

24. The first fruit of your womb will usher in more awesome babies for you. Wait for it, as your bossom be filled with God’s inheritance. I celebrate your successful delivery.

25. Change is the most constant thing in life. As your baby grows and changes, may he/she grow positively and be a role model worthy of emulation.

26. Congratulations on your baby. May you be endowed with wisdom to train him/her into an exemplary citizen.

27. Your baby marks the beginning of a legacy. May he treats your legacy right and not soil it.

28. I rejoice with you for the safe delivery. May all the sweet smiles and giggles, cute unintelligible mumbles and just the previous sight of your baby continue to fill you with joy.

29. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby. May the arrival of your baby also bring along all your heart desires.

30. Children are a gift from the Almighty. May he continue to keep your baby in the hollow of his hands.

Newborn Baby Wishes

Newborn Baby wishes for loved ones with a new baby.

31. I cannot wait to see your baby and watch him/her grow. I wish him/her growth in all ramifications and not just physically.

32. Congratulations on being new parents. I pray you will not go on this journey with the wisdom of yesterday but the wisdom of tomorrow that will help you be the best parents to your baby.

33. I am sure the size of your baby is smaller compared to how ecstatic you are for this new bundle of joy. I rejoice with you.

34. I rejoice with you on your baby’s arrival. May you remain healthy to enjoy all the positives and have the strength to handle the challenges that come with it.

35. Today marks the beginning of another journey in the life of your family. I wish you a smooth ride ahead. Congratulations on your new baby.

36. The Almighty has smiled on you by giving you this beautiful bundle of joy. May he continue to smile on your family.

37. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Becoming parents has its ups and downs, from the cute smiles to the cranky tears. I wish you the best.

38. I could not help smiling at the perfection of your baby. You have really produced the perfect baby. And I wish you grace and strength to be the perfect examples.

39. Parenting is both a privilege and a responsibility. I am so happy you were found worthy to experience this. Congratulations on your new baby.

40. Your baby has made mum and dad out of you too. I wish you grace to handle the new responsibility.

Welcome Baby Quotes

Quotes to welcome a Newborn Baby.

41. You are now past the morning sickness, emotional outbursts and ridiculous food cravings. Congratulations on your baby.

42. Your baby will make you realise how big a heart a human has that you can love another so unconditionally. I wish you a beautiful journey of love.

43. A newborn baby invokes sweetness, warmth and love from all and sundry. May all these not be lacking in your baby’s life.

44. Congratulations on becoming a mother. The relationship between a mother and her child is always a mystery but you are beginning to experience it.

45. From this moment, every first time your baby does something will be ingrained in your heart. I wish you jolly first experiences.

46. Congratulations on your new baby. May you not lack all the help you will need with the baby.

47. You are a father today and a father is a provider and a protector. May you not lack the grace to be all these and more for your baby.

48. I felicitate with you on the birth of your baby. Now your empty days will be filled with pleasure from this bundle of joy.

49. Congratulations on your baby’s arrival. Now, you have a reason to conquer all life’s worries.

50. You are starting a journey today with your baby; a journey that is equally a pleasure and exhausting. I wish you a smooth ride.

New Baby Girl Greeting Card Messages

Greeting Card Messages for a New Baby Girl.

51. May your baby enjoy favour from young and old, male and female. Congratulations on his/her birth.

52. Congratulations on your newborn baby. Every parent knows that you don’t always get it right. But I pray you will not fall into mistakes with grievous consequences for your child.

53. When life throws you a tough ball, may you continually find joy in your baby. Congratulations on being parents.

54. I rejoice with you on the arrival of your baby. It is probably too early but I wish him/her prosperity in all his/her efforts ahead.

55. May your baby be a solution provider and the answer many have been waiting for. Congratulations on his/her birth.

56. Congratulations on your new baby. I wish him/her safety and protection.

57. I welcome your baby into the world. May the world be a better place because of him/her.

58. Congratulations on this baby cuteness you have given birth to. Sometimes, we wish we can keep them small but they grow up really fast. So enjoy the time while it lasts.

59. In sorrow, may your baby bring you laughter. In pain, may your baby bring you joy. When you want to give up, may your baby give you a reason to try again. Congratulations on your baby’s birth.

60. Welcome to the world, baby. The world is sometimes delightful and sometimes, stressful. I wish that you will experience more of the delight.

Greetings Messages For New Born Baby

Greetings Messages you can send to parents with a new Baby.

61. Their cute smiles, their fresh breath, their happy coos and sweet giggles are what make the journey worth it. Enjoy the ride as new parents.

62. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. You now have one more person to cheer you on in life.

63. Welcome to the world of parenting, a world of snuggles, drools, cuddles, dirty diapers, sleepless nights but all wonderful pleasures.

64. You have just made a new life today, you have every reason to celebrate. May his/her life keep being a cause to celebrate.

65. Congratulations on being new parents. You already have desires and expectations for your baby. May they all be fulfilled.

66. As you have become parents today, life has been good to you. I wish you more of life’s goodness.

67. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Your baby is the embodiment of cuteness because of you two. I congratulate you.

68. Nature was gracious to you and gave such a precious gift. There couldn’t have been a better gift than your baby. I rejoice with you.

69. Life is to be enjoyed and not rushed, the birth of your baby will teach you that. Enjoy every stage of his/her growth.

70. I wish that you baby’s days will be bright always. Congratulations on his/her birth.

Greeting Words For New Born Baby

Words to greet Parents with a new Baby.

71. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. As you enter into this nouveau period in your life with your baby, I wish you good luck.

72. The responsibility of a new baby always makes one a better person if one is deliberate about taking responsibility. I pray for grace for you to be stronger because of your baby. I felicitate with you.

73. Your family has always been cute and your new baby just increased the beauty of your family. You might not know it but you are the envy of the world right now. Congratulations.

74. When I heard about the birth of your baby, it was as though the skies got bluer, and I knew something great had come to the world. Congratulations on his/her birth.

75. I wish you joy, peace and happiness as you spend time with your baby.

76. There is indeed nothing that can be compared to the love of the parents and vice versa. I know yours will not be different. I wish you all the best for the arrival of your baby.

77. Not everybody is blessed enough to be graced with this blessing that has been​ born into your family. I rejoice with you on this day.

78. Your life is perfect right now. You are the proud parents of this wonderful baby girl/boy. I wish you the very best.

79. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. A new star lit in the night sky immediately your baby was born. May he/she continue to shine brighter than the sun.

80. I wish you best of luck in raising your baby to become the best of himself/herself. I rejoice with you on your baby’s arrival.

Baby Born Greeting

Greetings for a new Born Baby.

81. The world would definitely be a better place because of the arrival of your baby. I am so happy for you.

82. Your family increased today because of the birth of your baby. May you keep increasing in all good ways.

83. I am sending multiple streams of love, joy and happiness to your baby all the days of his/her life. Congratulations.

84. I felicitate with you on the successful delivery of your baby. May your baby be a joy to you and the world at large always.

85. I am really happy for you over the safe birth of your baby. I wish him/her grace to fulfil his/her purpose in this world.

86. I fell absolutely in love when I cuddled your baby. I can imagine how much more happy you are to be new parents. May your heart keep smiling over his/her life.

87. When I saw your baby, I thought of many beautiful words to describe the beauty before my eyes but I found known. I am so happy for you.

88. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby. Today, you are no longer just a man but a father and you are no longer just a woman but a mother.

89. May your newborn baby continue to be a testimony of great things. I rejoice with you in being parents.

90. Children are a handful and a delight. I wish you all the best as you create your own bittersweet experience.

Greetings For New Born Baby’s Parents

Quotes you can use to greet a New born Baby’s Parents.

91. The smile of your baby can soften a stony heart and it can gladden a bitter heart. Congratulations on his/her arrival.

92. A parent usually does not forget all the memories of their baby. May all your memories be sweet. I rejoice with you on the birth of your baby.

93. Every parent envisions the day their children will make them proud. May your baby continually be a source of pride for you. Congratulations.

94. May you be endowed with grace to nurture and protect this bundle of joy in your arms. Congratulations on his/her birth.

95. As beautiful and experience as all the changes associated with pregnancy can be, I’m sure you are happy it is over. I am more glad about this precious gift. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

96. I am happy for you, on the arrival of your baby. May his/her future be bright.

97. You have received one of the world’s greatest gift and blessing. I rejoice with you in the safe delivery of your baby.

98. Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy. Your baby has a new fan in me.

99. I can already see both of you in your baby. That is why I have no doubt that your baby will grow up to be great. I felicitate with you.

100. My prayers for your baby that he/she be kept safe by the Almighty and that his/her life be colourful like the rainbow and bright as the sun.