100 Inspirational Words and Messages for Someone Special

1. Do you know what friends are for?
they are worth so much and more
when you cry they lift you high
you’ll stand tall and will not fall
because you have a friend to call
those hungry times and days of pain
your lonely hours and loss of gain
that’s when your friend will stand out strong
and hold your hand to right the wrong
then comes the time of smiles and joy
don’t be like boys who outgrow toys
but keep those friends until the end
and when it’s them that need the help
run like lightning give your best
in so doing you pass the test.

2. At every point of despair, you can always get up and try one more time. It is not about the end, it is about the process. For it is in the process that you become the truest expression of yourself.

3. You will meet these sets of people in your life;
the ones who will use you, who will love you for what you are.
The ones who will abuse you, who will never find joy in who you are.
The ones who want to be used by you, who will find you as their crazy obsession.
……and the ones who will be useful for you, who will love you for no reason.
Thank them all, they gave you experience.

Inspirational Words and Messages for Someone Special (2)

4. A strongman shook my heart and tore it apart
oh! he made me cry as I said goodbye
the more I cried, the more he smiled
I begged him to undo his deed
to bring back to me my kid.
Alas! He said “no chance, not even a glance
those I have taken away, forever they will stay”
I said to him, be not proud
nor blow your trumpet loud
my infant I will miss, I said this with a loud hiss
he sized me and turned away
he said “your times another day”.
Curiously I asked him his name
he turned and looked at me the same.
“Many great men have I kept,” said he
“equally poor men have followed me
my name you will get
that name is death”.

5. Do you ever stop to wonder
the fragility of babies
the strength of youth
and the senility that age brings
Do you ever stop to wonder
the logic of your own thinking
that many are called but few are chosen
that the greatest man to fear is you.
Do you ever stop to ponder
what exactly you are doing here on earth
why you are you
and why nobody else can be you.

6. Tomorrow is another today in the eyes of the procrastinator until it is too late.

7. Everything eventually answers to the man who will not take no for an answer.

8. Blood is thicker than water! Blood is thicker than water! but what good is a pint of blood to a jug of water when I’m thirsty? Sometimes, it is the people outside family you need in certain situations.

9. If you want to enjoy true fulfilment, be the angel someone is praying for.

10. There is a big difference between what ‘you won’t do’ and what ‘you can’t do’.

11. As much as you might love someone, self-respect is knowing when to keep it moving when you are no longer needed.

12. There are certain virtues without percentages, like integrity. You either have it or you don’t. There’s no halfway.

13. Why you?
Why not you?
You think someone else deserves it! I hate to break it to you but every unpleasant situation you find yourself in is working patience in you. Chin up.

14. Beauty is beyond body image, beauty is from inside out.

15. What really does it take to say please, sorry and thank you!? Yet the lack of these words have broken relationships, brought about wars and strife.

16. Yes, you ought to forgive wrongs, people aren’t perfect neither are you. However, stupidity is allowing the same person do the same offence to you again and again.

17. Don’t claim to love someone if you have never had to sacrifice something for their sake.

18. Children from dysfunctional homes only seek one thing; love. Love them, in so doing we reduce the numbers of dysfunctional adults.

19. If you have a real listening ear, a lot of silence is pregnant with words. Listen to the words unspoken.

20. Be very selective about who you allow into your privacy lest your life becomes an open secret to everyone around the block.

Inspirational Words and Messages for Someone Special (3)

21. Competitions do not necessarily need to breed animosity, we all cannot be number one at the same time.

22. Put in value in everything you do. Leave people with the satisfaction in your heart that you left them in a better state than you met them.

23. Don’t sweat it, in life there will always be people who have more than you and others who have less. At the end of it all, life is not a comparison, it is about you and how you run your race.

24. True inner beauty never fades, it gets better like fine wine.

25. What is the mind? It is abstract but its workings you can feel and experience. Out of the mind flows your thoughts and as you think, you become. Guard your mind, whoever holds the key to your mind/thoughts controls you. Let that key be safely in your hands.

26. To succeed you need the combination of hard work, smart work and soft work/skills.

27. It is ironical that people waste and take their health for granted in the pursuit of wealth but of what use is wealth without the health to enjoy it.

28. Do you want to know what love is? Watch little children play. They take no heed of race, gender, colour, language or socio-economic status.

29. In 24 hours, there’s always at least one thing you can be happy about. Don’t always dwell on the sad angles of life.

30. There is a difference between being lonely and being alone. Loneliness is the bad guy. That’s when you actually want to be around people but for some reasons, imagined or real you can’t. Being alone is different. In a world where everyone is speaking to you, alone time is when you are at peace with yourself and a time when you can speak with yourself.

31. Many of us at one time or the other in our lives have been addicted to something, someone or some ideologies. Addictions are extreme behaviours, anything extreme is negative, negativity is bad and bad breeds evil. You really should quench that addiction whatever that is.

32. It is okay to get angry, be provoked, have steam literally coming out of your ears, however, do not let your anger destroy what you can’t rebuild.

33. When people place trust in you, be honourable enough to not fail it.

34. Be sincere when you make promises, some people hold on to your promise as their last straw.

35. “What will people say” is one of the leading causes of terrible life choices.

36. If you do not take care, you will find yourself doing some of the negative things you swore you would never do

37. Grow daily. Make an improvement on the man you were yesterday. Be a better man tomorrow than you are today.

38. Time will keep moving, the years will go by, you will look back someday and wonder how time flies.

39. Allow young people dream. Never belittle their dreams just because you do not understand them.

40. Sometimes be spontaneous, be eccentric and break some norms.

Inspirational Words and Messages for Someone Special

41. Social media validation! The truth is nobody really cares.

42. Be a giver. This is not limited to money or material things. Give your time, your service, give a compliment.

43. In today’s world, a lot of people are busy… Busy doing nothing. Don’t be like them!

44. Refuse the position of option ‘B’.

45. It is people who know close to nothing about you, that talk the most about you to others.

46. When people are intimidated by you, it reflects in the hurtful stories they’ll tell about you.

47. The things you do not want to be said to you, do not say it to someone else.

48. Whenever you begin to self-doubt and feel insecure, remember that we all at one time or another have felt the same way. Heads up!

49. We can all wish and desire something but only those who will stand up and act will materialise their dreams.

50. Listen intentionally, do not just hear to reply. From active listening, will come your robust input. This is how you end up the smartest person in the room.

51. Sometimes we place people on a pedestal they don’t deserve.

52. There’s never going to be enough, there’s always going to be one need popping one after the other.

53. Thank God for the times we were broke, it taught us better financial accounting than any professor could.

54. Take pictures, capture the moments. You will one day look at intimate pictures of some friends and wonder why you are now complete strangers.

55. Understand that we all are not the same, state your opinions and allow others state theirs.

56. Do not demand respect, deserve it.

57. It doesn’t take much for a talkative to lose worth in the eyes of his listeners.

58. I still find it amusing how some people have brains they cannot use.

59. If we had the power of mind reading, a lot of ‘friends’ will become foes and a lot of ‘foes’ will become friends.

60. The greatest thing I fear is disappointing my own self.

61. “Too much sauce” and yet so tasteless.

62. In this journey of life, we will meet all kinds of people, but we will also meet the ones whose paths we will be grateful every day that we crossed.

63. Old love letters will provoke all kinds of emotions in you, conflicting for attention. That is why you may catch yourself smiling through your tears.

64. Nothing should be allowed to hinder a mother who is willing to love her child.

65. Most of the life’s blows will test you on two (2) angles; 1. The tenets/principles you hold dear and try to abide by. 2. The frailty/vulnerability resident in you.

66. Looking back on my younger years, the fears that held me from doing things I really wanted to do were merely magnified imaginations that never came to pass.

67. When you understand that each human being you meet is a unique personality, from a different background, with different behaviour/thought processes, then and only then will you begin to tolerate peoples excesses a little better.

68. You can never become a great leader if you know not how to show empathy.

69. There’s nothing as destructive as continuing on a wrong venture, just because you are afraid to turn around and start all over again.

70. Living in isolation never does anyone good in the long run. You are always going to need people every step of the way.

71. The quickest way for parents to kill the self-esteem of their children is to continually compare them negatively with their peers.

72. Some people take marriage vows they have no intention of keeping.

73. Some of the best miracles God works in our lives are some prayers he doesn’t grant.

74. You think you know what endurance is? Have a one on one with a pathological liar. They not only tell bogus tales, they actually believe their own falsehood.

75. There are people who have never experienced what love is. Wickedness is igniting the flame of passion within them, with no intention of loving them.

76. Betrayal from someone you hold in high esteem takes time to heal.

77. Facing some bosses is like waking up to a toothache at 2 in the morning.

78. The proof of Haven gotten an education is not in the number of grammar you can churn out, it’s about the change in society your being educated can affect.

79. Perhaps an unqualified person gets the promotion you deserve. Shake it off, be happy for them and work harmoniously. After all, it is not about who gets the accolades so long as the job is done. If you can successfully do all these without jealousy, please tell us how?

80. Sometimes music is all you need to take care of a heartbreak.

Inspirational Words and Messages for Someone Special

81. When you live your life like a candle in the wind, you will find yourself burned out quicker than others and you will wonder how?

82. Appreciate the efforts others make in your life, there is no deed too small and none too much to be appreciated.

83. While we can never save the world in a day or a lifetime, we can help the ones around us to help the ones around them.

84. There is a thing like getting too used to someone so much so that you begin to take them for granted. This is because you think that they’ll always be there no matter what you do. Be careful because one day, they’ll discover they have had enough, pack up and will never come back.

85. Do not take for granted, the powers of a healthy imagination.

86. Some of the greatest misunderstandings occur because of communication lapse.

87. Self-pity is the cousin of entitlement mentality, do not indulge them.

88. The inevitable like death will not scare you if you live your life every day like it was on rent.

89. It is not everyone you can save or try saving. Many have drowned in a bid to save a person who is not willing to be saved.

90. Whatever you do, have a backup plan, it keeps you from getting hopelessly stranded.

91. Make it a point of duty at the end of each day to account for all your hours.

92. People who are passive aggressive are the most violent types of people. They do not hurt you physically, so you do not have proof. They torture you mentally and emotionally even at the expense of their own psychological well being. This behaviour disposition is unhealthy.

93. Life does not revolve around you alone, be sensitive to other peoples needs for expression too.

94. Individuals do not just build walls around themselves, circumstances had dealt them a bad hand and taught them to trust no one. The only way to reach them is to be trustworthy, to win their trust and maintain it, then see how the walls come tumbling down.

95. At the end of it all, your ego will not keep you company in old age.

96. Crying is therapeutic, it helps you let out stored up conflicting emotions. Cry if you must, then get up, have a cold shower and tell yourself “you will get through this”.

97. You must have heard it before that ‘nobody owes you anything in life’. I am here to remind you that “nobody owes you anything”. If someone is kind to you, it is an act of love which you should be grateful for.

98. Young people try to keep up with the times
Yet they haven’t got a dime
so they indulge in crime
and later dance to the painful mime.

Inspirational Words and Messages for Someone Special

99. You who labour all day
your time for happiness I cannot say
but be ye not dismayed
your hard work will earn you pay
and from the sweat dropping from your brows
spring forth showers of wealth.

100. Everywhere you go, all stop and stare
ugliness you dare not bare
look at you no one compares
this kind of creature is just so rare.
you turn your nose up in the air
and when you walk the people cheer
its gotten to you and you’ve turned proud
you hiss at the appreciative crowd.
with smiles, they want to know your name
you ignore and leave them in shame.
Beauty does not be like this!
for someday, you would lose your bliss
and then the people will surely diss
be careful for that day will arrive
and you will be all alone to thrive.