2024 Trending Romantic Apology Sms to Girlfriend or Boyfriend

You did something wrong to your lover and you don’t know what exactly do text him or her in order to make them forgive your fault(s).

I see, but here is a list of 100 Romantic Apology Messages For Him or Her. Send any of these messages to make your lover forgive you.

Romantic Apology Text Messages to Girlfriend

Lovely Apology and I’m Sorry Text Messages you can send to Girlfriend after a misunderstanding, showing that you are sincerely sorry for very thing.

1. Baby, If words are enough to say sorry, please take these ones; I am sorry for making you unhappy.

2. I know the promises I actually made from way back. But then, I had cracked them through the hammers of unfaithfulness. I am sorry.

3. I apologize for all the errs that made you lose your hope on me.

4. I wrote this to make you have the empathy to let go of my wrongdoings, baby, please.

5. You can push all the blame on me, for making you grief for my unchastity.

6. To the one I promised my entire allegiance to but, couldn’t keep my words. I apologize for not fulfilling the promises I made.

7. My heartress, I am sorry for chasing after our house mistress.

8. On my knees I am, begging you to let go and forgive my bad habit of ignoring your calls.

9. My heart goes out to you over the hearty bruise I pose to you last week.

10. I couldn’t really sleep tonight despite how full of fun my day was – thinking about how our love just crashed in an instant.

Trending Romantic Apology Sms to Girlfriend or Boyfriend
Trending Romantic Apology Sms to Girlfriend or Boyfriend

11. My ex, I know we may not get to see each other again, I know you may not spare time to call me again. I send you this message through facebook to let you know that I am sorry for all that happened.

12. All those things they accused me of are true. I am admitting this from my heart’s dept. But, will you let go of those bad things I did, please?

13. I know that my words were hardly kept due to my unfaithfulness in our relationship. But, today is a new year. And I want us to start anew.

14. Please, let this be the end of us been at daggers drawn tonight.

15. Girl, I have a word to tell you. But first, have you forgiven me?

16. Let this day be the end of the grievance you have been keeping all this while, if you don’t mind, please.

17. Right now, my heart is ready to beck at your command. I know I have gone against our love’s norm.

18. Let me have the feeling of being your boyfriend once more. Please.

19. My night was just too gloomy than what that word means, but will you let go of my misdeeds, please?

20. I can’t really feel okay without a note replying that you have let go of my wrong deeds. So will you do this for me?

21. They lied to us that love is blind. But, can you please let go of the things I did wrong against you? I now see my fault.

22. It’s glare that I did not keep the promises I made to you before we opted into this union. Please, have mercy on me.

23. Baby, let me admit this; I am responsible for our troubled relationship that made it not work. But I am sorry for that and willing to change.

24. I just want to apologize for making you sad. My love.

25. I have nothing to say more than this; please forgive me.

26. Is too late to apologize? If not, please let go of my wrongdoings, please.

27. If words were glue, I will donate my word bank just to mend how I broke that delicate part of yours. I am sorry.

28. I apologize still, I know it will be hard for you to forgive. But, please do this for me.

29. My life will be miserable if you won’t let go of my misdeeds, baby please do this for me.

30. My sincere apology goes to the one who is reading this, over the mischievous words I said to her.

31. I can’t really feel exactly how you do. But, I really feel sorry for what I did.

32. I am sorry for making you sad about everything I did or said.

33. For making you cry, for making you unhappy and bitter about everything. Girl, I apologize from my heart’s depth.

34. Please forgive me for my wrongdoings. You don’t deserve to pass through this mess.

35. I promise to take care of you more than a king does to his queen. But then, I need you to give me a second chance, please.

36. I promise to renew the commitment of our love. Baby, I need you to let go of the bad things I did please.

37. Till forever, I won’t play over you like a player again. Never! Please forgive me.

38. I am willing to take all the blame for our broken relationship. Forgive me.

39. For whatever reason our love’s balloon got pricked. I am ready to patch it up.

40. I am sorry for all that happened between us since last year, my love.

41. My life will be horrible if you don’t let go. Please do this for me once more.

42. My life had been horrifying since you stop picking my calls last week. Girl, I need you to please have mercy.

43. You are the light that makes my dark moments be full of bliss. But now, I wonder how it’s going to be like. Please forgive me.

44. I am ready to do all the household chores for a month. If only you will let me retie the knot with you again.

45. My heart is also rifted too, after a year when I broke yours. See, It will do me no help if you don’t give me another chance again.

46. My heart feels sad after I learnt that you were broken over my unfaithfulness. I am back to keep my words baby. Will you let me?

47. Despite my bad habits, I am ready to do away with them right away, please forgive me.

48. If you are feeling sad, please know that I feel same too. But, I need your forgiveness to really feel whole once more.

49. Please, let by-gone be by-gone if you want to see me get back in shape, please. I am broken.

50. I cannot stand your revenge if you are to pay back in full what I did to you I know, but I need you to forgive me.

Romantic Apology SMS to Boyfriend

Romantic Apology Sms to Boyfriend
Romantic Apology Sms to Boyfriend

Having a lovely boyfriend didn’t mean he can not get annoyed, the only thing that a relationship grow as expected is when there is turning from the wrong deed of the past. Why don’t you use these Romantic I’m Sorry Messages for Boyfriend to express your regrets for all you’ve done wrong?

1. I couldn’t sleep yesterday due to the broody mood I am in since we parted. I apologize for all that happened between us.

2. Your reply kept piercing me as I muse over them. Please, let go of my wrong deeds.

3. I am really sorry for my unchastity. My dear love.

4. Lust has pushed me into breaking our vows, I am sincerely sorry.

5. I wrote this message to ask for your forgiveness over my misdeeds since when we stop talking on the phone again.

6. I have realised how nice and better our story will be like, if only we let go of our grievances. But first, I need you to do that.

7. I am sorry for crossing the lines we set and promised to live within in our relationship.

8. I have hurt you so badly I know, but please forgive me.

9. It will not be wrong if you call me a female Judas, I admit that. I betrayed you. But, I am sorry for all I did.

10. You can tag me with sorts of adjectives. I am responsible for that. But, please forgive me, regardless.

11. I am sorry for it all – not keeping my promises as I promised.

12. Although, our distance is far. But, I can feel how hurtful my habits are. I am sorry.

13. I am deeply sorry for my unchastity in our relationship.

14. To My broken boyfriend, I know how hurtful it is to bear what I did. But, I am sorry for what happened.

15. I wrote this to apologize for making mistakes that led to our broken relationship.

16. To the person reading this, I sincerely apologize for anything I did that riled you up.

17. If I have any word that out-mean sorry, I will use that. But take it for now, please.

18. Forgive me for this one mistake I made against you please.

19. I acted like the devil down the road. But, I apologize for that.

20. The gravity of what I did I just too much, but please let go.

21. I need you to look at me with compassion and forgive my bad deeds.

22. I plead for nothing other than forgiveness, tonight my love.

23. I know that you are currently worried about what I did. But, I apologize over that.

24. Your heart’s state is already pissed off. But, please let go of my wrong.

25. I am sorry for letting you down than you thought I ever will.

26. I am sorry for acting below your expectations. By not keeping to my promises.

27. I hurt you so much. And I really apologize for that.

28. Words cannot really paint how bad I hurt you. I know that is why I need you to forgive me so that I can correct myself.

29. Here I am on my knees pleading for mercy to amend my ways from today.

30. It will be hard to say this, but let me do. I made you lose so much but I am sorry.

31. It’s obvious that I never act the words I said like it’s supposed to be. But, can you give me a second chance, please?

32. Without your love, my life will not be awesome. Please, let’s reunite again.

33. I know how bad it feels to see your heart pierced by the one who has promised to stay despite the conditions of life. I apologize for not doing that.

34. My heart beats so fast like it will burst right now. Please, forgive me if you are to pass your verdict – whether to love me again or not.

35. My earnest plea is that you forgive me despite the lies I told you.

36. I need you to look at me with compassion despite all that I did that made you unhappy. To let go of my deeds.

37. I can’t really find the right words to use and tell you I am sorry for my wrongdoings baby.

38. I deserve any rebuke you regard as punishment for my unfaithfulness.

39. The worst is actually what I did. But I am no more like that please forgive me.

40. It will be a great lie to push the blame on anything. I actually did what has made you unhappy. Forgive me.

41. A plea is all I want to ask you tonight.

42. Boo, I know you are currently sad and bitter for my wrongs. I must admit that I am sorry.

43. I am sorry my dear boyfriend. And I am willing to be a new me from now on.

44. For all the heartaches I caused, I am deeply sorry.

45. I am so sorry for all the awkward phrases I said to you last week.

46. For all the things I ever did that made you unhappy. Here is my apology; forgive me, please.

47. Over the deeds I did wrong, I apologize for that.

48. I know that I broke the promises I made earlier, I am sorry.

49. I see a logic in your unhappiness. I would have gone mad over that. But no, you didn’t. I am sorry.

50. Dear boyfriend, my heart harbours nothing other than an apology for you. Please, let go.