2024 Trending Missing Someone Quotes for Someone Special

More often than not, we find ourselves missing someone so close to our heart.

Since we miss them, it’s only right if we let them know just how we feel and that, we can do by sending some short quotes that describe our emotions.

Here, are the pretty cool quotes about missing someone special – someone you love.

Missing Someone Quotes

I am missing You Quote is all you need to express your feeling to that special person that you miss so much.

1. The heart feels heavier when that special someone is far away.

2. Missing the love of your life makes you even miss yourself in return, cause you begin to act out of character.

3. When you miss that special person you feel the world on top of you, but when they are closer, you feel on top of the world.

4. Love is truly felt when the one you love is far away.

5. The world isn’t a small place when your love is miles away.

6. The eyes gaze farther than the eagle’s when the one you dream to see is on the road.

7. When you can’t have your love by your side, you feel as though, one of your ribs is missing.

8. A man who misses his woman wishes the day would pass as swift as possible.

9. The eyes are brighter when you can see the one you love hence, they are dim when they are nowhere close by!

10. You feel your spirit is gone when you miss the one you love and who loves you.

Missing Someone Special Quotes

Whenever someone so dear to your heart is away, your heart tends to long for their quick arrival. Free yourself of the pain by sending these Short Missing Someone So Special Quotes and Saying to Him or Her.

11. Missing someone special is the burden you bear for love.

12. No one easily falls sick as the one who misses someone they love.

13. How ironic! The days are warmer in winter because, you are with the one you love, and colder in summer because the one you love is far away.

14. Time means so much more to the person who misses someone than to the man who is chasing his dream.

15. No matter the multitude of crowds, when the one you love is in it, your eyes can easily find them.

16. You can’t say you love someone until you start missing them even before they bid you goodbye.

17. No one is a better watchman than the person who misses someone.

18. The person whom your eyes and heart are fixed on whether present or not, is whom you miss and will miss.

19. Happiness is only derived from fun moments when the one you love is near you.

20. Missing that special someone is akin to losing your energy.

Beautiful Quotes on Missing Someone

Here are Beautiful Quotes you can send to someone heart is longing after and misses so much.

21. The spirit is alive when your love is near but it is dead when your love is far away.

22. A person who misses someone special can sit in a spot for aeons without even knowing it.

23. The shortest journey becomes the longest one when travelling to meet the one you love.

24. For a person who misses their love, their smell is enough to remind them.

25. Loneliness pierces the heart when that special person is far away, but you feel your heart breathing when they are near.

26. Missing someone special, makes you feel the one you love is missing.

27. One of the hardest things to do when you are in love is waiting for the love of your life.

28. A once lively place becomes dull and empty when that special one is not in there anymore.

29. A man is happier than a puppy who sights his mother when he sees the one he truly misses.

30. Missing your love, makes your heart grow weary and faint.

Status of Missing Someone You Love

One of the ways to reach someone so darling to heart, is through their social Media. Here are I’m Missing Someone I Love Status you can upload on your status to unveil your feelings.

31. A merry heart is one that has his love within its arms but a weary heart is one that has his love far away.

32. No person keeps the date as much as a man who misses that special someone.

33. Love is at its strongest when the one you love is near but it becomes weak when the one you take pleasure in, is far away.

34. A person who misses his love misses his sleep.

35. The diary does not save words, as much as the person who misses someone special.

36. Tears at departure is a sign that we would miss the one we love.

37. Your life revolves around the one you miss when you are in love.

38. A person who misses someone is the one who thinks about them the most.

39. There is an emptiness you feel both in the room and in your heart when you miss the one you love.

40. You miss someone special because they took a part of your heart with them.

Missing Someone Love Quotes

Missing Someone I Love Quotes is all you need to reach your lover even when he or she is away.

41. A person who smiles all by himself is probably missing someone special.

42. The greatest wish of a person who misses someone would be a glimpse of the one they miss.

43. You miss the one you love because you cherished their presence.

44. Missing someone special takes the heart far away.

45. No one dreams better than the person who misses someone they are in love with.

46. The night becomes lonely for the person who misses his love.

47. The heart travels with the one who is missed.

48. No one makes wishes, as much as the person who misses another’s presence.

49. The shortest obsession can be easily developed when you miss the one you dearly love.

50. The tightest hug cannot make up for the time spent on missing your heartthrob.