70 Missing Him Quotes for Your Boyfriend in 2024

The strong feeling called LOVE you have towards someone especially the opposite sex can take you to realms you never imagined. It is like a Journey. If you board the right train, take the right route and go along with the right people, it’s one of the best experience you can have.

One of the most wonderful feelings is when you share love, fun and happy moments with that one person you hold dear and you call “Your Own” or “Partner”… You feel like it should never end.

However, good memories and moments are essential but a time comes when we have to be separated from the one we love. It may be due to work, school, a trip, personal commitments and so on to make a better future. It could be for a while or for a long time but it’s certain they’ll be back.

Many of us find ourselves in the middle of this short separation in a position of not being able to control our feelings of how much we miss them. Two lovebirds can’t just do without themselves. It is a normal phenomenon which shows you value your lover.

If you have that lover you miss dearly and you wish him to be by your side night and day, Here is the collection of Missing you Love Quotes you can send to him – your boyfriend.

Romantic Missing Him Quotes

Are seriously missing your boyfriend, so much that you can no longer keep it to yourself? Here is Romantic Missing My Boyfriend Quotes from the Heart, you can trust, to perfectly convey your feelings.

1. Even when we are miles away from each other, my heart still thinks of you every second.
I miss you, dear!

2. My thoughts sometimes grow too cold that I imagine you beside me every day so close to keep me warm and cheer me with your smiles.
I miss you, my love!

3. I feel like I have my life halfway when you are far away. Come back soon to make me whole. I miss you dearly!

4. You left me with sweet memories I can’t help but think about. I can’t imagine a day without you my love. Come soon. I miss you, sweetheart!

5. I look at everyone and I see the smile on your face.
I miss those sweet touches, those succulent lips I kiss and those arms I cuddle in till the break of day.
I miss and I miss you every day, love.

6. When it seems so dark and cold that I can’t hold back, I hug those pillow and feed them with my tears for I miss you so much.

7. Most times I wish I could hold back trips just for you to stay with me.
I wish I could stop the road from opening its way for you to hold me in your arms
I’ll do anything just to see you close by
For I know when you go on those trips. I’ll miss you.
I miss you always dear.

8. I miss games,
I miss opportunities,
I miss programs
I miss birthdays
But one thing I miss so dearly which no amount of money can purchase…
Is You, my Love. I miss you!.

9. I want to do everything but one thing is not to miss you
I can’t help to think about the way you make me feel,
It increases my love for you and puts smiles unstoppable on my face. I miss you, my dear.

10. If I forget everything, I’d not forget those funny, sweet and best moments shared.
Though I know I miss you a lot, they help me feel you around and occupy my heart.
I miss you, sweetie.

Missing Love Quotes for Him

Express your undying desire to be with your lover, with just one single quote from your heart. To get that done, you need the following well-constructed I Miss You Love Quotes for Boyfriend.

11. Just a second away from you is like forever. I can’t hold back but just want to say, I miss you baby.

12. If I could fly all night just to be in your arms, I’ll do it a million times. I miss you so much, babe.

13. When I’m sick, drugs are just pointless for it’s only your presence that heals my body.
Come here babe and let your presence save my infected body. I miss you.

14. At work and at school my thoughts are stuck with you. I might be present physically but my mind has travelled to where you are. I miss you!.

15. I’ll prefer to stop my life for a few moments than to enter a furnace without you being here. More than you can imagine, I miss you, my beloved.

16. Sometimes I feel like the wind should blow you to my side and never take you away. I miss you, baby!

17. If I have to sit all night out and count the stars in the sky, their number won’t measure the amount I miss you.

18. I’ve lost count of how much I miss you because everything I count, I see you and feel you’re right here. I miss you beloved.

19. Water may quench my thirst urge but it can’t quench the thirst of your presence. Come quench my thirst baby. I miss You.

20. My heart feels heavy and my mouth too full to mention I miss you. Every night and day, I tell everyone. I miss my dearest.

Missing Quotes for Him Short

Get to the heart of your boyfriend and make him keep looking forward to seeing you again with just one SMS. Short I’m Missing You Quotes for Boyfriend is within your reach. All you need to is to send it to him.

21. Every passing day, I miss your presence. I’ve never enjoyed anyone’s presence so full of life and laughter. It’s only you that fills my presence. I miss you so bad.

22. It’s not easy not having you around. You mean so much to me and I’ll never get tired of telling you how much I miss you.
I miss you very much.

23. I may still laugh the way I do and smile all day but I can’t control how much I miss you. I miss you love.

24. Tears fill me from inside for you left me lonely, went a thousand miles and took my heart with you. Be back to make me happy. I miss you!

25. I know it’s necessary for distance to keep us away but it can’t keep my love for you. You’ll always grow in me. I miss you always!

Love Quotes of Missing Him

26. No matter how much writings I send to you, you wouldn’t understand how much I long for you. I miss you my sweetness!

27. I remember you each time I look around, walk around and I close my eyes to sleep. Everything I see and I hold makes me feel your presence. I miss you more every day.

28. All those sweet memories are stacked up in my head.
Now you let loneliness gradually consume me. I wish you’re here now and always.
I miss you dearly!

29. The moment you packed your bags and gave a goodbye kiss. Yes, you said you’ll be back soon but from that very second, I realized I couldn’t live without you.
I miss you love!

30. I thought to wait just a few more days won’t hurt, but I’m hurt beyond my expectations. I couldn’t stand your absence. It’s difficult I must confess, I feel vacant.
I miss you, sweetheart!

Cute Missing Him Quotes

Do need to express heart your desire to have your boyfriend and to tell him that you are missing him badly? Cute and Romantic Missing You Quotes for Boyfriend is all that will take to get that done.

31. My work might be very tasking and difficult but little did I realize that one of the hardest things to do is to stay without you. I need you and I miss you!

32. Our distance would never be a barrier. I want you to know now and always that you’ll always reign on my mind. I cherish every hour and second with you.
I miss you dearest!

33. My mind runs like a machine every day because I keep thinking of you. Don’t let me break down love, come and cool down my heated system. Perhaps you don’t know how much.
I miss you, darling!

34. The first night while you were away, I felt like I’m about to explode. Every day it becomes clear that you’re away and I know I’ll see you soon but still, I miss you.

35. I stay outside waiting for your return.
I look at your pictures and imagine you’ll just surface.
I hold the pillows and your thoughts flood my thinking.
You’re the most amazing and incredible guy I’ve met.
I miss you a lot.

36. The more I try to keep myself busy, the more I miss you.
I miss you, my love.

37. I’ve missed you so much that I just want to walk on a lonely path closing my eyes with you.
I miss you my heartbeat!

38. Others may derive their own satisfaction from other things but I drive mine from your presence alone. You mean the world to me.
I miss you, baby!

39. Every prayer I offer, I offer for you
Every good wish I wish, I wish for you
Every thought I think, I think of you
Though you’re distant, let your life be bounded with peace.
I value you love and I miss you greatly.

40. No friend can measure up or fill your space. Let your journey run fast so I’ll be with you.
I miss you, my lover!

Quotes About Missing Your Boyfriend

Here are Cute Quotes About Missing Your Boyfriend So Much, you can send to your boyfriend that will make him run back home for you.

41. Studying I know gives success and I pray that you have a good life
For every day that comes, I wish that a day would come that our study would yield us great wealth and we’ll never have to be apart.
I miss you!

42. I know I’m that silly girl who gives excuses never spends time with you and never studies with you. Now you’re away, I don’t want to give excuses but to spend time with you because I just noticed how important you are to me
I miss you dearly!

43. I miss those smiles that give me strength and builds my courage.
I miss those eyes filled with love that gives me hope to live each day
Most of all, I miss him whom my heart belongs to.
I miss you beyond words!

44. I may be occupied with so much work, busy schedule, short time, trips here and there but I’ll never miss out time to say. I miss you babe so badly.

45. Let me fill my thoughts with how much I miss you. For I’ll never want to lose my heart.
I miss you!

46. I feel my heart pumping so fast not having you around. Now I know your worth Dearest.
I miss you!.

47. The more you are distant, I realize how much I love you.
I miss you!.

48. I feel sunlight in my life when you stay with me but now you left me in the midst of the storm.
I miss those hugs and kisses and most of all, I miss You!.

49. This state of mind which makes me feel the whole world has nothing to offer is making me go crazy. I hope this moment passes by.
I miss you dearly.

50. If I’m asked the question of how much I miss you, I’ll have no reply. For I miss you always.

I’m Missing My Boyfriend Quotes

Below are Text Messages you can use to declare to your boyfriend that you are missing him. Just by sending him these I’m Missing You My Boyfriend Quotes, every single one of the intention will be made known to him.

51. Sometimes I feel like I should have a remote to control the past. I wish to bring back those lovely memories we shared to ease my longing for you.
I miss you so much.

52. It seems I’ve gone paralyzed. You complete the whole me. Be back soon babe.
I miss you!

53. I miss you so much that whenever I see myself in the mirror, I see a sad and lonely girl whose Joy is far away.
I miss you boo!

54. When the best people surround me, yet I lost savour. It’s like the best isn’t enough to put me in the best position.
I miss you dearest!

55. Sometimes when the clouds seem blue, I have the feelings I’ll see you soon. Notwithstanding, I still miss you very much.

56. I can’t express how much I miss you. My song, my prayer and my thoughts is You.
I miss you!

57. When I see others who are held by the shackles of those whom they love and miss so dearly, now I understand how it feels. This is the most annoying and best way I’ve felt in years.
I miss you love!

58. Come back soon baby! My whole world seems to rotate on a spot. I need that drive!
Babe, I miss you badly.

59. I’ve cried a lot that my tears are dried. I feel I’m so strong without you but I deceive myself because I’m helpless and I need you.
I miss you boo!

60. I miss those shoulders I rest on that I can no longer hold onto my pillow.
I miss you, my dear!

Missing Boyfriend Quotes Long Distance

Your boyfriend is not in town, and you want him to know that you are missing him seriously? Beacon on this Heart Touching Missing My Boyfriend Quotes to save you the stress of finding words to use.

61. The day seems dark,
The light seems dim,
The night seems cold.
It’s because I miss you!.

62. When I first met you. I never imagined distance would disrupt and cause me to keep on holding on. I miss you every second!

63. I have everything but I need you. Your presence is much more valuable.
I miss you!

64. If I miss you alone, I wouldn’t feel lonely but I miss that silly fun, those hugs, those arms you use to cuddle me. I miss you deeply!.

65. Every letter has its own significance but this three letters missing in my world is YOU.
I miss you, my love!

66. I feel out of place anytime your name runs through my mind. I see a long-term happiness being with you. Come and take me quickly. I miss you boo!

67. I find it easy to handle situations but missing you is something I can’t handle. I need you more and I miss you always.

68. If I could carve out my heart just to make you see how cold it is without you. I miss you!.

69. Because I miss you, my whole being is formatted. I feel like something so precious to me is far away. I miss you!.

70. Only you can fix me in the right position and get the right answers to my questions. Come quickly and make my heart beat right. I miss you over a million times!