2024 Trending I Miss You Messages for Him (Your Boyfriend)

Let him know you miss him and you can’t go a day without seeing him or hearing his voice. Or you had a fight and you tried living without him and it’s not working out? Let him know!

Tell him he means the world to you and you’re sorry. Tell him how much you miss and want him back. Here’s a collection of I miss you messages for your boyfriend.

I Miss You Messages for Him

Do you need romantic I’m missing you quotes for your boyfriend show how desperate you are to have him beside you? Then you have not missed your way as I present to you best romantic I’m missing you quotes for boyfriend from the heart.

1. My king as you lay your head to rest, all I’m wishing you is the best of pleasant dreams and a peaceful night. I miss you so much.

2. I sent an angel to watch your every turn on the bed as you lay tired and innocent. I pray you have the best of nights ever. I miss you.

3. We are few steps away but still, I miss you so much.

4. You’re my hero. Being by your side makes me feel safe. I miss you.

5. Close your eyes, think about the moments we spent together. Take your blanket and your pillow, rest your head and miss me back!

Miss U Messages for Boyfriend

6. Nights are longer than the day. I don’t have many words to say, except that you stay with me all the while. It’s because of you that I smile, I love you! And I miss you already.

7. When I look at the moon in the darkness of night, I wish you were with me, to hug me tight. I so miss you, my love.

8. My baby, I am missing you so much; your loving and caring touch. I so want to be with you this night, to embrace you tightly. I love you so much!

9. On this beautiful silent and cold night, I want you to rest your head and your mind for tomorrow is a brighter and better day, my Love. Good night.

10. This night will never be your last as you lay down to rest your weary, tired head and mind. I wish you a good night rest my dear. I miss you.

I Miss You Sms for Him

Below are the best I miss you SMS for boyfriend that will be relevant for all season.

11. The best among the rest, I miss you.

12. I wish I can see you now. I wish I can hold you now. I wish I can be with you on this cold and lonely night but I just want to tell you that I really miss you.

13. I can’t wait for the day to go bright and early so I would be in your arms again. Just thinking of you and me. I miss you.

14. I sent you a bird to sing you a lullaby because, to me, you’re a baby; MY OWN BABY. I pray you sleep well dear. I miss you greatly.

15. I can’t help it. We fight a lot but that won’t stop me from loving you.

I Miss You Boyfriend

16. As the sun goes down and the moon sets in the sky, and as the weather goes dark and cold, I sleep alone with no one to cuddle me. When are you coming back?

17. We will always be together. I will never replace our good moments with the bad ones. I just wish you’re here with me. I miss you.

18. You and I are meant to be. They say love is blind but with your eyes, I see you bring the best out of me and I miss you so much.

19. Are you thinking of me? Because I am missing you.

20. I just want to let you know that your Sweetheart is missing you more than ever.

I Miss Him Text Messages

Let your lover how serious you are by telling him you missed him via this heart touching I miss my boyfriend text messages.

21. I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms again. Come home soon.

22.You’re the one I’ll always choose, the one I never want to lose. I miss you, my hero.

23. You make my whole world go round. You make my whole world stand still. You make my life worth living. You make me the person I am! I love you and I miss you.

24. You are the best boyfriend in this whole world. I’m so glad I caught you. I will never let go of someone so precious to me. I love you and I miss you.

25. You are on my mind every second, every minute, every hour, every day and every single time I blink. You fill all the space in my mind and heart. I’m missing you.

Miss You Sms for Boyfriend

26. Τhe moon may nοt come and the stars may hide. But don’t worry, Ι sent you a message to light up your night. I miss you.

27. The sun is switched off, stars are switched on, the blue sky goes off and the black sky comes in. A cool night is coming, and am sleeping alone. I miss you.

28. On this hour of the day, I wish to watch you sleep but circumstances won’t allow that. I miss your sleeping cute face.

29. Evey night seems too long. I really can’t wait for tomorrow. I really can’t wait to see you. I miss you.

30. Can you do something for me? Go to the window and look at the sky. Can you see the stars? Can u count them? That’s how much I miss you, and even more.

Message for My Boyfriend I Miss Him

Here are Text Messages to inform your boyfriend that you are missing him seriously.

31. Not being able to watch you close your eyes makes me want to cry out my whole heart. I miss you.

32. With my eyes going sleepy, I close my books, shut down my computer and walk towards my bed, thinking I would find you snoring as usual. But I get heartbroken not seeing you. I miss you so much.

33. Happiness is waking up with your love but lately, I have been sailing on the boat of loneliness. Come and save me, please.

34. We always work for a better tomorrow. But when tomorrow comes, instead of enjoying, we again think of a better tomorrow! I pray tomorrow has a lot of good news for us. I miss you.

35 Very beautiful sentence of life:
Everybody seems to be special at first sight, but only very few will remain special to us until our last sight. I miss you.

I Miss My Boyfriend

36. If I could make a wish, I would wish you’re here with me.

37. The sky so wide, stars so bright. I feel so alone without you.

38. Tiny stars shining bright, it’s another lonely night without you. I am so cold and I miss your hugs.

39. Time decides whom you meet in life. Your heart decides whom you want in your life. But your behaviour decides who will stay in your life. Come home soon.

40. Throw your dreams into space like a kite and you do not know what it will bring back: a new Life, a new friend, a new Love. I miss you so badly.

I Miss U Text Messages Him

You can no longer hold the fact that you are missing someone you love to yourself? Then the following I Miss You Messages for Him is all you need.

41. Things to take note of when you’re alone: miss me, think of me, and love me. Come back soon.

42. There may be those on earth who dress better or eat better. But those who dream of me sleep better and wake up happier! I miss your scoldings.

43. The only way to always stay happy and remain grounded is to be grateful when the mood is high, and graceful when it’s low. Come home soon.

44. The person who loves you will always do TWO EXTREME things for you: silently caring and openly hurting, to make you perfect. Hope you miss me.

45. The only time I’m not thinking about you is when am sleeping because that’s when I am dreaming of you. I miss you so much.

Miss You Boyfriend

46. The night may be dark, the moon may not rise and the stars may hide. But don’t worry, I’m here always for you. I miss you.

47. The moon from the sky winks at you tonight. I sent it to let you know someone awaits your return.

48. The heart is the only machine that works without any rest for years. So, always keep it happy whether it is ‘yours’ or ‘or NOT’. I miss you, my love.

49. The day has ended. The hours are over. It’s time to sleep and you’re not here with me. Come home soon.

50. The candles cannot burn without the light. The moon cannot shine without the night. How can I sleep without you by my side? I miss you.

I Miss You Text for Him

Put your boyfriend on the alert and ready to come for you with the following Cute I Miss You Text for Boyfriend.

51. My heart has been bleeding since our fight and I am so sorry, my Love. Please forgive me.

52. Whenever I sleep, I see your charming face. Please come home soon.

53. I told God to guide you wherever you are. I miss you.

54. Do you know I have been heartsick since you left? Come back as soon as you can, please.

55. If only I can tear my heart into two, maybe then, you will know how much I miss you.

Missing Your Boyfriend

56. I miss watching our favourite movie together.

57. Even the bed noticed your absence. Please come home soon.

58. For once, my life was so complete, until you went away. I feel heartbroken. Come back soon.

59. I’m sorry, please come home. I miss you.

60. I need you to come save me from boredom, my Hero.

I Miss You Msg for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend may not know how serious you are missing him. But can be the one to inform him you are missing him with the following romantic I Miss You Quotes for boyfriend.

61. I feel so alone in this world without you. I miss your warmth.

62. It’s been just 30 mins we saw each other and I’m missing you already.

63. I miss your jealous ass. I really miss you,my love.

64. I miss your advice and your company, my Love.

65. If only tears could cheer a sad and lonely heart, I’ll cry out an ocean. I miss you.

66. I hope you know someone, somewhere is waiting for you?

67. I know I hurt you and I’m so sorry. Please, forgive me. I can’t cope alone, I miss you and I need you.

68. I miss your touch. I miss your all, like never before.

69. I miss that look on your face whenever I tell you how much I love you.

70. Do you miss your Princess? Because she misses her Prince.

I Miss You My Boyfriend Messages

The following I miss you my boyfriend text messages will make your boyfriend pick up his phone and put a call across to you.

71. I miss your chubby cheeks.

72. I miss your salty cooking. Please come back home.

73. Your baby can’t sleep. Come and sing me a lullaby.

74. You said you would never leave my sight. Why did you go?

75. All the walks we used to have together, I miss them.

76. I miss your laughter, my King.

77. I miss the sound of your thick voice.

78. At first, I thought I could live without you. But I later realised it’ll never be possible. I miss you.

79. I sent you a bowl of kisses, I hope you receive them. Come back soon.

80. You’re the sweetest person on earth, and my life has been so bitter without you. I miss you.

I Miss You Text for Boyfriend

Are you in need of words to rightfully inform your boyfriend you are missing him? Then feel free to pick from the following well-constructed I Miss You SMS for Boyfriend.

81. Just a few days without you feels like a thousand years. When are you coming home?

82. I never thought I would ever feel the way you make me feel. Come home soon, I’m begging you.

83. I cannot go another day without seeing you. Please come back to me.

84. Hope you know you were specifically made for me? I miss you.

85. My King, you complete the missing puzzle of my life. I miss you so much, and I await your return.

86. I woke up from a nightmare, but there was no one to lay me back to sleep. I miss you.

87. I am nothing without you.

88. Without you, there is nothing left to see. Come back soon.

89. I miss your skinny ass.

90. I miss your bald head, my Love.

I Miss My Boyfriend So Much

Are missing your boyfriend so much that you cannot hold to yourself without making it known? Then I Miss My Him So much is here to help you dispense the information properly.

91. I miss your soft kisses. I miss you to the moon and back.

92. If going on air and screaming ‘I MISS YOU’ would make you come back, I don’t mind doing that.

93. I miss the sweet names you call me. Have mercy, be back soon!

94. Even with my insecurities, you still love me. I really miss you, Baby.

95. My whole world crashed down since the day you left. I miss you.

96. There are so many things I want to say to you, but the most important thing is that I MISS YOU.

97. Am I the only one missing you? This is too much for me to bear. I love you, but miss you more.

98. The same way fishes can’t do without water, is the same way I can’t do without you. I miss you, baby.

99. Come home soon, dear. Missing you is sickening. I can’t wait!

100. It’s almost time for you to come back home. I have been waiting for you all day long. Ain’t you coming again?