150 Get Well Soon Messages for Lovers, Friends & Loved Ones in 2024

Best Get Well Soon Messages for Someone Special to You.

Get Well Soon Messages for Him – Boyfriend

Your man hasn’t been in good health and you feel bad, you feel his pain? You want him to feel better apart from the usual kissing, hugs and jokes? You should do a little extraordinary something by sending him a get well soon message to make him feel loved. Let him know you’re waiting for him to come back healthy and strong.

Are you too distressed to think straight, and can’t think of something to write? Not to worry, we’re here for you. Here is a list of get well soon messages for your boyfriend.

1. Baby boy, please get well soon. We have a lot to accomplish together.

2. I’ll shower you with all of my love to see you out of the hospital soon. Get well, Beau.

3. You left me all alone? Not fair! Please get well soon and come back to me.

4. I intend coming to that clinic to drive the fever away from your body. Please get well and come back.

5. Your place is not in the hospital. It’s with me. I need you here. Get well soon, my Baby boy.

Get Well Soon Messages for Him - Boyfriend
Get Well Soon Messages for Him – Boyfriend

6. I think I’m feeling sick. Whatever you feel, I feel too. Get well soon so I’ll be fine.

7. Hey Boo, I have a lot to say to you. Get out of the hospital and come hear them.

8. I love you. Get well soon, Baby.

9. My hawt boyfriend, can you just let go of the literary meaning of ‘hot’? It’s killing me. Get well soon, Baby.

10. All I need right now is for you to get well for me. I love you, Beau.

11. Although you’re passing through a lot right now, you still light up my world. Get well soon, my Prince.

12. You want me to get my life together? Then, get well soon for me.

13. Oh my God! Our lives are so intertwined that I feel sick too right now. Please get well quickly.

14. I miss the times we spend together. Get well soon so we can continue from where we stopped.

15. Listen up, boyfriend! I’m a vital part of your doctor’s prescription. So, be prepared to leave the hospital soonest!

16. Hey Darling, I’m here with you every step of the way. Please get well soon for me.

17. Don’t worry Baby, you’ll be fine. I’ll see to it.

18. Hope is the greatest cure for ailments, and I’m here to give you just that. Get well soon, my beloved.

19. I really am not okay because you’re sick. My awakening will be your quick recovery.

20. I’m so stressed out, taking responsibility for two. Please get well soon.

21. Sulk all you can. I’ll give you full attention when you are fully recovered. So, get well soon, Le Boo.

22. I need you to get well soon. I can’t take on the world alone.

23. Never forget that I love you. Get healed quickly, we have a lot to do.

24. No matter what you’re feeling right now, just remember that I love you. Please, get well soon for me.

25. Your being away for a few days feels like forever. Get well already! I’m so lonely, Boo

26. I come bearing wishes for good health. Get well for me, my love.

27. Hey Baby, my prayers for you today are a full recovery and a full dose of my love. Get well soon.

28. This sickness isn’t going to stop any of our activities, so you know. Recover quickly, Boo.

29. My love is enough to pull you out of this illness. You’ll be fine, I promise.

30. Please get well soon for your baby. She misses you, dear boyfriend.

Get Well Soon Messages for Her – Girlfriend

Have you missed looking into her eyes? You miss her kisses, you miss her hugs, you miss holding her hands walking down the street at night? Do you miss her laughter? Do you miss her nagging? Do you miss her cooking? Just because she is sick and can’t be able to do the usual things you do together?

Are you sad about everything? Are you sad seeing her on the sick bed every day and want to make her feel happy and extra loved? Can’t you decipher a good romantic get well soon message? You’re in the right place; we have a list of romantic get well soon messages for your girlfriend /wife.

1. I miss you and the crazy moments we spend together. Please, get well soon for me.

2. My love, it appears this sickness is taking too long. Get well soon for me, please.

3. I long to see you back to your old self. I miss the witty you. Please, get well soon.

4. I miss your smiles. I can’t wait to see you on your feet again. Get well soon, Baby.

5. I want to see you hale and hearty. I miss all the things we do together. Get well soon, my love.

Get Well Soon Messages for Her - Girlfriend
Get Well Soon Messages for Her – Girlfriend

6. I love you so much, it’s one of the main reasons you need to get well soon.

7. I think I’ll fall I’ll soon for missing you crazily. Baby, get well soon for me.

8. You know what? I need you more than you need your medications. Get well already, Sweet one.

9. My love, I need you to know that this too shall pass. Please, get well soon for me.

10. Sweetheart, this sickness has no right to your body as I do. So, get well soon. It’s an order.

11. I wish all my care will translate into a healing balm for my princess. Get well soon, dear.

12. This illness has got nothing on you, Baby. Outshine it and get well soon.

13. You really need to get well for me. I miss you.

14. My happiness is tied to you and I can’t stand being unhappy. So, get well soon for me.

15. Not being able to do all the things we do together is really getting to me. My love, you need to get well.

16. What’s the essence of life when its core is down? Get well soon, Sweet one.

17. I hope the love, care and attention I pour out on you will quicken your recovery.

18. You don’t have to be hot literally. Being my girlfriend is enough for me. Get well soon, Babe.

19. I know you need lots of my pampering, but asking this way is just not right. Get well, and I’ll overwhelm you with pampering.

20. Dear Baby girl, I’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your full recovery. Get well for me.

21. My gifts for you today are heavily laden with healing wishes. Get well soon, Baby.

22. Hey girlfriend! We have a lot to achieve, so you need to get well soon.

23. Your place in my heart is vacant. Leave the sick bay and occupy your rightful position. I love you.

24. Keep my soul company, Hun. That was the deal, not you staying in the hospital. Get well soon.

25. In place of drugs, you need endless dosages of my love. And that you will get; just get well soon for me.

26. Look how this illness is taking your time. I’m so envious because it has taken my place. Get well for me, Sugar.

27. This sickness has really got nothing on you. Nevertheless, get well soon for me, Babe.

28. You’re stronger than you think, and you’ll make it past this sickness.

29. I’m sending you all the love in the world to help you get well soon, my Darling.

30. Your wellness is my priority right now, and I’ll give anything to see you on your feet again. Get well soon, my princess.

Get Well Soon Messages for Friends

You’re surprised when you’re told of your friend’s illness and you want to give them some love. You want him/her to feel you care so much about them and that you want them to be super healthy and strong quickly because you miss the things you do together?

If you’re tired of bringing them flowers and provisions, I think you should send them a get well soon message so they would smile even in their pain, knowing someone deeply and truly cares and isn’t happy about their current condition. Here is a list of get well soon messages for your friends.

1. I felt really bad when the news of your ill health reached me. Get well soon, dear friend.

2. I never knew the illness was this bad. I pray your recovery is quick and complete. Get well soon!

3. My dear, I earnestly pray you get up from your sick bed as soon as possible.

4. I miss you very much, please get well soon.

5. Our laughter, gossip and all are just memories now. Can we make them real again? Get well soon.

Get Well Soon Messages for Friends
Get Well Soon Messages for Friends

6. Your motivation keeps me going. I need a fresh dose, but you need to get out of the hospital first. Get well soon, dear friend.

7. You remember all our plans? They’re currently on hold because you’re ill. Get well and strong.

8. I’m not one to tend patients. So, get well soon or I’ll drag you out of the hospital.

9. We have a lot of things to do. Get well soon and stop wasting my time!

10. Dear friend, please get well soon.

11. I wish you a swift recovery, my dear friend.

12. Your wellness is my happiness. I’m so unhappy right now. Please, get well soon.

13. Everyone is worried about your health. You need to get out of the hospital ASAP.

14. Hardly do I walk down the street without people asking after you. Please get well soon.

15. My heart reaches out to you in this period. I pray for your swift recovery.

16. Today, I pray that you receive your health back fully, my dear.

17. We all miss you here. Get well soon.

18. We can’t wait for you to get out of the hospital to continue our adventures!

19. I totally love your will to get healed. And healed, you will be.

20. Your smile and your laughter cheer me up. I miss you. Get well soon.

21. Get well soon, my gossip buddy. You’re missing a lot.

22. Dear friend, I sincerely hope and pray that you recover speedily.

23. I’m always praying for your swift recovery, Sweetie. Get well soon.

24. Our parties are dull because the life of the party is always absent. Get well soon, party buddy.

25. Study times feel so dry because you’re not here. We need you back on your feet. Get well soon, Darling.

26. Hey girl, I forgot you were absent and ordered a large box of pizza. Now, who’s gonna eat with me? Get well soon, please.

27. You have no business in the hospital. We need you home, please. Get well soon.

28. You’re seriously missing out on all the fun at home. Recover quickly and come join in.

29. I need your self-confidence dose and you’re so far away. Damn the sickness and come running back home.

30. I hope this text from me makes you smile on one of your darkest days. I love you. Get well soon.

31. The memories of our times together keep me warm and going. I wish you a full recovery, dear friend.

32. This text is to show you how much I care for you. Please, get well soon.

33. Why won’t sickness let you be? I wish you a swift and full recovery, Honey.

34. My heart is heavy that you, my friend, are down with a sickness. You’ll be fine, I promise.

35. Hey yo! Things will get better. If not now, eventually.

36. All the things we did for fun now taste stale because you’re not here. Please, get well soon for me.

37. Take your time and recover well. I love you.

38. I know you need all the rest you can get, but a sick bed is just not it. Get well soon.

39. Stick to the doctor’s instructions and prescriptions if you wanna make it out alive. Don’t thank me, what are friends for?

40. Adhere to all you’re told and rest well. You’ll be fine in the end.

Get Well Soon Messages for Family Members

Do you feel sad because a member of your family ( Dad, Mum, Sister, Brother, Son or Daughter) hasn’t been around for days due to being tied down to a sick bed, and you really wish for them to be strong and back on their feet because you miss their presence around the house?

Do you want them to feel extra loved by sending them a get well soon message to make them feel better? Because you know how it feels to be sick? Don’t you know how to put your feelings into words? You’re in the right place. Here is a list of get well soon messages you can send to your beloved family members. I really hope they get well soon.

1. You know you’re my favourite sibling right? I know you don’t know how hurt I am knowing you’re sick. Please, I want you to get well soon.

2. Hey, I’m getting tired of doing the dishes already (lol). Hope you get well soon sis.

3. If words were drugs, I would send you a thousand words to make you heal faster. Get well soon.

4. Enjoy the royal treatment while you can, but know it won’t last for too long because I just asked God to make you well.

Get Well Soon Messages for Family Members
Get Well Soon Messages for Family Members

5. I saw a shooting star, and guess what I wished for? I didn’t wish for money or cars; I wished for you to get well soon.

6. Being ill is a personal holiday from school, but you should set a resumption date already because I just prayed for your quick recovery.

7. I prayed for heavenly doctors to come visit you this hour and I know you will get well soon.

8. I’m getting sick of seeing you sick. You have to get well soon.

9. Everybody is missing you already. Please recover quickly.

10. I pray you get well soon because I’m tired of coming to the hospital. The smell of drugs makes me go nuts.

11. I’m really missing my partner who takes the blame whenever I’m about being scolded, my gossip partner. Please get well soon for me, I miss you.

12. Remember that gown you have always wanted? I bought it already, but of what use is it when you’re not here to wear it? Please get better soon my Princess. Big Bro misses your hugs.

13. You disturb the house with that croaky voice of yours but since you fell sick, the house is beginning to miss that voice. Please get well soon.

14. How it hurts me when I wake up going to your room to tickle you in your sleep as I do every morning, and then, I remember that you’re on a sick bed makes my heart bleed. I pray you get well soon.

15. You know I love you so much right? And seeing that needle in your veins makes me nuts. You really need to get well soon.

16. Seeing as you’re not someone that likes to be at a spot for even a minute, I wonder why you’re still sick. You better get well soon and come back home.

17. Your bed at home misses you, your pillow misses your hugs, your room misses your presence, your clothes have been hanging for days without being worn. You need to get well soon.

18. I miss your snore every night, the smile on your face when you dream, and how you kick me off the bed in your sleep. You really need to get well soon.

19. I have been praying for you to get stronger and I know God listens to prayers. I told him to give you the strength of Superman and make you healthier than you have ever been. Get well soon Bro.

20. It’s not easy to live in this house alone. You have made Mum and Dad sleepless watching over you, making me sleep on this big bed alone. I wish you’re here. I really pray you get well as soon as possible.

21. Hope you can hear me. It’s your big brother and I’m ordering you to get well soon. I’ve missed your troubles.

22. You told me you will never get sick after the last time at the hospital. Why then did Mum call me to tell me you’re sick again? Please dear, get well soon for me.

23. I promise to get you chocolates only if you get well soon, baby bro.

24. It’s high time you got well. I’m tired of seeing you on that sick bed. Get well soon, please.

25. If tears could heal the sick, you would be stronger now because ever since you fell ill, I’ve been crying like a baby. Please get well soon.

26. Mum prepared your best meal today but you’re not here neither do you have an appetite because of that sickness. You need to get well soon.

27. I hope you got the flowers I sent to you? I’m sorry I couldn’t come deliver them myself because I couldn’t bear to see you on that sick bed. Please get well soon, my beloved sibling.

28. Days have passed and you’re still not here? Do you want boredom and loneliness to deal with me? Please, get well as soon as possible.

29. Remember that video game you used to win me at? I bet you can’t now. I have practised relentlessly, and I really pray you get well soon so I would recover from all my losses to you.

30. Please show that sickness you’re stronger than it can ever imagine. Punch it out of your system show it that you’re the boss and get well NOW!

31. We are all anxious and eager to see you on your feet once again. Please get better and come back home soon.

32. Your friends and family miss you and do hope you get better soon.

33. Ever since you fell sick, the house hasn’t been the same. Take care of yourself and get better soon because you are greatly missed.

34. On hearing news of your illness, I felt sad because I’m not the same without you around. Please get better soon and come back home.

35. I look forward to seeing you back on your feet and fully recovered.

36. I hope you get better soon. I miss you.

37. I pray for your quick response to treatment every day. Do not let this sickness get the better of you.

38. Knowing you’re sad makes everyone sad, and your absence makes the whole house feel empty. Get well soon and come back home.

39. Nobody to yell at me, nobody to scold me for my wrongs. I miss your scoldings, your advice and mostly, I miss your cooking. Get well soon, Mum.

40. My ATM, my visible god on earth, my hero. I miss you, Dad, and I pray you get well soon.

41. Seeing you in the hospital is hard. I’m here for you to make sure you’re back healthy and sound. Get well soon dear.

42. I miss seeing your ugly face and I really hope to see you at home soon.

43. I hope you take good care of yourself and take your drugs as prescribed by the Doctor. I really want you to get stronger.

44. I will always be here for you till your back on your feet. I really miss stealing your meat and eating your food when your attention is somewhere else. Get well soon, Bro.

45. It’s my desire that you get well soon and my prayer for you every day is a surplus strength. Get well soon.

46. My fighter, my superman. Get well soon please because there is someone at school who is bullying your Princess. I need you to come fight for me like you’ve always done.

47. Do you think am happy? Every day I go to your room when I come back from school only to meet it empty. I really need you back home. I miss you pampering me and buying me chocolates. Get well soon, Bro.

48. You’re sweeter than honey and brighter than the sun. Please get back on your feet, there’s a lot we need to talk about.

49. My twin, why did you get ill? You better get well soon else, I will join you.

50. I’m praying for you to get stronger than you have ever been.