Thank God for Another Year Happy Birthday to Me

Birthdays are not just about cakes, parties and fun fare, it is also an opportunity to appreciate the giver of life for blessing one with yet another beautiful year.

Although it is important to appreciate God for every gift we receive from him, birthdays are special days and it’s a big deal also. So, it is important to appreciate God for his faithfulness and graciousness. These “thank God for another year, happy birthday to me” quotes below should be helpful to appreciate God as you celebrate a new age.

Happy Birthday to Me Thank You God for Another Year

Appreciating God for his love, mercy, kindness, grace and faithfulness is a very thoughtful thing to do, and it should be done every day and not only on birthdays. here are “thank God for another year, happy birthday to me” messages that you can use to appreciate God on your birthday.

1. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t thank God enough for another year of His awesomeness! Happy Birthday to me.

2. Where exactly will I start? Is it from the air that I breathe or from sound health? God, on this birthday, I thank you for everything.

3. Only you could have saved me for 365 days, God. I thank you for everything in between the days.

4. God, only you will forever deserve my praise! I am grateful for another year well-spent! Thanks for making me see today which is my birthday.

5. If I will have a thousand tongues to sing, I can’t still tell of the wonders of God. Thank God for keeping me to see another birthday.

6. I Thank God for another year. I Thank God for another level of grace. I Thank God for all he has done and will do. Happy birthday to me.

7. Will you all help me thank God for another year? It’s worth all you all can say on my behalf. Got some words? Say them on my behalf and they will be recorded. Happy birthday to me.

8. See how you have put me on a pedestal of your love, God! You have been so good to me amongst every living being. You deserve to be praised today and forever. Happy birthday to me from you.

9. I will sing and shout of your faithfulness! I will tell the whole world how much you mean to me, God. Thanks for another year of your endless grace.

10. You have been all I ever wanted and needed. You have been my succour and stay. You are my God and my surest of friends. Thanks for another year of your wondrous love.

11. Thank God for another year. Another year of happiness and a lot of laughter. Thank you for being my shelter from all the stress and has been a great friend. I cannot ask for anything more on my birthday! So happy birthday to me!!

12. I would like to thank God for giving me another year of life and thank Him for some of the people who had come into my life. Happy birthday to me!

13. As I turn a new year older, I pray that the good Lord blesses me with great health, even more abilities and happiness. May I continue to prosper and grow in the years to come. Happy birthday to me!

14. God, you are my source of energy, inspiration, hope and encouragement. I am grateful for the role you play in my life. You are my best friend, confidant, guardian angel and most importantly you are my everything! I can’t but thank you for blessing me with another year. Happy birthday to me.

15. Celebrating this years birthday wouldn’t have been possible without God’s help, in any case, I thank you God for another year of life. Happy birthday to me!

16. Happy birthday to me, it is another year for me to grow wiser, healthier, wealthier and much happier. I know that the victories and achievements I have had in the past were all because of how much you love me and care for me. Thank you, God.

17. The year is slowly coming to an end, and my life is getting ready to begin anew. I have a birthday in a few days and a fresh start in a few months. I know that God is thinking of me because he knows everything about me and sees everything about me. I must tell you, everybody in this world needs someone, but the way it should be, only special ones need God!

18. Today, I would like to thank God for giving me another year in life. I am grateful to be here with you, my family and friends! Waiting for me is the party of the century! I must celebrate this day. Happy Birthday to me.

19. I just want to wish myself a very happy birthday. I am celebrating this birthday all by myself and I can’t help but be sentimental. This is my year and I just want to remind myself that I should be grateful and always appreciate the many wonderful gifts that God has given me. This is one of those special occasions when family and friends ought to give their time and attention, so feel free to celebrate with me even if you are miles away.

20. I just cannot believe that I have lived to walk into another year. It’s a miracle, in the truest sense of the word. I am a living testimony to a belief in a power greater than myself and in an existence after death. There is no way I should be here if God had not intended for me to live this year yet or another before it. I am humbled, happy and grateful–and today, even thankful for my life. On this special day, I say thank you God and I wish myself a super-duper birthday.

21. There’s nothing like waking up and realizing you’re another year older. I’ll admit that God has been faithful to me. Happy Birthday to me!

22. I know the “happy milestone” of a year older used to scare me, but I am getting better. At least, I got another chance at life, and I owe all my growth and everything I am to God who has been faithful to me. I am wishing myself a happy birthday.

23. On this special day, I want to appreciate God for everything. This year, I hope to grow spiritually, emotionally, professionally and personally. Happy birthday to me!

24. Wow! seeing another year is a gift from God for me! I thank God for another year! Happy birthday to me.

25. Friends, close relatives and loved ones please be ready to stare at one of the happiest persons on earth! Yes, it is my birthday. I am very excited because God has helped me to survive another year. So, happy birthday to me.

Thank You, God, for Another Year of Life Happy Birthday to Me

Being grateful and showing gratitude to God for another year of life is more important than the fun fare that comes with celebrating one’s birthday. so, don’t be carried away with the birthday celebration and you forget to thank God for life.

26. Wishing myself a happy birthday. I got another year in this world to try to become a part of it. I am indeed thankful to god for another year of life.

27. Today I am extremely thankful for each day of my life, the many blessings God has bestowed upon me. Birthdays are symbols of renewal, of new beginnings. May I have a lovely birthday. Happy birthday to me.

28. Many would say that it is selfish to wish for one’s own birthday. I say otherwise, after all the ups and downs I have gone through in life, I deserve an opportunity to celebrate myself on my own birthday. I owe everything I am today to God and I say, thank you, God. Happy birthday to me.

29. Today is my birthday, and how very special it is. I want to thank God because he is the source and giver of life. Happy super duper birthday to me.

30. I can’t believe that I am this old, when I look back at the beginning of my life, I see that God has been faithful and gracious to me and I can’t but thank him for another year of life. Happy Birthday to me!

31. Life has taught me many important lessons, and I just want to take this moment to thank God for all that he has done. Wishing my humble self a happy birthday.

32. Another year is in the books and I cannot deny the fact that God loves me. I thank him for another year of life. hAPPY birthday to me.

33. It’s my birthday, and there has always been a reason to laugh, you are always there for me, God. I thank you. Happy birthday to my humble self.

34. Thank you so much for being there for me when I was on the verge of losing it, it’s yet another beautiful year and I cannot but say, thank you, God, for another year of life. Happy birthday to me.

35. Thank God for another year and every day of my life. Thank you for all the ups and downs which eventually made me who I am today, I am grateful. Wishing myself a happy birthday.

36. Happy birthday to me, I never thought I would make it this far but I thank God for another year of life. As we celebrate another year, I hope to make this your best year yet.

37. Nobody has ever been more excited for this day than me, because it’s my birthday I just want to appreciate God for keeping me despite the ups and downs of life. Happy super duper Birthday to me!

38. I can’t believe another year has passed by. It is hard to believe, but hey time sure does fly by quickly. I still remember my last birthday, I was so young then. Looking back now and all I can say is thank you God for another year of life. Happy birthday to me.

39. Life is a gift. It is a great gift of God and it can pass any minute. It took me some time to understand this belief, but it has made each day of my life more valuable. I am not looking for more years to live, but I want more life in each year I live on this earth. Happy birthday to me

40. Dear God, I sincerely want to appreciate you for another year of life. I am grateful. Happy birthday to my humble self.

41. Dear God, I don’t know how to put into words what you mean to me and my life. I just want to say thank you for another year of life. Wishing myself a happy birthday

42. Today is a special day and I am glad that I share this celebration with others. I would like to appreciate God for the life he has given me yet another beautiful year of life. I can’t wait to experience the good things he has in stock for me this new year. Happy birthday to me.

43. Birthday is a time for reflection when I can take stock of all that has happened in my life when I am grateful to the Almighty for allowing another year to come. So on this special day, I wish myself happiness, joy and success! Best wishes on my birthday!

44. A lot can happen in a year, new opportunities that will improve our lives, new friends that will enrich the experiences of life. One of these gifts is my life itself. I am grateful to God for this new year. I am thankful for my life and I wish myself happiness on my birthday.

45. The road to success is never staid and glamorous. The end is always surrounded by effort and struggle. Despite all that has happened, we have grown older and wiser. I am grateful to God for this day and for another year of life. I am older, bolder and I am ready to face the world. Happy birthday to me!

46. Today is my birthday day. I am grateful to God, the giver of life for yet another year of life. Happy birthday to me!

47. Happy Birthday to me. I would not be where I am today without God, I am grateful. May the new year bring me limitless opportunities.

48. As 1 look back and review the challenges and successes of the past, I cannot deny the faithfulness of God in my life, it’s so obvious and I am grateful for just that. wishing myself a duper birthday.

49. Dear God, I am thankful for the blessings I have received and also for another year of life. Happy birthday to me.

50. Today is a day that should be celebrated all over the world because it has pleased God to bless me with another year of life. I am grateful and I am super excited. Happy birthday to me.

Hello, I hope you found one or more “thank God for another year, happy birthday to me” to use. kindly put your comments in the comment box and share them with friends if you found this post helpful. Thank you.