Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for My Wife

As a hubby and lover all wrapped in one, one of the days you dare not overlook is your spouse’s birthday, else, you’ll be sent on an exile. Because she matters to you, that’s why we are here to do our job and do it romantically well.

Here are over 100 birthday wishes that can get her all over you until the next one. Be sure to make her fall in love again.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife with Love

Having a lovely and caring wife is a dream come through for every man. This time of the year marks the day your beautiful wife was given birth to. Celebrate that woman of your dream with these Lovely Happy Birthday Wishes for My Wife from the Heart.

1. My love, I love how you age, it’s one of the things you do really well. I wish you an overwhelming joy and fulfilment.

2. Happy birthday, love of my life. I can go on and on about how great you are but I’ll never be able to fully describe your grace. I wish you a future that will be better than your past. With love from your hubby.

3. My super crush, it’s your birthday and I look forward to today than I await the sunlight. I’m wishing you contentment and satisfaction. I love you.

4. My love, today is all about candle lights, rose pedals and twilight dinner. I wish you a life full of celebration and the sounds of joy.

5. Today, I’m sending you all my good wishes and love. You’re irreplaceable. May all the vacuums in your life be filled up, my love.

6. Happy birthday, wifey. As you age, you grow to be a better version of yourself. I’m glad today you’re a better version of yesterday. I wish you the grace to be the best that you can be.

7. Happy birthday, love. For me I can’t hold in my joy, I’ll rather hold my breath, simply because, your birthday takes my breath away. It feels me with so much joy as it creates an opportunity for me to show you my gratitude. Sweety, I wish you the grace to fulfil your dreams. I love you more.

8. Honey, happy birthday. I’m wishing you the poise to climb greater heights and fulfil bigger dreams. I can’t stop picturing your pretty smiles all over my face.

9. My love, you’re a year older today. I wish you a winning prowess cause you were born to win. Just like a romantic candlelight may you always light up our world.

10. Happy birthday, bae. You’re my everything and my only one. If I could take you to my heart to behold the paradise you’ve transformed my heart into, then today will be the best day that I should. May you live the rest of your life in absolute bliss like a paradise.

Bday Wishes for Wife

Here are Wishes for Your Wife to Celebrate her Birthday as she is plus one today. There is no surprise package you give to your wife that is waste.

11. My love, I always seem to love you more and better as you get older. Today, ticks another day that I’ll be dedicating my faithfulness and romance to you. I wish you my heart and my love for the rest of your life.

12. Happy birthday. You took away my rib and my heart and I can say that’s the best thing to ever happen to me. My wish for you is to see the beauty of life, taste the goodness of life and never know it’s sourness cause I love you.

13. My heartthrob, you’re a year older today. For me, that means, you’re closer to your dreams being fulfilled, your life being ornamented and your reward is ready. Though, it’s your birthday I can’t help but to make it our love anniversary.

14. Happy birthday, my all in all. Don’t be surprised when I take you to a dreamland akin to a paradise on earth simply, remember it is your birthday. Today, I’m wishing you feet that walk into joy, eyes that behold just beauty and a heart that only exude love.

15. Happy birthday, my everyday girlfriend. Each day of the last 365 years has been nothing but a beauty just like the lady that you are. You’re simply graceful. May you continue to exude a special kind of grace that attracts favour and kindness.

16. It’s your day and you deserve all the trophies in the world not just for being the celebrant but for being an angel in the midst of humans. I wish you the prizes of joy, happiness, long life and grace.

17. Happy birthday, sweety. I’m sending you all the rose flowers in the world, not to forget, just the most beautiful ones. I’m sending you all the joy in heaven, the most profound ones. I’m sending you all my gratitude, thank you so much for living to see today. It’s my greatest joy.

18. Wifey, like no other. If today isn’t dedicated to you then who deserves it better? I see no one else than you. My love, I wish you every treasure in hidden places.

19. Happy birthday, the angel of my world. Don’t take today lightly, it’s more than a complete calendar. It’s a new beginning of love and gaiety. I’m sending you all my love.

20. My shawty, I couldn’t get my eyes off you last night, suddenly, it dawned on me, it’s your tradition to be more captivating, ravishing and mesmerizing as you grow older. Today you’re an embodiment of brain and beauty. Above all, you’ve been the best gift, the Supreme could ever have given me.

Birthday Wishes for Wife in English

Are you thinking on how to make your wife happy as she is celebrating her birthday today? You definitely at the right place. Below are English Birthday Wishes for Wife.

21. Sweety, I’m wishing you that every great door shall open before you at your command, may you be treated like a queen in a strange land. My love, I simply love to love you.

22. Happy birthday, love. You didn’t just succeed with my heart, you likewise succeeded with my being and today I live to manifest your dreams. I’m gonna wish you happiness and joy that are beyond your control.

23. My honey, I woke up with a happiness I couldn’t contain nor ignore, then it hits me, it’s your superlative birthday. Sweety, may your life henceforth be far better than your journey over the years. Yay! You deserve the best.

24. The love of my life is a year older. A star is a year bigger. You caught my attention like a shining armour. My wishes for you is the power to always draw the positive to yourself and to repel the negative.

25. My love, your birthday always makes everything right. It comes on the best time of the year. I wish you a life that you’ll never get tired of living, a life of gold, gratitude, good health and wisdom.

26. Happy birthday, my love. Though it took you another year to be a year older, it didn’t take me a take to realize what a treasure I have. Rather than wishes, I choose to make you a promise, I’ll always treasure you until my last day. You’ll always be my first lady. Have a great year ahead.

27. Sweety, it’s my dream to see you mark this birthday with joy and good health. Today, it pleases me to celebrate you in a grand style, shows you what you mean to me and to let you know that above all, your life matters more to me. Happy birthday, honey.

28. Happy birthday, wifey. You took me from the miry clay, gave me an assurance of your love until the very end. I may not have much but I have gained so much love from you. Today, I’m celebrating that giver of love, you. I wish you the reward of true love.

29. Happy birthday, my darling. Ever since you said I do to me, nothing seems to be missing in me again aside my heart and a rib. I couldn’t care less because I know that’s the safest place they can be. I’m wishing you a complete life which has no loopholes.

30. Happy birthday, my lifetime partner. Whether the dog’s bark, the lion roars, I’ll never stop loving you from Genesis to revelation. I’ll accomplish your wishes and put them first. Make a list of your wishes and see me bring them to fruition.

Special Birthday Wishes for Wife

Wondering on how to show your wife how special she is to you? These are Amazing Happy Birthday Wishes for Special Wife you can trust to do the work for you.

31. Honeypie, I’ll fall at your feet like a royal bead in order to shower you encomium as a precious gift. My wishes for you are numerous, however, that which stands out is my desire for an abundant life for you. Many happy returns, my love.

32. It’s more than joy seeing today, it’s more overwhelming seeing you clock another age. My love, you’ve been an ageless beauty. Shinning armour in the morning and sleeping beauty at night. My wishes for you be granted or my eyes are filled with waters.

33. My angel, it’s another time of the year, you’ve been on earth. You’re a victory to be celebrated, you’re triumphant. I wish you a very smooth journey ahead.

34. Honey, if I could elongate your lifespan I would. As I would love to see you age with every fibre of me. I’ll love to see you grow grey hairs with a beautiful smile to accompany it. For the rest of your life, abide in peace, flourish in wealth and grow in infallible strength.

35. Happy birthday, the one my eyes recognises, my heart beats and my arms reach out to. I wish you an unending joy.

36. My love, it’s your birthday and words are not just enough to express my wishes for you. May your life make a super story, be an inspiration for both the old and young. I love you till the end.

37. Happy birthday, wifey. If it weren’t you then, it could have been no one. You’re my significant other and more than myself, I wish you immortality.

38. Happy birthday, my love. Your character is everything to me. It makes our love sweeter than a ripe berry. I wish you an absolutely fruitful life.

39. Hurray! Henceforth, may you make the best choices, learn from your mistakes and build a bright future for yourself. Honey, I love you and as your birthday present, I’m sending all my love to you.

40. Happy birthday, my certified partner. You rock like a diamond, you shine better than a million stars, you stand out than a blue sea and loving you is simply, what I can’t help myself from. I wish you more than you already are now.

Birthday Wishes for Loving Wife

Having a loving and caring wife is a thing to rejoice about. Today is your wife’s birthday, here are the Best Birthday Wishes for Lovely Wife you can use to show wife how proud you are to have her.

41. Bigger you I pray, my darling. May your antagonists be overpowered and overshadowed by your success and accomplishments. Honey, happy birthday in a grand style. You deserve more and you’ll get more.

42. Happy birthday, sweety. Just like a movie, I played your life in my head, I saw a woman of valour, grace and substance. You have it all but, my wishes for you is that you have more until it overflows.

43. Happy birthday, my Juliet. I wanna be more than a life partner to you so, therefore, know for sure that your wish for an angel has been met by the universe. I hereby, offer myself as your angel. Many happy returns, sweety.

45. Happy birthday to the most virtuous woman I know. Darling, that is more than a compliment, it’s who you are. I’ll be a sinner to treat you less than a queen. My wish is for you to count your blessings until it impossible for you too.

46. Happy birthday, my princess. I’ll always be your prince, even at that, I’ll always be at your call, never to see you sweat for anything. I wish you the life you’ve always dreamt about over the years.

47. Happy birthday, my rock. I would have fallen had it not been you. I would have been a wanderer had you not found me. All thanks to you, I’m who I am today. My wish for you is to reap all the good seeds you’ve sown in my life. I love you, girl.

48. Happy birthday, my girl. My wings are your wings, my praises are all yours. As you clock, another year, may your success ahead be greater than the former and may you have the grace to achieve all your goals.

49. Welcome to another age, welcome to a brighter life. My love, I wish you a grand birthday. One celebrated in peace, ecstasy, beauty, prosperity, good health and love.

50. Happy birthday, darling. I bear in mind to always lead you, by the way, never to abandon you and I’m glad that, over the years you’ve been more than this to me. I wish you the best life you’ve ever had.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Wife

Birthday is one of the most important day in the life of any human being. As an husband, it is your duty to make your wife happy no matter what it takes. Birthday is a great avenue for an husband to make sure his wife happy. I know you will not want to be left behind in satisfying your wife, here are Sweetest Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife to make your wife happy on her day.

51. Happy birthday, bunny. As long as I can feel you, I got all I need to mark your birthday. My sweet wishes are for you to break barriers and be a new thing to your generation. I love you.

52. Happy birthday my only one. Don’t freak out if you see me stare at you intensely, I simply can’t explain this newly found beauty I see in you. I wish you an excellent and abundant life. I love you.

53. Happy birthday, honey bunny. Your face is a reflection of the beauty of the sky at night. Your birthday inexplicably births my reborn, because you were the woman that turned me to an angel. I wish you greater heights, may your heart remain kind till the end.

54. Happy birthday, gorgeous. How scintillating it is for me to see you every day of your birth. It’s more than an honour, it’s a rare privilege. Trust me, I shudder to take it for granted. I wish you the heavenly blessings.

55. Happy birthday, wifey. May the doors of heaven bestow on you unimaginable favours and blessings. May your future be brighter than hitherto. I love you, my dearie.

56. To the woman who loves me than I could love myself, embraces me than I could describe and takes me to infinity, happy birthday to you. I wish you a smooth ride for the rest of your life.

57. Happy birthday, sweetheart. To call you my sweetheart is to undermine you, you’re more than everything to me. I’ll take a long walk to you wherever you are to behold your new face as you clock a new age. My heartfelt wish is for you to surpass your limitations until you fly to the sky.

58. Happy birthday, wifey. May each kisses you give me sparks better than electricity, may each moment together bind us forever, may each gaze look better than the earth’s glory. Your birthday is my favourite time of the year. I love you.

59. Happy birthday, bae. I celebrate your life with all of my strength and every ounce of happiness in me is dedicated to you, because without you all other days will be worthless to me. I wish that you live the rest of your life every a greater sense of value.

60. Happy birthday, love. Beyond roses, I’ll give you an assurance of my love and beyond dinner dates, your priority is what I’ll prioritize. As for your wishes, count on me to bring them to life.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Wife

Happy Birthday Wishes is right wishes you can wish your wife as today marks her birthday. These are Happy Birthday Wishes and Greetings for Wife you will love to make your favourite.

61. Happy birthday, baby. I got you and I need no one else. Your life is the greatest gift of God to me. I’ll live my life for you and your wishes are my command. Can I get your wishes, my lady?

62. As long as you dance and show me your excitement on this day, it’s enough to turn me on and get me all over you. My wishes for you is to be the best you can be.

63. Happy birthday, sweety. You’re my faith, belief, heartbeat and the blood that flows in my vain. Thank you for the prettiest smiles and the gorgeous peals of laughter you’ve bestowed on me over the years. My wish is to always behold your happy face.

64. Happy birthday, my queen. You’re the stars in my sky, the rainbow in my cloud and the rain from heaven. I wish you the freedom to fly and never to fall.

65. Happy birthday, my girl. Each year you see, is a sign of my answered prayers from God. My world is built on your happiness and surrounded by your love. You’re the builder of my life. I wish you growth, progress and fulfilment in everything you set to do.

66. Happy birthday, honey. Don’t you ever worry about my loyalty, it will always remain with you. Never lose a sleep over my love, it will always overflow to you. I wish you so many things and beyond these words, I wish you the answers to your silent prayers.

67. Happy birthday, my love. I love you, the angels know this and even God is aware. I pray for your prosperity, happiness, wisdom and all that makes a person great and unique. I love you and you’re the light that shines on my crown.

68. My love, if I should start making my wishes for you, the night will fall and the morning will come, infinity will be too short. My dear, live the rest of your life to satisfy your desire and for your happiness.

69. Happy birthday, darling. May you unite with happiness, favour, mercy and grace. I love you so I can lay my life for you. Your birthday is a day I choose to sacrifice myself for you.

70. Happy birthday, jewel. Like a gem, you’re sort after but only a few can afford you. I’m glad you choose me out of them all. I’ll appreciate you today, because not every other day is as special as this. May your wishes be granted as you blow your candlelight.

Birthday Wishes to My Lovely Wife

Cherishing your wife to the point of sending her Birthday Wishes is never a crime in a court of love, but if it is a crime I know you are ready to become wanted. Here are Lovely Birthday Wishes to My Lovely Wife that will make you number one love suspect.

71. Happy birthday, honey. May you never come down from your throne of kindness, honour and glory. I’ll hold onto you and never to leave you alone.

72. Happy birthday, cherry. Amidst fears and the dangers of life, I’ll be your courage and strength. I love your birthday, cause each year you take your time to be bigger than the days behind.

73. Happy birthday, wifey. May disease and sickness be far from you. May good health be your trademark and may every other good thing of life be added to you. Sweety, you’re my joy and my love.

74. Happy birthday, bunny. Live a life of freedom, fears are empty threats never succumb to them. You’re strong, I wish you the very thing you wish yourself on this day. I love you.

75. Happy birthday, honey. My wishes for you are that all your previous struggles become a testimony and your life becomes an expression of grace. I love you!

76. My days have been blessed with the artfulness of your smile, creativity of your mind, and the beauty of your heart. I wish you happier days and a prosperous new year. Happy birthday, my darling. I love you!

77. To the most amazing woman I know; Happy birthday, my genius. I adore you, always. Wishing you all that you wish for yourself.

78. Nobody does it better than a good, wife, an impeccable mother, and a sweet daughter and achiever. You are my life. Happy birthday, my darling. Wishing you joy, peace and kindness.

79. So many reasons to love you. But the most motivating is the fact that you love me. Happy birthday, my bae. Wishing you joy and happiness. Hubby loves you.

80. I wanna fulfil your birthday wishes, so, please make a list my darling. Happy birthday, sweetie. I love you endlessly!

Best Birthday Wishes for My Wife

You wife is actually your partner in love. Is another day, month and year which signifies the beginning of a new age for your wife, here are the Most Cherishable Birthday Wishes for Wife with Love that you can send to your wife.

81. Many women do noble things but you, my wife surpasses them all. Happy birthday, my love. All my kind wishes are for you. Can I have a dance with you?

82. Today, I bless Momma for carrying you, and Poppa cause, he made it possible. Wishing you joy like a river. I love you, angel. Happy birthday to you.

83. I’m glad I didn’t come as your brother or father. I’m blessed for sharing a lifetime of joy and peace with you. Happy birthday, my wifey. I wish you love, joy, and kindness.

84. How do I even begin to describe you? Let me have a go! You are strong, beautiful, dynamic and kind. I hope your days are sweet and long, colourful and hopeful. I hope you remain young at heart cause, you remain beautiful in my eyes. Happy birthday, darling. I love you!

85. Happiness for me is seeing you smile, achievement for me is having you by my side. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you many joyful days as plenteous as the stars in the sky.

86. Today is a reflection of God’s kindness to humanity for sending one of heavens most beautiful angels on earth. Happy birthday, my angel of love. My wishes for you are my promises to you! Can’t love you less.

87. To the woman who stood by me all through the dark long nights; happy birthday, angel. Without you, there is no me. I wish you joy cause, that is all that you deserve.

88. My love for you is eternity. You complete me so miraculously. I wish you a lifetime of fulfilment and peace. Happy birthday, wifey. Muah!

89. You’ve been through it all but, still, you rise. Dear wifey, I love you more than my words can say so carefully. Happy birthday to an iconic woman of grace. Wishing you a lifetime of peace and happiness.

90. Happy birthday, my only one. I hope our kids take after you cause, you are nothing short of wonderful. How you make my days full of pleasant surprises, I cannot still understand. My wishes for you are your heart desires. I hope they all come true. Have a splendid new year. I love you, wifey!

Short Birthday Wishes for Wife

Are you in need of Short but romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife? There is no need for your to run from east to west again because you are the Palace of Short Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife from the Heart.

91. Happy birthday, my confidant and companion. I love you as the days go by. Wishing you life’s glory and heaven’s beauty.

92. Happy birthday, my only one. May this new age of yours bring in new blessings to your doorstep. My love, you are beautiful. I’m thrilled!

93. I’m thankful, for you have the greatest gift anyone can possess on this day; the gift of life. I’m thankful you’ve blessed me with your support all through the years. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you joy and peace. I love you!

94. I can’t love you more than to pray for you. So, I pray that today be the beginning of new and better things for you. Happy birthday, angel. My kind wishes are for you.

95. You are a blessing but not in disguise. Happy birthday, my queen. May our palace continue to blossom. I love you. I wish you nothing but joy and grace.

96. Happy birthday to the sweetest woman I know, who has blessed me with the wonderful fruits of love. I wish you joy and happiness. Enjoy your day, my love. I love you!

97. The first day I set my eyes on you, I knew for a fact that, until I made you mine I wouldn’t rest. How have I been blessed with such a woman of grace! Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you all that your heart desires.

98. On a special day such as this, you were born. You brought laughter and joy to your parents. Now that I have you in my world, my life is full of light and joy. I wish you a merry new year. Have a pleasant day, my love.

99. Thank you for being more than a wife to me. You are my all in all, darling. Happy birthday, my only one. You understand me more than I know myself. I pray this new year makes a happy new beginning of hope and joy for you. I love you.

100. To the woman whose dishes I cannot deny; Happy birthday, my angel of love. You are a great woman after my own heart. I wish you nothing but joy. I love you!

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Wife

Birthday comes once in a year, you can make this one a remarkable one for your wife, all you need to do to achieve this is as simple as sending Her (Wife) Happy Birthday Wishes for Her.

101. Happy birthday, darling. It excites me to know that as we grow older we are fulfilling our dream of love in each other’s arms. My wish is to see you smile while you live to achieve your dreams. It’s never too late, darling. I love you!

102. Thank you for staying by my side when I was less than impressive. Thank you for putting a smile on my face when I was down and out. You are the reason why I lived through the seasons. Happy birthday, my angel. Wishing you all that you wish for yourself.

103. There’s no better life than one beside you. Nothing more counts than the happiness shared with you. Happy birthday, wifey. I wish you kindness and grace. I love you!

104. A house without you is just an empty space, my heart without you is a bottomless hole of pain. Thank you for giving me a home and a heart full of love. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you the joy of fulfilment. I love you ever and ever.

105. If my home was taken away, I would be sheltered in your love, if my car was stolen away, I could walk through life still. But if I hadn’t you by my side, my heart would stop beating. Happy birthday, my heartbeat. You are second to none. I wish you more blessings. I love you!

106. Today again, I declare my intention to love you more passionately and treat you to a feast of my world. Dear wifey, your happiness has become my priority. Happy birthday, my love. My wish is to see you live longer and healthier with joy.

107. Seeing your face today is the most satisfying feeling I must say. Happy birthday, angel. You rule my world. Wishing you joy and peace.

108. I hope that you live your life to the fullest, not in pain and not in fear. Happy birthday, my love. Have a splendid new year. I love you!

109. I made a cake for you my love. Candled with the fruits of love, iced with romance, baked with the ingredients of sacredness. Happy birthday, sweetie. Wishing you more happiness. Enjoy your day.

110. Today is an extraordinary day because a superhuman was born. Happy birthday, my angel of love and kindness. I wish you long life and prosperity. I love you now and always.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife

Best of Wishes for Wife’s Birthday is the most important sms you can send to your wife on her birthday that will makes her feel fulfilled.

111. Happy birthday, my dear wife. I choose to honour you for the rest of my life. Thank you for giving your life to me. Wishing you boundless joy and unspeakable reign of peace. Enjoy your day, my love.

112. Tonight’s kisses would be plastered all over your flesh, my caresses would lighten up your skin because tonight is your birthday. Happy birthday, my darling. I look forward to tonight with you and forever by your side.

113. Happy birthday, angel. I don’t know what an angel deserves but I promise to do all that I can to make you happy. I love you, my darling. Wishing you good health and joy. Happy new year.

114. The clock is ticking but my love for you is newer every day. It tastes better than the morning wine so, let’s toast to more love, more joy and more of us. Happy birthday, my love. Do have a good time.

115. My joy, my world and my peace. Happy birthday to you, darling. May your crown always shine brighter and flourish more on you. May you prosper in all your endeavours. I love you, pretty.

116. My dear Lord must have been showing off when He created you. You are everything a creative artist can only imagine to draw. Happy birthday, my love. You are the best thing I ever had. Wishing you the grace to live longer, happier and healthier. I love you!

117. I just wanna sleep and wake up every day by your side. You are my well of joy and salvation. Happy birthday, my angel of love. Wishing you a splendid new year.

118. Happy birthday, dear wifey. Did I just call you my wife? Thank you for making that dream come true even to this day. I love you, baby. Wishing you all the wonderful things of life.

119. Happy birthday, my love. Thank you for transforming my house into a palace. And my waters into wine. I wish you longevity and happiness. Have a memorable birthday celebration. I love you, sweetheart!

120. Tell me how you want your gift, sweet wifey? You continue to steal my heart away every day with your smile. Happy birthday, sweetie. May joy never elude you. Wishing you many more happy years. I love you!

Birthday Wishes for Wife Sms

Your Wife will receive a lot of messages as she is celebrating her birthday today. Here is a way to make yours stand out as her husband. Birthday Wishes Text Messages for Wife is all you need.

121. Happy birthday my love. May your beauty never ceases to radiate, may wisdom be a lifetime companion of yours, may success be your identity. I love you, dear wifey. Have a splendid new year.

122. I’ll score you as the best mother and wife of the century. You are a goddess that my heart will always worship. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you nothing but everlasting peace and joy.

123. Celebrating another milestone in age with you is a privilege I’m most thankful for. Happy birthday, my morning dew. My wishes for you are kindness, love, health and wealth. I love you to the moon and back.

124. You age so gracefully, my love. And I love that you love with all your heart. Happy birthday to my one and only. I wish you nothing but joy from the bottom of my heart. Have a pleasant new year.

125. If heavens grant my wishes for you, you’d be the happiest woman on earth. So, I pray today that all my wishes are granted or these tears I’ll cry. Happy birthday, my angel of love. I adore you!

126. Happy birthday, sweet wifey. Just like the tree beside the waters of Marah, you add sweetness to my life every day. And like the golden sun, you illuminate light into my world. I wish you more grace, kindness love and health. Love you, my darling.

127. Happy birthday, angel. On your wings, I have flown into success and loved so tirelessly. Many more gems to your crown. I love you!

128. I wish you ten thousand reasons to throw a bigger birthday party next year. Happy birthday, my sweet love. I love you so greatly!

129. Today is my favourite day cause, I love to see you so happy and radiant and I love to celebrate a woman who turned my life around for the better. Happy birthday, angel. I wish you longevity, prosperity, health and wealth. I love you!

130. I’m super excited that it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, my darling wife. Great men and women were born on this day but you are the most fabulous of them all. I wish you many more fabulous years to come. I love you!

Simple Birthday Message for Wife

Is time to celebrate your wife like never before, here are Simple and Lovely Birthday Messages for Wife on her Birthday.

131. There might not be an unusually brighter sun to signify the celebration of a loving lady but, my heart beats faster because today is your day and I love you crazy. Happy birthday, my dear. I wish you an exceptional life of praise. I love you!

132. I’ve had nothing to worry about with a wife like you. I’m glad you chose a lowly man like me because you saw through the eyes of love. Happy birthday, darling. Wishing you a lifetime of health, wealth and joy.

133. On a blissful day like this, I take you again as my lawfully wedded wife, to love and to protect, to give my life and my all. Dear wifey, happy birthday to you. Your hubby cares more than you know. Wishing you all that you wish for yourself. I love you sincerely!

134. No matter how busy I am, I’ll give my time to you. No matter how lost in the wind, I could be, I’ll find my way to you especially, on this day cause, you mean the world to me. Happy birthday to my angel of love and kindness. Wishing you unmeasurable happiness in life. I love you.

135. Your reliability still amazes me as much as your grace turns me on. Happy birthday, my lovely queen. I wish you a prosperous new year in every sense of the word. I love you.

136. The path of love that I have chosen couldn’t have been my favourite one but for a day like this that you were born. I bless the day you crossed my path. Happy birthday, my love. To you, I render my world. Wishing you mercy, goodness, longevity and kindness. I love you silly!

137. I’ll never make you small in my eyes. No one will ever take your place in my heart. If anything goes wrong in this world certainly, not my love for you. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you nothing but joy.

138. Happy birthday to my lovely gentle dove. I’m grateful for the serenity you brought into my world in a chaotic earth as this. May we never grow apart. I wish you great joy and peace. I love you.

139. I’m convinced that you are an angel with the look of love in your eyes and the gift of kindness from your hands. Happy birthday to my angel of love and kindness. I wish you long life, joy and peace. My gifts to you may come and go but my love for you still abides.

140. No one knows like I know, just how much you’ve sacrificed for me and our kids. You are such an irreplaceable jewel. So, I promise to be there for you now and always. Happy birthday, my darling. I wish you joy like the rivers.

Sweet Message for Wife Birthday

Sweet Love Message to My Wife on Her Birthday is the only precious gift you can send to your Wife on her day.

141. Your smile stirs up satisfaction in my heart. With your heart of gold, poverty is far from my abode. Happy birthday, my love. Have a great new year. Make your wishes and I’ll grant them. I wish you joy and satisfaction.

142. I sure can’t live without your love. Therefore, I am thankful that you have in your breath, the gift of life and in your heart, the mine of love. Happy birthday, my love. I just wanna see you grinning ear to ear today and every other day. I love you, angel!

143. With you, I’ve enjoyed the fullness of life because, with you, I got all I need. Happy birthday to you my love. I wish you more grace, wisdom, joy and health. Have a fabulous new year.

144. What is love without you? what is the calendar without your day in it? Happy birthday my sunshine. You mean the world to me. Wishing you a prosperous new year.

145. You stole my heart but, I’ll never file a case cause, I want it so forever more. Happy birthday, my love. My wish is for you to remain happy by my side while you prosper in your endeavours. I love you, beauty!

146. You are my definition of beauty, love, kindness and motherhood. You are a wonderful human of grace. Happy birthday, wifey. I wish that all your dreams come true. I love you more.

147. We’ve been together for so long but it feels just like yesterday seeing you in that lovely white dress. Truly I don’t wanna get over the nostalgia. I wish you nothing but joy. I love you, dearie.

148. You are one of a kind, a rare species with a heart of gold. Happy birthday, my angel of love. I wish the heavens always put a smile on that pretty face of yours. Can’t love you any less. Have a splendid new year.

149. Happy birthday to the greatest woman I know. An expert of motherhood and love. My best decision was stealing your heart away. I wish you a million reasons to live life happily. I love you, my dear.

150. I’m reminded of true love whenever I look into your eyes. This is why I can’t get over you. Happy birthday, my love. My kind wishes are for you. I love you, angel.