Best of Happy Birthday Status for Wife

Birthday is not just about the candies, cakes and wines. It means a lot if we speak from our hearts instead.

Words sure have a way of putting a broader smile on our faces than the mere sight of a cake.

Since it’s your wifey’s birthday, do well to be romantic. It’s not a bad idea, ushering her day in, with a heart-melting birthday message(s) for your sweet wife.

The cake may disappear but these words will flow on in her heart like a river till the next 365 days.

Here are 150 happy birthday status for wife from husband. Make an excellent choice, gentleman!

Birthday Wishes from Husband to Wife

Celebrating and appreciating each other helps strengthen love in Marriage. Make your wife happy on her birthday with these sweet birthday messages for wife from husband.

1. Happy birthday, my love. Today sure is the best time of the year because, an angel of love, hope and joy were born unto us. I’m deeply in love and in awe of the beauty, you shine around me. I wish you another year of happiness, prosperity and health. I love you, dear wifey.

2. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Today, I celebrate your strength and your achievement over the years. You’ve made loving so easy for me. I’m wishing you a blissful year of more loving between us, and one filled with greater achievement.

3. Happy birthday to the most amazing woman on earth. I wish you more happy years on earth, right by my side. Have a blissful new year, my love.

4. I’m so grateful to still have you here, by my side and in my heart. Throughout the years you’ve been by my side, life has being so meaningful and worth living. My deepest wishes for you are growth, achievement, love, joy and peace. Happy birthday my love.

5. Happy birthday my sweetest love and the mother of my kids. You’ve been the greatest miracle in my life cause, you’ve birthed many more. I wish you the grace to be happy forevermore. Truly, you deserve it.

6. Happy birthday, my love. You are by far the most amazing creature I’ve ever met. You took me by surprise when you stole my heart away. So many years in this beautiful union of ours, still, I can’t get enough of you. I wish you so much joy and peace.

7. Happy birthday, my lovely wife. Words cannot quantifiable how happy I am to see you reach yet another milestone by my side. I wish you all that your heart desires and many more. I love you! Tell me how you want your gifts, my love.

8. Happy birthday, my love. You’ve stood by me through the good and the trying times, I cannot sideline the comfort your presence has given to me on a platter of gold. Therefore, I wish you many more years to come, free of sadness and depression, adorned with happiness and prosperity.

9. Happy birthday dear wifey. Still can’t get over the excitement of calling you, my wife. From the bottom of my heart, I pray life treats you kind and I’m wishing you joy and happiness. Have a pleasant day. I’ll make it even more colourful.

10. Happy birthday, my love. You sure hold an irreplaceable place in my heart. You are a jewel of inestimable value and I promise to love and honour you for the rest of my life. Wishing you the best life has got to offer. Enjoy your new age, my sweet love.

11. Happy birthday, my love. I promise you many more blissful life by my side. Be sure I’ll always be there for you like you have been with me. I wish you good health, prosperity and more jolly good years.

12. Happy birthday, sweetie. Just like you walked so gracefully into my life, you did same into this world and made it a better place. I can’t thank you enough for that. I wish you many more years to come, do have a blissful year. I love you forevermore.

13. Happy birthday, sweet love of my life. May you enjoy the kind of enormous peace you brought into my world, may your days be long on earth just as the sun, may your wishes come true cause, you deserve it. I love you beyond my words can say.

14. Your days on earth have not been free of hurdles but, through it all, you remain beautiful, kind and gracious. You are the best thing that ever happened on earth and to me. I wish you nothing but joy cause, I like it when you smile and laugh.

15. Happy birthday, great woman. You’ve paid your dues therefore, you deserve all the happiness in the world. I pray life be kind to you and give to you the desires of your heart. Have a great day. I love you so much.

16. I’ve wondered so many times, why I had to live a while without you cause, ever since I’ve known you, my biggest regret has been not seeing you, kissing you and loving you much earlier. You light up my world. I wish you many years to come, my love, in health and in wealth. To top it all, with great happiness.

17. May the heavens open up its blessings on you, may the earth yield her increase unto you, may your days be long and blissful. I wanna love you again. Just like yesterday, marry you again. I choose you over and over cause, my love for you is undying and ever abiding. Have a pleasant year.

18. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t know what true love is, nor have these lovely children around our table. Because of you, I am who I am today. Happy birthday, dear wifey. I’m short of words but I love you so greatly. Anything you want from me is given on this day.

19. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you more germs to your crown, many more blissful days to your years. I’ll be the best I’ve ever been just for you. Your happiness is my priority. I love you.

20. Happy birthday to the lady who has my utmost respect. Courageous as a lion, strong as my desire for her. Many times you’ve shown me the way, taken away my deepest fears by the calmness of your love. I pray God blesses you for whom you’ve been in my life. I wish you so much joy and longevity. I love you forever more.

21. If I didn’t know what to do, I called on you, if I didn’t know what else to say, I stare into your eyes. You remain my peace and my courage, my love and my joy. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. I wish you the beauty of life. Know that I’ll always be here for you.

22. Happy birthday to you my dearest wife. You’ve made my heart beat for years. Looking into your eyes have elongated my lifespan, you breathe joy and peace into my world. I wish you all the happiness you deserve and so much more. Love you forevermore.

23. Happy birthday to you, my love. With you I have loved, with you I have been the best of me, with you I have bared my heart and with you, I’ll love again. I wish you many more happy years to come and I pledge to you my loyalty, forevermore.

24. Happy birthday, sweet wifey. May all your dreams come true, may you live long enough to see me love you over and over again like I plan to. I admire the lady you have become. Have a merry new year.

25. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you an overwhelming peace of mind, a healthy lifestyle and growth, may you grow gold as you grow older. I love you, my bae. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, knows it for a fact!

26. I wish my kisses can translate into many more sweet years for you, I wish my love can make all your dreams come true. Happy birthday, my love. You are my wife because you gave me the privilege. I love and adore you with all that I’ve got. I wish you nothing but joy and peace.

27. Happy birthday, sweet wifey. Your beauty radiates my world, and your heart purifies my spirit. I pray you enjoy many more years on earth and eternity with me forever. Have a pleasant year.

28. May this new year in your life come with pleasant surprises. May it be the best you’ve had so far. May your achievement speak for you. I love you, dear wifey, I love you!

29. It wouldn’t be out of place to say that I love you more than I do love myself. You can’t blame me cause, you are the best thing that ever happened to me and to our kids. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you all that your heart yawns for. I love you endlessly.

30. Happy birthday to the sweetest and loveliest Queen I know. The woman who’s smile sweeps me off my feet, whose kindness blows me away. I’m delighted to be called your husband. So, I wish you long life, good health, peace and joy. Always know that I love you.

31. Happy birthday, my love. Eternity wouldn’t be enough to appreciate you for the joy and serenity you’ve brought into my world. Everything you do amazes me, I must have done something good to deserve you. I’m wishing you the fulfilment of your dreams and happiness beyond understanding.

32. Maybe I’d be selfish to wish you many more happy years just by my side however, I’m wishing you more. May you live your days counting your blessings, may the answers to all your problems come knocking on your door. I love you so much.

33. Happy birthday, angel. I wish you joy like a river, years as many as the stars in the sky, fulfilment unmeasurable as the sands on earth. Have an awesome new year.

34. It is a great thing to be loved by you, even more, pleasurable are my days by your side. I wish you nothing but joy and longevity as you add another blissful year to your days on earth. May you not regret this day ever in your life. Hubby loves you like crazy.

35. A day I’ll never forget is your birthday, a time I’ll always relive is the second you walked into my world. Joyful will I be forever. Happy birthday, my darling. I’m most honoured to be by your side, calling you my own. May you conquer your deepest fears and break new grounds you’ve never done before. I love you, sweetie.

36. It’s been you from when everything was crumbling to the bubbling moments we now have. It’s been you all the way, my wife. Happy birthday to you from your loyal husband.

37. Happy birthday, my love. May the rains of love forever shower on us, may our fountain of joy never run dry. I’m wishing you joy, health and peace. I do not know what an angel deserves, but I know that you deserve to be happy. Love you always.

38. Happy birthday, to the one my heart beats for, forevermore. My wishes for you are countless but you should know that I pray that your days be long on earth with great happiness and immeasurable growth.

39. With a deep sense of fulfilment and pride, I wish you a very happy birthday, my Queen. Many things may come our way but, I promise you, my unconditional love, forever. Do have a blissful day.

40. Happy birthday, sweet wifey. When the rains of your love beat me, I could only hope to swim in your river of passion forever. I wish you so much joy and peace. May today mark the beginning of better things to come around you. I love you so much.

41. Happy birthday to you my love. You remain the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, the most industrious and most loving that I know. Every day, seeing you smile makes me wanna scream “Yes I Do” once again. I love you more than you know. Here is me wishing you a very prosperous new year and a happy one too. Have a blast.

42. You are my testimony of the fact that dreams and fantasies are real. You make all my dreams come true. I live my fantasy with you because you are real. You made loving me a hobby, a privilege I’m thankful for. Happy birthday, sweet love. Wishing you the best of everything. My kisses and my cuddles are always at your beck and call.

43. Happy birthday, my love. Never seen a woman so protective of her kids, never met any so sacrificial for love. You are my life and the air that I breathe. I’m wishing you joy, love, peace and prosperity from the bottom of my heart. I love you, bae.

44. No matter how old we get, we stay young through each other’s eyes. So many years have gone by yet, my love for you is new every morning, the happiness never gets old. This day I promise to love you with all my might, body and possessions. Happy birthday, great woman.

45. Happy birthday, my one and only. Again on this day, I wish to spend many nights beside you on our bed, watch many more comedy with you by my side, kiss your lips softly with so much love in my eyes. I wish you great joy and peace. Have a pleasant day.

46. Happy birthday, sweetie. May joy never depart from you, may troubles stay away from you, may you celebrate many more happy years, may your days be fruitful as a tree planted by the riverside. This is me wishing you a happy birthday. I love you, my dearest wife.

47. The celebration of your birth is more than a tradition to me, it is sacredly entitled to my honour and reverence year in, year out. Happy birthday to the fountain of my joy, the pillar of my home, the stars in my sky. Wishing you greater heights, peace and joy.

48. Happy birthday, sweet wifey. The greatest degree bestowed on me is the honorary certificate of being called your husband. I love you so deeply. I wish you great joy, may your children make you proud and your husband give you joy.

49. Happy birthday, Bambi. I’m happy I crossed path with you. I’m glad I made the promise to love you till the end. It isn’t over yet cause, eternity is what I want with you. May your days be fruitful and your happiness, multiply. I love you, so.

50. Happy birthday, my Queen. Loving you is such a pleasure to me, looking into your eyes every time we talk is the reason why I can’t get enough of you. I hope to spend eternity with you in the land of joy and peace. I promise to do everything to make you happy, I promise to love you with all my strength. Have a blissful new year.

51. Happy birthday, sweetie. Your love has empowered me to do more and be better. You’ve shown me that the way of love is the way of fruitfulness. I’ve come to say “thank you” for all the joy and peace you gave to me. May your days beam with laughter and your face be covered in glory. I love you, sweetie.

52. My world is light up with joy and coloured with peace and balance because you chose to be my wife and mother of my kids. May the good Lord bless you for the light you gave to me. Happy birthday, my only one. I’m wishing you so much joy all the way.

53. Happy birthday, sweet love. May God bless the womb that carried you, the feet that led you into my world, and the hands that gave you to me. On this beautiful day, I call on the heavens to show you marvellous kindness, joy like a river. I love you so much, my darling. Have a blast!

54. Happy birthday, my love. Your love is pure and true, it is a lamp unto my feet and a fruit for my hungry soul. May your days grant your expectations, may you not tarry in the valley. May you rise above any challenges as you have in the time past. I love you greatly, bae.

55. Your smile stole my heart away. Maybe, that is why it is locked up in my heart forever. It’s only fair to let you know what you should know; I wish to spend many more happy years with you. On the most beautiful day of the year, today, I wish you nothing but joy and the fulfilment of your heart’s wishes. Know for a fact that I love you. Happy birthday, beautiful woman.

56. Happy birthday, my love. It feels like a dream celebrating this day with you. I can’t imagine a world without you, it is one void of happiness and light. Today, I wish you nothing but joy and peace.

57. I’ll cover our bed with roses, I’ll light up red candles around the jacuzzi. I’ll colour your heart with passion, draw your body unto me with love, today and for the rest of our lives. Happy birthday, my love. Loving you is what I love to do most.

58. Happy birthday, my love. Beholding your lovely face every morning is the greatest blessing the heavens bestowed on me. It’s as good as the daily gift of life, it is marvellous in my sight. I wish you so much joy and peace. I love you, way too much.

59. Happy birthday my dearest wife. Thank you my Mrs for loving me to your soul. I wish you all the treasures of the earth, the riches of kings and queens. May your days be filled with laughter and joy. So, can I have a dance with you?

60. I’ve counted tirelessly to this day so, I can’t keep calm. Dear wifey, my love for you is the reason why I can do anything and everything. So, tell me how you want your gift! Happy birthday, my love. I’m wishing you all that you wish for your self including longevity and happiness.

61. Happy birthday, my love. I gotta make a confession today. I love the sound of your name cause, it nourishes my soul like music does to my heart. The reason why I dream to spend the rest of my life with you is simply that, I love you still. I wish you more joy and peace. Have a pleasant year, my love.

62. Happy birthday to the one woman whose joy is my joy, whose happiness is mine, whose smile is my desire. May this new age breed new season of joy and laughter, may you rejoice forever in your days. I love you forever. Enjoy your day!

63. Happy birthday, beautiful woman. May today be greater than your past, and your future brighter than the light today brings. Our love will never go sour, our arms will never be void of each other’s warmth. I love you, dear wifey. Have a sweet and fruitful year.

64. Happy birthday, my love. The only woman I know to be my own. You and me together forever and on top. I wish you bliss and grace. I love you, darling.

65. Happy birthday, my dearest Juliet. Your Romeo wishes you great happiness and peace. It’s indescribable all that you mean to me. Forever be my Juliet and I’ll be your Romeo. Wishing you kindness and riches, joy and peace, love and trust. I love you, more.

66. Happy birthday, sweetness. I ask that we walk this new year in each other’s arms. When the storms come troubling, I’ll shield you with my embrace, when joy comes our way, I’ll place my kisses on your tender lips. Wishing you nothing but joy and longevity.

67. Happy birthday, my love. No one has a clue just how beautiful you are, not even I cause, every day your beauty is not comparable. I cherish you for all the selfless things you’ve done for me and our lovely kids. I wish you all that you wish for yourself. Have a great day.

68. Happy birthday, my love. You are more than a wife to me, I still cannot find the word to describe you. I pray that happiness never departs from you and the songs of thanksgiving from your lips. May your days henceforth be splendid. I love you to the moon and back!

69. Happy birthday, my divine love. Congratulations on your new age. I celebrate the kindness of your heart and the fruits of your hands, today. I’m glad we made it through the years. I wish you joy, peace, kindness and prosperity. I love you like Christ loves the Church!

70. Happy birthday, my Queen. Ever since I met you, I’ve dedicated this day to express my love to you more passionately and sacrificially. You are an embodiment of joy, hope and love. What you radiate is beyond the words of a man. You are a creature more privileged than any other I know. I wish you long life, prosperity and good health. I love you till the end of the world.

71. From the first time I saw you, I knew happiness was about to be mine forever. You are the reason why I call myself blessed. You are my everything! Happy birthday, my love. I’ll do everything just so you live happily. I wish you all that you wish yourself and many more. Have a great day!

72. Happy birthday, my angel of love. You brought into my world good tidings and ever since, my heart leaps for joy every morning at the sight of your lovely face. May your days be without weeping, may your heart always be glad. Wishing you the life that you dream of. I love you.

73. Make your wishes my love cause, the angels hear you. Happy birthday, sweet love. May the world come to the brightness of your light, may you sing the songs of joy for the rest of your life. I love you, my dear no matter the weather.

74. Happy birthday, my love. For all the peace you brought into my world and the love you’ve shown to me, I pray that your joy knows no bounds and your achievements beat your dreams. These and many more I wish you. Hubby loves you passionately.

75. Happy birthday, queen of my heart. May you reign in my palace forevermore. May your dreams come true. Wishing you nothing but joy. I love you more than I love myself. So, ask me anything!

76. Happy birthday my first lady. You do not only come as my first lady but also as the last cause, you’ll always remain the woman who owns my heart from the beginning till the end. Your birthday is a reminder of what you mean to me. Happy birthday my precious jewel.

77. Sweety, I’m happy to see you grow each passing day and today marks your growth in grand style. Happy birthday, my love.

78. Happy birthday, honey. I wanna give you delicious kisses for a chocolate to mark this beautiful day. I wish you the kind of joy and happiness you’ve never experienced before. As for my love for you, it just got renewed.

79. Happy birthday, baby. I choose to take this day to renew my love vow to you. To cherish you in your old age as I did in your youth. I love to love you.

80. Happy birthday, my love. Coming this far hasn’t been easy but the beauty of today is undeniable. I’ll love you more than a million time and if I fall short of your expectations for once, I’ll make it up to you in a million times. I love you.

81. Happy birthday, sweety. Today a star was born and she’s the most beautiful angel in the sky. You’re an ageless morning beauty with an ever shinning heart. Dear, if you were reborn a million times, I’ll choose you all over again.

82. Happy birthday, my world. The beat of your heart is the best sound that has kept me alive. Beholding your gorgeous smile today as you clock another age, is the most beautiful experience I’ve had in recent time. Many happy returns dearie.

83. Happy birthday, the love of my heart from the onset of the world. Your vibe is unbeatable and it gives life to everything about me. Today, I just wanna thank you for living on. I wish you so much more than I can ever give you.

84. Happy birthday, love. I just love the feeling of joy that comes from seeing you today. This day is a special gift from God to you and I want you to make the most of it. My dear, I promise to walk with you throughout your lifetime, my darling.

85. Seeing you today is like beholding a morning angel who comes with the beauty of a heavenly bride. Today is indeed, the birthday of a queen, everything that you’re about is no less than royal.

86. Happy birthday, the angel of my life. I’m grateful you’ve come this far in life. My happiest moments are the days you spend growing by my side. May you see so many more happy years.

87. Happy birthday, my joy. How can I show you what you mean to me, if not by showing you your inestimable worth each time of the year like this? I wish you so much happiness to the brim of your heart.

88. Happy birthday to the woman of my life. I see you on each side I face and I must say that your stand beside me gives me the greatest strength I’ve known. Happy birthday, my darling, you’re not alone.

89. Sweety, I can’t tell you how much joy it gives me seeing you grow so fast like a baby each day. What amuses me is your daily strength, your display of selflessness and show of love. You’re bigger than human, you’re an angel, I dare not hurt an angel. May you always fly so high. Happy birthday.

90. Happy birthday, wifey. On a beautiful day like this, an angel was born amongst us and a few years later, she decided to be my wife, that decision made me feel like the luckiest man in the world. Today, biting your birthday cake with you is such a rare honour. I wish you good health and long life.

91. Happy birthday, my woman. I would give you the gift of life if it was within my power as my present to you on this day. Today, got me emotional and thoughtful, cause I pondered over your life, time after time and at the end, I realized that you’re the best thing that ever came into this world.

92. Oh! Sweety, I wish we could play back your life together and see how far you’ve come. Growing as a baby into the most beautiful woman my heart ever captured has been a wonderful journey and transformation. As you age, it pleases my heart to see you grow and I simply can’t trade that for anything. I wish you so much peace in this chaotic world. Happy birthday, sweety.

93. My baby, this is my promise to you; in many years time when you’re old and with our grandkids I’ll be your strength and in my eyes, my love for you will continuously show. I love you in all time. Happy birthday.

94. Happy birthday to the woman who keeps me smiling for no reason than love. I charge the universe to heed your command on this day and as for me, you can be sure that I’ll never leave your side. This day is one of the days I will never miss for anything. I love you wifey.

95. Happy birthday, darling. If I gift you the best present in the world it wouldn’t be enough to mark your day and no matter how I try I can’t show how grateful I am to God for keeping you for me, however, I’ll not take this for granted. You’re the best thing that has happened to me. I wish you an unbeatable joy.

96. Happy birthday, my love. I can go on and on to sing your praise but the most important thing to me is that you came this far. You’ve lived the life of your dreams and I’m sure the rest of your life will beat those dreams. Many happy returns my love.

97. Happy birthday, my second half. I would serenade you with the most beautiful love song and give you a classic kiss that will always remind you of this day. Today, I promise you will be better than the hitherto years. I love you and I wish you all the joy there is in this world.

98. Happy birthday, my love. I simply can’t, explain how I feel seeing you wake up to this beautiful day. You glow better than yesteryears and seeing you today seems like beholding a new creature, you’re simply a wonderful creature. I wish you many happy returns.

99. Happy birthday, dear wifey. If I could create a perfect world for you I will cause, everything about you looks perfect to me. Your birthday is like the first day of the year, it’s second to none. I love you, my love.

100. Happy birthday, baby. I wish you many joy and happiness. I pray life takes you to the most beautiful height and gives you the greatest peace and fulfilment that exist. Trust me, you came out looking radiant today, the heavens are happy to see you grace this face of the earth.

101. Happy birthday, my golden jewel. You’ve always been my heart desire, prayer and beautiful wish. Each day of my life has been to make yours more beautiful than it was yesterday. As you clock a new age, may you age like the stars and remain important like the sun. I love you yesteryears and years to come.

102. Happy birthday, dearie. Even as I look to heaven, I see your name written in the sky and I see your wishes coming to fruition. It’s amazing how thousands of angels are working to celebrate this birthday with you. I’m more than happy to feel your breath on my skin on this day.

103. Happy birthday, my queen. Seeing you walk, eat, smile, laugh and drink is my greatest joy today, and having you next to me in a moment like this makes me grateful to God. Many fulfilling returns, wifey.

104. Happy birthday, my Lady. You’re an important angel and you make my heart know peace and joy that are beyond my comprehension. I love you in all seasons, days and time. I wish you many, many worthy returns.

105. Happy birthday, sweety. On this day, it’s my utmost desire that blessings rain on you like a thunderous rain. May your basket be full of harvest and your heart be filled with beautiful moments.

106. Today, I wish you’ll take your time to reflect on how far you’ve come then, you’ll come to understand how beautiful your life came to be. You’re many things to me, however, you stand out as the angel of my life. Happy birthday, my angel.

107. Today, feels unusually good, it dawned on me that it’s your birthday, little wonder an overwhelming ecstasy came on me. Sweety, happy birthday. I wish you a life with so much meaning and impact.

108. Happy birthday, my love. May each breeze that blows today bring great relief to you and may the sun that shines today, rub glory and honour on you. My love, I wish you so many things but above all these, is an abundant life.

109. Happy birthday, my darling. I can’t seem to get you out of my mind, is it because it’s your birthday or because you’re the best thing to be breathing in my world? Either way, you’re the best choice I ever made and your birthday is the best 24hours that ever existed. My love, I wish you the sweetness of life.

110. Happy birthday, my love. Has I gaze through your eyes today, I see the beauty I’ve never seen in ages, this is a sign that you remain beautiful like a growing flower beside a flowing water. My love, I wish you beautiful days and years ahead.

111. Happy birthday, sweety. You’re the reason today is bright and the reason it makes sense. It will rain joy, happiness, prosperity and long life today because heavens must bless a rare gem today. I love you!

112. Happy birthday, honey. I know the world is full of many people, but you stand out not just as my woman but as a person with a rare heart. If I gaze at you in awe today, it’s because your growth over the years has been simply amazing. Many happy returns dear.

113. Wifey, I love you from when you were conceived to when you were birthed and I’m sure I’ll love you till old age. A year plus looks so good on you. Today is such a remarkable day, cause, the brightest star was formed today. I love you and I wish you celebrate more years with you.

114. Happy birthday, my love. I’ll never stop counting each of your days on earth cause, you’re a rare gem who lives life to the fullest, you make each moment count and I love how you do it.

115. Happy birthday, my treasure. I have reasons to smile and conquer the world each day because you give me reasons to. You’ve been my strength, inspiration and my all, with you I’ll love to live life again.

116. Happy birthday, sweety. Whether it rains cat and dog you’ll be my peace and when life is rosy and beautiful you’ll be the centre of my attention. Has you grow older, my love for you grows radiant. I love you and wish you unmerited favours.

117. Happy birthday, honey. It took you a while to clock this milestone but finally, you made it here and the most beautiful part of it is that you’re so incomparable to yesteryears, you’ve metamorphosed into a more beautiful and great person. I love you and wish you so much joy.

118. Happy birthday, my love. You’re the reason everyone made it today, so they can celebrate with you. Be assured that, love, peace and joy will surround you henceforth like the air you breath and as for me, I won’t resist showing you to the world, you make me proud at all time.

119. Happy birthday, my lifetime partner. It was you who made me a better man, it was you who made a befitting partner and I’m glad that you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy birthday, my love.

120. If I could make a wish today, my wish will be that you see your children’s children in good health, joy and absolute bliss. Happy birthday, my world.

121. Happy birthday, my love. I loved you yesterday, I love you more today and years to come, my love will be incomparable to today, cause, I’ll cherish you more than ever.

122. Happy birthday, wifey. It gives me great joy calling you my wife and I can’t tell you how much it feels celebrating this moment with you. It feels like the day I took my vow to love and cherish you. Many more soothing years to come.

123. Happy birthday, my heartbeat. The more I feel your breath, the more I’ll thank God for your life. You’re a conqueror, who has scaled through the challenges of life unblemished. I wish you many happy returns.

124. Happy birthday, my queen. You’re enough for me and whether time changes or not you’ll always remain my number one. I love so much you dear.

125. Happy birthday, my heartthrob. You age like a star, you age flawlessly. I wish you a lifetime of achievement and happiness. Many happy returns.

126. Happy birthday, gorgeous. I love celebrating this day by your side, telling you everything that you mean to me, even though I’ll fail to say it all cause, they are inexplicable. My love, I wish you the kind of life.

127. Happy birthday, beautiful. Today, being your day is sacred to me, I’ll adore you more than you’ve ever seen. I’m happy to know that your smile will become broader and your happiness will become deeper. Have a fantastic day, basking in love.

128. Happy birthday, queen of my kingdom. You’re more than an epitome of beauty, beyond your pulchritude, you radiate kindness, unconditional love and humanity. I wish you a great recompense of your kindness.

129. Happy birthday, sweety. You’re more than my imagination, you beat my wishes and you’re more than the answers to my prayer. Thank you for walking into this earth and choosing to stay with me. Your presence in this world leaves the traces of an angel.

130. Happy birthday, honey. I wish I can make this day slow, so I can take the whole day, describing your glory, though time will pass me by if I try to. May today be the beginning of a more beautiful journey for you. I love you.

131. Happy birthday to the queen of my hacienda. Favour is what befits you, and only happiness, kindness and peace can recompense you. This life has become a joyous place all because a soul like yours exist. Today marks another year that an angel has been amongst humans.

132. Happy birthday, my woman, my everything. I can’t wait to see you grow from glory to glory. I can’t wait either to see you as a lovely grandma to our grandkids in years to come. I love you, dearie.

133. My greatest wish of today is to see you sleeping in peace and waking up with liveliness in you. I wanna see you beam with joy, bounce in glory and fulfilling

134. Happy birthday, my queen. You sit upon the throne of my life and you govern with love, respect, kindness and wisdom. If this world should come again, you’ll always rule my world. I’m wishing you many happy returns, my love.

135. How ironic! You grow older by the day yet remain so young at heart and full of energy in the body. The life you exude wakes up the life in me. Happy birthday, my love.

136. Happy born day. Many years ago, a gold was refined, and a treasure was discovered. I love the woman you’ve grown to be. I wish you an impeccable life.

137. Seeing you today leaves me in awe. You’ve grown beyond my imagination and with you, I believe life is a gift with so many opportunities. You’ve exploited each opportunity and today you appear as an amazing work of God. Happy birthday, baby.

138. Happy birthday, my love. Seeing you gives me gaiety. My dreams are fulfilled in your dreams and your love for me is a gift that I can never turn down. I’ll live to appreciate you. Wishing you so much joy.

139. Happy birthday, wifey. You stood where I was falling, you ran where I was crawling and you lifted me up when I was down. Today, I choose to celebrate your value in my life and for the rest of my life, I’ll always pay my debt to you. I love you. Have a fantastic day.

140. Happy birthday, royal diadem. Today, I wanna tell you that, if you ever walked out of happiness, please find your way back, if you ever walked out on your dreams, kindly chase them. Your life holds a beautiful meaning to me and I can’t seem to describe it.

141. Happy birthday, my Juliet. I would sacrifice the world to you, in order to mark this day. Throwing you a shindig wouldn’t be enough. You deserve every bit of happiness that exists in life. Many happy returns, my love.

142. Happy birthday, my love. Today, you’ve been clothed with longevity and crowned with wisdom. You’re more beautiful than ever. I wish you, fulfilled dreams.

143. Happy birthday, my heartbeat. You came into this world with a bag of dreams and today you’re a fulfilment of dreams. You’re the envy of others and you stand as an admiration to me. I can’t do this life without you, your existence is a life to my world.

144. Happy birthday, my honey. You’ve sweetened my life more than a honeycomb. You’ve graced my world with possibilities and love beyond measures.

145. Happy birthday, sweety. Many happy returns. You’ve filled all the vessels in your life with love and gaiety. Emptiness is nowhere around you. You’re an epitome of what life was made to be.

146. I’m glad to say that you made me proud of your lifestyle likewise, your creator is happy seeing you do wonders with the life he breathed in you. You’re a diamond.

147. Happy birthday, my pumpkin. You showed me the true meaning of life cause, you gave life a worth that has never been given to it before. You’re rare amongst humans. Your virtues are uncommon in the human race. I wish you many fulfilling returns.

148. Happy birthday, my only one. You never came into this world empty, you came with love, kindness that go round and glory that shines around. Thanks for illuminating my world with your beauty.

149. Every fibre of me sings your praise this morning. Each breath in me is a sign of my appreciation to you. I celebrate you for many reasons but above all, for standing tall in the midst of life trials. Happy birthday, my darling.

150. Happy birthday, my rainbow. Just like the rain, you bring refreshment and merriment to the heart and like the sun you illuminate the earth. I wish you an everlasting life.