Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for My Husband

It is your husband’s birthday and some special messages are needed to help him celebrate and know your thoughts about him but you don’t have the time to.

Birthdays are special. Even more special when it is someone special’s. Let us help you celebrate his birthday with the sweet romantic happy birthday wishes for my husband below.

Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

Romantic and Sweet Happy Birthday Messages/Wishes for Husband on his special day.

1. Nothing can ever replace you in my life. Happy birthday to you my one and only. I love you.

2. Happy birthday to the only man that loves me more than he loves himself. Happy birthday to you my dearest husband.

3. Today marks the day you were born years ago. You are in for greatness Happy birthday to you my dearest husband.

4. This day years ago, ever before I was conceived, God knew what would be best for me and a great man was birthed. That man is my husband today. Happy birthday to you, my darling.

5. As God had good thoughts towards me when he created you, so his thoughts for you will be for your good today and always. Happy birthday to you my beloved husband.

6. Happy birthday to the man of my dreams, happy birthday to my husband. You know I love you right? You are the best.

7. Happy birthday to the number one man in my life, my husband. My love for you is unlimited.

8. Of all the men in my life; my father, my brothers, my sons, my uncles, my nephews, friends and colleagues, you are the most important to me and I cherish you. Happy birthday to you my darling husband.

9. To the only man who loves me in and out of season. Who loves me when it is convenient and when it is not convenient. Happy pleasant birthday.

10. To the one who makes my life sweeter every day. I wish you the sweetest year of your life yet. Happy birthday my Hubby of life.

11. To the only man who sacrifices his comfort for me to be comfortable. May you be comfortable today and beyond. Happy birthday best.

12. To my husband who does everything within his power to make me happy. I wish an excitingly outstanding birthday. I love you boy.

13. Happy birthday to the sweetest, most handsome and most amazing man on earth. Kisses to you my darling. Enjoy your day.

14. To the only man who gives me complement early in the morning even without makeup on my face. Happy birthday to you My handsome husband. I love you.

15. Happy birthday to my own very one and only Mr handsome. You know I love you.

16. My coach my mentor my husband. Happy birthday to you and more wisdom. I’m crazy for you.

17. Happy birthday to my husband. You make my life beautiful and I celebrate you today and every day of my life.

18. I appreciate God who has given me the opportunity to witness yet another birthday of yours. I will love you till I die.

19. Your life is a proof that God is merciful. You are the mercy of God to me. Happy birthday.

20. I celebrate my friends on their birthdays and I celebrate you even more because you are more than a friend. Happy birthday sweet husband.

21. I may not be able to throw a party or buy an expensive Gift, but I send these words of love to you to say how special you are to me. Happy birthday my love.

22. I know that I don’t have to spend so much to show that I love you but I can be the first to wish you a pleasant and exciting year. Happy birthday, love.

23. May this new year favour you my dear husband so that you can be more romantic. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

24. You are the only man on earth that I get to take his opinion of me seriously. Thank you for standing by my love. Happy birthday to you.

25. Happy birthday to my deliciousness, his Excellency who happens to be my husband. I love you more than I love coconut rice.

26. If I were a man/male, I would be you. You are a complete embodiment of what a man should be. Happy birthday my sweet husband.

27. Happy birthday my lovely husband. I wish you a more beautiful life than the one you try to give me. You are the best man alive and you are the best for me.

28. Your birthday reminds me of many reasons to be grateful to God. Reasons too many to mention. I pray God gives you countless reasons to be grateful. I cherish you.

29. If you were not born today, I wouldn’t be the happiest wife alive. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and joy. Happy birthday my best.

30. Happy birthday to the roof over my head. On this day of yours, I wish you God’s protection and love. May his roof of protection remain above you wherever you go. I love you, my husband.

31. On this birthday of yours, I give you a promise: I will never love another. Happy birthday to the only man I love.

32. Happy birthday to my Man Crush every day. heaven best is surely yours. I love you incurably.

33. Happy natal day to my sweet husband. I love the way you do me and my prayer for you is that God does you better than you do me. I love you endlessly.

34. You came into my life and made it so memorable that is why I would never forget your birthday for anything. Happy birthday to the perfect man for me. I love you, my husband.

35. Happy birthday to the only person who knows me better than I know myself. Lines have fallen already for you in pleasant places. I love you.

36. Birthdays fall once every year but your love for me is every second. I wish you good success, greater accomplishments, and sound health. I love you, my husband, you are my sunshine.

37. I wish that you enjoy the free things of life: air, sleep peace of mind and most important of all, the love that we share. These things are free but not cheap because, without them, you cannot enjoy life. I love you.

38. Happy birthday, sweety. You are the best husband anyone can have. I pray that when you look back on your life, you can just smile without regrets. My love for you is sure.

39. Happy birthday to the one who crushes on me and I on him but we never get crushed. I wish you a lifetime of crushing on me. May we never get over crushing on ourselves. I love you.

40. Happy birthday to my one true love. On this day and always, I wish your love for me is an endless love. May you never get too used to love me. Of course, you know I love you.

41. Happy birthday to my sweety of life. The only man that never get tired of loving me. I love you more.

42. Happy birthday from me to you my darling husband. Because nobody has ever died of too much loving, I wish to love you more this year than I ever loved you before. Enjoy your day.

43. To my Mr handsome, Mr incredible, Mr endowed, happy birthday. I wish you God’s all-around protection against all that is against you.

44. Happy birthday to the man who spoils me silly with love. I wish to love you better by the day. You are deliciously delicious.

45. Happy birthday to the man who never blows his trumpet. You know you are exceptional and I’m proud of you, right?

47. Being a good wife is a way to celebrate husband. I promise to be a better wife than I have always been to you. Happy birthday, honey. I love you.

48. Happy birthday to my ATM. You do more than provide for me and the family, you care for us. I pray for money in your account in Jesus’ name. Don’t forget that I love you.

49. Happy birthday my superman. It is such a pleasure having you in my life. I love you, my precious husband.

50. Happy birthday to my support system, this birthday message is a reminder and affirmation of my love and commitment to you. I love you.

51. You are my crown. You crown me with so much grace and splendour. Happy birthday my king. I love you.

52. Happy birthday my husband. The reason for which I married you; God’s wisdom, by multiplied as you mark your birthday today, so may you mark a continuous increase in wisdom. I love you for life.

53. I adore you because you are adorable, I love you because you are loveable, I celebrate you because you are worth celebrating. Happy birthday my husband of love.

54. I hope you are counting your blessings today? Because I’m counting mine and I have run out of number because I have you. You are more than a million blessings in one. Happy birthday to you my compendium of blessings. I love you my sweetness.

55. As you help me go up on the ladder of life, I pray continuous elevation so that we can go higher together. Happy birthday, darling. Your loving wife.

56. Happy birthday to the person who makes me smile. May smiles not depart from your face from today onwards. All my love to you only.

57. Happy birthday to the one who is my shade when it rains. May the harsh rains of this life never fall on you. I love you.

58. When I’m weak you are always strong for me. Thanks for being my strength. Happy birthday my love.

59. When I cry, you are there by my side always wiping away my tears and offering a strong shoulder to lean on. Happy birthday to you sweets. You are my superman.

60. I waited for the one that God will send and I’m fulfilled since I met you. You are every bit worth the wait. I love to love you.

61. The day you were born was a day of joy. The brightest day that was ever created by God. Happy birthday to you. I love you.

62. Happy birthday to a nobleman of inestimable value. My husband of five years and forever to go. I love you.

63. My life was wasting before I met you that I wish I had met you earlier. Happy birthday to the only man who makes me feel like a woman the one who completes me.

64. Happy birthday to the one who has brought out the best in me. I’m the best because you made me and you deserve the best. So I give my self to you.

65. You taught me faithfulness in relationships by your exemplary faithfulness even in a society where it seems like men have exclusive right to cheat. Happy birthday. I love you especially.

66. On this special day, I pray that your wife, children and everyone who has contact with you say of a truth that your life is exemplary. Happy birthday, darling sweet husband.

67. I’m sending you sweet kisses to keep your lips moist and put a smile on your face even as you work. Happy birthday to you my darling husband.

68. Happy birthday to the man that knows how to make me miss him when he is not around and look forward to seeing him like I am now. I adore you.

69. Happy birthday to you my adorable husband. Playing wife to you gives me the greatest fulfilment and accomplishment in life.

70. Happy birthday to the one with whom my heart communicates. I will never love anyone like I love you and no one can ever do me like you do me. I love you.

71. I chose today to appreciate you for loving me, caring for me, cherishing me, making me happy and believing in me. You are the reason I believe so much in myself honey. Happy birthday my love.

72. Today we are celebrating your life and I want to seize this opportunity to celebrate our love and pray that on this day next year, we will have many more things to celebrate. Happy birthday, love.

73. May you enjoy all the good things that life offers you including my love for you because I enjoy every bit of yours. Happy birthday, sweetie.

74. On days like this, the ecstasy I feel is indescribable, that is how I know that I was made for you and you for me. Happy birthday to the one who was made for me.

75. I excel on loving and cherishing the love that we share. Happy birthday to the man with whom I share my life.

76. You take me to the highest mountain with your love
The heights your love takes me is higher than Mount Everest. Happy birthday. I love you.

77. My daily bread. I’m sure I won’t starve so am sure of you. Happy birthday dear husband.

78. Happy birthday to the one who came into my life and made me fertile in all ramifications. Happy birthday to my beloved husband.

79. You are endowed with wisdom from above and you are incredible. Happy birthday to my Mr quintessential. I love that you are my husband.

80. To the one who taught me many things that I know. My own teacher who is patient with me at all times. Happy birthday to you my Mr incredible.

81. I get tired of you people easily and thought I would never marry but I married you and don’t want you to ever leave my side: not even for one second. I love your love.

82. I love just being with you even if that is all I have to do all year round. Happy birthday to my companion for life.

83. Happy birthday to the one I always look up to. I’m glad our son has a great role model to look up to.

84. It’s your birthday and I’m thinking: we need to stay up a little late tonight. We have a little catching up to do. I love being your wife.

85. I know God really loves me and is looking out for me that is why he gave me the best. I love that you are my husband.

86. Happy birthday to the only man that I happen his only woman. I love being your woman.

87. Nothing can even come between us. My life with you is more valuable to me than anything else. Happy birthday to the husband-the love of my life.

88. You care so much how I feel and always but my feelings first before you make any decision. God shall put you first in the scheme of things on this birthday of yours and always.

89. Happy birthday to the one man I know who is always in charge: calm cool and calculated. You make me stable. I love you, my husband, you are the best.

90. Do with me whatever you deem best for me for I trust your leadership. Happy birthday best husband-leader.

91. Happy birthday to the man who makes loving him easy, sweet and enjoyable.

92. Happy birthday to my rock. Happy birthday to my husband. Happy birthday to my love.

93. Happy birthday to my only man friend: all others are assistant man friends. I love you

94. Happy birthday to you my superstar. Shine bright like a diamond.

95. Happy birthday to my husband, the man who treasures my heart and guards it jealously.

96. Happy birthday to my superhero and Superman. I have my fairytale husband in you. Happy sweet.

97. Happy birthday to you my darling husband. Let me use this opportunity to let you know that I’m lost without you. I love you

98. I am a happy woman because I have a man who makes me his priority. Happy birthday to the only husband in the world.

99. You are my baby and also my daddy and I love you so. Happy birthday.

100. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy birthday my companion of life

101. Happy birthday to my husband. You do everything for me not because I cannot do them for myself but as an expression of your love for me. I love you back.

102. Happy birthday to the one who is my sweet warm blanket on a cold rainy day.

103. Loving you my darling has given meaning and definition to my life. Happy birthday my love.

104. In your short life on earth, you have achieved so much and God has kept seeing another year. His plans for you are not yet accomplished. May you accomplish all that God created you to in your lifetime. I love you.

105. Birthday blessings darling husband. Live well and savour the moment.

106. Happy birthday to the only man who knows my “mumu button”. The man whose love strips me of everything I know.

107. Happy birthday to you, honey. You know my mumu button but you never take advantage of me.

108. You teach me not to be indebted to people who feel entitled to me but you make me feel entitled to you. I will forever be indebted to you.

109. Better than bae, greater than boo. Happy birthday to my husband.

110. To my husband who is full of surprises-pleasant surprises for me. Happy birthday.

111. The only one I can count on for some cheering up. I will cheer you up all my life. Happy birthday to you sweet husband.

112. Happy birthday to you my dearest sweet husband. Let me seize this opportunity to remind you that I’m glad I married you and I’m living my dream being your wife.

113. Being married to you is the sweetest experience of my life. Happy natal day love.

114. Happy birthday my honey bun. Every day I spend with you seems like the first. You are much more loaded than I thought. I will love you forever.

115. There are many men in my life but there is just one man in my heart and that’s you my sweetness. Happy beautiful birthday to you my precious husband.

116. May you feel good and beautiful this year and beyond just the way you make me feel. It is a new year for you honey and I wish you better things that you wish yourself.

117. Happy birthday to the man who makes me crazy and is also the cure for my craziness. I love the way you cure me. I wish you the very best.

118. Your imperfection is perfect for me, you make me feel perfect by making me see my imperfections as a gift. I love your imperfections for in them am I made perfect.

119. Happy birthday to the man who loves me more than I love myself and whom I love more than he loves himself. You love for me is overwhelming, but I love you even more.

120. Loving you is the greatest birthday gift I can give you. My unreserved love is yours now and always. Happy birthday my love.