Happy 21st Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Sister

Sisters are some of the best people, all over the world. Sisters have tender hearts that accommodate so many people and things. Sisters are the most understanding people in the world, and when you talk to them about anything, they make it seem like they’ve been there, even if they haven’t, just to make you snap out of the mood.

A sister like this could be younger or older. If you have a sister like this, and it’s her 21st birthday, you actually should let her know how you feel about having her in your life. Nothing is too much to celebrate and appreciate this kind of person, but you might be confused as to which option to go for.

Well, I have the best option for you, and that’s the happy 21st birthday wishes and quotes for sister below. They will help you deliver exactly what’s on your mind because they were written to satisfy you and the receiver. I hope you choose the one she will best relate to.

Happy 21st Birthday Messages for Sister

I have thought about what I could possibly use to celebrate you today, but I have exhausted all options, that’s why I have resorted to sending you this message. Honestly, you will always be the best and closest to me. I wish you a happy 21st birthday, my sister.

1. Happy 21st birthday, my beautiful sister. On your birthday, I want you to know that no one is better than you. You’re the best because you always lead by example. I’m so happy that I get to call you my sister. Here’s wishing you the biggest celebration of the year. I love you so much.

2. You already know how much you mean to me, so there’s no need to write an epistle. You’ve been the biggest part of my life, and you’ve never stopped supporting me. Whatever you do, you will always have my support. Happy 21st birthday to you, dear sister.

3. I have never seen a better sister, though. You always make everyone happy and merry. I can’t even remember the last time I was sad. Thank you for filling everyone’s lives with so much happiness and love. Today, I hope that they come back to you in multiple folds. Happy 21st birthday.

4. I used to think that our parents choose you over me, I didn’t know that they were just being the wonderful parents they’ve always been. Today, I appreciate you for everything you keep doing to set a good example for me. I promise not to ever disappoint you. Happy 21st birthday.

5. If there’s anything like an afterlife, then I would love to be your sister again and again. I’m so lucky and blessed to have you in my life. You’re not only a blessing to me, but to so many others who are attached to me. On behalf of everyone that has crossed paths with you, I wish you a happy 21st birthday.

6. You’ve always been the most respectful younger sister. I wonder what I would do without you. You’re always coming through with your maximum love and support. Thank you for all you do for your big sister. Here’s wishing that you have an amazing 21st birthday. I love you.

7. You’re my biggest motivation, in case you didn’t know. You’re the reason I keep working very hard because I don’t ever want you to beg for anything. I’m so happy to see that you’re doing well. I hope you don’t get tired of being responsible. Happy 21st birthday.

8. I can’t possibly talk about my growth process, without making mention of you. You’re just 21, but you’ve always proven to be the best big sister ever. I have never seen anyone like you, but I wouldn’t mind if I see more of you. Happy 21st birthday, my beautiful sister.

9. You have always been a vibe. Everyone is always happy to have you around. And when you open your mouth to talk, everyone stays still, just so they can listen to whatever you have to say, even if it doesn’t make sense. You’re so loved, sister. Happy 21st birthday.

10. I draw my strength from you, my dear sister. You’re the one who gives me wings to fly. I can’t think of anything on my own, without having to let you know about it. You’ve just been very supportive of my growth. Thank you for all you do. Do have a happy 21st birthday.

11. You’re a blessing to everyone around you. You take solace in helping everyone, not minding their religion or nationality. You keep making it easy to live a good and decent life. I hope you don’t stop being the best example of a big sister. Happy 21st birthday.

12. Whenever we are not together, I’m not always happy. I always look forward to seeing you again. In fact, I always count down to when I feel I would see you again. My sister, it’s so obvious that I can’t do without you. You’re the best, and I hope the best happens to you, this year. Happy 21st birthday.

13. My little sister, I’m super proud of you and everything you do. You always come to me for a piece of advice, and I’m glad that I have never turned you down. Thank you for choosing to be the perfect little sister for me. I’m wishing you a beautiful life ahead. Happy 21st birthday.

14. I always look forward to spending time with you, because you’re the only one who always knows what’s going on in my life. Whether I let you know or not, you just always find your way around everything. I’m so happy that you chose me. Happy 21st birthday.

15. My beautiful sister, my life is incomplete without you, and it’s so obvious. No matter where I am or what I am doing, all I think about is how to make you have a comfortable and happy life. I honestly can’t wait to do much more for you. Happy 21st birthday.

16. You have always been the best. Now, I understand why you’re our parents’ favourite. You seem to have a perfect life. You’re always very determined and passionate about everything you set your mind to achieve. Trust me, I’m super proud of you. I wish you all the best. Happy 21st birthday.

17. I can’t believe my baby sister is 21, already. Where has the time gone? I’m so happy to see what you’ve turned out to be. I want you to know that you will always have my support and encouragement, no matter what. Keep being the best you’ve always been. Happy 21st birthday.

18. You have always been a fan of a very big birthday party, but you’ve never been lucky to have one. Today, on your 21st birthday, I’m making that wish come true. Please, don’t thank me, as you’ve been the most amazing and wonderful little sister. You obviously deserve it. Happy 21st birthday to you.

19. Trust me, I can’t wait to get a better job, so I can earn enough money to take good care of you. You deserve to live above this standard. Please, keep praying for me, as I wish to do more for you. I hope this year comes with so many blessings for you. Happy 21st birthday.

20. You have always been the one who listens carefully. You have never left me to sort out any issue alone, even though I am the older one. Dear sister, I can’t thank you enough for all you keep doing. I love you so much, and can’t wait to be the perfect sister for you. Happy 21st birthday.

21st Birthday Quotes for Sister

I am very good with writing quotes, but when it comes to you, I’m lost for the appropriate words. I can’t thank you enough for being so thoughtful and understanding, every time. It’s your 21st birthday, and I can’t wait to party with you. Happy 21st birthday, my dear sister.

21. You have no idea how happy I am today. It’s your 21st birthday, my darling. You’ve been so wonderful, right from day one. I’m so happy to celebrate your 21st birthday with you. I know you have so many dreams and aspirations. I hope that God makes them come true. Happy 21st birthday.

22. I’m not just lucky; I am blessed to have a sister who is as thoughtful as you. You reason way above your age, my dear. Your words always hit the right spot in me. I’m grateful for having you in my life. I hope you don’t stop giving me hope. Happy 21st birthday.

23. If only you know how many of my friends will love to have a sister like you. Whenever I talk about you, they just bury their heads in shame, because they can’t relate. You’ve been a constant source of joy and happiness to my existence. I can’t thank you enough, but I hope God thanks you for me. Happy 21st birthday.

24. The best life isn’t the one that has all the material things in the world, but the one that lives in peace amongst everyone. You have the best life, dear sister. Sometimes, I can’t but wonder if you even fight anyone at all. No one dares come close to you, because I will fight on your behalf. Happy 21st birthday.

25. You’re the most brilliant and beautiful younger sister ever. My dream became a reality, the day you decided to come to this world as my sister. No one’s life in this family has ever remained the same. We all are blessed to have you, but I am the most blessed of us all. Happy 21st birthday, my dear.

26. I’m thankful that I have the best person to call me “sister”. Being your big sister has been tasking, but I would love to do it over and over again. Over the years, I have only come to fall in love with you. There’s nothing you want, that I will not provide. Happy 21st birthday.

27. Being your sister might have its own disadvantages, but I will rather focus on the numerous advantages. You have always been a blessing to me. On your 21st birthday, I promise to never be anything short of a blessing to you. Happy 21st birthday, my beautiful sister.

28. You just always come through for me. Even when you’re not informed, you still find your way around things. You always get it right. I love the fact that you are my sister because it has only brought me so many blessings. Thank you for choosing me. Happy 21st birthday to you.

29. No one else deserves the best birthday celebration, other than you, my beautiful sister. That’s why I have made a lot of plans. Today, so many people will be here to celebrate with you. I want you to feel all the love in the world, today. Happy 21st birthday to you.

30. Having you in my life feels like a dream come true. In fact, it is. It is one blessing I am most grateful to God for. Thank you for being so amazing. Thank you for making your education a priority. Thank you for always being on your best behaviour, always. I love and wish you the best. Happy 21st birthday.

31. I still wonder how you keep managing me. I mean, I can be a handful, but you’ve never complained about feeling uncomfortable. You understand me even more than our parents. I’m so happy to have you in my life, even though I’d have loved you to be my twin. Happy 21st birthday to you.

32. I have never stopped going on my knees to thank God, ever since you became my sister. It has always been blessings upon blessings. I have never experienced a sad time, ever since you were brought home from the hospital. Thank you for filling our lives with joy unspeakable. Happy birthday.

33. I honestly don’t want to believe that you are 21st, already. Even though I try to forget, I find it difficult to take my mind off those times I used to change your diapers. Now, you’re 21 and a very big girl. I am proud of your growth and everything you’ve been up to. Happy 21st birthday, princess.

34. You have never stopped being a source of joy to this family. Everyone always loves to have you around, because of the positive vibes you always bring. No one else loves you more than I do. Here’s wishing you a year filled with God’s blessings. Happy 21st birthday.

35. I am the proudest sister ever. Having you as my sister has been a talking come true, I can’t even stop. talking about it. You’re a perfect replica of me. I hope that you don’t stop shinning like you always have. Here’s wishing that you have everything easy in the coming year. Happy 21st birthday.

36. You have never gotten tired of my craziness. Well, maybe you have, but you have never complained about it. I’m so happy to have you right beside me, like my sister. I hope everything is going on well with you. Happy 21st birthday, my baby. I wish you long life and prosperity. Amen.

37. You have never stopped wishing me well. Even when you don’t know about what’s happening, you always feel the need to encourage me. No one else claps as much as you do whenever I win. Having you in my life is the perfect blessing. Happy 21st birthday, my beautiful sister. Make sure you enjoy your day.

38. Trust me, I wish I can give you everything in the world because you deserve even more. But since I don’t have the power to, I am sending you this beautiful wish, so you can have the perfect day like you deserve. Happy 21st birthday, dear sister. Keep making us proud.

39. Mom won’t stop talking about how you keep making her proud, everywhere she goes. Apparently, people keep congratulating her for having such a wonderful daughter like you. Now, I want to be like you so badly. Well, since I am the older one, I guess I just have to keep going like this. Happy 21st birthday to you.

40. You’re the perfect one I have always been praying for. If only you knew how much I prayed to God for a sister like you before you eventually came. Now that you are here, I promise to make the whole experience worthwhile for you. Happy 21st birthday, my beautiful little sister. I love you so much.

Best 21st Birthday Wishes for Sister

It’s no more news that you’re the best sister in the world. Some people will do anything, just to have a sister as amazing as you. You’ve always been a huge part of my life, and I have never regretted being your big sister. I’m sending you the exact wishes you need for this new year. Happy 21st birthday.

41. It’s very obvious that my life is incomplete without you. I mean, there are some things I can’t think of doing unless you give your opinion. You’re just the perfect kind of sister I have always wanted. It’s so beautiful to be doing life with you. Here’s wishing you a year as fantastic as you are. Happy birthday.

42. I’m not saying this because you are my sister. I am doing it because it’s the fact. You’re the most beautiful lady I have seen. Trust me, you still look like a 12-year-old. I’m so happy that you don’t look like what you’ve been through. I’m hoping that the coming year comes with so many blessings and love. Happy 21st birthday.

43. I have always been a sucker for love for you. You’re the only one who truly deserves all the love in the world. I have been a good sister to you, but you’ve been the best. You’ve been more than I ever thought you were going to be. Thank you for choosing me. Happy 21st birthday to you.

44. Even though you’re the most annoying sibling ever, that doesn’t erase the fact that you’re the best of all sisters. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. I’m only managing your annoying self because you remain the best. This year, I wish you more sense to do the right things. Happy 21st birthday.

45. You have always been the best big sister. In fact, I couldn’t have asked God for another. I’m so glad that you keep living by example, so it can be easy for me to have a good life. I love you so much for loving me and being so selfless. Here’s wishing you the best time, this year. Happy 21st birthday.

46. You’re the only one I always enjoy spending time with. I could sit with you, looking at you and talking about nothing, till day breaks. I love you so much, dear sister. I hope you keep loving me, no matter how much I annoy you. Happy 21st birthday to you. Cheers!

47. Dear big sister, no matter what happens to you, I will keep being your cheerleader and number one fan. I don’t even mind what people think of you. All I know is that you’re the best and so many people would love to have you in their lives. Keep changing the world with your positive impact. Happy 21st birthday.

48. You’re the one who makes it easy for me to live life. I have learned so much from you in the past years, even though you’re just clocking 20. Do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise; you have the best life, and I hope it gets even better. Happy 21st birthday, my dear sister. Wish you the best.

49. You have always been in the picture. Whatever happens to me, you’re always present. I wonder how one can be so selfless like you. I know you’re my sister, but you also have your life to live and you should focus on that. Thank you for doing all you do. I hope I can pay you back, someday. Happy 21st birthday.

50. Honestly, no one is as happy as I am right now, not even our parents. We have been sisters and best friends, for a very long time. We both have so many things in common. We both can’t do without each other. You’re just like my significant other. I love and wish you the best. Happy 21st birthday.

51. The easiest thing for me to do, has always been to show you much love. And you’ve always had the bigger part to play because you make it easy for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better sister, honestly. I’m so glad that I am a proud big brother to the best little sister ever. Happy 21st birthday, my princess.

52. No matter what happens, I will always prefer you to anyone else. I will always choose you. I don’t care what people think or how they feel, you will continue to be number one in my life. You can’t change this, because it’s been a promise even before you were born. I just hope God helps me to keep it forever. Happy 21st birthday.

53. You’re the one I want to take care of, all my life. I honestly don’t mind dedicating my whole life to being the best big sister to you. You are so amazing, you know right? Thank you for filling out lives with so many possibilities and positivity. I wish you more happiness and love, in the coming year. Happy birthday.

54. It’s so easy for you to live in peace with everyone. I have never seen someone like you. No matter what people do to annoy you, you only keep reciprocating with love. Honestly, you just have so much love in your heart. I’m so proud to see how you sort issues with utmost maturity. You’re the best. Happy 21st birthday.

55. I can’t believe you are 21. How can a 21-year-old be so mature like this? Well, if I weren’t for your sister, maybe I wouldn’t have believed it. Thank you for being a good daughter to our parents, and an amazing sister to me. I love and wish you everything beautiful. Happy 21st birthday.

57. The best part of my life is 21 today, I can’t keep calm. You’ve been amazing for the past 21 years. You never change from being that lovely little girl we’ve always known. It’s so sweet to see how you’ve grown into a loving and wonderful lady. I wish you don’t stop growing beautifully. Happy 21st birthday.

58. Today, I join the rest of the world to welcome you into your 21st year. I have never been there, so I don’t know what it looks like. But whatever it is, I hope you enjoy God’s love to the fullest. I hope it brings you closer to better days. I love you so much. Happy 21st birthday.

59. There’s so much joy in my heart today because it’s your 21st birthday. I just wish I had something very big to gift you today. But since I don’t, I hope you’re satisfied with this beautiful wish. I love you so much and wish you all the beautiful things of life. Happy 21st birthday.

60. I’m the happiest person today, even the heavens know this. I have been waiting for this beautiful day, just like you always have. I’m so glad it’s finally here, and we can all celebrate you like we’ve been planning. Happy 21st birthday, my sister. Look forward to the best birthday of your life.

Birthday Wishes for Sister Turning 21

Your smile is the best thing about you; I can’t even do without it. Whenever I am confused as to the next step to take, all I need is for you to communicate with me. I’m so grateful to have the liveliest girl in my life. Here’s wishing you the best as you turn 21.

61. You have always been the sweetest individual ever. In fact, I have never pictured my life without you. I love how we always get along and put the past behind us, no matter how bad the fight is. And also, I’m always very happy to rejoice and celebrate with you. Happy 21st birthday, my sister.

62. Today is one of those occasions when I thank God for blessing me with the most beautiful blessing ever. I’m so elated to be celebrating you on your 21st birthday. Trust me, this is a big feat, and everyone is so happy to be experiencing it with you. Happy 21st birthday, my dear sister.

63. There’s no better sister anywhere. You are simply the best of them all. I never knew I would be so lucky with having a sister. None of my friends enjoys having a sister as I do. I’m grateful to God for your life. Here’s wishing you a glorious 21st birthday. I love you.

64. It has always been love at first sight. The moment I knew our Mon was having a child, I began to love you. I loved you, even more, when you were brought home from the hospital. It’s been 21 years, and the feeling still remains the same. I hope this love never dies. Happy 21st birthday to you.

65. Even with my last breath, I will celebrate you. Whether you win or not, I will always be ready to cheer you on. You have no idea what you mean to me. Being your sister is a role I will love to have forever. I hope God helps me to do and become better at it. Happy 21st birthday to you.

66. If showing love to my sister is a crime, then so be it! I don’t care what the world says or how they feel. All I want to do with my life is to keep loving and caring for you. This way, I will never have to lack anything in my life. You have your part to play, though. Happy 21st birthday, my amazing sister.

67. Things hardly happen without you. When you’re aware of something, it blossoms. That’s why I love to tell you everything that’s happening in my life. You’re a positive person, and everything that has to do with you oozes positivity. I’m so glad to be associated with you. Happy 21st birthday.

68. I want you to name whatever you would love to have, today. No matter how expensive or farfetched it is, I promise to provide it before the day runs out. I am serious about this, so I hope you take it seriously. Happy 21st birthday, my wonderful sister. May heaven bless you with lengthy years. I love you.

69. You have been the best sister for 21 years now. How have you been coping with someone like me? Don’t I give you enough problems? Don’t I stress you enough? What exactly have I been doing right, to make you keep up with my madness for such a long time? Whatever it is, I hope I don’t stop doing it. Happy 21st birthday.

70. You’re the only one who can pull such a crowd to yourself. I mean, look how people trooped out, just to celebrate you on your 21st birthday. I’m so happy to see how much you’re loved and accepted by the people you matter to. I hope you don’t stop being a good person to them. Happy 21st birthday.

71. It’s your 21st birthday and we have such a mammoth crowd. What will happen on your 50th birthday? This is just to show how much you’re are loved. I’m the happiest person to celebrate you, today. I hope you never lose your relevance. Happy 21st birthday to you.

72. You will always mean the world to me. I respect you a lot because you find it very easy to be yourself, in a world full of counterfeit. I’m your older sister, but I learn so much from you. I hope the world doesn’t succeed in changing who you truly are. Have a happy 21st birthday.

73. I only want to keep being the best brother to you. I want you to enjoy the luxury of the good things of life. I don’t ever want you to feel uncomfortable to the point of begging others for anything. Well, all these are up to you. If you keep being a good girl, we won’t have any issues. Happy 21st birthday.

74. I will choose you over and over again. You love and support me more than everyone else. What exactly have I done to deserve so much from you? You’re an amazing girl, and I hope I can keep up with your amazingness forever. Happy 21st birthday, my sweet sister. Love.

75. I don’t like impressing people, but if it takes me to impress you forever, then so be it! I just want you to keep being happy with me. I don’t ever want us to fight or even have an argument. I hope we can do this forever, just so we can be a good example to our kids. Happy 21st birthday, dear. Enjoy your day.

76. I know you love cakes, so your room is full of cakes. I can’t wait till you get back from school, so we can party overnight. No, don’t mention. You deserve even more, but this is just what I can afford, for now. With time, things will get better. Happy 21st birthday to you.

77. Even though I sometimes feel like quitting, whenever I think of you, my strength is renewed to keep pushing further. I want us to have good lives. I want us to be great examples to everyone coming behind us. You’ve been trying, but you can do better. Happy 21st birthday. I love you so much.

78. You’re just 21, but you’ve imparted more lives than a 50-year-old person. A large portion of your monthly income goes to feeding humanity. Honestly, I really want to have a heart like yours. You challenge me, and I love it. Happy 21st birthday, my dear. Enjoy yourself.

79. It’s been such a year! The last year wanted to make things worse, but mercy said no. I must commend you for being such a courageous and strong person. Oh no, I can’t believe you’re just turning 21. I hope you keep being an amazing individual. Happy 21st birthday.

80. You have touched more lives than I have, even as your big sister. Honestly, you challenge me to be better. I have never seen a younger sister as wise and mature as you are. This is the life God has given you, I hope you keep using it to bless others. Happy 21st birthday, my baby sister. I love you, dear.

Happy 21st Birthday Little Sister Quotes

Some things happen and don’t allow us to get along as we should, but you will always be on my mind. I can’t possibly trade you for anything in the world, because you mean the world to me. Thank you for being such a vibrant and loving little sister. Happy 21st birthday.

81. I don’t have the best things to celebrate you today, and it kind of makes me feel unhappy, but there’s nothing I can do. The most important thing is that it’s your 21st birthday, and nothing should be allowed to ruin the moment for you. I will try as much as possible to make sure that you enjoy your day. Happy 21st birthday, dear.

82. You have always been a loving and jovial person. Even people who only know you from afar can tell the same about you. Everyone loves and wants you in their lives. I wonder what your life would be like when you are 50 years old. I’m so proud of you, baby girl. Here’s wishing that you have the most beautiful birthday celebration ever.

83. Over here, all we do is rejoice and celebrate. It’s your 21st birthday, and we are doing the same. You have filled our lives with so much love. No one can talk about peace and love, without referring to your presence. Your amazingness is top-notch. Happy 21st birthday.

84. You’re the best, and I sincerely hope that the world doesn’t change you. People can be so unpredictable, you know? I just hope you keep doing things in moderation, so the world does not corrupt you. Wherever you might need guidance, I will always be willing to assist. Happy birthday.

85. I don’t know why it feels like we were born on the same day. Dear sister, I have known you all my life. The feeling of having a sister like you makes me confident in myself. You’re a blessing to the world at large, and today, we celebrate you. Happy 21st birthday, dear. I love you.

86. No one has ever had it easy. But with a sister like you, everything just flows naturally. I’m so happy to be your big sister. I’m so happy to be the one you turn to, whenever there’s a problem. I’m so happy to always be of help to you, whenever you run to me. I wish you the most wonderful year. Happy 21st birthday.

87. I will feel uninterested in celebrating you. You’re the highlight of my existence. I honestly can’t overemphasize your amazingness in my life. Even though I don’t have the world to give you today, I hope the universe keeps rewarding you with what you deserve. Happy 21st birthday, my sweet sister.

88. I’m always happy whenever you come to me for help. I’m glad that you always see me as a friend and sister to run to, whenever things don’t go well. Nothing makes me happier than being there for you, always. I hope God gives me more strength, so I don’t ever say no to you. Happy 21st birthday.

89. Sometimes, you’re the one I turn to for help. Sometimes, it’s your shoulders I cry on. You have never been too busy with anything, whenever it comes to caring about me. The happiness in my heart whenever I am with you, is everything and more. I hope we don’t stop being good sisters. Happy 21st birthday.

90. There’s no one I’d rather celebrate today, other than you. You’re the best person in my life. You’re the reason things keep happening for me. I can’t thank you enough for the happiness, love and fun you bring into my life. It’s another year to make more beautiful memories with you. Happy 21st birthday, my dear.

91. I always love it whenever you call me “sister”. Nothing else makes me happier than answering this title. I have been your sister for 21 years now, and things only keep getting better with time. I know that we are going to do so much together, someday. Happy 21st birthday, darling.

92. It’s been a pleasure to be your sister, for 21 years. Even though we still have more years to come, I can’t let this day pass by, without acknowledging the fact that I have been so blessed to be your sister. It gives me so much joy to rejoice with you on your 21st birthday. I know this is the least you’d ever be. Happy 21st birthday.

93. I know you’re very happy right now, but my happiness supersedes yours. I must be honest; you have been so good to me. You always take my side, whenever mom wants to show herself. I’m just thankful that I have a sister who cares about me, more than anyone else. I love you so much. Have you a happy 21st birthday.

94. Only God makes things happen, and that’s why I am acknowledging Him, today. God gave me the best sister in the world, which is you. Ever since you became my sister, things have never been the same. They only keep getting better. Thank you for choosing me over everyone else. Happy 21st birthday.

95. Just give me a reason not to love you. You can never come up with one, because everything you do, makes me love you even more. Thank you for always trying your best to be better. I’m sure the future has greater things in store for you. Get ready to have your best year yet. Happy 21st birthday.

96. Sometimes, I don’t feel like talking to anyone. Everyone else picks offence, but you’re the only one who understands me perfectly. No matter how badly I behave, you don’t ever judge me. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I hope you choose me again, if possible there’s an afterlife. Happy 21st birthday.

97. It’s been such an amazing ride with you. I never knew we could be best friends, considering how much we always argued when we were younger. I’m so happy that you’re the closest person to me, right now. I promise not to ever make you regret being my sister. Happy 21st birthday.

98. Whatever I can do, you do even better. I have never seen anyone who’s nearly perfect as you. I’m glad to be your sister because you always give me bragging rights. On your 21st birthday, I want you to know that you’re the light of the world. Without you, the world will remain in darkness. Shine on, my sister. Happy birthday to you.

99. I have always loved you, right from when you were in our mom’s womb. I always played with her stomach and rubbed it like I was playing with you. Us being very close didn’t just start now. It started even when I was yet to know what you looked like. I’m so happy that 21 years after, we are still the closest. Happy birthday to you.

100. I will keep celebrating you, even when a gun is being pointed at my head. I love you more than life itself. Even though I don’t know exactly how much you mean to me, I will love to have you in my life, forever. Happy 21st birthday, my sister and friend. I cherish you so much.

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