Happy Birthday Wishes for 11 Year Old Daughter

From the day you held your daughter in your arms until now, your cupcake has changed your views about parenthood. You unknowingly protect her even when she’s fine and watch her grow to become what you are proud of. Yearly, you spoil her silly on her birthdays with so many gifts and love because you wanted her to always remember that you love her.

Now that she’s 11years old, time has changed and she’s now mature enough to know what she wants for her birthday. At this age, a birthday card will be highly appreciated by her because she knows every word in there is the expression of how much she means to you.

So, look for a birthday card that depicts her person and the things she loves, carefully select words that will awe-maze her and make her feel like a baby(well, she’s still your baby!). The next thing she does is to hug you tight and whisper a sincere “thank you” to you. Well, don’t forget to whisper ‘I love you’ back to her.

So, look at these happy birthday wishes for 11 year old daughter you can write on the card for your beautiful daughter or send as a text message to her. You can even use them as your social media status for that day.

Happy 11th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

My daughter, I celebrate you today and I hope these wishes come to reality for you because you have made us proud and being 11, you have not been carefree as people hoped for. Always remember, the sky is your beginning. Happy birthday and best wishes!

Check out these beautiful collections of 11th birthday wishes for a daughter who you love and cherish so much.

1. Happy glorious 11th birthday to you, my dearest daughter. May you have a double of this. Many happy returns, sweetest girl.

2. Darling daughter, you are gradually becoming a teenager, a beautiful one at that. May you experience joy all the days of your life. Enjoy being 11, honey.

3. You are the best gift I received 11years ago. Thank you for making us, proud parents. Happy birthday, angel.

4. Hey daughter, you have stepped into double digits. May you receive double blessings now and forever. Happy 11th birthday to you.

5. You are few years to becoming a teenager. I’m so happy about your growth and maturity. Continue to be a special baby girl. Happy 11th birthday to my cupcake.

6. The day is bright just like your face, the sky so blue just like your eyes, you are the definition of nature. Welcome to chapter 11, sweetheart.

7. Double digits, double blessings, double joy, double peace – these are our prayers for you as you clock 11 today. Happy birthday.

8. Happiest 11th birthday to the cutest girl on earth. May you see reasons for your existence. We love you daughter. Happy birthday

9. On your 11th birthday, darling daughter, I hope you feel happy and healthy. Many more years to you.

10. As you turn 11, may you receive blessings from the north, south, east and west. Happy birthday to you, my precious girl

Birthday Wishes for Daughter 11 Year Old

My pumpkin, these wishes are my written expression of how I want you to succeed as you turn 11 today and I hoped they all come true for you. You are precious to me, always remember that. Happy birthday, my daughter.

These birthday wishes for your daughter who is 11 years old are just what she needs to read and see how you want her future to be.

11. You are one daughter every parent prayed for, you are beautiful, unique and talented. Have a fulfilled birthday. 11 looks perfect on you.

12. Every day, you make us blessed the day you came into our lives. You are a special girl to us. Happy 11 years to my little angel.

13. We are the happiest family today because our daughter is 11 years old. Yippee. We can’t wait to watch you become the best human on earth. Enjoy your day.

14. Just because you turn 11 today, your bed and domestic chores will be done by your siblings. You are free like a bird but remember, it’s just for TODAY. Happy birthday, my precious daughter.

15. Wake up, look out through the window and be glad for celebrating another year. Happy 11th year of living, daughter.

16. You have left infantry, toddler, and step into a pre-teen. I’m so excited to be you grow every day. Happy 11th birthday celebration to you.

17. You are one of the fewest people that I would go against the doctor’s instructions for. So bring your birthday cake, let me eat to the fullest. You mean so much to me. Happy 11 years of being called my daughter.

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18. For all that your heart desires, for all that you wish to achieve and for all your planned for. May you receive them in doubles. Happy 11th birthday to you.

19. As you celebrate 11 today, I hope it Wii be a memorable day for you. Happy birthday, daughter.

20. We want your 11th birthday celebration to be one of the best you ever had. Yes, I deserve it, child. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for 11 Years Old Girl

Hey girl, these wishes are for you to know that you are loved and I mean well for you. You are 11 today, but I see greatness in you. I hope all of them come to fulfilment in your life. Happy birthday.

These birthday wishes for 11 years old girl are what will melt her heart and also yours because they are powerful.

21. Hey baby girl, happy birthday to you. May you increase in God’s wisdom and abound in his love. Enjoy your chapter 11

22. I wish you profound happiness, everlasting peace and heavenly wisdom to continue in this world. 11 looks magnificent on you girl.

23. Even though there’s no cake, make a wish and see how it will come to reality. You are a wonderful person. Happy birthday daughter of love.

24. When I wake up this morning, you came to my mind and I prayed excellent for you in everything you do. Happy 11th birthday, angel

25. There’s no way I would miss your birthday. You are a wonderful kid and I’m happy to be part of you. Enjoy being 11, princess.

26. You are now a big girl with brilliancy radiating in you. Many more years darling. Happy 11th birthday, daughter

27. This is your second year as a pre-teen. You have always been a smart girl, o don’t have a single doubt about you excelling before you turn a teenager. Happy 11th birthday to you, my power girl.

28. Today is a special day for me and you, dear daughter. It reminded me of when you came to my world and it reminded you of how far you lived on earth. Enjoy this day sweetheart. Happy 11years to you child.

29. You are so cute, kind and smart. These three things make everyone love you so much. Happy birthday, princess. Enjoy your being 11 today.

30. At 11, you have a heart of gold, love and care to pass around to everyone. What a blessing you are to me and the world! Happy birthday, my cutie girl

Happy 11th Birthday to My Daughter Messages

Sweet angel of mine, I’m so happy to see you grow and celebrate another year, I am sending you this message for you to know that you are more than gold to me and your success is my priority. I love you till eternity, my daughter. Happy 11th birthday.

These Happy messages are beautifully written to put happiness in your daughter’s heart and a smile on her pretty face.

31. Happy birthday to my sweet girl. It’s so awe-mazing how you turn 11 so quickly. I am happy and grateful to have you as my daughter. Enjoy your day.

32. I wish you all the best even as a pre-teen. You are very studious and hardworking. Success is not far from you, love. Happy birthday to you. Enjoy the benefits of being 11.

33. You are 11 and we are happy to celebrate this age with you. Continue to make us proud, daughter. Happy birthday to you.

34. Even though I gave birth to you, some 11 years ago, you are the one who changed my whole life for good. Happy birthday, sweetheart

35. You are phenomena and charismatic. I love you and am glad to be your mum. Happy birthday, darling. 11 years now, many more years to celebrate.

36. I’m sure you are going to have a joyful day because you bring joy to our lives. Have a joyous 11th birthday, dear.

37. From childhood, you have been our motivation to always work hard and never give up through your cute smile and hugs. We love you daughter. Happy 11th birthday to you.

38. Your voice calms the fear in me, your smile brings hope to my life. You have shown me how lucky you are to have me. You are my dream come true, child. Happy birthday, sweetheart

39. Happy 11th birthday to my lovely daughter, I wish you a glorious birthday and a greater future princess. Enjoy your day.

40. Sweet pie. You are blessed among your peers, honoured by the weekend else and loved by God. Happy birthday to you in your new age. Enjoy year 11.

Birthday Wishes for 11 Year Old Daughter from Dad

Just as I’m enjoying fatherhood because of you, I want you to enjoy your 11th birthday with this wish from me. You are my daughter whom I love with the whole of me and I am always happy to hear people call you daddy’s girl. May you have the best in life. Happy birthday.

As a father, these birthday wishes are the most powerful words you must send to your daughter to make her feel she’s truly a daddy’s girl and that she’s secured in her father’s arms.

41. You made me love fatherhood, you made the journey so easy for me. Thank you, my sweet daughter. Happy 11th birthday to you

42. Your presence in my life brings me good luck. I can take you to the whole world and never get tired. I love you daughter. Happy birthday, bubble. Enjoy age 11

43. You are the true definition of”proud of”. I am proud to be your dad. Happy 11th birthday to you.

44. You excel in all areas of life. You are indeed special. Happiest 11years birthday to you, my girl power.

45. The world does not know you are the greatest gift to have, they will soon see how precious you are. For now, let’s enjoy the 11th birthday celebration, Pumpkin

46. Your cute laughter makes me love fatherhood so much. For a daughter like you, I won’t trade fatherhood for anything in the world

47. You threw all my fears to the window the moment I held you in my arms some 11 years ago

48. My sunshine, my darling princess. Happy 11th birthday to you. Continue to age magnificently

49. You are gradually becoming a teenager, how I will cope when you go to college: I don’t know. So let me enjoy this moment and celebrate your birthday now that you are still with me. Happy birthday, my lovely daughter.

50. How I wish you see the joy in my face when you are called ‘daddy’s girl’. You are truly my girl and I will definitely do anything to make you happy. Happy 11 years old daddy’s girl.

Birthday Wishes for 11 Year Old Daughter from Mum

Sweetest daughter, I am so happy to see you grow in age and I hope this birthday wish opens your beautiful eyes to the bond we share, the things I want you for you and that I’ll forever be there for you and support all that you dream of. I love you with the whole of me. Happy 11th birthday. Love, mum.

These are exceptional birthday wishes to send to your daughter who just turns 11. They let her know as her mother, you are proud of the girl she’s growing up to be.

51. My rose, you are my world ND I deeply love you. I wish you a prosperous birthday. Enjoy your 11th year on earth.

52. Whenever I count my blessings, I count you first because you made me love being a mother. Happy 11th birthday, sweetheart

53. 11 is a double-digit. So as you turn 11, get ready for double gifts from everyone but multiple blessings from God. Happy birthday, my strawberry

54. May all the good things around you become eleven times better as you turn 11 today. Continue to be a happy girl. Happy birthday, cupcake

55. Sweetheart, every moment spent with you has been a blessing. You are special to me and everyone. Happy 11th birthday to you, my shining star.

56. As you turn 11 today, I wish you long life, God’s grace, abundant blessings and wisdom to be the world’s most intelligent person. Forever love, my angel

57. The day I knew God loves me was the day He sent you to me as a daughter. He sent peace, happiness and joy. These are what you are to me. Happy 11th birthday to me.

58. A wonderful birthday to my dearest daughter. May you cherish every beautiful moment today and forever. Have a splendid 11th celebration.

59. You are not too young to dream big. You are big enough to be a success. All you need is to work towards your dreams. Happiest 11th birthday to you.

60. You gave me the gift of motherhood, I promise to always be there for you. You are my joy and I’ll be your shield always. Happy 11th birthday to you, my angel.

Birthday Messages for My Daughter Turning 11

My shining star, as you turn 11 today, I want you to read this message and understand that you are now walking into maturity and that you need to start putting all that you planned for into action. Don’t ever worry about how you will go about it because I will always be right there for you. You already know I love you so much. Happy birthday, daughter.

These birthday messages are so captivating for your daughter on her 11th year birthday and they are the right words for her as she gradually moves to become a teenager.

61. To the cutest 11 years old, here’s to more happiness and success in all that you do. Happy birthday, cutest daughter of mine.

62. You mean so much to me. I love you more than anything in the world. Happy birthday to you, my lovely daughter

63. To the most beautiful girl in the world who turns 11 today, I wish you a happy birthday and hope you will enjoy this life with so much happiness.

64. Even though you are now a big girl as you turn 11, you will forever be my baby girl. Enjoy your special day

65. If your success is multiplied by your age annually, that means you will own the world. That is my wish for you love. Happy 11th birthday to you, honey pie

66. At 11, your zeal to achieve success is an inspiration to your siblings. They all look up to you and so far you haven’t failed them. Thank you for being a good example. Happy birthday to you, sweet daughter of mine

67. We are happy to announce to the world that our dearest daughter is 11 today. You are our pride and we are happy to have all the birthday fun with you. Happy birthday, cupcake.

68. Every year you get older, wiser, smarter and more beautiful. What a gift to behold!. Happy 11th birthday to the best daughter in the world.

69. Happy 11th birthday to you my love. You are and will forever be my shining star. Have a blast birthday celebration.

70. With lots of love from me, I wish you loads of blessings as you clock 11 years old today. Many happy returns sweet daughter. Enjoy your day.

Birthday Wishes for An Eleven Year Old Daughter

My daughter, I’m sending you this wish to let you remember that I cherish you and want the best for you. Also for you to know that wishes do come true when you open your heart to it and work towards achieving them. May your eleventh year be blessed. Happy birthday!

See these beautifully constructed birthday wishes for your 11 year old daughter that will warm her heart.

71. May you be important and respected among men. Happy 11th birthday to you dear daughter.

72. Here’s to wishing you a fulfilled life and peace of mind. You are going to be great because you are a born champion. Enjoy your chapter 11 birthday party.

73. Today is all about celebration because the most beautiful girl is 11. It’s going to be a blast and I hope you will always remember today. Happy birthday, daughter

74. Joy overflows as you step into a new age today. May every good thing of life overflow in your life. Happy big 11 to you, daughter

75. Since today is your birthday, ask for anything you want and watch it comes to you I’m double fold. Happy 11th birthday to you, daughter

76. Make today a happy day not because of anything but because of you. It is a day you add a new age to your beautiful ages. Happy 11th birthday to you, daughter.

77. Your enthusiasm for doing things will make you one of the best individuals worth created. Happy birthday to you. Enjoy your age 11

78. With pride, flaunt your new age. You have made your parents proud so it’s time to make yourself happy. Happy 11tglh birthday to you, princess

79. Walk majestically into age 11, you are almost becoming a teenager, don’t ever look down on yourself, keep working hard and see the results soonest. Happy birthday, daughter of Grace

80. You have everything to be great. You are smart, intelligent, hardworking and have a listening ear. Don’t worry, the world awaits your greatness. Happy 11years to a genius girl.

Eleventh Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Dear daughter, I’m using this wish to specially celebrate your birthday today as you turn 11. They are from my heart to you and I hope you read them with a big smile on your cute face. Wishing you the best. Happy birthday, my love.

These are heartwarming birthday wishes for your 11 year old daughter that she must receive first on her bed.

81. I wish you a longer life, so much joy, purest love and peace of mind on you on your 11th birthday. Happy birthday, princess

82. 11 cakes for you. May all you have dreamed of come to you in the number of your age. Happy birthday to you, my bubba

83. Warm birthday wishes to you, my peachy love. I wish you continuous healthy growth and maturity. 11 is just the new age of long life. Happy birthday to you.

84. Daughter, people expect you to be carefree because you are still young but you have proven otherwise. I’m so proud of you. Continue to grow in wisdom. Happy 11th birthday to you.

85. As you turn 11 today, I wish that all your inventions and idea will make the world a better place for everyone. Enjoy your special day, my Angelita

86. Here’s wishing you good luck in all that you do or think of positively. You deserve to be a happy girl. Happy birthday to you, my dream daughter

87. No one sees the rainbow and does not smile, may you be loved by all, baby girl. Happy 11th birthday to you, rainbow

88. You have grown into a fabulous pre-teen, there’s no double you will grow into a magnificent teenager. Have for j on your 11th birthday, my bubble

89. Baby girl, you are 11 years today. Don’t limit yourself to what pre-teen does, go out of your way to see what your peers haven’t achieved. You will get there. Enjoy your special day.

90. It is all about laughter, hugs, kisses and wishes as you clock 11 today. Be happy because we are happy about your new age. Have maximum fun today, Princess

Happy 11th Birthday Quotes for Daughter

My sweet daughter, the best is yet to come. I hope this quote will motivate you to be happy and dream big as you celebrate a new age today. They reflect my mind and my hopes for you in life. I hope you use it as your daily quote. Happy 11th birthday to you.

91. Nobody can celebrate you like you. So, celebrate yourself and work towards your success. Happy birthday to you on your 11th year on earth

92. Stay happy, don’t be sad. Today is the only day you remember the number of years you have spent and the plans for the future. So celebrate yourself, darling. Happy 11 years to you

93. I’m so happy that I make you happy on your birthday daughter. You deserve this and more because you made me a proud dad. Happy 11th birthday.

94. I want you to be successful but I also want you to enjoy your pre-teen years. So go out and celebrate being 11. Hurray to you, daughter.

95. There was s so much greatness in you. You are born great and you will be great. Greatest birthday to you as you turn 11 today, my Choco angel.

My Daughter Turns 11 Today Quotes

Cupcake, every day leaves you with a new chance. I hope you find inspiration in this quote and use it in your daily life. I love you so much and hope that see you get to the top. Happy 11th birthday to my daughter.

96. I’m the happiest one on earth, my baby girl is 11! Yippee! I wish you all the good things life has in store for you darling. Have a blast.

97. You opened a new chapter today, it’s a chapter of double digit-11. May everything that will cause you to smile comes in double today and forever. Happy birthday, my daughter.

98. For good 11 years that we have come together as mother and child, we have been each other’s best friends and companions. I hope you grow in more wisdom darling. Happy birthday, my love.

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99. You were once a baby that I held with so much love, at 11 you are still my baby that I will forever continue to hold with so much love. Happy birthday, sweetest daughter

100. Smile, love and be extremely joyful. It’s your day, so stay happy. Happy birthday to you as you turn 11 today dear daughter.

Find the happy birthday wishes for 11 year old daughter amazing? Why don’t you send them to your daughter, see her big smile, watch the wishes come to reality for her and be happy you did.

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