Good Morning Prayers for My Sister

The love of family is one of the strongest, because of the bond of blood. When you are graced with a beautiful sister or a handsome brother, then you are very lucky.

One of the best ways to show how much your sister means to you is to bless her morning with heartfelt prayers and wishes. It is the best gift for your sister especially during the early years of pursuing their dreams.

Your sister deserves a sweet good morning message. The good morning prayers for my sister below are specially written for you so you can bless your sister’s morning and usher her into the new day.

Good Morning Blessings to Your Sister

Good morning to my amazing and sweet sister. May your day be filled with blessings and news of happiness. Go and fulfil your dreams dear.

1. My hands are held up in prayers for you this morning sis, may your heart continues to find peace and happiness in every single moment of your life. Good morning, dear sister.

2. Good morning sister, thank you for always being a great, loving and caring sister. Wishing you a lovely day.

3. Waking up every morning and knowing that you are still there, makes me a grateful soul to the Lord. Good morning, sis, hope you had a tranquil night.

4. The morning has come, another great opportunity to see your beautiful face is here again. Thank God for the gift of life, good morning, sister.

5. You are the best of everything to me; wake up my angel, a wonderful day await you with love. Good morning, dear sister.

6. May every step you take today take you to a wonderful place of your glory. Good morning, my angel.

7. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful face today, I ask God to bestow his blessings upon your heart and favour you immensely. Good morning, sister.

8. Just as beautiful as you are, I pray for a beautiful day for you as well. Put all your trust in God, he will do what no man can do. Good morning, darling sister.

9. I’m so happy to find you on a new day today; I pray that the day brings you happiness and joy. Do have a wonderful day, sister.

10. Just as the Lord opens a new day with light and freshness, may your life be full of light and freshness today and always. Good morning, sunshine.

11. You are the best gift I’ve ever received, as you open your eyes to see a new day today, may all your beautiful wishes be granted. Good morning, sister.

12. Good morning sister, may every door that would lead to your success be unlocked for you today. I’m praying for a wonderful day for you, keep growing in the Lord’s glory.

13. Every day is a new and beautiful day to love and cherish you, but the love of God is the best for you. May the Lord send his mighty angels, to guard you against every evil omen. Good morning, dear sister.

14. May the purpose of God be fulfilled in your life today, rise and shine sweet sister. Good morning.

15. May your life experience beautiful change today, may the morning brings you joy, peace and harmony. Wishing you God’s favour in abundance, good morning.

16. May your life be full of glory and honour today and forever, may the blessings of the Lord follow you for the rest of your life. Have a lovely morning, sister.

17. Wish you a lovely day as you rise from your bed this morning, may it be a day full of infinite mercy from God for you. Good morning, beautiful.

18. May the Lord exhilarate you to a higher level, as you wake up into a new world today. Good morning, dear sister.

19. May your life be as fresh and beautiful as the morning brings, wishing you all the best today. Good morning, sunshine.

20. You are the most amazing and caring sister in the world, I thank God for having a sister like you. I wish you, greatness and success in all that you do. Good morning, sister.

21. My dearest sister, I pray for you this morning, you will prosper and you will progress in life. God’s favour will find you in each of your endeavours. It’s going to be a great day.

22. My darling sister, the blessings and grace of God will always be with you every day of your life and you will be great in life. Go and make your day count. You deserve the best.

23. My admirable sister, I love you so much and I pray that God’s eyes will continue to watch over you and bless your day with prosperity. Have a great day.

24. Blessed morning sweet sister, It’s a beautiful day and I pray that the blessings, goodness and favour of God locate you today and every other day of your life. Go and do exploits.

25. Dear sis, I wish you everything good in life that’s why I pray that God’s love and favour will be with you as you go in pursuit of your daily bread. Have a wonderful day ahead

26. Each day is filled with its special treasures, as you go out today dear sis, I pray you would be favoured to find yours and have a fulfilled day. Go and make your day count, my dear.

27. Good morning, dear sis. It’s my prayer for you today that you would fulfil all you have set your heart to do. Go into your day energized and make things happen. Have a great day ahead.

28. Special morning to you, my wonderful sister. Welcome to one of your best days. May the Lord go with you and give you strength to achieve your daily goals and beyond. Don’t forget to enjoy your day with good memories.

29. Today is important because we are given another opportunity to correct yesterday’s wrongs and make sweet memories for tomorrow. May the Lord bless the works of your hands and make them prosperous. Have a blessed morning, my sweet sister.

30. Good morning, darling sister. I want you to know that today is going to be your day, go into it with confidence and make things happen. God’s mercy and favour will go with you.

31. As you step into this wonderful day, may all your heart desires be fulfilled and I pray you would come back home fulfilled and happy. Enjoy your day, sweet sister.

32. Blessed morning to you darling sister. It’s going to be a great day. God’s favour and peace will go with you today. Go in this confidence and you’d come back home with great joy.

33. Good morning my lovely sister. Welcome to a great day. May your day be fruitful and filled with happiness. Don’t forget to always smile because it makes you very beautiful.

34. Today is going to be a great day, go out and make your day count dear sis. May you achieve your goals and aspirations and come back home fulfilled.

35. Good morning sis, I know today is going to favour you, go into your day with confidence and do more exploits. God’s grace and strength will go with you.

Good Morning Prayer Messages for Sister

Good morning, dear sister. My prayer for you today is that you will receive calls and messages of good news. Your day will be filled with love, peace and joy. Have a great day.

1. Good morning my beautiful sister. I hope you slept well?. I want you to know this day will be a great one. Have a blessed day ahead.

2. Sis like no other. Good morning damsel. Favour shall locate you today and beyond. The Lord will bless all your doings. Go and do exploit, dear.

3. I want to wish good morning to my amazing sister who has filled my life with happiness and smiles. Go into your day with confidence and achieve your goals. God bless you.

4. Good morning to you, my gist partner. The Lord will cause His face to shine upon you. You are blessed and highly favoured today, sister.

5. Having you as a sister is one of the best gifts from God. The Lord will uphold you and strengthen you. Good morning. I love you now and always.

6. Thank you for always being there for me. You have filled my heart with so much joy and happiness. The joy of the Lord will not cease in your life. I love you so much now and always sis. Good morning.

7. I’m blessed to have an intelligent sister like you and I pray that all your wishes come true today. Good morning to you.

8. Seeing your face every morning is a beautiful thing to me. Good morning, my darling sister. Have a wonderful, productive and blessed day.

9. Having you as a sister is one of my life’s achievements. I don’t take you for granted sis. More wins today. Good morning, sweet sister.

10. Anytime I remember that I have a sister my mind is always at rest. As you go out today, the Lord will help you in everything you do. You are amazing, don’t forget that. Enjoy your day, my jewel.

11. You are a blessing to everyone and you will forever be a blessing. Have a wonderful and fruitful day sister. Good morning.

12. Don’t panic. I’m not asking for money this time around. I just want to say Good morning to you, hope your night was splendid. Mercy, favour and grace speak for you today.

13. Sister, please hold my hand, As our strength together builds each other to become strong, so that our love for each other will last forever. I hope you have a good morning not just today but every day.

14. Good morning to you my sister. Thanks for all you do my love. God bless you immensely and endlessly. I love you forever.

15. Your life is worthy of emulation because everything about you is unique. Good morning my gorgeous sister. You will exploit today and always. Everything you lay your hands upon shall prosper.

16. As the light shines bright every morning, your life shines brighter. The glory of the Lord will radiate your life. Blessed morning to you, sister.

17. Victory is yours today. Divine protection and provision will be made available for you. Every good thing you desire will come to fulfilment very soon. Good morning, dear sis.

18. I’m lucky to see this morning with my beautiful sister. Each morning becomes a blessing to me when I know you are by my side. Remain blessed forever. Good morning princess.

19. Good luck and best wishes on another wonderful day. Grace and mercy follow you today and for the rest of your life. Good morning, sister.

20. May every word you speak today be seasoned with grace. May everything you touch today be blessed. Great morning to you, dear sister.

21. My beloved sister, welcome to this beautiful morning. I ask God for you this morning, he will bless you and favour you in all ways. Go and fulfil your dreams, my dear. The Lord is on your side.

22. Sister, it’s by God’s grace that you’re alive to keep, may this grace keep you continually in good health and happiness. Go enjoy your day. It’s going to be a great one.

23. Good morning to you my lovely sis. As you commence this new week, may the blessings and grace of God abound today and for the rest of the week.

24. My beautiful sister, I pray for you today that the spirit of God and his mercy will be with you, to bless you in all your ways and make you favoured. Have a great morning.

25. My loving sister, may you be blessed and may you be elevated in all areas of your life. Go into your day with confidence, it’s going to be a fulfiling one.

26. Hello sister! I pray for you today that as you step out to work or continue every of your life activities, your dreams will be fulfilled and the lord’s protection will be with you.

27. Good morning sister, it’s a new month and I pray for you to have a long life and good health, the one that will sustain you till the end of this month and beyond.

28. As you open your eyes to a new day sister, I pray new favour and blessings from God locates you and may your blessings never pass you by. God bless you.

29. My best sister, I commit your life and that of your children in the hands of God, you be blessed and favoured in good health and unwavering peace. It’s going to be a good day.

30. Good morning to my loving, caring and amazing sister. As you go out today, I pray that the grace and love of God will be with you all your life.

31. My beloved sister, I wish you are here with me but as your distance is far from mine, I pray for protection and guidance both for you and for your family, remain blessed!

32. Dear sister, thanks for being such a sweet soul. I’m so blessed to have you, may you keep going higher and prospering in all ways. Have a beautiful day ahead. Love you.

33. My dear sister, welcome to this bright morning, may your days be filled with sweetness and happiness all around. You deserve it and many more good things. Enjoy!

34. My sister, you are so beautiful and brave. May this bravery and confidence bring you good tidings. Have a wonderful day ahead. Good morning!

35. I pray for you today that the peace of God will not leave you and His grace will abound, make sure you take care of yourself, love you, sweet sister.

Powerful Good Morning Prayer Quotes for Sister

Good morning, dear sister. May the Almighty God, powerful and glorious order your footsteps today and beyond. May these prayers usher you into greater levels. Have a beautiful day.

1. Mornings are fresh and it is for new hope; May you experience freshness, goodness, and blessings of the Lord in all spheres of your life.

2. May the Lord shine His love and build your strength for greater exploits; You are blessed today and always. Have a wonderful morning, sis.

3. Good morning sister! May line fall into pleasant places for you. As you go out today, you shall experience comfort and grace.

4. Good morning to my amazing sister. I pray for you, today, may Goodness and mercy follow you today and always. Have a great day.

5. The Lord shall draw men to favour you and give gifts lavishly into your life. It’s going to be a great day dear. Good morning sister.

6. Blessed morning, sweet sister. May you find solace as you journey out this morning, peace all around you, no place for sorrow. Have a happy day ahead.

7. Good morning, sister. May the Lord give you the wisdom to achieve your dreams and bring men to favour you. Shine on, God has got you.

8. No weapons fashioned against you shall prosper, may the Lord guide and guard your paths. Good morning sister. Go and enjoy your day.

9. God, As my sister will be stepping out for work this fresh morning, I pray you to favour her and bless the works of her hands. Bring her back home safely and make her happy. Amen.

10. Top of the morning to you dear sister, you’re special and loving; I pray to God this morning that He shall make His angels watch over you, keep you and bless you abundantly.

11. Good morning dear sister, as you go into your day, may the hand of the Lord fight your battle and hold you forever, victory is yours all time.

12. God, I pray for my sister this morning because she has invested so much in me, oh God build my sister more and make her faith stronger so that she can strongly and faithfully receive your blessings coming forth.

13. What a bright morning it is today. Oh God please protect my sister from all flying and crawling harm. Go and enjoy a fulfilled day, the Lord shall preserve you, my dear.

14. Welcome to another beautiful morning dearest sister. The Lord shall pave way for you and make you encounter him in your whole life. You shall be a light to many and a source of wisdom to men.

15. Kings and queens will come from all cardinal points to seek your help and bless you with their riches. You are lifted, my sister. Blessed morning to you.

16. Good morning sister, I wish you success in your endeavours, you shall experience peace in and outer of your life, may the enemy not have power over you.

17. In this day, the power of resurrection that dwells in Christ shall quicken your delayed destiny to begin to manifest. You shall rejoice and testify.

18. As you step your feet out this morning, may the Lord bestow you grace to birth distinct ideas, you are filled in all areas. Have a great day, darling.

19. Mornings are sweet and fresh, so I pray for sweetness and freshness of the Almighty to radiate your entire life now and forever. Go and enjoy yourself.

20. Good morning sister. May the grace of God savour your life and rest upon your testimony, Go and prosper sister. Have a beautiful morning.

21. This is a beautiful morning and thank God you are graced to be among the living souls today. I pray that as you go into this day, everything around you will be blessed for your sake. It’s going to be a fulfiling day. Have a great morning, sister.

22. Oh Happy day! I welcome you to this great day sis, as you go into the day, may all your ways be prosperous. I wish you a productive and happy day. Good morning, dear sister.

23. Good morning to the most amazing sister in the world. I want you to know today is going to be a blessed day, everything you do will prosper and your heart desires will be granted.

24. Good morning dear. As you prepare for this way I want to reassure you that God will go with you to guide you and keep you in all your ways. Go and enjoy a blissful day sis, you deserve it.

25. Today is the day, that God has prepared specially for you. I thank God for keeping you in good health. As you go into your day, may the angel of the Lord go with you to bless you and favour you every step of the way. Have a great day, sis.

26. I welcome you to this great day, dear sis. As you go into your day, may God guide your steps and favour everything that you do. Have a beautiful day ahead.

27. Blessed morning to you my wonderful sister. I pray for you, that your going out and coming in will be blessed. May God grant all your heart desires and make you happy. Have a blissful day.

28. Good morning darling sister, as you step out into today, God and man will favour you, everything will work together for your good. Just go and enjoy all the wonderful provisions of God for you.

29. It’s a beautiful morning sweet sister, today is specially made to favour you and bless the day ahead, dear. Enjoy a perfect day.

30. Top of the morning to you beautiful sister, It is my prayer for you this day, that you will be favoured on all sides. You will come back with great testimonies. Enjoy your day.

You don’t need to wait for her birthday to give her the best gift. Give your sister a beautiful gift by ushering her into her day with sweet wishes and powerful prayers. She’d be truly grateful for it.