Happy Sunday Messages to My Sweetheart (2024)

Sundays are the start of the week, and for many, it’s a day off work; to catch fun, spend time with friends and family, create sweet memories with lovers and plan for the week ahead.

In this year 2024, as the week begins, what many lovers are not excepting is a lovely happy Sunday message, and the beautiful thing about surprises is that it tickles the heart of love and unlocks the sweetness of affection.

The words of love and care would sweep her off her feet because it would make her know that she’s important to you, and you want the best for her in the week ahead.

You know everyone loves surprises, don’t you? It always works, so let’s make your sweetheart blush and feel loved by starting her week with any of these awesome messages.

Happy Sunday Messages to My Sweetheart

It is another Sunday morning and is a great time to wish your lover a peaceful and joyful day via the wishes, text messages and quotes you send to him or her. Here are well-composed heart touching happy Sunday text messages to husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend to get it done successfully.

1. I can’t stop thinking about you, and as we start this beautiful week. I wish you a beautiful Happy Sunday, my love. Have a blissful week ahead.

2. Happy Sunday to you my beautiful sweetheart, every week with you is fulfilling, I’m blessed to have you and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

3. Baby, as you step into this week, may the angels guide your steps, and give your prayers answers. Have a blessed week, honey.

4. It’s the start of a new week my love, and I’m sure you will rock it to the fullest. Can’t wait to spend some beautiful time with you this week. Happy Sunday, love.

5. Baby, It’s the first day of the week and a day of rest. Take your time to rest and enjoy a nice time with your loved ones, refresh yourself and be ready to go all out to fulfil your aspirations.

6. Every Sunday I spend with you is always a blessed day for me. I look forward to having a great week with you. Have a beautiful Sunday, sweetheart.

7. A beautiful start to the week is an indication of a great week ahead. Go into your week and make the beat out of it. Happy Sunday dear, enjoy yourself, my love.

8. I don’t know anyone that will perfectly fit me as you, thanks for coming into my life baby. Wishing you a happy Sunday and a great week ahead. Love you, dear.

9. Baby, a new week is starting together, and it’s presenting an opportunity to renew things or start afresh. Go into the week and achieve your dreams. Happy Sunday, Sweetheart.

10. Enjoying the day off and thinking about the important things in my life. I realize you are on top of the list. Thanks for coming into my life dear. Have a beautiful Sunday, my love.

11. Thanks for being the gift of love to me. As we go into the Lord’s house to worship him, may you have every cause to celebrate. Happy Sunday sweetheart, Enjoy yourself.

12. I will not let this day pass without wishing my sweetheart a blessed Sunday. Have a beautiful week ahead my love. You deserve it and much more.

13. May this Sunday be filled with tender memories of love and joy. I’m blessed to have you in my life. Looking forward to enjoying a great week with you. Happy Sunday, baby.

14. Every day with you makes me enjoy the bliss of heaven, as we go into God’s presence today, I won’t stop thanking me for blessing me with you. Happy Sunday, my one and only sweetheart.

15. Happy Sunday to you my love, may this day refresh your passion for God and bless you with the heart of love and joy forevermore. Have a beautiful week ahead, sweetie.

16. Everything about my life didn’t really make sense until you came along and all the pieces started coming together. Happy Sunday Sweetheart, you mean the world to me.

17. I am grateful to God for bringing you to my life. I don’t know what I’ve have done without you. You’re the best partner in the world, baby. Have a blessed Sunday.

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18. You’re the first thing on my mind every morning, and I fall asleep just thinking about you. Thanks for making my life complete baby. Have a great week ahead.

19. It’s the Lord’s day and you’re the centre of my prayers. I want God to make you happy and give you all your heart desires. Keep basking in the fullness of his glory.

20. I won’t stop praying for you because I know you are praying for me too. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy Sunday Sweetheart, God bless you for me.

21. May this beautiful Sunday fill your day with Joy and unending happiness. It’s a work-free day, explore and enjoy it to the fullest. I wish you the best baby. Have a great week ahead.

22. It’s the beginning of a new week, may it be filled with favour and fulfilled dreams. Go all out and pursue your goals, you will end the week in fulfilment. Happy Sunday, darling.

23. You mean the world to me and I will celebrate you at every chance I have. Thanks for loving me, baby. May this Sunday be a pleasant one for you. Enjoy it to the fullest.

24. Every day is another opportunity to achieve your goals and show love and care to everyone around you. Don’t miss the chance to do that today. Have a great week ahead dear. Happy Sunday.

25. As you step into this beautiful day, may you be filled with positivity and sweetness, my dear. Go and enjoy your week. Happy Sunday, my love.

Words of love and encouragement in the morning have the capacity to make your day. Make your sweetheart feel loved, show her she means the world to you. Help her start her week in the ecstasy of your love as you inspire her with these happy Sunday messages.

26. Today is the first day of the week, go into the Lord’s presence to dance away your sorrows as you refresh your spirit. Have a great week ahead, honey.

27. Hey baby. It’s Sunday, it’s a work-free day yourself happy, go out with friends, spend time with family and thank God for the fullness of life. Happy Sunday, my love.

28. Sweetheart, may joy be your special visitor with sweet memories of love filling your house with a sweet fragrance. Happy Sunday, my heartbeat.

29. My love, no matter what you’re facing, lay them down and enjoy the sweetness that this Sunday has to offer,

30. Happy Sunday Sweetheart, today I wish you all the best things in life. Go all out and enjoy the hope and strength that the new week brings.

31. Life is full of ups and downs, but only those who patiently endure the storms will be crowned with victory. No matter what, keep believing in yourself and actively pursuing your dreams, you’d get there soon. Have a great week baby. Happy Sunday!

32. As you celebrate this beautiful Sunday, do not forget to thank the Lord for how far he has brought you and where’s he’s taking you. Happy Sunday to you, my one and only sweetheart.

33. My love, we only get to live once, so enjoy it to the fullest, explore, meet people, spend time with friends and family and create sweet memories. Wishing you a blessed Sunday, dear.

34. You are can do anything you set your heart to, just believe and keep putting in your best. I can’t wait to celebrate you, my love. Have a beautiful week ahead. Happy Sunday, Darling.

35. Treasure every moment of the day, it’s God’s gift to every one of us still living. Bring out the best in you and explore the bliss of this beautiful Sunday. Enjoy the rest of the week, dear.

36. My love, it’s the start of the week, take your time, see the positive side of life, care and love people around you as much as you can. We only live once and at every opportunity, we should do the best we can. Happy Sunday, baby.

37. Everyone looks forward to a Sunday, because it’s a day off work, and a day to spend time with family. Don’t let it pass by, share the love and create loving memories. Have a beautiful time. Happy new week.

38. No matter what you’re passing through, let it end with the past week, as you start this new one, brighten up and look at the positive side. This week has a lot of goodness to offer. Happy Sunday my love. Have a great week.

39. We have many plans but God is the one that makes them work, as you start this great week, pray to God to direct your steps, and you’d surely achieve your dreams. Enjoy your Sunday to the fullest.

40. May you receive strength and grace to achieve your dreams and aspirations this day. My love, keep being yourself, enjoy the day off, go out with friends, enjoy the beautiful sight of nature and be happy. Happy Sunday, darling.

41. Throw your hands in the air and be free, drop every weight of stress and disappointments from last week. It’s Sunday baby, the start of a new week. Get ready to explore the sweetness it brings my love.

42. My love, welcome to a fresh start, go out and spend time with friends and loved ones, enjoy the beauty of togetherness and get ready for a great week. Happy Sunday, darling

43. May this new week be filled with pleasant surprises. It’s going to be a great week baby. Get ready for all-round success. Have a beautiful Sunday and a blessed week ahead.

44. Sundays are special, we get to go to the Lord’s house to thank him for past weeks and to commit the new ones in his hands. Take on the coat of positivity my love, you’re about to have your best week ever. Happy Sunday, sweetheart.

45. Everyone loves Sundays, it’s a work-free day, so we have time to spend with the people that mean the world to us, and that’s I’m looking forward to spending my day with you. Have a beautiful Sunday, sweetheart.

46. Happiness is free, but you have to buy it with your self-will. Choose to be happy no matter what, you owe yourself and loved ones. My love, as you start this new week, may it be filled with joy and blessing. Enjoy the glorious Sunday.

47. Sundays are the perfect time to plan your work while relaxing and mentally preparing for the beautiful week ahead. Go ahead and get enjoy the sweetness of the day. Blessed week ahead, baby.

48. Today is Sunday, it’s a work-free day. Don’t let this opportunity go by, catch some fun, share the love, make people happy and don’t forget to also be fulfilled. Have a wonderful Sunday, sweetheart.

49. I just want you to know, I woke up thinking about you, as you start this week, may it bring forth good tidings into your life. It’s a beautiful Sunday, enjoy all it has to offer. Happy Sunday, sweetie.

50. Sundays are the best day of the week because you get to spend your time with your loved ones instead of going to work. Dress up and get ready to enjoy the sweetness of the day, baby. Have a great week ahead.

51. When they ask me why I love weekends, it’s because I get to spend time with you. Every time I spend with you is always special. Happy Sunday to you, darling.

52. Happy Sunday to the love of my life, it’s a day to unwind and be refreshed. As you enjoy your weekend, don’t forget that I’m madly in love with you. Have a beautiful week ahead.

53. It’s the start of a great week, yet it’s a day to rest-fully prepare for the week. As you enter the week, may our love refresh you each day and supply you the strength to achieve all your dreams. Happy Sunday, sweetheart.

54. Sunday is a gift for the week’s work. It is a day to rest and be refreshed, also it affords time to spend time with our loved ones, that’s why I would never spend any Sunday without you. Happy Sunday, baby.

55. It’s weekend baby, and I’m happy because I’m going to spend time with you. The thought alone fills my heart with love. You’re the best thing that happened to me, my love. Happy Sunday to you, darling.

56. As you enjoy this weekend, don’t forget that there’s someone somewhere that loves you so much and can’t wait to spend his life with you. That person is me, baby. Have a sweet Sunday, my love.

57. Baby, wake up, it’s Sunday, it’s a beautiful day and you get to have fun. Don’t forget to prepare for the great week ahead. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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58. Even though tomorrow is Monday and it’s back to work, you need to enjoy today to it’s fullest first, tomorrow won’t come until you finish today. It’s a beautiful Sunday, explore and enjoy it, my dear.

59. Hello, it’s Sunday! That special day where you get to enjoy your time and refresh yourself in God’s presence. Enjoy the fullness of it. Happy Sunday, darling.

60. After a week’s hard work, there’s need for refuelling and refreshment, and that’s what Sundays are created for. Don’t forget to rest and prepare for the new week. Have a great Sunday, baby

61. Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just want to spend this work-free day thinking about us and the sweetness of our love. I love you and I will never stop baby. Happy lovely Sunday to you.

62. Sundays afford me the opportunity to rest and enjoy the bliss of your presence. I am blessed to have you and I am pleased with the time we spend together. Let’s enjoy this beautiful day.

63. Wake up baby, it’s Sunday. I can’t wait to spend the whole day with you just starting at that your beautiful face. Let’s enjoy the start of the week in a beautiful way.

64. Happy Sunday to the love of my life, the one that makes me look forward to every weekend. Thanks for being my refreshing tonic. Love you baby.

65. It’s the Lord day baby, let’s go and thank him for the testimonies of the past week and the blessings of the incoming week. Have a great Sunday baby. Enjoy your day.

66. Sunday greetings to you darling. It’s a good day to spend time with loved ones and enjoy the work-free day. Don’t forget to make yourself happy too. You deserve it. Have a great day

67. It’s the Lord’s day, let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Baby, are you ready to dance and sing praises to God. I’m set, so let’s go and enjoy God’s presence. Have a beautiful Sunday, darling.

68. May this wonderful Sunday open doors of blessings and favour for you. As you start this week, may you be favoured above your peers. Have a great week ahead. Happy Sunday, sweetheart.

69. This is the day that the Lord has made, we should all rejoice and be glad in it. Wishing you a joy-filled Sunday with lots of blessings and love.

70. May your week be filled with good health, joy, and peace. Go into the week with full confidence, may your dreams come true. Have a wonderful Sunday and a fulfilled week ahead.

71. This Sunday as you go into the Lord’s presence, open your heart to receive because you’re about to enter into a great week. Have a beautiful Sunday ahead, my love.

72. Good morning, on this blessed day, I wish you to have a day filled with love flowing from your heart to yourself and extended to everyone around. Have a joy-filled Sunday, baby.

73. Its Sunday baby, it’s a rest day. Rest well and be refreshed on the day that the Lord created. May you receive the strength to achieve your dreams this incoming week.

74. Last week may have been hectic but it’s gone, it’s the start of a new and fresh week. Clear your mind from tiredness and anger, go into this new week to explore. Happy Sunday, my love.

75. Baby, line up today with lots of fruitful activities and fulfil it with peace and joy. It’s a work-free day, enjoy yourself, my love. Happy Sunday!

76. Every day is an opportunity to do things in a better way, to correct yesterday’s wrongs and to continue the journey to tomorrow’s greatness. Thank God for the gift of life dear. Happy Sunday.

77. May this new week refresh your spirit, give you a lovely hope for tomorrow and grant you all your heart desires. It’s going to be a great week dear. Enjoy your Sunday to the fullest.

78. You can always achieve that dream, if only you start and stop wishing alone. Today is a great opportunity, take a step into the journey and you’d surely get to the end. Have a fruitful week ahead, my love. Happy Sunday!

79. Happy Sunday to you darling. May today open doors of favour and grace for you. As you live each minute of this day, may you have a course to be happy and fulfilled. Have a great week ahead, dear.

80. Every day, we get another shot at life, sometimes to correct past wrong, or to continue a good deed. Our choices determine which side we’re on. May God give you the grace to be the best. Happy Sunday, my love.

81. Every day is unique and special, there are never two days that’s the same, so, you need to approach each day with a unique mentality and enjoy all the values it has to offer. Have a great day my love. Happy Sunday.

82. Appreciate each day, because it’s a gift. Live well and make sure you’re happy in it. You’re the sole custodian of your happiness. Don’t let situations and circumstances determine your mood. Have a beautiful Sunday ahead. I love you deeply, darling.

83. Nothing in this world should make you lose hope in the glorious future that is to be revealed. Remember, lots of people look up to you and you owe them a life of success. Keep up the hope, you’d get there. Happy Sunday, my angel.

84. Happy Sunday beautiful, it’s a blessing to be amidst a loving family and friends that care and want the best for us. Enjoy the work-free day and make sure you’re refreshed for the new week. Have a great day, my love.

85. It’s a special feeling to be among the living in good health and a sound mind. It’s God’s grace. Today is the Lord’s day, appreciate him and thank him for all his past goodness and future blessings. Happy Sunday, my love.

86. Today is the Lord day, it’s an opportunity to inspire those who have lost hope, to help the needy, to feed the hungry and to live a life worthy of God’s commendation. Have an impactful Sunday, my love.

87. Do not miss the opportunity to plant a smile and refresh the bowels of the needy when you can. It’s the little sacrifices of life that God expects of us. Have a blessed Sunday. Love you, baby.

88. As each new week starts, it gives us a blank cheque to decide what we want. Be happy and make others happy dear, that’s what makes life worth living. Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead, baby.

89. The past is gone, you need to accept it and heal from all wounds and pains. Live the present to the fullest and be ready to explore the future. Have a wonderful week ahead. Happy Sunday.

90. God deserves our appreciation every day, just waking up in good health is a blessing we shouldn’t take for granted. It’s the Lord’s day, go into his presence with thanksgiving and he would bless you with more. Happy Sunday, my love.

91. “Bless the Lord, oh my soul” that should be put testimony as we wake up each day. He’s indeed worthy to be praised. Don’t let today go by without appreciating God. He deserves it. Have a beautiful week ahead.

92. Sundays are blessed days, you get to relax, to unwind and to spend time with loved ones. Don’t miss this opportunity, enjoy it to the fullest. Have a beautiful Sunday ahead, darling.

93. It’s normal to have little disappointments, but don’t bring yesterday own into today. Treat each day uniquely, approach it with renewed hopes and explore it to the fullest. Happy Sunday, my love.

94. It’s going to be a great Sunday baby, where everything goes as planned and all things start working together for your good. Have a great week ahead, my love

95. This day will be different from all the others you had. I hope you’re prepared for it. Go all out and pursue your dreams, my love, everything is set to favour you. Happy Sunday, enjoy the week ahead.

96. Life is two sides of a coin, when it’s good, appreciate it and enjoy it. When it’s on the bad side, endure it and learn from it. That’s how to live a worthy life. Happy Sunday, darling. Love you, dear.

97. When the burden of life weighs you down, you just have to give yourself a break. Go out, enjoy the beauty of nature and be happy. It’s going to be a great week. Happy Sunday.

98. Today is bright, clear and beautiful. It’s time review last week and prepares for the week that’s just starting. Don’t relent, my love, refire! Your dream is just a step away. Happy Sunday, dear.

99. Whatever happens in life, it’s our duty to make sure we make it a better place, and live it in peace and joy. May you receive the grace to live your life as a blessing to others. Happy Sunday, my love.

100. Happy Sunday to the love of my life. On this day I wish you joy, peace and fulfilment of your dreams. Have a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy your day.

Sundays for many are work-free and a time to relax and unwind. It’s also a day to plan and prepare for the week ahead. Let her know she’s always on your mind. Strengthen the bond of your love too.

Don’t let any single Sunday go without sending her a sweet happy Sunday message like the ones above. She deserves it.

Go through it and choose from the varieties. You have enough to last you for a long time. Enjoy a blissful love life.