Happy Sunday Quotes and Greetings for Someone Special

Here comes another Sunday with its endless opportunities to get some things done.

Tell me, do you look forward to every Sunday? And is it like you are one of the “once in a week” religious being?

Well, you have got to take things seriously. Yes! Meanwhile, happy Sunday to you.

So, enjoy your cute Sunday quotes and happy Sunday greetings below. You can also Check out these Sweet Happy Sunday Text Messages for Someone Special.

Happy Sunday Quotes and Greetings for Wife

Would you want to send some Sunday quotes or greetings to your wife? Then the following quotes and lovely greetings will perfectly help.

1. All That Makes Me Happy

My beautiful wife, you’re all that makes me happy. Happy Sunday, love.

2. Without You, I Would Be Nothing

You make me a complete man. Without you, I would be nothing. Happy Sunday, sweetie

3. Happy Sunday, My Woman

You’ve got beauty and brains. You have your way of calming me down when I’m high. I love and cherish you forever. Happy Sunday, my woman.

4. I Won’t Forget It

Thank you for giving me good and brilliant kids. I won’t forget it in a lifetime. I love you guys. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday Quotes and Greetings for Husband

These collection of Sunday quotes and greeting goes to your husband. Pick on to send to him on a Sunday.

5. You’re All I Need to Survive

For years now, we’ve been together as husband and wife. You’ve never made me experience sadness for a second. You’re just all I need to survive. Happy Sunday, Sweetheart.

6. I’ll Always be Behind You

From the day we got married, God has been helping you overcome our challenges. You’re a strong man. I’ll always be behind you. Happy Sunday, my husband.

7. Greatest Gift

You’re the greatest gift God has ever given to me. Happy Sunday, my love.

8. I’ll Never Stop Loving You

To my Prince Charming, I say I’ll never stop loving you. Happy Sunday, darling.

Happy Sunday Quotes and Greetings for Dad

Got some reasons to send some awesome Sunday quotes to your dad? Then pick any of the following quotes cum greetings and send to him.

9. The Confession

Finishes up everything in the office to attend to his family.
Admits that he’s wrong even when he’s not,
Takes every blame because of his family,
Hates to flog his children
Enlightens his family more about life,
Rarely gets angry. That’s who you are, Dad. Happy Sunday.

10. Source of Encouragement

Dad, you’ve been a source of encouragement to me whenever I tell you my experience. I couldn’t have asked God for a better Dad. Happy Sunday to you, Sir.

11. I’m Safe in Your Arms

In your arms I’m safe,
In your eyes I see love. Dad, may you never die now. You shall eat the fruit of your labour. Happy Sunday, Daddy.

12. A Man After God’s Heart

A man who has not selfish interests,
A man who attends to other people’s problems,
A man who takes after the great God, that’s who you are Dad. Keep being nice. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday Quotes and Greetings for Mum

Does your mum deserve some inspiring Sunday quotes and greetings to make her smile? Then send one of the following quotes to her.

13. Priceless Mother

Makes situations easy to overcome,
Occupies a bigger space in the family,
Talks to her family softly,
Exercises patience in everything,
Regards her family above all. Mum, keep being great. Happy Sunday, Ma.

14. Thank You, Mum

Being the only daughter in the family, you’ve taught me so much that I can’t thank you enough. Thank you mum. Happy Sunday, Ma.

15. To a Strong Mother

You single-handedly raised me and my siblings, as a single mother. Thank God for you’ve come out strong. Happy Sunday, Mum.

16. The Love of a Mother and Child

You’ve made me realise that there’s no love that binds stronger than that of a mother and child. I appreciate you, Ma. Happy Sunday to you.

Happy Sunday Quotes and Greetings for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend will really love these cute Sunday quotes and greetings. Send any of them as happy Sunday quotes and greetings to him.

17. Get Up!

Good morning, honey. How are you? Hope you slept well. Don’t forget today is Sunday. Get up and prepare for Church. Be good!

18. I Feel so Happy

Honey, waking up this morning and realising you’re still mine, I feel so happy. Happy Sunday, dearest.

19. I Love You

I’ve loved you, I love you, and I’ll always love you. Happy Sunday, love.

20. I’ll Never Stop Loving You

This is just to reassure you that I love you, and I’ll never stop loving you. Happy Sunday, honey.

Happy Sunday Quotes and Greetings for Girlfriend

Your girlfriend will undoubtedly love these romantic Sunday quotes and greetings. Send them as happy Sunday quotes and greetings to her.

21. You Mean the World to Me

Hey, baby, I can’t just stop telling you how much I love you. You mean the world to me. Happy Sunday.

22. You Make me Complete

Since I met you, the story of my life has changed for good. You’re the one that makes me complete. Happy Sunday, babe.

23. You Brighten up my Day

I can’t just stop thinking about you. You’re the light that brightens up my day. I love you now and forever. Happy Sunday.

24. I Can’t Wait to Have You

Sweetheart, you know what? I can’t wait to go down the aisle with you. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday Quotes and Greetings for a Friend

Isn’t it the perfect time to send some friendship quotes to that special friend? If you answered affirmatively, then consider sending any of the Sunday quotes and greetings to that special friend.

25. Real Friends Are Hard to Find

The real good friends are hard to find. But how did our friendship became easy? Happy Sunday, BFF.

26. You’re a Rare Gem

I’ve never thought of having another friend apart from my sister. You came, and the story changed. You’re really a rare gem. Love you, friend. Happy Sunday.


All these are what you’ve got, even more. You’re the best. Great Sunday!

28. Happy Sunday, Dearest

My mum has always told me not to make friends easily because people are bad. Since I became your friend, I have wanted to tell her, she’s a liar. LOL! Happy Sunday.

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