Goodnight My Love, I Miss You Messages

Do not think that I don’t understand what it feels to miss the one you love, the one for whom your heart beats. Do not be quick to guess that I have not been there before… When few hours of the night would appear eternal.

To help the situation you are wrapped in right now, I have made ready some Goodnight My Love, I Miss You Messages to send to that special person you would love to be with now.

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Goodnight My Love, I Miss You Messages for Him or Her

1. The Indisputable Fine

I’m left with a wish for you since you’re not here. But you need to know that you will pay a fine for every night I spend without you. Good night, anyways.

2. In Your Embrace

I will try to be in your lovely embrace tonight, even if we are at unspeakable miles away. I don’t want to have this night alone. Hold me tight, okay? I love you.

3. The Night Request

Yes, the night will be cool again like it’s always been. The dream will be sweet again, with you in it. But just one thing I ask… Would you be as lovely as you are tonight when I wake up tomorrow? Promise? I love you. Mwah.

4. Awaiting Reality

If only I would wake up tomorrow and find you next to me, then my agelong dream would have hit reality. Dear, I just can’t wait to see you again. Good night, I love you.

5. The Pressing Need

I’ve heard enough of your calls, chats, and messages… I have had so much of your care, too. All I want now is your face, your warm embrace. And I want it real, not virtual. Until then, have a good night.

Goodnight My Love, I Miss You Messages for Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

6. Can I Cope?

Just when I thought my lonely days were over, I keep being away from your embrace, night after night. It’s happening so fast and I pray I cope. Good night still.

7. A Million Dollars Expectations

If only I am in your arms, I wouldn’t be answering the call of loneliness tonight. I am really missing you embrace and wishing it would be a dream come true soonest. Good night, I love you and miss you.

8. Aborted Desire

I just had wished the next thought would be to wrap myself around you on a cold night like this. It’s sad how distance is playing on us. By the way, good night and sweet dreams.

9. The Daily Dose

The day came with its sunshine as usual. The night came with its moon and galaxy of stars. The atmosphere wrapped it up by giving cool breeze. In all, they were not enough to make my day.
I missed you, but good night.

10. The Daily Norm

The sun shined today as usual. The earth rotated on its course. The stars and moon tried their very best, too… But all they did can’t quantify your presence.
I miss you, but good night.

I Miss You Good Night Text Messages for Someone You Love

11. Withered Confidence

So I banked on the sun to brighten my day
I trusted the moon and stars to keep the night glowing
The breeze on its own did blow as at other days
But the confidence I gained from them were short lived…
All because my love is out of my embrace.
Yes, I miss you! But good night to you.

12. It Happened Again

My days went well as usual and the night has come like it has been doing since I was born. Just one thing is missing and that is your face. I just wish you were here. I love you…. And good night.