The Best Good Night Texts Messages Ever for Lovers

It’s the night hour again and you love to send some Good Night Text Messages to your girlfriend or boyfriend? Well, I’ve helped written the Best Good Night Text Messages for Him or Her.

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The Best Good Night Text Messages for Her or Him

1. Welcome on Board

My love, I welcome you on board to Pleasant Dreams Aircraft, embrace your pillow as I take you on a ride to dreamland. Goodnight my love.

2. Not Over Yet

My day is certainly not over yet, for I have not said to you how much I love and miss you today. Goodnight my dearest.

3. Every Night

Each and every night I couldn’t sleep, no matter how hard I tried without telling you that I love you so much. Goodnight my baby.

4. Distance from Me

Whenever my arms couldn’t reach you because you’re at a distance away from me, I always embrace you in my imagination. Goodnight my love.

5. Guarding Your Dreams

It’s just one thing I wish God would grant me tonight; to be there guarding your dreams. Goodnight my dearest.

6. Whom I Cherish

Lying down on my bed and reminiscing about whom I cherish most and guess what? You were the one who came to my mind. Goodnight my love.

7. Not a Spare Time

I’m very engrossed in caring and loving you that I don’t have any spare time to hate those who don’t like me. Goodnight beautiful.

8. Vitamin Me

Whenever you feel tired, weak, grumpy and bored, just call me and I will be there for you as you’re lacking Vitamin ME. Goodnight my dearest.

9. Make a Wish

Make sure that you close your eyes and make a wish when you sleep tonight and be rest assured it will come to pass. Goodnight my love.

10. I Have Gone to Bed…

Sometimes I have gone to sleep angry and upset; but going to sleep with the thought of you, I know that I’ve gone to bed awesome. Goodnight my baby.

The Best Good Night Text Messages for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

11. Brightness of Night

I wish God will send you all the stars in the sky to illuminate your night and give you sweet dreams. Goodnight my dearest.

12. I Will Always Be Here

The moon might not glow and the sun might stop shinning, but I will always be here to hug you tightly and kiss you tenderly. Goodnight beautiful.

13. Dawn to Dusk

The day is turning into night already, close your eyes when you sleep and keep all your anxieties away and have a peaceful night rest. Goodnight my love.

14. Your Weary Face

While not let your eyelashes embrace each other as you’re looking exhausted already then gently fall asleep from the rest of the world around you. Goodnight my baby.

15. The Link Bridge

There’s a link bridge in between hopeless and hope, it’s called a goodnight sleep. Make sure you have a peaceful night rest. Goodnight my dearest.

16. Drop Off…

Drop off all your anxieties on the floor and get on your couch as a day can never be as bad that a nap cannot fix. Goodnight beautiful.

17. Stronger and Deeper

I love you more than yesterday as each and every day my love for you grows stronger and deeper than ever. Goodnight my love.

18. Not a Day Without…

I will never let my day end without telling you that I love you, even though my day might be stressful and tiring, I will still say it. Goodnight my dearest.

19. Always in My Thoughts

You’re always in my thoughts because you’re the last person on my mind before I fall asleep and the first person when I wake up. Goodnight beautiful.

20. The Illusion and Fact

I wish you will have a pleasant dreams tonight, because dreams are magical flashback which link up illusion and fact. Goodnight my love.

Best Good Night Sms Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

21. An Awesome Day

Do not let today’s failures bring you down. Shower, sleep well and have sweet dreams, because tomorrow is going to be an awesome day. Goodnight my baby.

22. Dreaming about You

Goodnight my dear, sleep well, sweetest dreams and I will be here dreaming about you and your love for me. Goodnight beautiful.

23. Miles Away From Me

Even though you’re many miles away from me, you’re still very close to me either, because you’re always in my thoughts. Goodnight my love.

24. Closer to Me

May tomorrow be better than today; glowing and brighter, and bring my love closer to me. Goodnight my baby.

25. He’s Still on the Throne

When you find yourself feeling bad, reminisce about your past success and remember that God is still on the throne. Goodnight my dearest.

26. Much More Happier

The moon is joyous because it’s going to be with you through the night and I’m much happier because I have you all through the day. Goodnight beautiful.

27. Everyday Life

It’s a pleasure having someone like you, who makes my everyday life awesome and beautiful. Thank you, dear. Goodnight my love.

28. Miss You till Dawn

The day is finally over and I’m not too happy. Why? Because I’m going to miss you till morning. Goodnight my baby.

29. Goodnight My Everything

Goodnight my inspiration; goodnight my strength; goodnight my dearest; goodnight my woman; goodnight my everything. Goodnight beautiful.

30. Saying I Love You

My schedules might be very tight and my day very hectic and busy, but not a day will end without saying I Love You. Goodnight my dearest.