Love Messages for My Love in English

So let’s agree you want some romantic Love Messages for your Love in English.

If that’s it, I’m glad to inform you that there are enough romantic collection of Love Messages for Your Love in English.

Romantic Love Messages for My Love in English

1. My Love for You is Stable

Ever when there’s a disagreements between us once a while, my love for you will always be constant. I love you.

2. An Angel in Disguise

You’ve helped me see things from another perspectives which I could never have thought about, you’re my angel in disguise. I cherish you forever.

3. All I can Say is…

There’s no need to bore you with so many talk as all I can say is that I love you beyond the stars. I love you so much more than you could ever imagine.

4. There’s Nothing too Big for You

There’s no prank or stunt I wouldn’t be able to pull off because of you, since there’s nothing too big for you, my dear. I love you dearly.

5. You’re the Comfort I Need

In times of trouble and uncertainty of life, you’ve always been at my rescue as you turned out to be my comforter. I love you beyond words.

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6. You’re My Prince Charming

You’ve treated like a king would do his queen and a prince his princess as you happened to be my prince charming. I cherish you.

7. The Star in My Heart

You’ve lightened up my heart with your radiant smile and illuminate my path with your beauty as the star you’re. I love you so much.

8. You’ve left Me Dumbstruck

Your beauty is full of glamour, too extravagant to gaze upon and tremendous too, that I was dumbstruck when you walk pass me. I love you.

9. You’re a Beautiful Creature

Everything about you is just leaves me speechless, from your pretty glowing face to your lovely hair, attractive voice. Truly, you’re a beautiful creature. I cherish you.

10. I Love Your Company

I’m always myself when I’m with you, as you alone always laugh at my stupid jokes, even when they are not funny. I love you so much.

11. The Perfect place to be…

There’s one place I’m sure to never be rejected care, love and support and it’s the perfect place to be – in your bosom. I love you dearly.

12. The Perfect Time..

There’s no perfect time to fall in love with you since all the time spent with you is always perfect. I love you.

13. Baby I Love You

If you don’t know before, I want you to know now that I love you baby, always have and always will. I love you dearly.

14. You’re Everything

You’re everything one could ever ask for as you’ve gotten everything I wanted and needed in a woman. I cherish you forever.

15. I’m High on Your Love

Nothing can never be as intoxicating as your love, my dear, and I will forever be drunk in it, as every time you’re around I’m always high. I love you beyond words.

16. You’re My Number One Fan

You’ve always encouraged and motivated me never tap out of life, when I thought I’m at the end of the road. I love you so much.

17. You’re the One for Me

First time that I saw you I knew you were the one for me. You were the one for me then, you’re the one for me now and forever. I cherish you.

18. You’re My Daily Thought

I hardly see a day without me thinking about you and your love for me, you’re my thought for the day. I love you so much.

19. Love Me till the End

I don’t want you to love me today and tomorrow only, I want you to love me till the end of time. I love you beyond words.

20. You’re My Best

I never knew it would turned out this way, you’re indeed my best today, tomorrow and forever you’ll be. I love you so much.