Romantic Bedtime Messages for Lovers

So it’s bedtime and you want some romantic messages to help? Luckily, these Romantic Bedtime Messages will undoubtedly do the magic for you.

Spoil your lover with the sweetest of Bedtime Messages for your Boyfriend or Girlfriend.

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Romantic Bedtime Messages for Him or Her

Romantic Bedtime Messages for Boyfriend | Romantic Bedtime Messages for Girlfriend  😛  😛 

1. Empty Embrace

My heart is empty of your embrace, against my desire to be in your arms tonight. Regardless of that, I’ll wish you a good night, my love.

2. The Night Call

Just when I needed my sweetie by my side, I called and he’s nowhere to be found. Yet, I want to wish you good night and sweet dreams.

3. On My To Do List

Even though there are many tomorrows, I’ve known only one today and I will not let it go until I have expressed how much you mean to me. Dearie, I love you so much and I’ve come to say good night.

4. Personal Announcement

It’s yet another day, another precious opportunity to let you know that you’re the one who always makes my day worth it. You know I love you, right?
Good night to you, my love. Mwah.

5. Missing You Again

Yes, no matter how lovely my day went, I feel it’s incomplete without setting my eyes on you. I am missing you again, though I love you so much.
Good night to you from me.

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6. Ceaseless Thoughts

So I thought about you again and my heart felt empty because you’re not here with me. The thoughts now appear ceaseless. Dear, I miss you… But I wish you a good night.

7. Love Gazer

I’ve checked many of the stars in the sky and haven’t found your match in the business of brightening up my heart.
You are my super star. You are my love forever. So? Good night to you.

8. It’s Bedtime Again

It’s time when my face beams with joy
A time when my heart beats in awe of you
It’s a time when the thoughts of you make me blush and sigh…
Yes, it’s bedtime again! And here am I wishing you a good night rest.
I love.

9. Your Love Brightens Me Up

The sun has gone to its hiding, the moon and the stars are trying their very best to keep my night lightened… But no matter what they do, it’s only your love that can brighten my heart.
Good night, until I set my eyes on you again.

10. Will It Happen Again?

I keep on dreaming about you and it’s a pity that I wake up empty of your embrace.
If I sleep tonight, will it happen again?
Just to let you know that I miss you.
Good night still.

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