Happy Birthday Messages for Special Friend in 2024

It is highly essential for you to know how to appreciate special people in your life because it is a good way of cultivating and boosting your relationships. And one of the special persons in your life is your friend; your good friend.

You might often be tongue-tied and sometimes, you might lack the right words to say to a good friend or not know how to tell your friend he/she is special in person but that must not be an excuse to avoid showing them how much you care, including wishing them well, especially on special occasions like their birthdays.

Hence, it is a good idea to send composed birthday messages to make your friend happy and feel wonderful on his or her birthday. It is also a way to show your love to your special person.

So, do well to explore the happy birthday messages for special friend below for the perfect birthday messages you desire to send your good friend.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Special Friend (Male or Female)

Make your special male or female friend feel loved and special on their birthday wish any of these happy birthday messages and wishes – best for best of friends.

1. No one comes close to you and regrets it. You are a good friend, the sort I want around me forever. Happy birthday.

2. Thank you for all that you have done for me, I am glad to know I can always trust you. You will always be my special friend. Happy birthday, bestie

3. You are sincere and genuine, these are traits that are not common. Thank you for being a true friend, Happy birthday.

4. My wishes for you are answers to all your prayers and secret heart desires. Happy birthday to one of the most special people in my life.

5. You are always there when I need someone to talk to, you are always there for me and I will forever be in your debt. Happy birthday.

6. I have had no regrets since I met you, you have added innumerable value to my life, happy birthday, dear friend, I am forever grateful I met you.

7. You are the best person anyone could ever wish for, happy birthday, thanks for always been there.

8. I am thankful I get to be best friends with you, you are awesome in every way possible, happy birthday, have a wonderful season.

9. Whatever your plans are for the day, shelf them. We are going all out to have fun, today would be a blast. Happy birthday.

10. Blessings, joy and a bank account that never runs dry. These are my wishes for you this day. Happy birthday best friend.

11. You have shown me what it means to love and support a person unconditionally. Happy birthday, dear, I love you with all my heart.

12. To say you have been a blessing to me is an understatement. You have been awesome! Happy birthday.

13. I will always treasure you, I will always treasure our friendship. Happy birthday, dear best friend, welcome to a beautiful season.

14. Distance is no barrier in matters of the heart, I feel like our hearts are linked and that’s because you are a special friend, one whose place can never be replaced. Happy birthday from this side.

15. From the very first day we met, I knew we were going to be good friends. Happy birthday, dear.

16 Friendship like ours does not exist often, Thanks for being a truthful and genuine person. Happy birthday, friend.

17. I feel like I can tell you anything and share anything with you. You are a special breed of human, one that is always understanding and supportive. Happy birthday, may your day be as special as you are.

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18. Your company is soothing, reassuring and comforting. I couldn’t have wished for a better person. Happy birthday.

19. You are inspirational. I know you might not know this but you have changed my world in a good way. Happy birthday.

20. Our friendship had stayed strong over the years, it has survived quite a lot. That’s because you are worth it, we are worth it. Happy birthday best friend

21. Irrespective of what happens, I will always stand by you. I don’t care if we are standing against the world, I will always be right by your side. Happy birthday.

22. I will always be here for you, I promise. Nothing and no one shall come between us, you can count on this. Happy birthday

23. Our conversations are my best motivation; you are so brilliant, so sound and intelligent. Happy birthday to the genius in our midst, have a great day

24. If I ever get to live again, I will choose to be your friend again. You are one of a kind, Happy birthday.

25. Where are we turning up tonight, I can’t wait to celebrate someone as awesome as you are. Happy birthday

26. I am so comfortable telling you my secrets because I know they will always be safe with you. Happy birthday dear friend, thanks for being my confidant.

27. I think today is the best day to tell you I love you. I have you from the very first day I saw you. I have never had a friend like you, you are simply the best. Happy birthday sweetheart

28. I know I don’t say this enough but you are an awesome person. I am always captivated by you, thanks for being an awesome friend.

29. You are an angel, God’s gift to mankind. You are special in every way and I am happy I get to call you friend. Happy birthday, dear.

30. We might fight occasionally and have disagreements, it still wouldn’t change how I feel about you. You will always be my best friend, no matter what happens

31. Our friendship has grown over the years, it gets stronger by the day. Happy birthday friend, you rock!

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32. I am amazed by your growth, I am proud of who you are steadily turning out to be. Happy birthday to a true friend, may God be good to you this year.

33. I feel we connect in a way that is commendable, you get me in ways no one else does. Happy birthday, dear.

34. You are special to me, by now you should know that. Happy birthday to one of the most important people in my life.

35. Cakes, pizza, hugs, chocolates and all the kisses in the world. These are all I am sending your way today. Happy birthday.

36. I think today is a good day to reaffirm my promise to never let you down. As you celebrate your birthday, I need you to know you have somebody who would always be there for you.

37. Thank you for being you, thank you for being real. You are simply incredible, you are amazing.

38. Life has taught me it is important to cherish those you consider important, you are on top of that list. Happy birthday, love.

39. Hi darling, happy birthday to you. I hope you know I consider you very important.

40. I am grateful to God I get to call someone like you a friend. Happy birthday, Superman! Cheers to more triumphs.

41. I pray today would be favourable and good to you, I pray today will kick-start the influx of good news in your life. Amen. Happy birthday.

42. You have been through so much and you deserve all the good that might come your way. Happy birthday, friend, I am always praying for you.

43. I have had my best times with you, my best memories involve. Happy birthday sweet, you are loved.

44. We have a lot in common, you would successfully pass for my twin. Happy birthday, dear, my life has become more beautiful with you in it.

45. I am looking forward to more years of calling you, friend. Happy birthday and may the universe be good to you today.

46. I pray happiness and love never cease from your life. Happy birthday dear, you deserve the best

47. I never thought it was possible to love anyone the way I love you. I care for you deeply and I wish you the very best as you celebrate your birthday today.

48. I cannot trade you for anything, the thought of having anything replace you is inconceivable to me, that is because you are special, no one comes close. Happy birthday.

48. You are a great friend, a great confidant and motivator. Happy birthday to the best human in the world

50. I can always turn to you when I need someone to talk to and that itself is satisfying. Happy birthday, darling, you are incredible.

51. May your birthday be special today. You are a wonderful person and may you have a wonderful day today. Happy birthday.

52. From your sweetest friend to you, happy birthday. You can always count on me.

53. You have a great heart, one that should be nourished, cherished and appreciated. Happy birthday

54. To say I have not been missing you is a lie. Happy birthday to the funniest person I know. Hip! Hip!! Hip!!!

55. Thanks for always inspiring me to be the best I can be, thanks for how you push me to attain my full potentials. Happy birthday.

56. This is a reminder that you are an awesome friend, one anyone would wish to have. Happy birthday buddy.

57. Happy birthday to my special friend, may the rest of your life be the best part of your life.

58. My prayers for you is that your life be wonderful and beautiful. May life be always good to you, happy birthday.

59. Have a fantastic celebration today, may your life never be devoid of joy and fulfilment. Cheers!

60. I am glad I found you, you are a rare gem, luck definitely smiled on me the day it brought you my way. Happy birthday dearest friend

61. I wish I could wave a wand and have all your wishes fulfilled today. If I were god, that’s exactly what I would do because you deserve it. Happy birthday.

62. May you always have reasons to smile, may happiness forever be your lot. Happy birthday to you friend, enjoy today maximally.

63. There are always reasons to celebrate, you only need to look around and count your blessings. Happy birthday.

64. You are a sure pillar of support to all who need it, you have a good heart and people like you deserve only the best from life. Happy birthday dear friend.

65. We will never grow apart, we will always be friends no matter what. Happy birthday.

66. You are going to live as long as possible because the world needs you, I need you. Happy birthday.

67. I can’t wait to eat the cakes and drink the wines, I cant wait to catch up so we celebrate today together. Happy birthday.

68. Today is finally here, I have been waiting for this day for so long. Happy birthday, love, you are special in every way imaginable. Have a special day.

69. Nothing I can wish you can ever be enough to celebrate today. You are an amazing individual and I love you.

70. You keep getting younger with every year. Have a fabulous birthday, enjoy every moment of your new year.

71. I love you a lot buddy and I wish you a fantastic celebration today. May this new year of your life be the best of your years so far.

72. Men! You are growing so fast. Happy birthday friend, welcome to a new phase of life

73. You are a very special person and I hope your birthday brings you tremendous happiness and moves you towards the fulfilment of your destiny. Happy birthday.

74. You have been a source of blessing to me, though out of sight, you always find ways to add value to my life still. Happy birthday buddy!

75. May life always be good and favourable to you, happy birthday friend, not all the distance in the world would ever diminish your love in my heart.

76. Your friendship is a powerful encouraging force for me, thanks for all the laughter and joy we shared, happy birthday.

77. I am lucky I get to call you friend, may your day mark the beginning of the fulfilment of all your dreams. Happy birthday.

78. Cheers to more years of a beautiful friendship. Have a beautiful birthday.

79. True friends are treasures, I am grateful I get to keep one of such treasures. You are one of a kind and I love you a lot. Happy birthday

80. My birthday gift to you is the promise of more years of fun as friends. You can always count on that. Happy birthday

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81. Looking back to how we started, I must say we have been through a lot together. Thinking of all we have been through makes me smile. Happy birthday

82. You are charming, you make loving you very easy, happy birthday, thanks for always striving to make me happy.

83. You have a way of making everyone around you happy and making everywhere brighter with your presence. Happy birthday to my dearest friend.

84. You are my favourite person, hanging out with you is always the best part of my day. Happy birthday’

85. I have to be the happiest person in the world today, I am happy I get to celebrate you, my friend, again. Congratulations on being a year older, happy birthday.

86. If my wishes for you can be quantified, they would fill and sink a huge boat. Happy birthday best friend

87. My wishes for you today are good health, sound mind and increase in whatever you do. Have a happy birthday.

88. Life would always have its occasional bumps but keep your head up, you will pull through. Happy birthday, friend.

89. Our friendship is beautiful and special and the credit goes to you. You are amazing. Happy birthday.

90. There is something different about you, something rare and precious, something not found in everyone. Happy birthday, jewel.

91. What we have is rare; it’s something I am really grateful for. I promise to always be by your side, holding you up and supporting you whenever you need me. Happy birthday friend

92. you are not only my friend, but you are family as well. Happy birthday to a friend like no other.

93. I would always laugh at your jokes even when they are dumb, that’s what good friends do. Happy birthday troublesome friend

94. There are a thousand and one words I want to say to you today but I am going to summarize it by saying you have made my life better. Happy birthday.

95. I love you just the way you are, there isn’t one thing I would change about you, happy birthday

96. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, that’s because you are a special person and I have never found anyone that comes close to your amazing self. Happy birthday.

97. Meeting you was one event that changed my life for the better, you have been a good influence on me and I appreciate you. Happy birthday.

98. You have overcome all the challenges that life threw your way, you are the bravest person I have ever met, happy birthday friend

99. Enjoy life fully, make every moment count, chase your dreams, never give up. Happy birthday.

100. My singular wish for you today is that your dreams would come true, don’t worry so much about life, things would fall into place. Happy birthday.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of birthday messages, wishes and prayers for that special friend. Don’t ever miss out on opportunities to celebrate your friends, it helps to foster love and keeps your friendship solid. Make that good friend of yours feel loved on his/her birthday with these happy birthday messages for special friend.