Happy 27th Birthday Prayers for 27 Years Old (2024)

There’s always a lot of hope and expectations whenever a new year beckons. This is especially true when it comes to birthdays. A lot of excitement and anxiety comes with the new year and phase of life.

At such times, however, it is better to look back at the past years and be full of gratitude, rather than being too overwhelmed with expectations for the future.

You should let your loved ones know they are loved on special days like their birthdays; 27th birthday, and show your friends how much you care about them. You can start that by blessing their new age with birthday prayers.

These birthday prayers for 27 years old friends and family will help you make your loved ones happy on their birthday.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 27 Years Old Son

Share these birthday prayer messages with your 27-year-old son to help him have a great celebration.

1. Dear son, you are a year older today. You are a big 27! I wish you lots of happiness and joy all the days of your life. Happy birthday.

2. Happy birthday dear son. As you turn 27, may lines fall in pleasant places for you in every area of your life. Amen.

3. My darling son is 27 years today. I bless God for His faithfulness. I pray that all that your heart wishes for and all the things God has in plan for you shall come to pass. Happy Birthday, Son.

4. I thank God for how he has brought you this far in life, 27 is such a beautiful year. I wish you a prosperous journey in life and a sweet year. Happy birthday, son.

5. Great is thy faithfulness, oh God our Father. Today is the day God has made for my son who is witnessing his 27th year. I pray for God’s grace and mercy upon your life. You shall expand in all ramifications.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 27 Years Old Daughter

6. With all my heart, I pray this prayer for you, You shall grow in God’s wisdom and knowledge. This 27th year shall mark a year of new beginnings. Happy birthday, my darling daughter.

7. I thank God for blessing me with you, you are such a blessing to me. I pray for successes and good luck in all you do. I love you, darling. Happy 27th birthday to you.

8. Today marks the 27th year you were brought to this world, bringing smiles on our faces. I wish you a beautiful year filled with loads of fun, joy and great things you do not even expect. I wish a happy birthday, my dear daughter.

9. As the sun shows its beauty with its brightness, you will shine brighter and brighter than the sun. I can’t just love less daughter. Happy birthday to you on your 27th year.

10. In life, my daughter, may God guide your feet and make your path straight. You shall experience great possibilities in your life’s journey. You are turning 27 today, I wish you a happy birthday.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 27 Year Old Sister

These birthday prayer messages for 27 year old sister will sure make your sister have a great new year as she celebrates her birthday.

11. You need to know how much I’ve waited for this day to come, dear sister. I’m so happy to have you in my life cos you’re so dear to me. I pray for God’s mercies and blessings in abundance and to keep overflowing as long as you live. I wish you a very happy birthday as you turn 27.

12. Though life may be full of ups and downs, you will surely scale through and be successful in all of your doings in life. Happy birthday to my dear sister on her 27th birthday.

13. Sisters are like stars that shine and glow. It’s so nice to have you like one, big sis. You’re 27 yrs old today and I pray that Heavens shall rejoice on your life, and the grace of God shall follow you all the days of your life. Happy birthday, dear sis.

14. Happy 27th birthday, my dearest sister. I wish you a sweet year filled with good tidings, successes and prosperity. I love you forever.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 27 Year Old Brother

Wish your brother a happy birthday with these birthday prayer messages for 27 year old brother.

15. Dear brother, Happy birthday to you. Now that you are 27, I pray that God showers His blessings upon you and that you become a blessing to generations. I love you.

16. Dear brother, you are one in a million. This 27th year will be greater than in the past years. I wish you an awesome birthday.

17. I celebrate you, big brother on your 27th birthday. Your joy shall know no sorrow by God’s grace. Happy birthday with so much love.

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18. With loads of love, I wish you a happy birthday. I pray you always have and never lack. Happy 27th birthday, bro.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 27 Year Old Friend

Send these birthday prayer messages to your 27 year old friend as he or she marks a new year.

19. My dearest friend’s day is here. So unbelievable that you are now 27. I thank God for you. I wish you a prosperous and healthy year, friend. Happy birthday.

20. Today is the day we’ve been waiting for. I’m so lucky to have you as a friend. May God keep you and bless you always. Happy 27th birthday.

21. I’m so blessed to have you in my life, friend. May God’s loving-kindness be upon you always and forever. Your 27th birthday will be a beautiful one. Happy birthday, darling.

22. Every day is a gift from God but this particular day differs from the other days because it was on this day you were brought to life. I pray your light knows no darkness. Happy 27th birthday, love.

23. Here’s celebrating the 27th year of God’s goodness in your life. May God keep guiding and upholding you all the days of your life. I love you, friend.

27th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Nephew or Niece

Send these 27th birthday prayer messages to your nephew or niece so they can have an amazing birthday.

24. My handsome nephew is 27 today. Happy birthday to you. I wish you a pleasant and amazing year. Stay great!

25. Happy 27th birthday, dear nephew. I pray that God grants all of your heart desires in accordance with His will. Keep blossoming, darling

26. It’s 27 years today and the blessings of God still keeps counting in your life. I celebrate you, dear niece. May God bestow upon you His Mercy and Love. Happy birthday, dearest.

27. My amazing niece is 27 today! Happy birthday, dear one. I pray that you will always find favour in the sight of God and man. Keep being awesome.

27th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

Here are 27th birthday prayer messages you could share with your cousin as he or she clocks a new age.

28. My beautiful cousin is 27 today. Happy birthday to you. I wish you a happy life filled with the good things of life. Enjoy your day.

29. May you grow in the grace and knowledge of God as you celebrate your 27th-year dear cousin. Happy birthday to you.

30. I’m happy you are a part of the family. This 27th year of yours shall be greater than the past years. You shall have no better yesterday. I love you, dear cousin.

31. Happy sweet 27, dear cousin. I wish you all the best in life and successes in all that you do. Have an amazing new year.

32. Happy 27, darling. Your new age looks so good on you. God’s steadfast love shall be with you always, dear cousin. Stay gorgeous.

33. Dear cousin, as you turn 27, I pray that doors of goodness, happiness, success, and all other good things shall open for you. Happy birthday. I love you so much.

27th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Husband/Wife

Send these 27th birthday prayer messages specially written for your husband or wife so they can have a great one.

34. I pray you will grow stronger and stronger, bigger and bigger as you turn 27, my darling husband. Happy birthday to you.

35. I thank God that I have you as my partner, you are so wonderful. I pray that God will increase you and lift you higher than the other ones. Happy 27th birthday, sweetheart.

36. Two are indeed better than one! I bless the day I met you, my darling husband. You are one in million. I wish you better days ahead, and all the good things you wish yourself. I love you with all my heart. Enjoy as you celebrate your 27th year.

37. One plus one is one in marriage, and I’m delighted to have you in my life, hubby. As you turn 27 today, I pray that everything will surely work together for your good and for our good. Your plans to make our home work out will be fulfilled. Happy birthday, dearest.

38. I wish you long life and prosperity, happiness, unending joy, success, and every good thing of life. God has good plans for you dear, to prosper you and not to harm you. I pray all these will come to pass in your life. Happy birthday, dear husband. This 27th year will be a great year. I love you

27th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt or Uncle

These 27th birthday prayer messages for aunt or uncle will be great to celebrate your special aunt or uncle on their beautiful day. Share with them.

39. My sweet uncle is 27 today! I wish you a happy life. God will take you to places you have never been to before. Happy birthday, Uncle.

40. It’s so amazing that you are celebrating your 27th birthday today, dear uncle. May God make you great, expand you in His wisdom and knowledge, and provide for all your needs. Happy birthday, Uncle.

41. Dear uncle, I pray that you have an overflow of God’s goodness, blessings and greatness. Happy 27th birthday.

42. Happy birthday, dear uncle. Have an amazing one. Cheers to 27 and more!

27th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/Brother-In-law

With these 27th birthday prayer messages specially written for your sister in law or brother in law, they will surely have a beautiful birthday celebration.

43. My lovely sister-in-law is 27 today, keep soaring higher, sis. Happy birthday. I love you.

44. Happy 27th birthday to my darling sister-in-law. May God keep you, uphold you, and strengthen you in all your ways. Have a blast on your birthday.

45. May all the good things be yours and may you see many more years as you celebrate your 27th birthday, dear sister-in-law. Have a great one.

46. God will take you to higher positions that you have never been. Happy 27th birthday, my darling sister-in-law. Keep growing and glowing.

Opening Prayers for 27th Birthday Party

Pray these opening prayers for 27th birthday party of your loved ones as you celebrate and show love to them.

47. We thank you, Lord, for the grace given to your child to witness her 27th birthday. Father Lord, grant her long life and all the good things her heart desires. And keep her from all harm. Amen.

48. Thank you, Lord, for how far you have brought your son. We ask that you protect him in all of his ways. Make this 27th year a remarkable one in his life. Amen.

49. Lord, we have all gathered here to celebrate your son who is turning 27 today. We ask that you take him places and make in grow in your grace and wisdom. Amen.

50. God, we bless you for seeing your child, our friend, through these 27 years of her life. May this new year bring him all the best things life has to offer, with loads of all goodness and grace. Amen.

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