2024 Good Morning Messages for a Special Friend

Mornings, to a very large extent, determines how the rest of our day goes. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to write this beautiful collection of messages that’ll surely leave them smiling for the rest of the day

Let that special someone know they’re your first thought of the day with just a little bit of help from

Your loved ones deserve a smile on their face every morning! Let us help you with one of these messages.

Good Morning Messages and Wishes for Special Friends

When you have a friend of friends that deserves so much, you can help him or her start their day with these good morning messages for a special friend.

1. Good morning, Dearest. I wish you a morning as beautiful as your smile.

2. Mornings are a time to remember people precious to us and put them in our prayers and you, my darling is one of them! Good morning and have a great day.

3. Roses are red
Violets are blue
Mornings are beautiful
And so are you!
Have a great day, Love.

4. My morning wouldn’t be complete without wishing you, Sweetheart, a great morning and a fabulous day ahead. I love you.

5. People say a picture tells a thousand words but I believe a single word conveys a thousand emotions, so I’m sending three: I LOVE YOU! Good morning, Dear.

6. You’re amazing and I value you so much. Here’s wishing you a day as great as the happiness you give me. Good morning, Dearest.

7. I wish you an amazing day, free of worries and full of fond memories. Good morning.

8. I’m sending you a hamper full of hugs and love to help you get through your day. Good morning and have a great day.

9. Your beautiful face comes to mind each day I wake up and I can’t help smiling. I love that you love me. Good morning, Beloved.

10. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Rest, assured you’ll have an awesome day. Good morning, dear.

11. A day without putting a smile on your face feels like a wasted day, so smile for me, dear. Good morning.

12. People come into your life for a reason but you’ve given me a thousand reasons not to let you go. You’re mine, Dear. Always. Good morning.

13. You’re more beautiful than the sight of the sun peeking out of the clouds. Every morning reminds me of you. Good morning, Dear.

14. I can’t help smiling whenever I remember I have you in my life. It feels like a dream I don’t ever want to wake up from. Good morning, Love. Have a pleasant day.

15. I should be going about my daily duties but I am here grinning lazily at the thought of you. Good morning, Dear.

16. I trust you slept well. I couldn’t resist wishing you a great day ahead. Today’s yours to conquer. Good morning, Darling.

17. I’m glad I have you to walk through 2024 with me. I’m positive we’ll weather its storms together. Good morning my Darling.

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18. When I count my blessings, I count you a million times. Good morning, Dear.

19. My day only begins with a smile on your face and ends with the same. Shall we begin? Good morning, my Love. I trust you slept well.

20. God bless the day I met you, Darling. Good morning.

21. Knowing you love me, is another reason to smile. Thank you for loving me despite my many troubles. Good morning, Dear.

22. I know you’ll do great today. Here’s wishing you a day full of great achievements. Good morning, Beloved.

23. The weather might be sunny today but never worry. It’s just the Sun jealous of you because you light up my world. Have a great day, Dear.

24. My life is better with you in it. Please stay! Good morning, Love.

25. As the morning signifies the beginning of a new day, I pray this day signifies your day of uncountable blessings. Good morning.

26. I wish you a day as sweet as nectar, as bright as the sun and more beautiful than a butterfly. Have a good day.

27. YOU are what makes every day special for me. Here’s wishing you an amazing day. Good morning, Darling.

28. The sun can’t beat the sparkle in your eyes when you smile. The world needs to see more of this wonder, Dear. Have a fabulous day.

29. Like a fine wine, you get better each passing day. Good morning, Dear. Have a pleasant day.

30. Watching you smile makes me happy, makes both of us happy. So I hope this message leaves a smile on your face. Good morning, Dear.

31. Rise and shine, dear. The world needs to see more of your light, never dim it for any reason. Have a wonderful day.

32. You’re amazing inside and out. I feel so blessed to be the most important person in your life. Good morning, Beloved.

33. Sometimes, I wonder if I did something amazing in my past life to have gotten such a treasure like you. Good morning, Darling.

34. Do you want to know how much I value you? I do as much as a Pirate values his gold. Good morning, Treasure.

35. You make me want to be a better person and I’m most grateful for that. Good morning, Dear.

36. It feels so amazing to have someone look beyond your flaws. Thank you, my Darling for loving me this much.

37. I thought of a way to put a smile on your face, hence this text. Good morning.

38. You’re amazing, Dear and I hope today and every other day proves that to you. Good morning.

39. It feels so good to be loved by you that I can only say thank you. I wish you a day as smooth as silk. Good morning, Dear.

40. You’re irreplaceable. I don’t need to lose You before I know that. Thank you for all you do. Good morning, Treasure. Have a great day.

41. For putting up with me even if I tend to be difficult, thank you, Dear. Good morning and have a great day.

42. The joy that fills my heart at the thought of you is unexplainable and I can only thank God you came into my life. Good morning, Dear.

43. Knowing you’re mine is my secret to getting through each day. You give me so much happiness. I love You, dear. Have a pleasant day.

44. I may not be rich in terms of money, but I am rich having you to call mine. Good morning, Precious.

45. Mornings come with new blessings, I’m blessed to have you each day. Good morning, Dear. Have a great day.

46. Life’s better with wonderful people by your side. You’re surely one of them. Good morning.

47. I pray this day brings as much goodness and joy as you bring to my life. Good morning, Love.

48. I slept with the thought of you and still woke up with you on my mind. I cherish you, Dear. Good morning.

49. Hello, Dear. Just thought to say good morning and send my love to you. Nothing else matters, just you.

50. Just a simple good morning text, wishing you a great day ahead. Cheers!

51. I wish mornings with you next to me would last forever because in these times I love you the most. Good morning, my muse.

52. I love You, and that’s forever. Good morning, Sweetheart.

53. Just the thought of you brightens up my day, makes me want to spend all my days with you. Good morning, Darling.

54. I woke to the sound of your voice in my head feeling good and alive. Nothing has ever felt so right as having you in my life.

55. If each day brings new hope, I hope it brings you and all the love we can share. Good morning, Dear.

56. Wake up, my Love. The world awaits you to conquer. Have a great day.

57. Nights without you are cold, mornings like this without you are heavy. Hope to see you soon. Good morning, Dear.

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58. Good morning, Sweet. I pray today brings you closer to your dreams and aspirations.

59. My morning wouldn’t be complete without smiling to thoughts of you and wishing you, my Darling a great morning. Have a pleasant day.

60. I thought the Sunrise was most beautiful until I met you. You really are special. Good morning, Love.

61. The sun doesn’t light up the earth the way you light up my world. Good morning, Bunny.

62. Since I’m not there to wake you up with hugs and kisses, the least I can do is send a text reminding you I love you, and that’s forever. Have a pleasant day.

63. Just another day of falling and being in love with you, and there’s nothing better. Good morning, Sweets.

64. Good morning, Sweetheart. I love you and want you to know I’m always one phone call away, the distance notwithstanding. Have an amazing day.

65. Having you in my life is proof that God loves me. Good morning, my Darling.

66. People say you fall in love only once, but I fall in love with you every day. You’re my treasure.

67. I can’t help but wonder where you’ve been all my life. You make my world better. Good morning, Dear.

68. I want to be the first to put a smile on your face this morning. Good morning, Love. I trust you slept well.

69. Every moment spent with you is precious, moments spent without you go fast so bleak and gloomy. It’s amazing how you make my day better, so I wish this text does the same to you. Good morning, Dear.

70. You fill me with hope each day and the next would be better. Good morning, Treasure.

71. I love how easy it is to put a smile on your face, my Beautiful. Have a pleasant day, Dear.

72. As certain as the sunrise for each day, I want you to be certain of my love for you. Good morning, Dear.

73. You make each day beautiful and worth getting through. I wish the best of your dreams come through today. Good morning.

74. My day goes better when it begins with you. You’re my good-luck charm. I love you. Good morning.

75. It’s unreal how much my heart beats just thinking about you. Have a pleasant day, Sugar.

76. Here’s a reminder you’re always on my mind. Good morning, Darling. Have a pleasant day.

77. I may not know what today would bring, but there’s one thing I know: I love you, and I’m not letting you go. Good morning, Dear.

78. If only the stars could light up whenever I think about you, there’ll never be nights anymore. Good morning, my Precious.

79. It’s a new day, but nothing’s changed about how much I treasure you. I hope this text is a reminder.
Good morning.

80. My world revolves around you, so I can’t let this morning go without putting a smile on your face with this text. You’re my forever love. Have a pleasant day.

81. Whoever said “change is the only constant thing in life” couldn’t be more wrong. Time’s gone, but nothing’s changed about my feelings for you. Good morning, Treasure.

82. Have a great day, dear and if it gets gloomy, just remember I’m only a call away.

83. There’s no limit to your achievement today, so wake up and face the day assured it would be one of your best. Good morning, Dear.

84. Life’s a gift to be cherished, I cherish it more with you by my side. Good morning, Baby.

85. Your love is something to live for. So glad I have the most of it. Good morning, Love.

86. You are one more reason to be thankful to God this morning. You’re proof He loves me. Good morning, Darling.

87. Every day feels like a Friday because I wake up joyous and full of happiness each time I remember you’re in my life. Good morning.

88. You mean the world to me, I can’t trade you for anything or anyone else. Good morning, Dear.

89. I may not be a Doctor, but I’m sure people who hate mornings don’t get to wake up to someone as amazing as you beside them. Thanks to you, every morning is a joyful one for me.

90. Life could be unpredictable, but never my love for you. Good morning, Dear.

91. If each day is a blank canvas, mine is already getting filled up with thoughts and images of you. Good morning, Baby. Have a great day.

92. Many people prefer caffeine, but you’re the only thing I need to make my morning beautiful. Have a pleasant day.

93. Thank you for making each morning a great one for me. Have a great day at work.

94. I don’t know what I must have done right in my life, but you are the reward.

95. I doubt people addicted to hard drugs ever came across you. You’re my addiction, and I never want to get over you. Good morning, Baby.

96. I love the mornings because they have one thing in common with you: BEAUTIFUL.

97. Mornings come with blessings, you’re the first blessing I got.

98. Good morning, Sweetheart. Nothing else matters today, just you.

99. You must be the Sun because I’m blinded by your love each day. Good morning.

100. I hope this text is the start of a good day for you. Good morning, Dear.

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