100 Most Romantic Love Text Messages for Him – Boyfriend in 2024

Most Romantic Love Messages for Him. Sweet Romantic Love Text Messages for Your Boyfriend.

Now enjoy the love text messages collection for your love.

Romantic Love Text Messages for Him – I  Love You Messages for Boyfriend

Love is one the reason the earth is still existing and everything in it.  Here is the best Most Romantic Love Messages and Quotes for Husband or Boyfriend from the Heart you can depend on, to convey you heart to your lover.

1. I’m Honoured I Have You

The delighted expression on my face knows no bound whenever I’m around you, the joy you’ve brought into my life knows no limit and I’m more than honoured to have and be with you. I love you so much.

2. You’re My Confidant

When I’m lost without a course, uncertainty of life hit me so bad, you’re always there for me to listen and you turned out to be my confidant. I love you so much.

3. You’re My Royal Highness

I’ve always wanted to live in a castle as not many people are of noble birth. It came to reality the day we met and you took me in as you happened to be my royal highness. I love you forever.

4. The Best for Me

You’re the best for me today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and forever you will be. I love you beyond words.

5. You Are My Soulmate

You understand me even when I’m not saying anything; comfort me in my hour of loneliness and weakness. You’re my soul mate indeed. I love you to the moon and back.

6. No Other like You

The way you caress, kiss, cuddle, admire and love me, no other person can do it like you do. You know that I love you right? Well I do.

7. The Oxygen I Needed

Just as plants need carbon dioxide as energy to sustain them, you’re the oxygen I needed to survival. I love you dearly.

8. There’s no Me Without You

A house without a strong foundation can’t stand the test of time, and I will reduce to nothing without you in my life as there will be no me without you. I love you so much.

9. I Am Lost without You

You’re the compass I needed to point me in the right direction back to you when I find myself in the dreary weather of the unloved, because I’m lost without you. I love you beyond words.

10. My Lips Yearn for Yours

It’s more than just a cloud nine sensation as the emotion within me knows no bound whenever you kiss me and the way you do. My lips long for yours today and always. I love you so much.

11. I Can’t Explain It

Words will fail me if you asked me to explain what I’m feeling inside of me for you right now, because I just can’t explain it. I love you more than love itself.

12. Enlighten My Life

The way you love, cherish, honor, respect, care, trust and believe me has illuminate my life from the inside out. I love you dearly.

13. It’s Meant to Be

Amidst the quarrel and resentment we had, it never break us, instead, it makes us stronger and deepen our love more than ever, because we’re meant to be together. I love you forever.

14. You Are Irreplaceable

As far as the world is concern, some folks believe everything in life are replaceable, but not you my dear, because you’re irreplaceable. You know that I love you right? Well I do.

15. My Man of Valor

You put on integrity like an armor, helmet of dignity, empathy your breastplate, garment of magnanimity, and simplicity as a mantle . I love you more than love itself.

16. You Are My Shield

When darts are thrown at me for loving you by the world, you’re always there for me – to cover and protect me as a shield. I love you to the moon and back.

17. Take It All Away

The pain – heartache, sorrow, dejection, betrayal, dishonesty, worry and hurt, take it all away, but not your love as I will reduce to nothing without your love. I love you beyond words.

18. Keeper of My Heart

I have no reason to feel morbid about life anymore since my life is secured in the vault of your love as you’re now the keeper of my heart. I love you more than love itself.

19. I Love You Now and Forever

I’ve loved you from the first day we met; I love you now and I will always do, because my love for you will never grow cold or sour. I love you forever.

20. With Every Breath

I will admire, believe, care, esteem, adore, honor and love you so much more with every breath that I have in me. I love you to the moon and back.

21. The Lover of My Life

When I’m weak you loved me; when I’m imperfect you loved me still, and most importantly, you love me even when nobody else does. I love you so much.

22. Stay with Me

Even when the whole world seems to be falling apart, one thing I know for sure, you’ll always stay with me through thick and thin. I love you more than love itself.

23. For You My Heart Beat

I’ve found in you the secret to live a healthy, fulfilled and happy life in as much as my heart beat for you alone. I love you dearly.

24. My Best Friend Forever

You protect me like a father, love me like a mother, care for me like a brother and listen to me like a friend. You’re indeed my best friend forever. I love you to the moon and back.

25. My All in All

To commercial driver you’re just a passenger; landlord a tenant; market woman a customer; family a brother, but to me, you’re my all in all. I love you beyond words.

26. I Am More than Favoured

I’ve found benevolence before God amidst all other ladies, because you love me so much and I want you to know that I’m more than favoured to have you in my life. I love you baby.

27. Can’t Breathe Without You

When it’s stormy and cold outside, I can’t breathe properly, because your love is the air I needed to inhale. I love you dearly.

28. My Love My All

I never could envisaged it will turned out this way, you’ve seen my worst, yet you love me profoundly. You’re undoubtedly my love and my all. I love you to the moon and back.

29. It Is You all Along

I was so blinded by my revenge for betrayal and rejection I had suffered from time past that it didn’t occur to me it’s you I needed all along to heal me. I love you my baby.

30. You Have Caused My Heart to Leap

It’s you alone that I wanted and needed since you’ve caused my heart to leap for joy ever since you came into my life. You know that I love you right? Well, I do.

Good Morning Love Messages For Him – Romantic Good Morning Love Messages for Your Boyfriend

Sweet Romantic love messages for Him to wake up to

31. Better Day

It’s yet a better day today, to be better than yesterday, to be a better person as well as a better lover. Good morning dear.

32. Grateful Oh Lord!

I’m grateful not just for a daylight to right the wrong of yesterday mistakes, but a day to love you in a special way too. Good morning love.

33. Shine Forth

It’s a shinning day out there already, to start the day on a brighter path, so arise and shine forth my love! Good morning.

34. Regret Not

I’ve got basically nothing to regret for, as yesterday’s disappointment is today’s blessing in disguise. Good morning dear.

35. Lovely Day Ahead

As you step out, I wish for you a blissful and lovely day ahead of you today and always. Good morning.

36. Another Opportunity

Here’s another opportunity for you to start on a new sheet, to set new goals, to aim higher and love me better. Good morning love.

37. Glorious Dawn

A glorious dawning it’s for me today, as I woke up in the arms of a delightful and handsome man. Good morning dear.

38. Strength Refresh

Yesterday took away the pains and aches in my bone, and today my strength is refreshed and I can care for you better. Good morning.

39. First Thing on My Mind

You’re always the first thing on my mind each time I wake up and open my eyes to a new day. Good morning dear.

40. A Day with You

A day with you and your love is far better than a thousand years elsewhere. Good morning my love.

41. With Me

I’m certain that today is going to be fun, great and wonderful, because you’ll be with me all through it. Good morning love.

42. Your Face

It’s your face I long for each time I wake up to see the break of another day. Good morning my love.

43. Fresh Start

Fresh day with a fresh start on a fresh slate in a fresh way with a fresh spirit. Good morning dear.

44. Awesome Day

Today promised to be an awesome day, because I’ve got another avenue to care about you much more better. Good morning dear.

45. Clean Slate

I’m full of energy to honor, love and respect you better than before as I’m starting the day on a clean slate. Good morning.

46. Happy Feeling

It’s a wonderful and happy feeling to know that someone special like you cares and loves me unconditionally. Good morning love.

47. Remain Blessed

As you begin today, may you be bless in your endeavors and remain blessed forever more. Good morning dear.

48. Stay Strong

No matter what happens today, I’d stay strong facing the day’s challenges, because I know you’re with me all the way. Good morning.

49. Go and Excel

Wake up my dear, it’s a new dawn already, to attain new heights, so get up, dress up and go and excel. Good morning my love.

50. Feels Good

It feels good to be awake in your arms, and the goodness will abide with me throughout the day. Good morning my love.

Good Night Love Messages For Him – Good Night Sweet Dreams Messages for Your Boyfriend

Your Boyfriend is about to rest at night after the stress of the long day? Here is stress repelling Romantic Good Night Love Quotes for Boyfriend.

51. Wish You Were Here

At a time like this, when it’s raining and the night is cold, I wish you were here as I sleep off in your arms. Goodnight dear.

52. Wonderland

As you quietly lay down to sleep, I hope to see you in the wonderland so that you can continue to love me so much more. Goodnight baby.

53. Caress Me

I long for you to caress me and comfort my body, soul and mind of the day’s strain. Goodnight my love.

54. Night is Here

The night is here for me to admire and cherish you, to ease all the stress of today away and love you better. Goodnight dear.

55. Full Moon

The moon is full as the night gently take us away from the rest of the world to enjoy each other company. Goodnight my dear.

56. Time to Behold

It’s that time of the day for me to behold and love the best thing that ever happened to me – You. Goodnight my love.

57. Show Me Love

I’m not asking for anything or something too much and beyond your reach, all I’m requesting is you show me love tonight. Goodnight dear.

58. Body is Calling on You

I yearn for your presence, your love and your tender touch as my body is calling on you tonight. Goodnight love.

59. Need Your Love

I really do need you and your love so much more than ever tonight dear. Goodnight my dear.

60. The Last I Think Of

You’re always the last thing on my mind and the one I do think of when I’m about to sleep. Goodnight baby.

61. Sleep Knocking

When sleeping is knocking on the door, it’s wise to attend to it, as it’s an avenue for us to be together again. Goodnight dear.

62. End Well

I’m ending today well, because I’m going to lay down with the love of my life as the night gently take me away. Goodnight dear.

63. Wonderful Moment

It’s always a wonderful moment each time I’m with you and I don’t want to leave your side. Goodnight my love.

64. Treat Me

I want you to treat me like a queen that I’m tonight, to be entangled in your love in the castle of your heart. Goodnight dear.

65. Sleep Well

Make sure you sleep well tonight as I’ll still be here for you when you wake up. Goodnight my love.

66. I’m Delighted

I’m delighted to be wrapped up in your arms as you gently cool off today’s aches and pains in me. Goodnight my love.

67. Silent Night

In the silent of the night, before I return back to the rest world, I want you and your love like never before. Goodnight dear.

68. All of Me

All of me want all of you – body, soul, mind and spirit tonight. Can you do that for me? Goodnight my love.

69. Companion

You’re the companion I seek on a cold wet night like this, when everywhere is dark and freezing. Goodnight dear.

70. Stars Shinning

As the stars are shinning brighter outside, I only yearn to be cuddled up with you in bed. Goodnight my love.

I Miss You Love Messages For Him – Missing You Love Messages for Boyfriend

You have miss your lover so much and you don’t even know what to do to let him know or you are short of words to use? There is no need to search too long because Romantic I Miss You Quotes and Text Messages for Him is all you will need.

71. Your Touch

I yearn for your touch, since it’s all I needed to be strong, healthy and active again. I miss you so much more than ever.

72. My Confidant

During the stormy weather, when I needed someone to talk to, you’re always there for me and now you’re far away. I miss you.

73. Miles Away

I know work had to take you miles away from me, but please hasten up with the project and come back to me. I miss you dear.

74. Come Home Quick

I don’t know how long I can keep up without you beside me here, please come home quick. I miss you so much.

75. All of You

I miss your sweet voice, charming smile, your presence and your touch, but most especially the way you caress me. I miss all of you my love.

76. Miss You Today

Today like every other day of the week, I miss you so much it hurts, and most especially your love. I miss you like never before.

77. Shoulder To Lean On

In a tough time like this, I long for your shoulder to lean on, but you’re distant from me. I miss you so much.

78. Heart Racing

My heart is racing to and fro, up and down, eagerly waiting for your love to calm it down. I miss you badly my love.

79. The Way You Talk

The way you talk is unique and special, and that, I miss so much about you right now. I miss you my dear.

80. Not a Day

Not a day goes by without me thinking about you and your love and how I’m blessed to have you. I miss you badly baby.

81. Your Company

Each time I’m in your company, there’s never a dull or boring moment with you. I miss your presence.

82. Naughty Side

Your naughty side, any day anytime, leaves me dumbfounded. I miss you so badly baby.

83. Heartbeat for You

How can I live without you in my life? My heartbeat for you alone, but now you’re distant away. I miss you my love.

84. Smile

Your smile could melt a frozen heart, as it could change a bad mood to good one. I miss you dearly.

85. Sense of Humour

You never cease to amaze me with your hilarious jokes and funny tricks. I miss your sense of humor my love.

I Am Sorry Love Messages For Him – Apology Love Messages for Your Boyfriend

After a terrible misunderstanding, with someone you lover so much, acknowledging your faults and the word “sorry” is the most proper thing to say. Here are I’m Sorry My Love Text Messages and Sayings for Boyfriend you will love to have.

86. Don’t Be Angry

You have every right to be mad at me, but please don’t be angry with me anymore. I’m really sorry dear.

87. I Didn’t Mean It

I didn’t mean to take you nor your feelings toward me for granted. Can you please forgive me?

88. I’m Sorry

My body might fail me if I start to express how sorry I am to have hurt you, but all I could say is that, I’m truly sorry. Please forgive me dear.

89. Forgiveness Is Divine

Relationship without forgiveness don’t stand a chance as forgiveness is divine. I’m sorry dear.

90. I Just Did

I vowed not to hurt your feelings intentionally, but I just did again. I’m deeply sorry my love.

91. Am I Wrong?

Would it be wrong to say I’m sorry today? Can I say it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? I’m sorry my love.

92. Second Chance

All I’m asking for is just a another chance to win you all over again. Can you give me a second chance?

93. Please, My Love

Please pardon me my love for many of my faults and shortcomings. I’m sorry dear for everything.

94. No Word

There’s no word to describe how sorry I’m to have wronged you. Please forgive me.

95. I’m But Human

There will be times when I will cause you pain – consciously or unconsciously as I’m only but human. I’m sorry love.

96. Your Love

Yes! You can be angry with me, but please don’t take your love away from me. I’m truly sorry my dear.

97. Forgive Me

For the many times I’ve taken you or your feelings for granted and not been good to you, please forgive me.

98. Lighten the Burden

I need your forgiveness to lighten the burden in my heart, as guilt that I repaid good back with evil press heavily on me. I’m sorry my love.

99. Ease the Pain

Can you please ease the pain in my heart for having wronged you without knowing it? I’m truly sorry my dear.

100. You’re Right

I’m wrong to have hurt you and you’re right to be angry with me. I’m really sorry my love.