2024 Missing You Text Messages for Her – Girlfriend

Are you two having any issues? Or she travelled? Or she’s far away? You miss her so much and you’re tired of calling and telling her you miss her that you want to try something else?

Of course, I Miss You Texts would do and here are a Missing you Text messages for your girlfriend; let her know you miss her so much.

Missing You Text Messages for Her

You want your girlfriend to know how much you miss her? These Missing You Text Messages for Girlfriend is available for you to send to her.

1. How can I explain how I am feeling to you? It’s pain, hurt, sadness and it’s like I can not feel my heart beat anymore. I miss you, my Princess.

Missing You Text for Her
Missing You Text for Her

2. I have been thinking of how I can say these three words and I got a clue:
‘I’ am thinking of you every second of the day.
‘MISS’ holding your hands.
‘YOU’ mean so much to me.
Now join the first word of each sentence. I MISS YOU.

3. I will never stop thinking of you. No matter how far away you’re from me, I will still love and care about you. I miss you so much, my queen.

4. I don’t know why my heart trembles and my soul feels so weak. Is it because I’m missing you?

5. My love, heart, body and soul are just for you. I miss you so much, baby.

6. Whenever I think about love, I think about YOU. whenever I close my eyes, I see YOU. My world revolves around you, baby. I miss you so much.

7. There is actually no reason, no question, no clue, no answer why I miss you baby. I just miss you.

8. Not everyone is being able to express their feelings. I just want you to know that I miss you.

9. I am sending you my heart; peep into it and see how much I miss you.

10. Come home soon. I miss you, dear.

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11. I wish I could tell you about my hurt, the pain in my heart, the number of tears I drop in the middle of the night. But that would be a waste of time, I just want to let you know that I miss you.

Missing Her Text Messages
Missing Her Text Messages

12. You’re the air I breathe, please come back soon, I am running out of the air. I miss you.

13. I dreamt of you and in my dream, you hugged and kissed me. Please come back soon, for I have missed you so much.

14. I have come to know that I can’t do without you. Please come back, I’m missing you.

15. You’ll always remain in my heart, my Princess. I miss you.

Miss U Text for Her

16. My hidden secret of life is you. My better half is you. My soul mate Is you. Don’t you see you’re everything to me?

17. The only thing I want most from life is someone who could love me without condition. I really do miss you.

18. You’re the first thought I think of every morning. You’re the happiness I feel every time. I miss you so much, darling.

19. I miss you so much, my soul mate.

20. Hope you know, I miss your nagging?

Missing Her Text Messages

Text Messages to express how much you miss your girlfriend.

21. You’re the most essential part of my life. So please come back to me, I am nothing without you.

Missing You Message to Your Girlfriend
Missing You Message to Your Girlfriend

22. In bad and sad moments, just know I will never stop missing you.

23. My love for you would never fade. I miss you.

24. Nothing can ever change the way I feel about you. I miss you, baby.

25. Whenever you look back, I will always be there with you, I miss you.

Missing Her Text

26. Don’t forget the promises I made to you. I will always love you even until the afterlife. I miss you.

27. I want to touch your hands and kiss your lips once again. I miss you, my queen.

28. My heroine, I miss you so much.

29. You made me realize how special it is to be loved by someone amazing, someone who understands you perfectly well. I love and miss you, baby.

30. I love the way you love me, baby. I miss you.

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31. The words I say to you are true, and the feelings I have for you are pure. Please come back to me.

Missing You Love Messages for Her
Missing You Love Messages for Her

32. Do you miss me the way I miss you? Either way, I won’t stop loving you.

33. My heart skips a beat whenever I remember you’re no longer around. I miss you so much.

34. I miss your awesomeness and your warmth.

35. Some words are magical. Please come and hug me, I miss you so badly.

36. I am getting tired of missing you. You better come back soon.

37. Can I tell you something? I miss you.

38. I will never stop telling the whole world how much I miss you.

39. I miss staring into your eyes. Come back soon.

40. I miss your naughty ass, come back soon, baby.

Missing You Text Message for Her

Best Text Messages for her to know how much you need her.

41. I want to sleep beside you every day. I pray you come back very soon; because I’m missing you so much.

42. When are you coming back? Don’t you know I miss you?

43. Love is the sweetest feeling. I miss you, baby.

44. Love changes you from the inside to the outside. You have really changed me from the inside to the outside. I miss you dearly.

45. My love for you cannot be judged or weighed by the number of times I say I love you. I hope you know I miss you.

46. You’re always on my mind. I miss you, my heart knows!

47. Out of sight, isn’t out of mind. I am missing everything about you.

48. You’re in my heart and there you will always be forever. I miss you.

49. There is only one sad moment in life and it is when you begin to miss that person who means the whole world to you. I miss you, baby.

50. I wish you’ll come back as soon as possible so I can be with you once again. I miss you, dear.

Missing You Love Messages for Girlfriend

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51. My sugar plum, when are you coming home? Don’t you know I miss you?

52. Your love is priceless, unbeatable, unbelievable, cannot be seen. I wish you’re here with me. I miss you.

53. I want to enjoy this summer with you. Please come home. I miss you so much.

54. I miss you more every cold night.

55. I want to share my worries and my sorrows with you. Please come back to me, my Princess. I miss you.

56. Sometimes, I think of giving you all my life and all my happiness, then I realize I have given you my everything. I miss you, baby.

57. I pray someday your heart sees how much my heart misses you.

58. My God bless us with more days ahead, more love, long life and a reason to be happy. I miss you.

59. The first time I saw you, I knew you were the one for me, the shoulder I would cry on, the hands I would hold forever. I miss you, darling.

60. 8 letters: I M I S S Y O U.

Missing U Words for Girlfriend

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61. I miss watching you sleep, baby. Come back soon.

62. Every second of the day I remember your face; that lovely and charming pretty face, I miss you so much and I really mean it.

63. You’re the most pleasant song I’ve ever heard, it’s only you that’s in my heart and in my head, I will never stop loving you, I miss you, honey, I really do!

64. When I think of you, tears roll down my eyes, I don’t know how I will survive with the distance between us. I miss you.

65. Nothing is good without you, why did this happen, why are we separated? You’re so special to me and I miss you every second.

66. I promise we will meet soon, so stay in my heart.

67. I miss you my heroine. I miss your laughter. The way we hug and the way we meet. I miss you a lot, my dear.

68. I am really getting tired of all this. I hope you remembered the promise you made to me? Please do come back soon.

69. Dreaming about you. I miss you a lot.

70. Your absence had made me realize that I miss you a lot from my every thought.

Missing You Message to Your Girlfriend

Heart touching missing you messages for your babe.

71. The sparkles in your eyes I miss a lot, my love. You’re forever in my thought baby. I love you so much. Please come back soon.

72. Without you here, there is no smile or laughter. Please come back to me soon, I miss you.

73. I feel this weird emptiness, I know that something is missing in my life and I know it’s you. Come back soon.

74. You’re the brightest light in my life, but now that you are so far, my world is going dark. Come back soon.

75. I want to tell you that I really miss you. Come back soon honey!

76. I think I’m feeling sick of missing you. Please come and heal me.

77. If you ever feel the wind on your cheek, be certain that I have sent you a million kisses. I miss you.

78. I might have reason to laugh, smile, cheer and make merry. But also have a reason to cry because you are not here with me.

79. I miss you with every breath I take. Please come back soon.

80. It’s so difficult that you’re out of sight, who would hold me tight at night? I miss you so much, dear.

Missing You Love Messages for Her

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81. You’re in my heart dear. Since the time you went away, I lost the reason to be happy. Come back soon.

82. I’m missing your cuddly ways. My Night was horrible without you!

83. When will you come back? I miss you to a fault baby.

84. I do not ask for too much but to see your pretty face again I miss you so much.

85. I am feeling so lonely. Please be back, my best friend.

86. I am a loner and the reason is clear because the one that makes me happy isn’t here and I just can’t cope. I miss you so much.

87. Was being lonely written in my destiny? I am missing you badly, my love.

88. How can I stay without your love? The more I try the more I miss you.

89. For every time I think about you, if I had a flower, then I would be a Gardner by now. I miss you.

90. Not a day has gone by that I don’t miss your presence, you’re like a drug to me baby and I’m addicted. I miss you.

Missing Your Girlfriend Messages

Missing Your Girlfriend Messages you can also use.

91. I really cannot wait to hold you in my arms, how much I miss you, you would never know.

92. I feel so much pain in my heart because I miss you.

93. It’s interesting to know that My life is incomplete without you. I Miss you.

94. I may not get to see you again, and it is the only thing I fear. So every night before I sleep I drop a tear. I so much miss you.

95. It hurts so much and I can’t help but miss you.

96. I miss all the sweet things you use to say me, baby.

97. I don’t know why it’s so hard to go a minute without you. I miss you.

98. I miss your touch. I miss all about you, like never before.

99. Staring at the moon at night alone is not beautiful anymore neither is walking alone in the rain. Your absence has caused my heart so much pain. Please come back to me.

100. I stare at your picture wishing you were here. I miss you.