2024 Romantic Good Night Sms for Her or Him

Nothing beats the feeling your lover has when they find out they are the last thought on your mind before retiring for the day.

On this occasion, these beautiful Good Night SMS messages will not only make them feel special, it will also make them feel loved and happy to have you.

Read on…

Romantic Good Night SMS for Her – Girlfriend

The best collection of Romantic Good Night Sms for your Girlfriend you can send to her to make her feel loved and cared for.

1. After a stressful day, the undeniable reward is rest so I wish you a restful night Cherie.

2. Sleep well. Not just because you’re too tired but because you beautifully deserve it.

3. Days are too busy, hours are too few, seconds are too fast but there’s always a time for me to ask how your day went. Good night my love.

4. I miss you and hope you’re fine. Have a dreamy night Darl.

5. The thoughts of you are decorated with roses and my heart has become so jolly for your sake. Have a blessed night, sweets.

6. I hope and wish your night be filled with so much rest. I love you

Good Night SMS
Good Night SMS

7. The thoughts of you have become my regular path that I even go there blindfolded because I’m not afraid to get lost in you. Have a restful night.

8. I have lost touch with other routes to happy land because you’ve become my favourite route. Let the night calm your nerves

9. You alone is the way. The way to the path I’ve always longed for to travel through. May the Lord bless your night.

10. Your love is priceless, it is so expensive that I can’t pay for. How could I have owned it if it wasn’t a gift? Thank you so much my heartbeat. You deserve a calm night so have it

11. Your footprints are all over my happy moments. I love the way you make me happy. Sleep tight!

12. I miss you so much that I wish we’ll soon get to the point when I’ll always have you beside me every day and night. Sleep peacefully!

13. I’ll dream of you tonight and I hope you will too. Have a dreamy night

14. I feel a bit of heaven anytime I have you around and I can’t wait to feel it everlastingly when we’re finally joined together. Have a thought-free night.

15. Your personality is a rare one and I’m glad you’re mine. Have a good night’s rest bae.

16. Hey sunshine, thanks for brightening up my day. Have the moon to brighten up your night. Sleep well!

17. My day is incomplete without your thought and my night, incomplete without reaching out to you. Have a beautiful sleep!

18. Let our love be a good reason for sound sleep to be triggered tonight. I love you.

19. Have a kiss for the night, to take you to yonder land. Have a peaceful night.

20. You’re my sweetening agent isn’t that so obvious? Good night dearesthttps://lovetextmessages.com.ng/goodnight-texts-to-a-crush/.

Good Night Sms for Her
Good Night Sms for Her

21. I love you. I can’t help it. I don’t even want to help it. Sleep well, my Queen!

22. Make sure you rest well tonight because your beautiful soul deserves all the relaxation it can get tonight. I love you.

23. My life is all about positivity not for my sake but for our future because I see you in it. Sleep well yeah?

24. I love you so much and I don’t want to stop for any reason. A restful night is my wish for you.

25. You make my world right so you deserve a right night. Sleep well.

26. Insomnia will be my companion tonight if I don’t let you know you’re worthy of a good sleep. Have a good sleep now!

27. Because you mean a lot to me it is my full-time job to bid you good night. I love you from my depth.

28. Hey girlfriend, my today will be incomplete without my seeing your face so sleep now as I intend to visit your dream to see your face. Have a dreamy night.

29. Your presence in my life has made my life sweeter than it has ever been and even sweeter than I ever envisioned. Have a sweet night love.

30. Until I can wake up to the beauty of the morning on your face, let the cool breeze of the night rock you to wonderland.

31. I just want to restate the obvious. I love you. Have a cosy night.

32. Good night hearty. You remain my best present.

33. Gold means nothing to me because you are more than gold. you’re MINE. Have a golden night.

34. I smile right now not because I’ve had one of the best meals but because I’ve got one of my major prayers answered. Thanks for being that answer. Sleep well cupcake.

35. You’re my life not because you’ve been a part of my life since creation but because you’ll be a part of it until the end. Have a pleasant night.

36. Because your love is the only force that has possessed me, I’ll do this every night. Good night my queen.

37. I love you. I love you. I love you. Enjoy your night my princess.

38. Let your skin brittle like melting chocolate as the sun dies slowly behind the sky. You’re worthy of all the rest the night has to offer. Have at it!

39. I think of you every second and that has been my compensation on nights like this. I miss you so much, Sherry. Sleep well!

40. Love is a beautiful thing only because of you and I. Sleep stress freely.

41. This is to let you know that I’m thinking about you at the moment. Sleep with my thoughts in your head will you?

42. My only wish for the night is to see your face so I’m currently looking at your pictures as I say goodnight to you. Sleep with a smile on your face.

43. The memories we’ve created together are ones that I can’t ever trade. I’ll treasure it until the end of time. Have a great sleep.

44. If life is hard at the moment do not break. Remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Have a restful night darling.

45. You’re special and always will be. Have a decent night my lover.

46. Make sure you release your soul tonight as you can’t enjoy the night with so much tightness. Wake up stress-free. I love you.

47. Let the night take away your stress so you can wake up looking radiant. Have a sound sleep my personal Queen B.

48. My love for you can’t be traded because it is priceless. Dream of me babe.

49. You light up my world to the extent that I don’t see darkness tonight but light. Have a light night.

50. You might not understand the gravity of my love for you but I love you and you know it. That’s all that matters anyway. Sleep like the Queen you are. NY Queen.

51. One of my best wishes is to see you happy always. Have a happy night.

52. No matter the weather, I’ll be with you. No matter the condition, I’ll be for you. Have a stress relieving night, sweets.

53. Your happiness is my joy, so give me some joy by morning by sleeping with a smile on your face. You’re my best.

54. My life has never been more interesting till you came along. I love you. You know it. Have a splendid night’s rest my heart

55. With you, I came to understand the butterfly in my tummy thingy. Thanks for being my butterfly. Have a worthy sleep.

56. I don’t ever want to let you go. I don’t ever want to. Sleep well, my angel.

57. You’re my passion and I won’t mind resounding it every time. Have a beautiful night’s sleep.

58. I want nothing more than to grow old with and that is my one motivation to work harder. Have a pristine night.

59. I never want to lose the butterfly feelings so I’ll keep holding into you until my last day. Sleep well for me my love.

60. Don’t ever let worry steal your smile away. All is always going to be well. All is well. Sleep peacefully, honey.

61. Joy comes in the morning. Let this be a good reason to release yourself from the day’s stress tonight. Wake up radiant my love.

62. I know you know you mean the world to me but I still want to resound it. You mean the world to me, sweetheart. Have a hearty night.

63. Trying to comprehend how much I love you would be like trying to visualize the size of the universe, it’s infinite. So also is my . for you. Sweet dreams, mooncake.

64. I love my life because it gave me, you. And I love you because you are my life. Dream of my whole you’re at it.

65. Just wanted to check up on you to see how you’re doing. And to be the last thing you’ll think about before going to bed.

66. I want to be with you every minute of the day and every second of the night. Good night, Darling.

67. The thought of you always turns me on, in a good way.

68. Your voice melts the strongest of hearts and I’m glad I have that voice to listen to whenever I want. Have a sound rest, my love.

69. The dawn of every morning is a representation of how my love for you renews every day. Wake up beautiful. Have a splendid night.

70. You’re my heart’s treasure and by your side is where I hope to wake up. Have a sound sleep beautiful!

71. Tonight I’m not going to be selfish as I’ll allow the cool night attend to you and take away your stress until I can take it away myself. Have a good sleep Queenie.

72. Think of all the beautiful and lovely things there are on earth. You’re more than them to me. Good night honey.

73. You don’t understand that I’ve built my world around you and I can do almost nothing without your love. Sleep tight dearest.

74. You’re mine and I’m yours and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.

75. Good night my fine wine. Sleep beautifully.

76. Sleeping with you in my mind is all I can do for now till I can wake up with you by my side. I love you, honey. Have a blissful night.

77. You’re everything to me, even nature can testify and that’s why tonight is this cosy only to make you feel like a baby. Sleep fine, my baby. Enjoy your night.

78. I love the way you let out your deepest worries that came with the day. I love you and everything about you. Special night wishes to a special someone.

79. Let go of the worries that came with the day and have a stress relieving night sleep tight.

80. Your touches are like chilled water, they quench even my strongest thirst. I miss you. Good night love.

81. Being with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t wait to wrap it up on the altar with you. Have a pristine night my Queen.

82. Cuddling you feels like dreamland and I wish I can cuddle you right now. See me in your dreams, Babe.

83. There is a saying, A house is just a place. A home is the feeling, I want you to be my home every day and every night when you sleep, in that magical place, I want to be right there by your side, to be your home just as much. Good night lovely.

84. There’s nothing I value more than trust. I trust you’d have a beautiful night my love.

85. Real men don’t look for new girls to date. Because they are busy trying to find new ways to love the one they have. I want you to go to bed tonight with the notion that you’ll wake up tomorrow being loved in a million more different ways.

86. The choices we make are what defines us and I chose you. Which means you define me, my love. Have a wonderful night.

87. I love my life because it gave me, you. And I love you because you are my life. Dream of me.

88. Trying to comprehend how much I love you would be like trying to visualize the size of the universe, it’s infinite. So also is my love for you. Sweet dreams, mooncake.

89.Trying to comprehend how much I love you would be like trying to visualize the size of the universe, it’s infinite. So also is my love for you. Sweet dreams, mooncake.

90. The beauty of my life became evident since you came in. Thanks for bringing me so much beauty.

91. As you sleep tonight let all your worries be taken away with the night as morning comes. Have a smooth night’s rest.

92. Baby, I wanna be with you every hour every minute. Even as you’re going to bed, I wanna with you throughout in your dreams I don’t ever wanna be without you, love.

93. This is a deliberate attempt to distract you from whatever you’re doing right now and to kiss you good night.

94. May the blessings of the nightfall upon you and give you a very sound sleep. Good night Cherie

95. I’m jealous of your dreams. You know why? Because it spends the night with you every day since you were born. I wanna be like your dreams. Good night.

96. One reason I’m sure of my love for you is that of the saying that goes thus “You can never love another genuinely if you are not genuinely in love with yourself.”

I am genuinely in love with myself so I’m genuinely in love with you.

97. I miss you so much that the only thing I think of these days is ways on how to make you mine completely. Sleep like the queen you are honey.

98. The truth is. Every night you go to bed. All I can think of is how lucky I am to have you. How out of infinite possibilities, I ended up with you. I bless the day you were born and the multiple events that aligned us together. Have a beautiful dream.

99. Sometimes I wonder if you actually sleep or go to join the Angels at night because I know for a fact, you are an angel. Just don’t know how an angel like you could love me like you do. Sweet night, my Angel.

100. Every day, I love you more. Today, more than yesterday, and much less than tomorrow. I love you so much Pumpkin. Sleep well.

Romantic Good Night SMS for Him – Boyfriend

1. My king, as you lay your head to rest all I’m wishing you is the best of pleasant dreams and a peaceful night.

2. I sent an angel to watch your every turn on the bed. As you lay tired and innocent, I pray you have the best of nights ever.

3. You gave your dreams to me and I have decided to make them ours. I have filled them with all the possible colours of this world and added the aroma of our love into it. Have a Good Night and sweetheart dream, my hero.

Good Night Sms for Him
Good Night Sms for Him

4. You are my hero, being by your side makes me feel safe and all I have to do is watch you sleep like a baby every night. Have
a good night rest my dear.

5. Close your eyes, think about the moments we spent together. Take your blanket and your pillow, rest your head on the pillow and sleep tight. Good Night and sweet dreams.

6. Nights are longer than the day, I don’t have many words to say, except that you stay with me all the while. It’s because of you that I smile, I love you! Wish you a good night, Do sleep tight!

7. When I look at the moon, in the darkness of the night, I wish you are with me to hug me tight. I so much miss you, my love, Have a lovely night!

8. My baby, I am missing you so much, your loving and caring touch and I so much want to be with you this night, to embrace you tightly. I love you so much! Wish you a good night!

9. On this beautiful silent and cold night, I want you to rest your head and your mind for tomorrow is a brighter and better day my love, good night.

10. This night will never be your last. As you lay down to rest your weary, tired, head and mind, I wish you a good night rest my dear.

11. The best among the rest, I am here to cover and watch over you like a mother bird watching over her babies in its nest. I wish you a good night my love.

12. I wish I can see you now, I wish I can hold you now, I wish I can be with you at this cold and lonely night, but I just want to wish you a good night rest filled with pleasant sweet dreams.

13. I can’t wait for the day to go bright and early so I would be in your arms again but I want to pray and wish you a very good night rest.

14. I sent you a bird to sing you a lullaby because to me, you’re a baby MY, OWN BABY. I pray you sleep well dear.

15. I can’t help it. We fight a lot but that won’t stop me from wishing you a happy good night rest.

16. As the sun goes down and the moon sets in the sky, and as the weather goes dark and cold, I wish you sleep well dear.

17. We will always be together, I will never replace our good moments with the bad ones. I just wish your heart with me this night. good night my love.

18. You and I are meant to be. Good night my King.

19. They say love is blind but with your eyes. I see you bring the best out of me and I have nothing to give to you this night but to wish you a good night rest.

20. Good night to the most handsome guy I know, Yeah it’s you, my love, sleep well.

21. I just want to tell and show you the power of my love. I love you so much and you know it. I wish you a lovely good night, Do sleep tight!

22. A good night is just an expression, a wish to make you realize that your sweetheart is missing you more than ever, Have a lovely night my dear.

23. Because the morning will get a new cheer, sleep happy treasure.

24. I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms again. Good night my king.

25.You’re the one I’ll always choose, the one I never want to lose. Sleep well, my hero.

26. You make my whole world go round. You make my whole world stand still. Have a pleasant night Boo.

27. You make my life worth living. You make me the best of me and I love you. Good night my dear.

28.You are the best boyfriend in this whole world and I’m so glad I caught you. Have a beautiful sleep hun.

29. I will never let go of someone so precious to me as you. I love you. Good night.

30. You are on my mind every second, every minute, every hour, every day and every single time I blink.
Wake up radiant my love.

31. You fill all the spaces in my mind and heart and as you lay to sleep, I wish you a very good night sleep, my hero.

32. Τhe moon may nοt come and the stars may hide but don’t worry, Ι am always here to light up your night. Good night and sweet dreams my king.

33.. The sun has been switched off and the stars have been switched on. Switch off your stress now and sleep well my heartbeat.

34. The blue sky has gone out and the black sky has come in. A cool night is coming so go to bed and have sweet dreams, my love.

35. On this hour of the day I wish to watch you sleep but circumstances won’t allow that so I want to wish you a very good night rest my lord.

36. Evey night seems too long. I really can’t wait for tomorrow. Sleep well, my hero.

37. Can you do something for me? go to the window, look to the sky. Can you see the stars? Can you count them? This is how much I miss you and even more. Good night boyfriend.

38. You’re everything to me and now that you’re not here, I’ll hug my pillow through the night. Good night my prince charming.

39. My life has become brighter with you in it and I can’t wait to be joined with you. Sleep like the king you are my love.

40. The day has gone home and the night has come out to play its part. I wish you can come home to me too. Good night Boo.

41. When I go to bed without saying good night to you, I end up becoming an insomnia patient. Good night King Boo.

42. I can’t stay without you longer than the night so makes sure you wake up in the morning. Have a comfortable night love.

43. Let the night serve as a Spa tonight and ease off your stress. Have a restful night darling.

44. As you drown in your dreams tonight, make sure you rise up to the glory of dawn. Have a dream filled night King.

45. Close your eyes and sleep as the stars sing you a lullaby I specially composed for you. I heart you dear

46. Here is a lot of kisses to carry you through the night so you don’t miss me too much. Enjoy the night my hearty.

47. Let my goodnight serve as a blanket to keep you warm through the night. You know I love you.

48. There are a lot of things I want to say to you and they’re all embedded here: “have a good night sleep”

49. I sent the brightest star in the sky to say good night to you so make sure you receive it.

50. Because I know that nights will come when I’ll kiss you good night, right beside me. Till then, sleep well love.

51. I dream about you every night so I’m sure I’ll dream about you tonight. Dream about me too.

52. I love the night sky, I love the stars more but I love you most. Have a beautiful night hun.

53. I’m going to bed now not because I feel sleepy but because I want to see you already, in your dreams. Sleep now, baby.

54. I’d have loved to compare you with the star but NO! You shine brighter. Have a pleasant night my darling.

55. I made a reservation for us at the coolest restaurant in dreamland. See you there. I love you.

56. Even though I’ll love your presence right now, I’ll still have a good night because the memories you’ve given me are YOU.

57. I am not perfect but I’m near perfect because of your presence in my life. Have a perfect night my Darling.

58. You’re the only one who has touched my heart with so much love on earth and I’m grateful. Have a lovely night love.

59. Because saying good night to you brings me so much joy, I’ll have a joyous night. You do too.

60. I’ll love to sleep in your arms tonight but I guess my pillow will have to impersonate you as usual. Have a lovely night honey.

61. Inasmuch as I don’t like the night because it separates me from you, I’m happy because in no time it’ll be dawn and I’ll get to be with you again. Sleep tight!

62. You’ve proven to me so much that you’re the only one with the ability to make me smile when I’m grumpy. Sleep peacefully.

63. Good night baby. I love you.

64. Because the dawn of a new day brings freshness to my love for you, sleep well.

65. I love you my darling and I can’t stop thinking about a future with you. Good night.

66. I permit you to cheat on me with the night as long as you’ll be mine all day. Enjoy the night.

67. Hey, sleepy head! Go to bed now, I’m waiting for you in dreamland.

68. I hope you’ll have a stress free night tonight. I love you.

69. You should rest well tonight my king and wake up cuter.

70. One of the things I get whenever I tell you good night is the feeling of awesomeness. Have an awesome night love.

71. Even though you’re not here with me now, I feel you. Have a lovely night KingBoo.

72. You’re the best I’ve had and I’ll be proud to say it anywhere. Sleep thoughtlessly, baby.

73. I join the night sky, as decorated as she is, to wish you a good night’s rest. I lo e you.

74. Beyond human imagination is my love for you and I hope we go far. Good night.

75. The dawn of every new day signifies how stronger our love is growing so wake up to tomorrow honey.

76. I’ve enjoyed love’s sweetness because of only you. Sleep, tight love!

77. You’re my honeycomb and I’m glad I met you and not anyone else. Have a sweet night.

78. The love you give me is one I’ve never imagined. Thanks, baby. Sleep well!

79. With you, there’s nothing worth my worry. Have a worry-free night baby.

80. As I type this I smile because you are worth my smile every second. Sleep fine hearty.

81. My heart beats for only you and I know so because it beats faster when I’m with you. Have a lovely night.

82. I love you wholeheartedly and I’m proud of you. Have a great night.

83. Your coming into my life is one which has brought so many goodies into my life too. I love you again and again. Sleep well o.

84. The silence of the night is a room for me to think of you and a future with you. Have a silent night.

85. Sleep well baby, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

86. I enjoy myself every second not because you’re with me but because of the memories, we’ve created so far that has become a company in your absence.

87. Thanks for giving me the world in form of your love. Enjoy great night.

88. The night will not be complete if I don’t remind you of my love for you. I love you. Have a lovely sleep.

89. I count myself the luckiest woman in the world to ha e earned your love. Do have a great night.

90. Sleep will run away if I begin to tell you what my heart is saying about you. The sum of it all is that you’re the best man to be with. Sleep well!

91. You’re my life not because you created me but because since you came into my life I’ve been breathing you. Have a good night Boo.

92. The joy my life emanates right now comes only from you. Thank you for bringing this much. Have a lovely night’s rest.

93. You’re my everything and more and I’m never going to stop loving you. Sleep peacefully hearty.

94. Because of so much peace, you brought with you to my life, I wish you a peaceful night. You’re my all.

95. Thanks for teaching me everything you teach me and more. My love for you is everlasting. End your day with a peaceful sleep.

96. The joy of every woman is having a man. Thanks for being a man to me and not a boy. Sleep well, my man.

97. If I’m not in love with you right now I probably won’t be in love with anyone. Thank you for love. Enjoy a great night.

98. I’m going to sleep with no worries in my head because I know you gat me. Enjoy a worry-free night too love.

99. My love for you is infinite. It is immeasurable. Have a gracious night.

100. Tonight I want to wish that you sleep blissfully and wake up with all the energy you need for tomorrow. You know my love for you is true. Sleep well!