2024 Deep Love Messages for Her – Your Girlfriend

1. Your Irresistible Look

It’s the way your eyes look deep into me,
The way your smile makes my inside tingle,
The way your touch makes my toes curl,
It’s the way you erupt in me a kind of fire.
It’s the way you’ve made me love you more!

2. The Mastery of Your Hands

Your hands are so perfect,
They depict you more as a professional artist,
It’s almost an act of mastery,
As your hands mould and travels the curves on my body.

3. Your Sweet Whispers

I have come to realise,
That with just a whisper from you,
Everything changes, even my taste buds,
I feel a delicious torment and desire.

4. I Didn’t See This Coming

I couldn’t have imagined,
How the strength in your breath,
Could poke my motionless body,
With a strange sensation and misty eyes.

 Deep Love Messages for Her
Deep Love Messages for Her

5. How I Wish

The only way I wish to be right now,
My head, resting on your chest,
Your heartbeat echoing in my ear,
And my heart responding to the rhythm.

6. My Endless Cravings

I crave to feel the ocean breeze,
On my skin, with you beside me,
I want to smell the sea, on your skin,
And I want to have a taste of the salty water,
With fervour from your lips.

7. The Explainable Adventure

I still can’t explain how,
Just one date and you change everything,
Even object and place makes meaning.

8. Your Soothing Words

“I’m always here for you”
Those words sound more special that it gently sends calmness all over me.
Not that I have not heard it before,
But because it came from you.

9. Would You Mind?

Can I lay my head on your chest?
With your hands wrapped all around me,
While I divulge to you all my secrets.

10. You’re My Vibes

Being next to you,
Fills my head with good vibes,
A special kind of feeling with a lovely nostalgia.

11. How I long for you,
To inhale my hair into your lung,
I just love the way it makes me feel,
To see you do that to me.

12. Why do I feel like a teen again?
Why does it feel different with you?
Why does it feel like you’re my first?
Why does it have to take this long to be with you?

13. There I was shivering under your care,
Your coat wrapped around me,
I watched the tears from the sky,
Drenched you while protecting me.

14. You’ve proven yourself to be a man of steel,
See this wall I have built for a while now,
I realised you’ve pulled them down,
With only a stare into your eyes.

15. I am not perfect, I am full of craps,
Neither are you, it’s what we both know,
But being with you makes every moment,
Almost every moment a perfect one.

16. I am in a dilemma right now,
I am happy that you’re mine,
But also sad as you’re not totally mine,
I am simply hurt that I’m not the only one,
But I am so addicted to you.

17. I have always had a fragile heart,
My only escape from reality is my solitude,
But all those changes when I met you,
Now I found strength in your embrace.

18. I can’t stand your anger,
At that time, when we’re apart,
I take solace in your memory,
I cry myself to sleep with your shirt on.

19. I am writing a story,
You are the main character,
A superhero with brown eyes,
Carrying a fragile me, escaping into the bathroom. Smiles.

20. I have heard that not all tears are evil,
Your existence had proven that to me,
Your tenderness and charms towards me,
Are what sometimes brought me to tears,
Happy tears, actually.

21. I have always loved my body,
How my body is being tattooed by stretch marks and scars,
But I loved it more when you adore it,
Even with sincere kisses.

22. Baby, you’ve been away for a week now,
Everything seem so pale without you,
I miss your early morning caress,
The way you sing me lullaby before bed,
And your morning kiss on my forehead.

 Deep Love Messages for Her
Deep Love Messages for Her

23. How I yearn and desire,
To be in your arms,
Enjoying the warmth of your cuddle,
It’s been a while without you around,
And I’m amazed at myself,
How I could still be sane.

24. I really do not understand,
I still do not understand it,
How the thought of you could give so much,
Oh, what a bliss laced with a gentle torture.

25. Emotions overflow my heart,
My soul is heavy with memories,
Tears welled up in my eyes,
Goosebumps scale my body,
Surely, all this is a sign of spell,
A spell cast on me since your emergence.

26. Your hands are a little dangerous for me,
Anytime I feel them on me,
I feel wobbly and giddy,
And it’s such a shame,
For there is no cure.

27. It’s always wow to be in your lovely care,
Just you and I, to elude reality,
And forgetting the world behind us.

28. At that moment when I can’t stay still,
Every part of me craving for your touch,
My soul longing to connect with yours,
Just know I am no more in control,
Your passion had consumed me.

29. The feeling is so intense,
When I feel my skin,
Caressed and ravished under your breath,
And your words gently tuning my senses.

30. You stealing a glance at me,
It’s like reaching for me,
Igniting a kind of fire,
Burning slowly inside me,
Rending a fragile heart of mine.

31. I’ve seen that look before,
It is of a passion untold,
Like you’re ready to devour me,
With a sensual caress in a passionate instance.

32. Lately, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I seem to feel your every touch even when you’re not around. I guess you left a piece of you right on my skin.

33. Baby, call me to run to you, command me and I will do anything, experiment and play your tunes all over me. I think I want to be your slave.

34. I lost focus at work today. Because you left your scent on me, it kept giving me countless goosebumps…

35. Sometimes, I am scared of being around you. Because it’s in those moments I lose my senses and became wild.

 Deep Love Messages for Her
Deep Love Messages for Her

36. I found myself drowning. Not in the ocean, but in the thought of you. It’s like a wave of the ocean and it’s drowning me.

37. How do you do it? I mean how can you possibly be controlling my thought every passing minute of the day. It’s like a thousand emotion, just charting my course.

38. I’m always free with you. I don’t get to hide any of my flaws because you made every single flaw of mine flawless.

39. My ringtone now has a way of making me feel warm. Because at the sound of your voice, a cord is struck on the inside of me.

40. I like the way my body reacts each time I think about you. The tingle on my toes, oh and how you turn my belly with the thought of your breath on my neck.

41. I just noticed something on my body. Maybe it’s my imagination but this seems like a reality to me. Your touch had stained my body.

42. I almost didn’t believe in your existence, but I just could not deny it because your presence speaks so much volume.

43. You really know me more than myself because it is when I am with you that I am able to find me.

44. I’ve been here on this bed, for some time now, I couldn’t get my sleep, memories of you have been an obstacle, flooding my thoughts, I desire your presence right here, right now.

45. The kind of language my body speaks at your touch is so intense and electrifying. I watch myself quiver and submit to the pleasure your hands have to give.

46. Slowly, my breath hung half way my mouth, as you took my face in your palm. I inhale deeply the pleasant scent released from your bellows.

47. Your hands preying and razing me at the same time, it’s what makes me groan and purr softly, making my pores miraculously pouring and trickling sweat, in the heat of an amazingly intimate moment.

48. Your face, so handsomely in dim light, I bet it was chiselled and carved out of love itself, I wish you know that I’ve fallen for your eyes, but that is my own little secret.

49. I love it when you trail my body with your mind, your stare kissing my skin, and your words filling up my curiosity.

50. Your words fain me with such bliss,
Your voice, smooth like a butter in a warm pan, it became more of a weakness than strength at times, it melts me and takes away my control.

51. I am deeply affected by your touch, your sense of humour heals me faster than aspirin. I love the taste the dose of your medicine gives.

52. I haven’t cried in a long time about anything, but you have changed that now as you have succeeded in bringing me to tears with a soulful longing.

53. I can feel a deep love emitting you towards me whenever you’re with me, your passion is what gave me the courage to face my fears.

54. Can I make an inscription on your body with my hands? Can you allow my lips draw tattoo all over you? I have a lot on my mind I want to write.

55. The giggles that escape my mouth when I think of the effect you left on my body after moments of intense conversation, it arouses my intellect as well as my whole being.

55. I tried avoiding your leer, I’m afraid it’s a bait I might get trapped in. Because your eyes are those types that get me into amatory activity.

56. This cold weather is a little too harsh on me, it got me shivering helplessly, where are you? I belong under your skin for a cosy ritual.

57. Can you tell me how long we have in forever? I want to be in every moment of it with you, up to share memories with the space of it.

58. I’m not sure I could endure it any longer, I don’t know how to, it is a kind of torture for me when I have to wake up each day and starve for you.

59. Seeing your smiley face get me inspired, I feel my heart quicken when you call me, it’s what I have always wanted, it’s a dream come true.

60. Here we are, laying down & staring at each other, silent like a night pheasant hunting for a kill, I could hear your heartbeat speaks.

61. Tonight, I want to fill the air with music, infest you with my care, cure every of your pain, treat your wounds and oil your scars.

62. It’s a lovely feeling I get when I realise the way you show interest in the nuance surrounding my emotions.

63. In the morning, I want to see the smile on your face come alive when your eyes flutter open to see me. I crave that wonderful feeling.

64. There’s this fire in your eyes that kindle the coldness I have always felt in my heart, you became a sunshine that sends warmness through my entire body.

65. It’s still a mystery how the past usually manages to catch up with me but when you take my face in your hand and tell me to look ahead towards the light.

66. Those sweet words that your mouth whispers, I want to hear every time, I never want to get tired of hearing it, the more I hear, the more I want to be with you.

67. Do you know I want to be swept up by you, swirl around with your arms wrapped around my waist, I want to feel my face blush because you want me.

68. There are times my heart feels heavy, they are times when you’re away and it just wants to write to you but instead bleeds through my eyes.

69. How I wish he could look into my eyes and see what’s going through my mind but I know that will never happen because my eyes are never true to my feelings.

70. I have always been a victim of love, and to love sometimes can be the hardest thing to do but I am willing to risk it because loving you bring life to my soul.

71. I wish I can stay right in your arms till the end of time, I know I’ll never have enough of you because even in your arms, I’m still missing you.

72. I offer you myself because I trust you, I trust you with my body because
I admire the way you worship every inch of it.

73. In times when my emotions are raging, my thoughts are disconnected and frail, you gave me peace and a shoulder.

74. Unbelievable it is, that I met you at a point when I thought I have lost every feeling for another chance of love, you came so hard like a waterfall.
75. Speechless is the way you make me feel, when the tip of your mouth nibble and romance my ear, before your tongue snake it’s way too my mouth.

76. Today, I’m so tired and worn out, I only need a warm bath, a lovely slow jam and your arms wrapped around my body for a cosy cuddling.

77. The way you make my mouth yours, the way you own my body, the way you fill my all everyday thought, it’s enough sign to fall madly for you.

78. My heart is anxiously beating for you, I know I’m such a blessed baby, this ain’t a luck thing, I am simply blessed that after a long day, I have you to come home to.

79. Your mouth has copious of magical gifts to offer me, I remember it offering words that gave me courage and as well sent shivers through my veins.

80. There are times I wish you could just turn into nature, be a breeze and kiss my skin all over and ravish all my edges and curves.

81. When you treat me like that lady you just sighted, that captivate your heart, I feel extreme bliss as you’re trying to win me over again.

82. Give a little time to me and let the beat of my heart narrate to you what my whole body feels, let my lips on yours explain what my heart wants to say.

83. There were days when you’re not in sight, and I don’t know how to stay without you, I simply talk to the clouds to relay my longings to you wherever you are as they move.

84. Your love is so strong and sharp that it pierces through my caged heart and leaves a prick which eventually freed my heart from isolation.

85. I will admit that I am lost for words with the way you make me feel, the way you sweetened my soul even when I’m full of sourness.

86. I love your mind, it connects mine without an aerial,
And the wave from it is as strong as that of the ocean, it drives me wild and calms my soul.

87. My memory of you is filled with such a lovely moment together, it’s a space I’d always want to visit just when I need to be alone with you and you alone.

88. My heart is heavy, I miss you here now, staring at the sky alone, laying on my back an open field with my heart sending out little messages into the air.

89. The way your eyes trail my body releases some unknown chemical inside of me, it made me realise there’s much more than I’d ever know in those eyes.

90. If there is anything I am thankful for, it is the fact that I found love in you. A love so strong, it freed me from the shackles I bound myself with.

 Deep Love Messages for Her
Deep Love Messages for Her

91. You asked me why I am so special, little did you know that the love you showed me yield another in the heart that made me special.

92. I feel the hunger, for a touch that tenderly erupts the passionate mode, I long for your sensational caress that put me to bed after moments of silence.

93. I found safety in your cuddle, yes your embrace gives me refuge, the glint in your eyes, it sent calmness into my worried soul.

94. You found me when I thought I’m not needed and love me when I least expect to be loved, you made it so easy for me to heal when I thought I was not wounded.

95. The more time I spend in your arms, the more I inhale you into me and the more you fill my head, my heart and the whole of me.

96. Your love is stronger than I thought, made me forget all the times my heart has been treated like an airport with many arrivals and departures but yours is home.

97. My body under your hands is like a guitar, you played me like a string of a violin, and my moan to you is a music note, it motivates you to play me the more.

98. Your existence is more than a compensation for me, for all those moments spent in lies. You love parts of me that were refrained like I’ve never been loved.

99. You read me like a romantic novel, enjoyed me like favourite smoothies, I have no choice but to inhale you like a cigarette on a cold snowy night.

100. I never knew a stare could be so piercing, looking straight into me as if gazing into a crystal ball in a clairvoyant way.

101. I fantasised about you all night, my body craved your touch while I imagine the rest of me beneath yours. Forgive me, for I committed a beautiful sin with your memory.

102. I know I love you since my heart has refused to forget your name. This much I know that my heart loves you just as much as it aches for your absence.

103. You said I have a captivating smile, that it changed your world. You love me in a way that brought me sound happiness and I love you in ways that inspired me to love you more.

104. I know it was intentional when you walked up to me saying you want to be a part of my every moment for the rest of days. Never will I forget that day when my heart found its rhythm.

105. My skin hungers for touch, my ears wish to hear your voice, my body craves to join with yours, my lips can’t wait to be locked with yours.

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