What to Look Out for on a Popular Dating Site Before You Sign Up

Dating game had been on for quite an age, but with the advent of the polarized internet usage, online dating has become so popular that people no longer get paranoid about the idea of meeting up with a date online, but are beginning to fall in love more with the virtual world than the real world.

Dating sites aid our ability to connect with people who we might have otherwise never met in our lifetime. With online dating, we now have the opportunity to meet our perfect match: someone we might have never had the chance to cross paths within our lifetime of dating.

What more, we’ve become so blown out in terms of population that dating sites are becoming more popular than never before. The Online Dating Magazine estimates that there are more than 2500 popular dating sites in the U.S. alone, with 1000 new sites opening every year. Some estimates say there are 8000 competitors worldwide.

So, you’re looking for love in popular dating sites – just like millions of others out there – but not sure what to look out for before signing up? Finding the right online dating service for you can be complicated actually.

But not to worry, we’ve compiled a list of data to show you what to look out for in popular dating sites before you sign up.

Here’s your chance!

1. Terms and Conditions

Acquaint yourself properly with the terms and conditions by carefully reading the conditions for service and related appetences so you know what you’re signing up for as some sites bring up disturbing provisions.

2. Price

Consider whether your preferred popular dating site offers you a good service at the right price, or if you’re just going to throw in your cash for a site that’s not going to offer you value for your money.

Free dating sites can be good for a start, but they do come with strings attached: often, you can’t access full profiles or all the features of the site while some others may not protect your private information.

For many sites, you can’t actually access pricing information until you’ve joined up, by which time you might decide it’s not worth it.

3. Subscription Validity

Ensure you are aware of the subscription validity and when it would expire so as not to be cut off unawares or rolling over when you don’t intend to. You can do this by setting reminders on your phone or diary to stay online for the next month/year (depending on the service provisioning) or cancel the subscription to avoid a rollover.

4. Privacy

Internet dating can be a great way to meet new people – and possibly find ‘the one’ – however, this is a dating site, not some physical friendship networking: you’ll need to be discrete with the information you give out.

Keep your wits about you and protect your own privacy and safety, first and foremost. Never include your personal data – real name, address, workplace, phone number, birthday, etcetera in your profile; unless you’re well prepared for adverse effects.

Paid membership can give you greater control over your privacy settings and can weed out the psychopaths and weirdos so you won’t be bogged down with messages from people who aren’t right for you.

5. Know Your Type and Preferences

Not all dating sites offer the same services. While some are for beginners, others are for the experienced. While some are strictly for singles, others are age mixed. While some are for the serious opinionated, others are there for the hookups and satisfaction that comes with it without much of a string attachment.

6. Search Details

Some popular dating sites can be quite light-on in the details department, so you have to make a dating decision almost solely on appearance. However, quite a number of others have more detailed search criteria – but the paid-for-sites offers narrower search, giving you matches you’re more likely to be into.

7. Profile Investigation

It isn’t out of place to carry out some personal investigations on the profile you intend relating with to check for personality type and authenticity.

Popular scams include convincing users to part with their personal details or money, which is often sent overseas and is unrecoverable. This they do by building a relationship with you in months (and sometimes years), gaining your trust. Once they can gain entrance into your space, they spin an elaborate tale about how they need your financial help with a crisis, such as being ill or stranded and ask for money.

Run a Google image search on photos, search words, and description of the person you intend dealing with and check if they’re the real deal.

8. Security Control

When meeting with your date for the first time, pick a public place (like an eatery or the park), tell a friend of your movement, and keep the first meeting as brief as possible. Don’t allow your date pick you up or drop you at your home. It’s only a form of ensuring security control.

9. Avoid Expenses

Never send money to someone you’re only meeting for the first time. Get an inexpensive lunch, or simply grab a coffee.

10. Watch out for Predators

There are predators on popular dating sites, and surprisingly, their information is protected. Watch out for them to avoid a very disturbing and frightening ordeal.

As it is, I have been able to cover a few things to help you make the best use of online dating; now, the ball is in your court.

Thanks for reading.