6 Lessons Online Dating Will Teach You About Life

Online dating is now as common as dating outside the internet. Stories of people who found partners online are as relevant as that of those who met their partners at a shopping mall or a function.

Beyond making it possible and easy to meet people online, especially singles like you, it’s also a strong tool that will teach you certain things about yourself, people and life in general.

Online dating will take you on a journey of both good and bad experiences but, in the end, you’ll learn a lot of lessons that will guide you as you keep walking through life.

A few of them are in the following paragraphs.

1. Rejection Comes, Live Beyond It

Just as you can get rejected when you approach someone in the park or on the street, you can also get rejected when you hit someone up on online. Ideally, the online world has many semblances with the offline world.

In the online space, you’ll learn that rejections don’t necessarily mean you’re not good enough. They may just be from the person’s perception of you, or the person’s preferences.

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2. Trust Yourself and Your Instincts

Sometimes, or from time to time, your instincts just tell you that the relationship you’re trying to pursue won’t just work out. If you persist in your attempt, you’ll find out for yourself if it works out or not.

Sometimes your instincts are right. You’ll know that trusting your instincts can save you from wasting time on trying to get a relationship that won’t last, and you’ll trust yourself better.

Outside the dating space, you’ll also learn to trust your instincts while at work, in school, in your dealings with others and even in making major life decisions.

3. Truth Remains the Greatest Heritage

Before someone meets you online, they know nothing about you. Whatever you put up on your profile is what attracts them to you. And if you put up false information, you’ve set a trap for them to get attracted to the wrong person.

In the end, you’ll find out that you can’t hold on to your lies forever and when they are discovered, you’ll lose the person you tried to attract, as well as waste their own time too.

Interestingly, you’ll realize that however you are, there are people who will like you and those who will not. Hence, that it is better to be liked and disliked for who you really are than to be liked or disliked for who you are not.

4. Self-Dependence Is Necessary

When you start online dating, you’re starting a conversation with a total stranger. You’ll notice that the conversation will not always go the way you want it to.

Sometimes, your partner could delay response. Other times, you may never get replies. And in some cases, your partner could just go completely silent without giving any reason.

These disappointments, no matter how little they might seem, will teach you not to solely depend on another for companionship, happiness or any other thing. You sometimes need to be the driver of your emotional life.

5. Self-love Is Primary

As long as you won’t want to spend time on a date with someone who has no love for themselves, you should also expect the same from whoever you want to date.

Your love, or lack of love, for yourself will reflect in the kind of profile you put up and in your conversations. In the end, only those who have love for themselves will be happy with the outcome.

It will teach you not to let your inability to find a partner before venturing into the online dating scenes make you lose your love for yourself.

6. That Lessons Can Be Learnt from Anywhere

When you decide to try online dating, you most probably won’t be hoping to learn life lessons — you’ll basically be going into it to find love.

But when you get firsthand experiences and learn lessons, you’ll see that good life lessons can be learnt from almost anywhere.