How to Flirt with a Girlfriend over Text

Everyone heard about this piquant manner of communication like text flirting, but not everyone dared to try it in their relationships (as well as the service for marriage Nataly Agency). Constant practice will force you to take a different look at your relationship with a partner. Many couples strongly underestimate text flirting, considering it an occupation for teenagers. But sexologists are sure that messages of intimate content or sexual photos that you send to your loved one inspire relationships. If everything is done correctly, gradually you will be able to look at each other from an unexpected side and even share your fantasies, which are afraid to sound.

So, if you decide to try it, we will help you take the first step. Remember that the goal of the game is to inspire, diversify a relationship and, of course, to understand whether you like it or not. Often people are embarrassed to talk about their fantasies, fearing the reaction of a partner, and it is much easier to do in the form of messages.

Who can try it?

In general, it is useful for every couple. But if you know that your partner categorically doesn’t like online communication, and he or she is strongly irritated by every message, then it is better not to practice it. However, it is rather an exception to the general statistics. According to sexologists, 95% of women and men like such games.

How to start?

“Darling, thank you for a beautiful night”, “You’re the best”, “I can’t wait to see you today”. You can also send a photo of yourself, but don’t overdo, especially if you’ve never written anything like that before. You need to start slowly and look at the reaction so that you don’t blush later. By the way, the best time for intimate messages is from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. This prepares partners for the evening and acts as a foretaste.

What reaction can be?

Most likely, your partner will call you immediately. But don’t answer the call to interest even more. If there is no reaction from a partner, then be patient. Perhaps your soulmate is at an important meeting and can’t answer this minute, but believe me, no one misses such a message! A few hours later, send a second message but of other content – more powerful: “I’m waiting for you in bed”, “I’m ready to fulfill all your secret desires”, “I want you madly”. In general, use all your imagination and don’t be shy in expressions, then your partner will be involved in the process: the main thing is not to go into phone sex, otherwise, you will not wait for the evening…

How to behave when meeting?

Of course, you should have sex because your partner hopes and fantasizes about it. If you refuse it, then there will be resentment and the next time, text flirting will only enrage. It is not necessary to discuss it, everything is clear without words.

How often should you play this game?

Three times a month is enough. Choose a day by yourself, but it is clear that it’s better to send such messages when you are not together. By the way, on this day, don’t write messages that can disappoint your partner or something that can ruin your sexual mood, for example: “By the way, your mother asked me to call back” and “My ex was wearing the same panties!”, otherwise, there will simply not be a proper effect!

Tips that you always need to adhere to

– During text flirting, don’t forget to keep the intrigue.

– 3-4 messages are needed so that a partner turns on.

– Don’t respond to messages quickly (interval 5-10 minutes).

– Send only your photos, not fake pictures.

– Make sure that you send it to the right person (especially if you’re drunk).

– Don’t save these texts. You don’t need it.