2024 Trending I Miss You Messages for Someone You Love

Are you being lonely, bored and looking for I Miss You Messages for your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend?

These list of cute I miss you messages and quotes will help you make Him or Her easily know how you miss them.

So, here you go!

I Miss You Messages Him (My Boyfriend)

Below is a list of cute I Miss You Messages for your Boyfriend.

1. I miss your touch, your smell and all. I need to see you badly my sweet boyfriend.

2. The thought of being alone, without you at the moment is one big reason why I cringe at myself. Please, come and pay me a visit, my sweet boyfriend.

3. Boyfriend, not seeing you every single second around makes me feel sick. I love you.

4. All my life has been a lonesome one. But then, my lifestyle changed the very minute I bumped into you. I am now missing you, dear.

5. Not hearing your comely voice is really a cause to worry about your absence my sweet boyfriend.

6. I miss you every second of my life. Please come home soon.

7. My heart, I can’t see my life going the way I want because you are yet to be back. Miss you.

8. My heartthrob, you make me fly even when I feel low. I miss you.

9. I miss you, my boyfriend, every now and then. please, when are you coming back? Don’t you know your absence makes me sad? I Miss You.

10. I even feel jealous of those who get to see and feel your touch every day. I miss you.

11. I miss you so much, just like the shelf of a snake that has been shed off.

12. Whenever I dream, I see us smiling at each other and happy, but what dismays me the most is opening my eyes to confirm that exciting experience just to find out that you are not there. I am missing you dearly.

13. I miss you so much that I feel so depressed like an outcast, that has nowhere to run to.

14. You are my love, and no iota of wealth can make me feel so happy and forget your touch.

15. Missing you makes me reconfirm my statement on how I said “I love you” my boyfriend.

16. Often, constant, always and every day. Your absence makes me cry and feel dejected. I really miss you, my boyfriend.

17. I miss you so much; as in your face, smile, warmth and deep voice. Come back soon.

18. Missing you feels like drowning in a sea, it makes me die from inside.

19. Every time I hear someone call your name, I feel so depressed that the one I love is not around to hold me tight.

20. The truth still remains that I miss you more than what you think.

21. A room is still empty without the other half of its inhibitor – YOU. Because I Miss You.

22. You used to be somewhere, in my heart. But now… I will just say I miss you.

23. After all the time we spend together, I still feel like I only had a crush on you, without loving you even for a second.

24. Most times, I stare at my face and cry while facing the mirror. Because you were my joy.

25. I can’t imagine not having you around me again, Because, you are like a new sprouting mango that has been plugged from its branch.

26. I miss you my boyfriend, every time and second that I breathe.

27. I can’t and don’t even know how to use words to make you know how much I Miss You.

28. You know, I can’t say I don’t miss you. Because you have been plugged out of my life right now. And I wonder if you will reconsider coming back to me again.

29. You are one of its kind, that I can’t find anyone again, please before I commit suicide, would you mind staying back for some time? I miss you already.

30. I can’t even think straight to actually say whether it’s missing you or pretending that hurts me more.

31. I miss every single second that we spend and shared together; when you were still here with me.

32. Even the most admired garden looks boring and ugly without your presence. I miss you, my boyfriend.

33. I once thought of hurting myself with a knife just to show you how I miss you daily.

34. A day without you, Is more like a bunch of 24 hours not worth living in it. I miss you.

35. You may not know how sad I feel, but I hope that these few words give you a glimpse of how I miss you, my boyfriend.

36. I will prefer to be slapped beside you than being petted without you again. Boy, I really miss you.

37. I once thought that I could stay without you happily, but then, just the moment you left. My heart broke into pieces.

38. Missing you is one sure way to remember how I genuinely love you. Come back soon, please.

39. I feel like I am no more walking with my heart again because you have left me.

40. All I crave for is to hold you tight, every little moment I have in my life. I miss you.

41. Even those things I complained of when you were here makes me miss you, right now. Please, come back.

42. The cleft that you have engraved in my heart with your love is so big that no one can fill its vacuum.

43. I miss you my sweet and lovely boyfriend. Every single millisecond of my life.

44. I really doubt if the words my diction contains can actually paint how unhappy I feel about your absence, my boyfriend.

45. I know that you will come back to be my lover, But right now, I miss you so much.

46. Oh! How sacrificial and sincere your love was. But I was so selfish that I demanded more than enough. I, miss you, my boyfriend.

47. I will just keep dying from the inside if I keep thinking of how I miss you, my boyfriend.

48. It would have been an hour hug if only I knew that will be the end of us been together. I miss you so dearly.

49. If only wishes are templates for the future, I will smile even when I know I won’t see you for some time. Because you will still come back again.

50. We were a team, but now. I can only reminisce and say “I miss you”.

I Miss You Messages for Her (My Girlfriend)

Your girlfriend is not around and you need to let her know how you miss her so badly with some I miss you messages, right?

Now, below is a list of cute I miss you Messages for her – quotes for her.

1. You were the one who was filling the space that makes me feel empty right now.

I Miss You Messages for My Girlfriend
I Miss You Messages for My Girlfriend

2. I miss the to-be eve of my life so much – You.

3. I sometimes wonder if you actually feel how bad I miss you dearly.

4. I am now and will just be like a wreck, without you by my side every day.

5. You have hardly been out of my mind ever since you left me, girlfriend. I really miss you.

6. Dear girlfriend, I really miss the way you effortlessly make me smile. Every day of my life.

7. You are still a delicate part of me, even though you have left me since. I am daily missing you, my girlfriend.

8. You are one whose absence makes me feel that I am a loser already. I miss you.

9. Sometimes, I have a mixed feeling that I either love or hate you. But, missing you is a thing I daily feel.

10. I actually want to write a lot in this message. But, I am not strong enough to write that much. I Miss You.

11. My heart aches like an open sore that is prickled by flies. I miss you, dear.

12. Coming back to me is a thing I am sure of, even though I miss you. But I am sure you will come back.

13. At this moment missing you is all I feel unhappy about, but I know it’s temporal.

14. I miss you girl, so much that I can’t help it but cry every moment I think of you.

15. You still matter to me, even though there is a big distance between us right now. I miss you, my girlfriend.

16. You are the only one is crave for, my girlfriend. I miss you so much.

17. The same way the sand admires and misses the blue sky, so do I miss you due to the distance between the two of us.

18. Whenever I breathe I still feel like there is an obstruction in the air track, that makes me feel like I am living an incomplete life.

19. Missing you has become the very cause of my unhappiness, my cute girlfriend.

20. It seems like the sun stops shining it faces, whenever you leave me, my girlfriend, I miss you.

21. The universe becomes entirely off balance for me, every time I see you go away. I miss you so much, my sweet girlfriend.

22. Even when I release a sea of tears, I still feel like nothing about this loneliness is reduced. No, not even the memories of our initial companionship.

23. Times seems like it’s not moving again since you left. I miss you.

24. It makes me die within, anytime you smile but I know that you are not smiling for me. I miss you badly.

25. They say, “when you look at a picture of your lost lover” that will make you smile a bit. But, I have tried so much but still cry and hardly smile.

26. I really doubt the saying that; “time heals” because I die the more I live. Life sucks for me without you.

27. Life sucks for me without you my girlfriend, I miss you so much.

28. Nothing is still same without your love, I still crave for your touch. I miss you.

29. You are the missing portion that makes me feel uncared for. I miss you.

30. Loving you has been easy, but missing you makes me find life uneasy the more.

31. My love, I miss you so much like the sky feels whenever the sun leaves its hanging point.

32. The worst thing was not when you once called and insulted me, it is when you left and didn’t come back again. I miss you, my girlfriend.

33. You are supposed to be inside the space I carved for you behind my chest. But, you left and that makes me feel empty.

34. Missing you for months, knowing that I can’t see you close, hold you tight and know you are okay, makes me feel unhappy.

35. I loathe knowing that I miss you but can’t find you anywhere again my girlfriend.

36. Most Times, I miss you and wonder if you actually feel the same for me.

37. Milliseconds seem like years as soon as you left. Please, come back to me.

38. How I wished you taught me how to cope when you were about to go. I miss you.

39. I never knew it is this uneasy to contend with your absence, my cute girlfriend. Miss you…

40. I hate to know that you are not missing me the way I do. It makes cry.

41. I never experienced been lone until I saw you leave me without remorse.

42. It’s pretty hard to stop thinking and missing the one who gave you so much to remember in your life. Miss you, my girlfriend.

43. Missing your love without any hope that you are coming back makes me feel dejected. I miss you so much, my girlfriend.

44. Every little portion of my body aches so badly because of your absence. I miss you, my girlfriend.

45. I sometimes hug my pillow and assume it’s you and it’s because I miss you.

46. I always try my best to pretend but I can’t help it. I miss you.

47. I never knew life could be so unhappy until you left.

48. You came, you loved but left me broken. Dear girlfriend, I miss you so much.

49. How I wish time is reversible, I would have turned it backwards so that I will do the needful and not make you leave me.

50. You used to be my joy and source of happiness, but you left me, and I Miss You so badly.

I Miss You Messages for My Husband

Below is a list of cute I Miss You Quotes to send your husband when you miss him but want to send him sweet romantic messages to make him know that you’ve been thinking about him and missing his love.

1. My king, you seem to have tugged my entire heart that I can’t feel okay about anything again. I miss you love.

2. I miss you, my sweet husband, that I can’t breathe for a moment without feeling completely dejected. I miss you.

I Miss You Messages for My Husband
I Miss You Messages for My Husband

3. My drive, you have been the one whose companionship had made me feel good about life, but I have lost all confidence and hope that I can’t feel happy again since you left.

4. If only you will let go of my misdeeds, I guess our love will come back in shape without many hiccups. I really miss you.

5. I always do my best to see that I don’t look worried about your absence before my children, but I still do that subconsciously, please come home to me, please.

6. Come back to me, please. Remember the promises we have made from way back.

7. Try and let go of my wrong deeds, I have decided to do away with anything that used to rile you up. I miss you so much, my husband.

8. I can’t feel happy and satisfied, even with the tons of possessions I have got. I still need your company to feel okay.

9. You make me feel like a queen, but as you leave my life became a pitiful story. I miss you, my husband.

10. Dear husband, please let’s forgive and forget all that happened between us before and settle down again, I miss you.

11. You have gone away with my heart, I feel emptiness behind my chest anytime I lie on my bed. Miss you.

12. I really long for that day that I will feel better and not miss you.

13. My heart has felt the worst form of loneliness since you left me. I miss you, my husband.

14. Missing you my husband is a chronic ache I can’t help but, cry and wish for the day that I will not be unhappy.

15. I can only stop missing you when you – my husband is back again.

16. Please, don’t forget that I crave and cry for your absence, my sweet husband.

17. I only long for two things in life; to be healthy and most importantly – hug and kiss you my cute husband.

18. I have missed your touch, kiss, and smell ever since you left for work.

19. Come back soon, I have been missing you every single millisecond I breathe in.

20. My cutest husband, may you be granted a safe trip back home because I have missed you, baby.

21. I long for you, and I miss you badly.

22. I can’t actually determine whether you miss or have completely forgotten about me, as for me, I miss you love.

23. Not talking to you very close is killing me inside, that I still feel like I have lost you to someone else.

24. Even if it’s for a second, I wish to see you badly my husband.

25. See, my husband. To be honest, I have missed everything about you since you left me.

26. I always get reminded of how much I Miss You by this text; anytime I think of you my Husband.

27. Even a billion miles away can’t stop me from missing you every single day, husband.

28. I love to dream that we both miss each other at night, my husband.

29. I find almost no comfort, even when I watch the most comic video to lessen the depression.

30. I don’t always say it, but I miss you like crazy every day, my husband.

31. Life is just boring. If not, what will I say about your absence? I really miss you, my husband.

32. I know you miss me too, but I miss you badly my sweet husband.

33. Life stings me right now, that I can’t pretend to not miss you.

34. Sometimes, when I read through our old chats, I just cringe and begin to cry. I Miss You, My Husband.

35. Some say that nobody controls your happiness, but I can’t pretend that I can help it because I’m one of the few who miss their husbands.

36. You are like a star that has left the sky, and I can’t lie to you. Because I Miss You so Much.

37. They say if you want to make someone miss you. Then, try and pretend that you don’t miss them so as to get their attention. For me, I can’t help but send you an I Miss You text.

38. All I know is that can’t hide my emotions dear, and to be honest. I miss you, my husband.

39. Just like unintelligent people miss the point of getting things right, so do I Miss You, my Husband.

40. I hardly overcome heartbreaking incidents, and one of such is missing you, my husband.

41. My king, whenever you get a leave at your workplace, please come home. Because I miss you so much.

42. I miss you so much that I feel so empty an depressed right now.

43. Despite the short distance, I still miss you like crazy my husband.

44. There is a big thing that I lost in your absence too – my heart.

45. Husband, if travelling without me is not really an emergency, please don’t. Because you make me feel dejected like an outcast.

46. You are the one I am still waiting for to fill the emptiness in my heart, my husband.

47. I want to hug, touch and kiss you. But I Miss You more, dear Husband.

48. Until when time ceases to exist, I will keep loving and missing you my husband.

49. Life feels empty without you again, I miss you badly dear.

50. May this sadness I am feeling be short-lived by your presence because I miss you, husband.

50 I Miss You Messages for My Wife

Sending one or some of these I Miss You Messages for Wife, will help in making her think of you.

And make her feel and care more about you especially now that you want to send a romantic I miss you quote for her.

1. I never knew how delicate your presence is to me, until now. I miss you so much, my lovely wife.

2. Being away from you has taught me how best to appreciate even your flaws, I miss you, my cute wife.

I Miss You Message for My Wife
I Miss You Message for My Wife

3. From the vacuum you created and left in my heart, I feel so empty and I miss you, my wife.

4. It hurts so badly to miss the love of your life and not find them anywhere by to hug and end the boredom. Because that’s how I feel dear.

5. My night has been filled up with mares and nothing, ever since you left me, my sweet wife.

6. The only place I can behold you again is when I dream. I miss you so much, my romantic wife.

7. I hug my pillow so tight, thinking that will help me find comfort but I can’t help it, dear. I Miss You.

8. The joy of my life, I miss you like a bee feels when it sees a dry flower it used to suck nectar from.

9. Had it been your workplace is transferable, I would pack every bit of task you do over there and bring it home because I always feel empty whenever you resume.

10. I feel so lonely and depressed, would you mind coming back to stay with me for some time? I miss you, my wife.

11. My lovely wife, I feel so lonely and not too happy like Adam when he was yet to meet eve. LOl, but I really miss you, dear.

12. My joy is like a matchbox that only feels okay when it’s been stroked by a match-stick because I can only feel it when I am with you, my wife.

13. I miss you so dearly my wife, I can’t really feel okay without your touch.

14. My heart is filled with nothing but endless wishes of your return. I miss you.

15. Life seems like a long pitiful story without you in my life. I Miss You, my Wife.

16. I currently feel more than dejection just because of your absence. I can’t wait to see and let you know how horrible it had been for me without you my wife.

17. There has been no one to talk to since you left, not even the kids, they are always busy with play and school. I miss you so much.

18. All I crave for is you right here, and nothing else.

19. A delicate part of my heart is always not there whenever you are not here with me – I miss you, my wife.

20. From now, I have changed. I will always find time for you. Because you have made me realize that I can’t find true joy without making you feel that first. I miss you.

21. Until the day I will sleep right next to you, I can’t feel okay about anything. I miss you so much.

22. Even if this entire year is spent with you at every single millisecond, I will still miss your touch the moment you leave.

23. How I wish that you are currently holding me tight like we’ve been glued together. I miss you so much.

24. I can’t stop musing about you my sweet angel and heart drive.

25. Been away from you is the hardest thing I have ever experienced right now. I miss you, dear wife.

26. I miss your beautiful face, smile, warmth and all. My dear.

27. All I want to behold and stay with is you, right now I am missing you badly dear.

28. My wife, I miss you so much. That I can’t find anything interesting or exciting again.

29. Even to see you walk out of the door is enough to make me miss you. Because I need you every single second of my life.

30. Do you want to read the sincere thing on my mind right now? I Miss You, My Cute Wife.

31. What I want to hear is not your recorded voice, but your real charming voice. I miss you, my wife.

32. My life looks bleak the moment you left me, like a dark night sky that is void of stars.

33. You are my muse, my inspiration and joy-inducer even at times of distress, But now, you are no more close to me, and I miss you, dear.

34. My eyes are always heavy because I can’t see you again, I miss you, dear.

35. Even the few hours you spend away makes me feel like I am already missing you forever.

36. I am missing you so much already, for having to stay back and close the day’s job late.

37. I loathe being away from you – my sweet wife.

38. I am desperately in want of your company. I miss you, dear wife.

39. I still feel lonely despite the people around me here. It’s still a boring experience for me.

40. If only I can behold you again, I won’t let you go even for a second dear. I Miss you.

41. I passed through boring moments since you went for that trip, I have had no companion to talk to. I really miss you so much, my wife.

42. Now, I really understand what you mean when you say, it’s going to be a long distance journey. I miss you so much.

43. I didn’t really understand what it means to miss a loved one until you left me alone at home. I miss you so much my best half.

44. Every passing second and minute you’re in my thoughts. Dear wife, I need you to return here because I miss your touch baby.

45. What else can be so hard to deal with like this? I never knew that until you stole my heart away. I really miss you, dear wife.

46. A day without you is like dross, I’m missing you every second already, come back, please.

47. The sky will be entirely void of stars if they were to drop down any moment I feel bad about your absence. I miss you, my cute wife.

48. I know how it feels to be in love, but to miss the one whom your heart craves for is horrible. I Miss You.

49. It’s been long since I felt this way, but here am I, missing you badly my wife.

50. All I have to say is get here soon. I want you home. Because I Miss You, my Wife.