Cutest I Love You Text Messages for Him

I Love You Text Messages for Him? Then get ready to have the best you can send to him.

But, wait… Let us talk about love…

For some people, love is a contronym (a concept that is pleasurable for one and a heartache for another. For some other people, love’s dictates are nothing but glamorous compilations of synonymous adventures.

The idea of love, to some people, is a boring clich? while it remains a working maxim to some other ones.

Funny enough, Love is limited to a variety of feelings that are here today and gone tomorrow to some set of people who haven’t got a hold of its untold gaiety. But to me… Love is beyond feelings! Love is more than your senses can act crazily for! Love is real and forever will. Love makes the world go round. Love is life. In fact, love is the reason why you are reading this piece.

And when I saw you hit a link to this post – Yes, I can see you from here – I knew you’ve been of the love that wins.

So… you are sharing this post as a proof that love is real to you.

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I Love You Messages to Make Him Love You More

1. You Make Life a Better Place for Me
Life couldn’t have been a better place to live for me until the moment it brought you to me and you showered me with your love and care, you showed me the meaning of love. Loving you is my hobby and?I won’t stop till the moon is no more.

2. I Always Find Safety in Your Arms
No place could have been safer than the arms that are always widely opened to give you a welcome hug and a heart that loves you unconditionally. I love you and will love you till the end of time.

3. My Heart is Forever Yours
I once had a heart so true and pure, but now it is gone from me to you so please do take good care of that heart because you now have two while I have none. I love you, my king.

4. You’ve Quenched My Thirst for Love
My heart was a heart that lacked love and care, a heart that sought attention but found none. All changed for the better the moment you walked into my life and filled it with so much love, care and most of all, attention. I love you so much, my dear.

5. My Future is Secured with You
With hope and dreams I look forward to the future fully assured that nothing will and can ever change the love I have for you. I love you so much, my dearest.

6. You Are My Best Ever Miracle
The greatest miracle I have ever experienced is life bringing you to me. I prayed and longed for a heart so special like yours and now that I found it I am holding on forever. I love you so much, baby.

7. I Can’t Stop Reminiscing on Your Love
There are no better things to do on a day like this than to sit and imagine how my life would have been without you and how great a life with you has been. I love you wholeheartedly.

8. You Gave Me a Better Definition of Love
I knew what love is the day you came into my life and I realize you are so special the day I started daydreaming about how our future will be. I love you dearly my love.

9. You’re My First and Last Thought Daily
You’re the only one I think of before I retire to bed and the very first person I think of when I wake up. you are so special to me, my dear. I love you forever and ever.

10. I Love You Now and in the Afterlife
If there is life after death, I will come searching for you because of how dear and special you are to me. You are all a woman can ever need and ask for. I love you so much, my dear.

11. You’re a Precious Gift From Up Above
God has wonderfully created in you a man full of uniqueness, dignity, integrity and so much of caring prowess. I am so blessed to have you as mine. Be mine forever my love. Will you?

12. You Made Me Know More About Love
There was a time in my life I didn’t know what love was until fate brought us together and since then I realize the importance of love and care in my life… You’re the real man… I love you.

13. You’re My Angel, My God Sent
No one could have done it better. No other arms, no other lips, no other heart could have loved me so much, you are my God sent,?baby.?I love you so much. I’ll keep on loving you.

14. I Can’t Imagine a Future Without You
What will be will be but a future without you is very unimaginable. I am grateful to God for making you mine and I pray to keep you for me always and forever. I love you unconditionally.

15. Every Moment with You is a Memory Made
Times spent with you are memories, every time with you are moments I cherished because even your look is special and the way you call my name remains the best. I love you much.

16. My Love for Your Love is Unquantifiable
Nothing living can ever define how much love I have for you. No one born of a woman can help describe how much I adore you too. I love you unconditionally, and until the end of time.

17. You’re so Special Beyond Description
How special you are is still amazing to me. You are the very best of the best I have ever seen or met before. And here I am saying… Nothing can stop the love I have for you. I heart you so much.

18. You’ve Got All I Needed in Love
My unconditional love, the only one who gives me pride when I was ashamed. The only one whose shoulder is always ready to bear the burden of my hearts, your tender palms wipe away my tears. I love you till the moon is no more.

19. You’re My Mr. Perfect and Mr. Right
I need not a prophet or seer to tell me I am deeply in love with you. Your smile, your words, your glowing face, your shining teeth, your charming voice, everything about you were just wonderfully and perfectly created. I love you so much.

20. What Your Love Means to Me, I Can’t Tell it All
If life in a million ways will ask me a million times, a million question what the meaning of love is, then I won’t think twice before I reply in a billion ways a billion times that love is when an imperfect woman like me is been loved by a unique and special man like you. I love you so much.

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21. How Am I Suppose to Live Without Your Love
So much love and care you have shown to me, so much attention you have given me. Every moment I live for you until there’s no more breath in me. I can’t afford to live a life without you. I love you so much.

22. My Love for You is Timeless
Even in my sick bed, I will still tell you I love you with my last breath. You’re just too amazing to live without. Thanks for coming at the right time. Did you know I love you so much? Well, I do!

23. I Choose to Love Only You Forever
You’re the one who erased my emotional worries, the same person who makes my heart beat faster. You are the one I love today and will love forever. Yes, your love has got a permanent place in my heart.

24. We’re Meant for Each Other Forever
The good God who has brought us together had a very good and important purpose in place for us. I see everything getting shape every day. I can’t deny you’re the best for me. I love you so much and will cherish you forever.

25. Every Moment with You is Precious
When old age comes calling and my heart reaches a stage it can’t love again, I will close my eyes and remember those good times we once shared and smile and laugh till I sleep off. I cherish every moment we share now and will remember it in the future.

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26. I Can Only Thank You for Everything
I can’t think about a life filled with so much love and care without you coming at the right time and standing by me when I needed you most. Thanks for showing me such a boundless and selfless love. Thanks for impacting my life more than love.

27. I am More than Blessed to Be Yours
You are the best thing that could ever happen to any lucky woman. You’re my king and that is what you will always be. Rule and reign in my heart. I am proud to belong to your kingdom. I love you dearly.

28. Your Love is so Awakening
You awakened the lost hopes and dreams in me, You made me smile to everything happening around me. You’re everything I need, I can sense it from your heart. I love you for being this special you always.

29. You’ve Given?Me an?Endless Joy
Your sweet words and voice make me smile each time I remember the times we spent together. I cannot and will never trade you for anything in the world. You’re mine forever. Yes, I’ll hold you tight.

30. I Am Giving All of Me to This Love
My heart is your home, my arms are always widely opened for you. Be rest assured of safety, care and love like never before. I’m giving my all to this relationship. I love you so much, my dear.

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31. With You, I Have no Fear of What Tomorrow Brings
I know my future is secure and safe with a man like you. You are my dream man and I look forward to the future with so much anticipation. I’m living each day, waiting to make a home with you. I love you so much.

32. Every Moment with You Bring Untold Merriments
Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure and will keep as memories for the rest of my life. You’ve proven to be my merriments in every single way. I love you and will continue to love you dear.

33. I Have no Reason to Stop Loving You
Loving you is like breathing. Tell me how I can stop doing that? I’ll lose my life and will regret doing that until I fulfill my promise of loving you till the end of time. You’ve gotten a hold of me, and I don’t want you to let me go. I’m yours forever.

34. Nothing Will Make Me to Stop Loving You
No one, no man or woman nor even the hidden spirits will ever convince me to stop loving you. You taught me how to love and showed me that love is truly unconditional and covers all things. you are the real man, my love. I love you.

35. You Made My Imperfections Perfect
Even with my unworthiness, you loved me and my perfect imperfections. No man could have done anything better than the one you have done. Do Belive that! You’re such a wonderful man to me and I love you so much, my timeless king.

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36. I’m in Awe with Every Thought of You
My mind and heart raced and anticipate at the thought of you. My lips shiver anxiously waiting for a kiss from you. With every day passing by, I see enough reasons to know that I was made to love you. Yes, I’m loving you forever.

37. I Can Envisage a Blissful Future with You
The future is unpredictable but with a man like you it’s imaginable. A future filled with love, laughter and memories… A future I’ll long for till it comes. I can’t wait for it. I love you so much my man.

38. Without a Doubt, You’ve Got All of Me!
I don’t mind going some extra miles or scaling more hurdles to prove my love for you. You’re the only one I think of right now, the only one I’ll forever think of in love. I love you wholeheartedly.

39. Your Love Has Made Me Special
The journey of my life has become more meaningful since the day you came to my life with your special, mild and caring heart. You treated me like a queen and made me more special than who I thought I was… I love you, my king.

40. You’re Such a Wonderful Lover and Friend
When I was down and I thought I lost it all, at a time I knew nothing about love, when I lacked care and attention… You made me feel loved and love again. Thanks for you wonderful mind. I love you so much, my dearest man.

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41. Your Love is Peace Unto My Heart
Just like a dove, your love is so humble and it does not hurt. Your love is like a tree that is planted by the river side. It gives me peace and my mind is always at ease each time I know you are somewhere thinking about me too. I love you so much.

42. Finally, a Proof that My Future is Great
The thought that a special man like you with a very caring and special mind is somewhere thiking about me is such a relief that my future is safe and secure and great with you as my love and only charming man. I love you.

43. You’ve Won My Heart Completely
How on earth can my heart think about loving someone else when it has been stolen by you? you are the one whom I think of even in my dreams. You have taken over me. I love the way you make me feel. Yes, I love all about you.

44. Your Love Has Taken Over Me Finally
You have taken over my way of thinking with your sweets words, you caring and mild attention. You are the best thing that can ever happen to a woman living on earth. I love you awesomely.

45. Your Love Has Become an Indwelling for Me
My life has become a paradise, my heart a resting place and my days are always filled with smiles and laughter. Your thoughts have overshadowed my life and I am completely amused by the way you make me feel. Thanks for coming into my life. I love you, my man.

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46. The Sound of Your Name Confirms Love
At the hearing of love, the only one name my mind and heart can remember is your name and I feel you are the definition of love. You are such an amazing man, my king. I love you so very much.

47. With You, I Have no Fear of the Future
A life without an amazing man like you is almost unimaginable. Yes! With your sensational way of doing things you make me feel comfortable and relax that I have a secured future with a man like you… I love you so much.

48. All of Me Rejoice in Your Love
My mind, my body, my soul, my heart and everything that I have or ever had do?rejoice at the hearing of your sweet voice. You are such a charming man my king. I love you so much and won’t stop loving you.

49. Your Love Transformed Me Totally
When I thought I couldn’t smile and tears were rolling down my cheeks you came and made me laugh, with your charming acts and ever welcoming arms you instilled in me a love closer than the bond between the tongue and the mouth… I love you so much.

50. Finally, I’ve Found My Dream Man
The only place I have found complete relief is in your heart. The only place I feel safe is in your arms, I found everything I have ever wanted in a man in you. You’re my dream man, my love. I love you.

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I Love You but Missing You Text Messages for Him

91. I Wish I Could Hold You Tight
I want to hang on for as long as I can but I need you here by my side, my love.
I need to hold you tight and kiss your lips, my love. I miss you, my love.

92. You’re so Far Away from Me, My Love
I want to look into your eyes,
Whisper into your ears I love you,
Hug you and tell you how much you mean to me…
But you are far away like a million miles from me.
I need you here my love. I miss you too much.

93. I Missed Every Moment We’ve Had
Lying in your arms,
Sharing all we do together,
Taking a walk in the cool of the day…
I miss all those things, my love.
I hope you get here soon. I really miss you.

94. I Feel Gross Emptiness Within Me
I have never felt this emptiness your absence has caused me.
I am feeling so weak within but the thought that you’ll come home soon heals my weak bones.
I miss you so much, hoping you’ll be here any moment from now.
I love you still.

95. This is Hard, Just Praying I’ll Cope
The hardest thing to deal with was saying goodbye.
It hurts so much to see you leave my presence.
It hurts more to see me out of your embrace.
I miss you too much, my love.

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96. Seriously Wishing You Were Here
I’ve been staring at your photographs since I woke up today
Wishing, praying and hoping you were here by my side to tell me how much you love and want me.
If you don’t miss me, permit me to say… I miss you so much.

97. Just Your Presence and I’m Okay
The most interesting part of love is spending time together.
I am missing that part of it right now. And every other part just does not count.
I need you to get here sooner. I miss you, dear.

98. Can I Just Have You Back?
The space you left unfilled in my heart cannot be replaced by the most entertaining movies in this world.
I need you back, my love. I need those moments of endless merriments with you again.
And, yes, I’m missing you badly.

99. I Just Can’t Wait to Set My Eyes on You
No one can make me feel special like you have done.
Your absence is greatly felt in my heart and my soul.
I just can’t wait to have you back here, my prime joy.
I miss you so much honey.

100. This is Beyond My Explanation
A day without you is like a lifetime without my sight.
A week without you is like centuries without the air.
Baby, I want my sight back,
I want my breath?back too…
Come home soon my love.
I am really missing you.

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