Thank You for Being the Love of My Life

So you need to thank your partner for being the love of your life? If yes, you’re on the right path.

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Thank You for Being the Love of My Life

I Can Reiterate It

You’ve been the lyrics in my mouth and the song my heart readily dances to. You’ve been the centre of my daily joy and so I’ve come to say thank you for being the love of my life.

You Deserve My All

For as long as I live, I see my life answering to the dictates of your love. You are worth all I can ever give to your love. In fact, you deserve my all.  Thanks for being mine.

Timeless Appreciation

I’ve thought of your boundless love and incessant care for me and can only promise to appreciate you for them all until my last breath. Thanks. I love you.

Beyond Words

I have tried to know the worth of your love for me. But as I kept gathering them, you continued to do more. And now I know that words can’t tell your worth. I love you.

Beyond Forever

Your love has called the romantic shot and I’ve seen my status changed to its rhythmical tune. The pace has been set for you and me to be together until the day after forever. Yes, I love you. Mwah.