Most Romantic I Love You Text Messages for Her

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I Love You Messages for Her that You Love so Dearly

1. You Make Me Feel so Special
No one has ever made me feel so special like you always do. You showed me love and made me realise how great it is to be in love. I love you so much.

2. You are the Right One for Me
It is good to be in love but better to be in it with the right person. You’re my all and nothing else can change that my Queen. I love you.

3. Loving You is a Lifetime Fact
No matter what might have happened in the past or what’s happening now or what will happen in the future, I LOVE YOU and the fact won’t change forever.

4. We’ll Make a Brighter Future Together
The future is brighter with you by my side, your presence is felt even by an unborn baby, you’re more than my woman you’re my everything. I love you so much baby.

5. You’re the Melody in My Heart
I can sing, dance or even go as far as jumping, but not without you. A day without you is like a lifetime wasted. You’re the melody in my music, in my heart. I love you than love itself.

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6. No One is Fit to Take Your Place
No one has shown me greater love and care than you do. No woman can take your place even in the life to come. Your love is more than can be described. I love you

7. Thanks for it All, My Love
No one kisses me better. No one touches me better. No one loves me better, and no one makes me feel better than you always do. I appreciate your good love baby.

8. Your Love Makes Me and Moulds Me
I know myself because you found in me the real me. You were my voice when I couldn’t speak, my ears when I couldn’t hear, you gave me hope because you believe in me. I’m everything I am for the sake of your love. I love you, my baby.

9. All of Me Belongs to All of You
My heart belongs to you, my body and soul follow. And here is a fact: not even the law of motion can explain how fast my heart beats for you. Yes! I love you and it’s a lifetime truth.

10. I Will Stick With You Forever
If life can give a second chance or marriage after death then I’ll stay by you forever until there’s nothing called life. You’re my lifetime merriment. I love you.

11. My Love for You is Unchangeable
Nothing can change the love I have for you, forever. It’s a bundle of special feelings for a special person in special ways. I love you, my woman.

12. Loving You is a Lifetime Obligation
This kind of feelings occurs once in a lifetime in a unique way to express love for a special person in a lifetime. The feelings for you is unspeakable and Loving you is a lifetime obligation.

13. The Love We Share is Mutual
I dedicated my heart to you, donated my feelings willingly, and gave my all to you just as you gave your all to me. I love you like I love me.

14. Your Love is so Intoxicating
With you by my side the sky isn’t a limit. I’ll go places and do crazy things under the influence of your special love that intoxicates me like alcohol. I Love you, my woman.

15. I See My Future with You
I see the future in your eyes and I hear rhythms in the way you call my name. No one else does it better than my Angel. Loving you is my job I can’t afford to lose it.

16. Your Love is Like an Enchantment
Loving You wasn’t my decision until my heart chose to after you enchanted it with your attention and care than ever before. Who else could have done it better than you? You’re truly my heroine. I love you.

17. Everything About You Amazes Me
Your charming smile and tender feelings I get each time you touch me are unforgettable memories. Yet, you amaze me with everything you do and say. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you. Yes, I will.

18. I Love Everything About You
Staring at your special eyes, all I see is Paradise. And with the way you make me feel each time you touch me, I realize no one touches me better. You are the only one who makes me smile while staring at your pictures. I love you.

19. Your Love Makes Me Merry Every Day
With you love and care, my day is full of untold laughter. Little wonder, I spend a good time thinking about you at night. You’re my daily joy. I love you plenty, my dear.

20. The Love We Share is Unconditional
Even if you’re so weak and you showed me your flaws, I honestly say I’ll love you more, even if all you can offer me is love when it is not enough. My love for you is unconditional.

21. You Have Taken My Breath Away
Like fire in the rain, each time I caught your eyes you took my breath away and your long hair makes me wanna stare and stare. Now I realise I was meant to live inside your heart. I love you forever.

22. Truthfully, You’re the One for Me
I was meant to love you, I am made to give you all of me. So I give you all my heart, my body and my soul. You made me feel it in my soul, my heart and bones that you’re the one for me. I love you so much.

23. I Can’t Tell All About Your Love
I love you my lady, that’s right. Obviously, nothing might be enough to express how I feel about you. Nothing, even, can help to explain what I feel for you. You’re all I need and I want no more than your love.

24. I Am Loving You Forever Nonstop
Even when it’s you and me alone and you do crazy things, when you seems to lose it all, when there’s no one else… be assured of my heart, my soul, and my body. My love for you is forever.

25. You’ve Proven to Be My Lifetime Choice
I have let my heart decide the way to go and my soul engraved to you. Thinking about you is all I’m addicted to and I knew it from the very minute I walked up to you… That it couldn’t have been someone else and you proved me right. I love you.

26. Having You Gives me Everlasting Joy
I’ve failed a million times in life trying to write down how I feel about you. Still, it remains mystical how I came to love you. It’s a great joy that I got a lady like you as mine.

I Love You but Missing You Text Messages for Her

91. It’s Another Day Without Your Smile
Another day without your charming smile is here and now I begin to know how it means to miss someone so dear and close. I miss you so much love.

92. I’m Lonely Here, Missing You
I never knew what it means for you to stay with me right here by my side until you left. I hope you’re safe over there, I miss you here honey.

93. I Hope to See You Soon My Love
Hoping to see you soon. I’ve missed your smile, your lips, your cute face and all about you. And I wish you are here right now my dear. Get back soon my love. I love you.

94. Though Apart, I Love You More
The few weeks we have spent apart have make me realise how important you are to me. It has made me love you more. I miss you my dear.

95. It’s Hurting that You’re Not Here
The feelings that you are not here hurt so bad that I find it difficult to bear. Please come home soon my darling. I miss you so much. But remember… I love you so much too.

96. My Heart Yearns for You My Love
More than a million miles between us now makes me wonder how our love remains strong but my heart keep on seeking for your presence. I miss you my love.

97. Truth Be Told, I Am Missing You
The distance between us now is nothing compared to the power of love that binds us. But I’m damn missing you honestly my love. And I wish you know that and do something about it on time.

98. I Missed Those Moments with You, My Love
I keep remembering those times we danced together with no music playing. I can’t stop reminiscing on those time we talked till we were lost for words. I still can’t forget those simple jokes we laugh uncontrollably at. I remember all, vividly. I miss you so much.

99. I Missed Being in Your Arms
The last time we met still remains fresh in my head. Every second of my stay with you were unforgettable memories. I need you to get home safe so I can lie in your arms again, even if it’s virtually. I miss you so much.

100. I’m Missing You so Much Again
How could I have let you walk away without a goodbye kiss or a romantic hug? Well, I can’t wait to hold your hands again. I miss you badly, baby.