90 Good Afternoon Sms for Lovers and Loved Ones

For those who know, good afternoon messages to your lover or loved ones in the middle of your schedules goes a long way to show how much you care for them. And if you want to do the same today, I am here to help your desire…

Below are more than enough good afternoon text messages you can send to someone you cherish.

Note: You should use the Table of Contents to get to the desired category you will love to read. Get ready for the best and thank me later.

Good Afternoon SMS Messages for Boyfriend

Cute Good Afternoon SMS Messages to Send to your Boyfriend when you need to say you love him, miss him or just checking on him.

1. Being With You is the Happiest Thing
No one has ever loved me like you do. Being with you has always been the happiest thing. How is work? It’s a sunny afternoon here.

2. Give Me a Reason Not to be Happy With Life
You love me, I love you. Give me another reason not to be happy with life? How is work, dear? Good afternoon.

3. You Complete Me
When I’m down, you’re always here to lift me. There’s nothing I need, you haven’t given me, even without asking. You complete me, love. Good afternoon.

4. I Love You Best
You’ve always guided me when I was wrong. You came to my life and totally changed my world. I love you best. Good afternoon.

5. Good afternoon, My Man
I’ve lost total control of myself. My heart does not belong to me anymore. It’s given away to you. Good afternoon, my man.

6. You’re The Best
My love
My heart
My baby
My world.
You’re the best I’ve ever had. How is work? Good afternoon.

7. You’re Perfect
You play with my hair, you hold my cold hands, you go on long walks with me, you’re serious and also know how to have fun. I can’t wait to be the mother of your children. Good afternoon, my man.

8. I Won’t Love You, Less
You’re not afraid to be yourself, you always stand up for what you believe in, you stand up for me and protect me. You always make me feel like a princess. I promise not to love you less. Good afternoon.

9. I’ll Never Hurt You
You pray with me, you pray for me, you come around when I need you, you lift me up when I’m down. I swear to you, I’ll never hurt you. Good afternoon, my dear.

10. I Won’t Stop Making You Happy
I acknowledge and respect the fact that you make me happy always. I’ll never stop making you happy too. Good afternoon, baby. How’s work?

Good Afternoon SMS Messages for Girlfriend

Romantic Good Afternoon SMS Messages to Send to your Girlfriend to say you’re missing her or just checking on her.

1. Work Well
Good afternoon baby. How is work? Tell your boss not to be too harsh on my baby o.. Only going to check you. Work well, dear.

2. May Our Love Shine More
As the sun shines this afternoon, I pray may our love always shine more and more. How are you, dear? Good afternoon.

3. You’re Irreplaceable
Thinking of how much time, energy, love, money, and all that you’ve sacrificed in this relationship, I’m sure you’re irreplaceable. Good afternoon, my love.

4. You’re too Much
You came to my life when everyone else turned their faces off me? You’ve been with me through thick and thin. Who else would have done this? You’re too much, dear. Enjoy yourself at work.

5. I Cherish You
You came to make me see a better me from within and turned my world around for the best. I so much cherish you. Good afternoon, love.

6. I Won’t Stop Loving You
Baby, you know what? There is nothing in this life that can stop me from marrying you. Even my parents can’t. Hope work is going well. Good afternoon.

7. Be Mine
You’re calm
You’re loving
You’re caring,
Baby, you’re just down to earth. Please, be mine. Good afternoon.

8. God Is Involved
It’s true some things happen by fate, by accident, most times. But, our love, God is totally involved. Good afternoon, sweetie.

9. Thank You
I never dreamt of becoming a better person. Thank you for allowing God to use you for me. I won’t forget it in a lifetime. Good afternoon.

10. I Miss You
Ever since I met you, you’ve been a great source of encouragement to me. You’ve never for once let me down. I appreciate them all. I miss you so much. When are you coming around? Good afternoon.

Good Afternoon SMS Messages for Friend

Good Afternoon Text Messages for a Special Friend

1. Keep Enjoying
My friend, I’ve no regrets knowing you, dear. Keep enjoying. Good afternoon.

2. You’re Simply the Best
Your simplicity and modesty make me wonder how specially God has created you. You’re simply the best. Good afternoon, dearie. How’s work?

3. Real Friends are Hard to Find
You’re not just a friend, but a God-sent friend. You’ve given so much in our friendship, more than I can comprehend. Friends like you are hard to find. Good afternoon, sweet.

4. My Status Is Changing With You
The bad things in my life have become the things of the past since I knew you. I know my status is changing with you. Good afternoon, dear friend.

5. Hope You’re enjoying Your Work
A day is almost gone out of the five working days. Hope my dear friend is enjoying her work. Just checking on you, dear. Good afternoon.

6. Real Friends Exist
Though real friends are hard to find, but you’ve proven to me that they still exist, and you’re one of them. Good afternoon, friend.

7. We Deserve an Award
It’s just like God created us for each other. We stand in for ourselves even in the midst of great challenges. We’re the best of friends. Don’t you think we deserve an award? Good day, friend.

8. You’re a True Friend
No matter what happens, I’ll never stop my duty as a friend, cos you’ve never for once disappointed me. You’re a true friend. Good afternoon.

9. You’re the Greatest of Friends
I’ve never met anyone as intelligent and interesting as you. You’re fun to be with, and you’re the greatest of friends. I hear you, dear. Good afternoon.

10. We’re the Best of Friends
We quarrel, we fight, we hurl abusive words at ourselves. But, you know what? We are still the best of friends. Good afternoon, love.

Good Afternoon SMS Messages for Your Husband

Good Afternoon Text Messages to Send to your lovely Husband.

1. You’re the Best
My darling husband, you’re unlike other men out there. Your simplicity and sense of humor make me love you more each day. You’re the best. Good afternoon.

2. He’s Everything
Seriously, my husband is the most caring and loving husband. He’s just everything I could ever wish for. I love you, honey. Good afternoon.

3. Thanks for Waking Me Up
Darling, thanks for waking me up in the morning. I almost got late for work. Sorry, it came late. Good afternoon.

4. I Miss You
The sweetest thing that has ever happened to me, I’m going to take care of you till we both grow old together. Miss you. Good afternoon.

5. Thanks for All
Thanks for taking care of me and the children. We appreciate all your efforts. It is well with you. Good afternoon, dear.

6. Don’t Change Your Ways
Every day I look at our son, I’m always glad. I’m glad because he’s growing up to be someone like his father. Don’t change your ways, dear. Good afternoon to you.

7. Don’t Change for Anything
My husband doesn’t nag, he doesn’t curse, he has never failed to perform his responsibilities, he doesn’t joke with God and his words. He lives just an exemplary life. Don’t change for anything, dear husband. Good afternoon.

8. You’re Unique
My Crown, you’re not just handsome, but caring and loving. You’ve got so many great qualities I can’t start mentioning. You’re unique. Good afternoon, dear.

9. You’re my Family
You’re the only family I have, cos you’re the only one that understands me best. Good afternoon, my love. How is work?

10. My Secret Keeper
I’ll never stop confiding in you. You are my secret keeper. I promise to always stand by you. Good afternoon, my King.

Good Afternoon SMS Messages for Wife

Romantic Good Afternoon SMS Messages to Send to Your lovely Wife.

1. The Truth be Told
Truth be told, there’s nothing as amazing as you. I love you always. Good afternoon, my wife.

2. My All
My wife,
My life,
My joy,
My heart,
My Queen. I love you now and forever. How is work? Good afternoon.

3. You’re so Special
Being the only woman I have in my life, I keep wondering where I would be if there’s no YOU. You’re so special. Good afternoon, dear.

4. Thanks for Rescuing Me
I’ve searched everywhere for true love. Until you came into my life. Thanks for rescuing me. Good afternoon, my woman.

5. The Only Thing that Makes Me Happy
Sweetness, you’re the only thing that makes me happy. With you, I know God loves me. Good afternoon.

6. The Favorite Dish
Hey, honey. How is work? Please, don’t get worked up before you get home. I’ve prepared your favourite dish. Hope you join me real soon. See ya!

7. You’re My All in All
No matter what happens, I’ll always love and respect the mother of my children. You’re my all in all. Good afternoon, baby.

8. Thank You for Everything
When I was helpless, you provided help for me. You take care of our children even when I’m on a long journey. Thank you for everything. I love you much. How are you this afternoon?

9. You’re Perfect
You’re perfect in your imperfections. You have given and sacrificed all your all to me. What else do I say than thank you? Good afternoon, sweetheart.

10. You’re the Best and Only Wife
It’s no gainsaying that you’re the best wife in the whole wide world. Love you always. Good afternoon, sweetie.

Good Afternoon SMS Messages for Dad

Good Afternoon Sms Messages to Send to Your Dad. A great father needs some of the text messages here.

1. My Dad, My World
You’re the best and loyal man living. You’re my world, Dad.

2. Love You, Dad
It’s true, one day I’ll get married to another man. I wonder how I would manage to cope without my dad. Love you, dad. Good afternoon, sir.

3. You’re the Best
They say men are wicked, I tell them they haven’t met my dad. My dad is so calm and responsible. You’re the best, Dad. Good afternoon to you sir.

4. My Father is All
I’ve never seen a father like my own. He’s so collected, nice, and easy-going. He’s the best one could ever wish for. Good afternoon, daddy.

5. We Appreciate You, Dad
Dad, you’ve never went out and won’t bring us goodies. Thanks for all the love shown. We appreciate you. Good afternoon, sir.

6. You will Live Longer
You’ve brought us joy more than our expectations. You’ve been so kind to us in so many ways. We want you to live longer, seeing us prosper. Amen. Good afternoon, best dad.

7. You’re Simply the Best
My dad lives simply,
Loves generously,
Speaks truthfully,
Prays ceaselessly, and leaves everything to God. You’re simply the best dad. How’s work? Afternoon sir.

8. Thank You, Dad
I thank you for making my life happy in so many ways. Sometimes I forget to tell you how much I appreciate you for being an important part of my life. Thank you, Dad. Good afternoon.

9. Good Afternoon, First Love
I love you, not just because you’re my dad, but because you’re a God-sent dad to me. I appreciate God for giving me the best dad. Good afternoon, first love.

10. May You Live Long
You’re good to everybody that comes your way, for no reason. I’ve never seen a man as nice as you are. May you live long, sir. Good afternoon.

Good Afternoon Sms Messages for Brother

For that lovely brother, someone who you can be proud of… These Good noon text messages would be perfect.

1. My Brother, My Everything
My brother, my boyfriend, my everyday crush, my partner in crime, the only person I fall in love with every day, I just can’t stop thinking about you, brother. How’s work? Good afternoon.

2. I love You, Bro.
My brother is the best brother on earth. He cares for me and all that matters to me. I love you, bro. Good afternoon.

3. Thank You Always, Bro
Really, a day can’t pass by without me thinking about you. Your care upon me is just too much, and at times, I feel I do not worth it. Thank you always, bro. Good afternoon.

4. You Mean the World to Me
Your love and kindness for me is nothing I can stop thinking of. You mean the world to me. Good afternoon, brother.

5. Can’t Wait to See You
Hey, handsome. How’s work? I’ve missed your stubbornness, and I can’t wait to see you. Good afternoon.

6. A Better Afternoon
To the only brother and the most amazing person I know, I say, have a better afternoon.

7. No Regrets
You taught me virtually everything I know today. I’ve no regrets having you as my brother. How’s work today? Good afternoon.

8. Things Are Going Well With Us
It’s amazing how people think things only go well between two brothers and vice versa. But things are going wonderfully well with us, being brother and sister. That’s great. Good afternoon, bro.

9. Good Afternoon
Hope you’re having a great day at work. May you always find reasons to fall in love with your job. Good afternoon.

10. Good Afternoon, Dear Brother
I hope today’s work isn’t too much on you. You love your job anyways. It would make it easier. Good afternoon, dear brother.

Good Afternoon Text Messages for Sister

Good Afternoon Text Messages to Send to Your Sister.

1. I Love You Best
I watched you grow day by day, till you’ve grown up to a virtuous woman. Though you’re married, but not to worry, I still love you best. Good afternoon, sister.

2. Thanks for Coming as My Sister
Thank God you came as my sister. I love everything about you. Thanks for coming as my sister. I cherish you, dear. Good afternoon.

3. You Can’t be Replaced
You’re my happiness, my world, and who talks softly to me when I needed somebody. You can’t be replaced. Good afternoon, darling sister.

4. You’re the Best
My sister is the best thing alive. Though we quarrel and fight each other, but believe me, you’re the best. Good afternoon, sister.

5. Challenges are Part of Life
You have taught me how to face challenges as they come. And made me understand that it’s part of life. Thank you, Sis. Good afternoon.

6. I’m Missing You
I’ve always loved to be around you. For with you, there’s no dull moment. I’m missing you. Good afternoon.

7. I Can’t Love You Less
You’re my hope, my laughter, my love, and my only sister. I can’t love you less. Thanks for being who you are. Good afternoon.

8. I’m Happy You’re my Sister
You’re such an amazing creature with a heart of gold. You’re the best among all sisters. And I’m happy you’re my sister. Good afternoon.

9. I Won’t Betray You
Since the demise of our parents, you’ve been a good mother. You’ve taken all my responsibilities as yours. Sister, I love you, and I promise not to betray you. Good afternoon.

10. You’re a Blessing from God
You’re a truly a blessing from God. I wouldn’t have asked God for a better sister. I love you. Good afternoon.

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