Emotional Letter to Best Friend in 2024

What do we call an Emotional letter?. Many people view it as something not valuable but it goes a long way. It means so much when you write a letter so heart touching to someone special. They keep it like forever and always remind themselves of those heartfelt words.

Well, gone are those days people spend hours and days writing letters to send to a friend, lover and a special someone. This technology age has made things so easy that even sending letters to those we love and cherish is no headache. We just need to reach for our phones and get it done.

To you out there who has that best friend you can’t do without, no need to crack your brain on how to make them smile and feel loved. It’s right here! Give that bestie words that he or she would live to remember, words that would put smiles on their faces and make them feel so special to have you in their lives.

Heart Touching Letters to Best Friends

Want some heart touching and emotional letters to your best friend? Below are the sweetest, most touching and Emotional Letters to your Best Friend.

1. Just one person in the whole world knows how to connect my soul to heaven and that’s you, bestie. How else could I feel when you’re around me. When all tears apart, you know how to put it in process. I do not know how to reciprocate your kind deeds, you worth so much and you’ll always be the best I have.

2. Rocking a night alone feels empty but with you, the night is full of fun, sweet stories and awesome moments which gets stuck in my memory forever. Being with you saturates my thoughts with the way you call my name and speak those words so loving and enticing. You’re just incomparable. I’m grateful I have you.

3. Dear BestFriend,
So you’d know, You intoxicate me with so much happiness and quench my taste with your smiles so loving.
You know you matter so much to me, Right? You’d never know how much I value you. I thank my stars I fell in the arms of the most wonderful person in the world. You still remain the best friend I have.

4. As humans, we are built of different particles which differentiates our characters. I know my ways and actions towards you have caused you to travel distance away from our friendship. I just want to let you know that I’m sorry for all the wrongs I’ve done. You’re the only one who matters to my world.
Please accept my plea.

5. Staying all day with you without saying a word still makes me fulfilled. You’re the most amazing creature I’ve met and I’m glad I did. Your friendship is just right for me. Never stray from me but stay close forever. Friends forever! Love you, dear friend.

6. I don’t know how to describe you in one word but as you read this, you’d know how much my heart can’t let you go.
Friend, you see the good path, you lead me along, you know when it’s right to pass a message. You know when it’s time for fun and you know how to fix everything right. You just made me realize true friendship is rare to come by.

7. I do not need to ask questions about your silence. I just want you to know this one thing, I’ve realized my mistakes and I’m writing to tell you I still love you Bestie. I’m deeply sorry for misunderstanding you. You know I miss those silly talks and funny smiles. Come on! I can’t wait for your warm embrace.

8. A friend such as you is someone I’d never forget in a hurry. I’m not scared even if you find another friend but I know I’d still reign in your heart and you in mine. Even if you go a hundred miles, I’ll still know that there’s one friend, one and only best friend who rocks my world with so much fun. I don’t wanna think, I just wanna have you only as a best friend.

9. As I grew older, I found out life is packaged differently for everyone. When I just met you, I just thought I had found a friend who I can talk to, laugh and play with. It never crossed my mind it would grow into a strong bond. Right now, I’m not scared to say I have a best friend so flawless and vibrant. You’re truly a friend and I cherish you so much.

10. To my Best Friend,
I never knew the true meaning of friendship talk more of having a best friend until I met you. You made me understood friendship is not just seeing each other, saying funny things and departing. You’ve planted in me seeds that would make me a better person. I’m grateful bestie. Nothing more would life have given to me if not you. You’re a blessing beyond imaginations. Thanks, Bestie.

Emotional Friendship Messages for Him or Her

Yes, the best ever emotional friendship messages for your best of friends to make him or her feel special and loved.

11. My prayers for you dear best friend,
Your paths would grow brighter Your life shall continually be beautiful. You shall never grow weary. Uncommon miracles shall take place in your life. As you’ve decided to remain true to this friendship, God shall make you fruitful. You shall be a light and shine brightly. You shall glow and have great success all the days of your life. You’re blessed.

12. Apology to my bestie
Right now I know I don’t deserve your loyalty neither do I deserve your trust and care. Forgive my inability to perform my friendship duties. I’ve been so untrue and unworthy being your friend. In all, dear friend, find a place in your heart to accept my apology. I’ve come to value this friendship and I promise to remain true. It’s the only happiness I’ve got and I’ll hold it dear.

13. My prayers and wishes for you are inexhaustible. you’re more than a best friend. I owe you a lot which can never be refunded no matter the wealth I acquire. The love you have shown me is one of it’s kind. On this note, I want to express my sincere gratitude. I appreciate you, dear friend. You’re the sweetest.

14. I feel so ashamed and unworthy to have a place as your friend. I accept my faults and I’m ready to amend my ways. Please take me back and overlook my faults. I know I may not have the right tactics to please you and win your heart but if you let go of me, no other person can be a true friend so loyal and loving as you. You already know me too well. Right now I know you’re mad at me but as you read this, I hope your heart gets soften and you forgive me. I miss you.

15. I bless the day I met you.
I waited patiently to search for a friend who’d deserve all my trust and prove to me the true meaning of friendship. You walked right into my life and not only proved to me you can be a friend but a best friend, someone I can confide in and truly you worth all my patience. You’ve become part of me that I now see you as my family. I feel honoured to have you in my life. May your days be blessed.

16. Some people think once they have friends, there’s no need to place a value on friendship. That’s to their own knowledge. I’m so glad our friendship is one of the most precious substance I hold so dear and I’ll never let go of it no matter what. I value your presence, your absence, your silence, your time and everything you do. You’re such a friend. I’ve got no regrets Bestie. You’re one in a million.

17. Letter to my Bestie,
The best thing the world could give me, it has given me. The best thing any human can have, I have. I just feel I have everything because I have you. You never let me down, you know when it’s right, you know when it’s wrong, you know when it’s bad and you know when it matters. I enjoy friendship with you. I just want to say, Thank You.

18. My wishes for you bestie is…
That you do well in life.
That your life is a safe refuge for others.
That you have peace forever.
That you increase on every side
That your life is full of grace.
That your testimonies increase.
That your channel of wealth shall never dry.
That you shall continue to prosper.
Be happy always dear friend. I love you.

19. I’ve never experienced such a wonderful friendship so sweet and perfect. You’re just so unique and awesome. Thank you for always being available. Thanks for introducing good things to my life and for making this friendship worthwhile. You’re indeed a blessing to my existence. Thanks, bestie.

20. Dear best friend, You occupy a very sacred position in my life and I’ll never want to treat it just anyhow. You’re so special beyond words. Your character is just the most amazing I’ve known. Your humility is wow. All I can just say is that you typify a real friend and I’m so privileged to have you walk with me.

21. To our friendship,
May it never bring us sorrow.
May it continue to grow and flourish.
May it yield fruits of blessedness.
May the bond of unity increase.
May it be a blessing to others.
May it be a true friend forever.
May cord of discord never reign.
And so shall it be to our friendship.
Friends always and forever.

22. Over the years, I wondered why it was so difficult to break the bond of closeness between us until my thought manifested and the bond was destroyed. Oh, how I feel regrets for scattering a loving and strong cord of friendship. Today I realize I’ve made the greatest mistake. I’m so sorry friend. I now know what a real friend does and what a real friendship brings. Forgive and pardon me. The bond of care and trust I want it back. I still value and love you dearly. You’re indeed true.

23. Dear friend, I just want to say,
I’m sorry for every wrong I’ve caused you,
I’m sorry if I never placed importance on our friendship,
I’m sorry if my character is displeasing,
I’m so sorry and I’m asking you to see me as I am.
I’m letting you know from now, I’ll stand loyal and true.
I miss you and I want those happy moments again.

24. Dear friend, I want you to know,
You’ll always be the one I’ll choose again and again
I don’t wanna lose you to fake friends.
I’ll always work hard to keep our friendship.
I’ll honour and value you.
You’re more than a diamond and I’m happy I’ve got you.
I’ll always pray for you.
I’ll always be part of your celebrations.
You’ll always remain a best friend and
I love you dearly.

25. You’re the only person I enjoy the fun with. I never need to explain what I mean, you already understand. I do not care what others may do or say, you’re the best to me. You overlook my faults even when I don’t deserve. You’re a great person inside out. I’m grateful my life’s journey is walking with you. What would I have done if I hadn’t gotten your friendship so precious as Gold? I cherish you.

26. Since the day I met you, great things have happened to me, Favour has encompassed me, My life has been beautiful, Every day feels refreshed, I love myself the more, I’ve learnt to understand life from different perspectives. My storyline has sharpened, my dreams are becoming clearer, Friendship is sweeter, meaningful and full of life. You’ve been such a great blessing friend.

27. If I buy gifts, it won’t be enough to express my gratitude.
You’ve been such a wonderful and amazing friend.
May you get good things from life.
May you always receive favour.
May you be honoured beyond your imaginations.
Goodness and mercy shall abide with you.
You’re the best friend I have and may you get the best always in anything you do. Love you, bestie.

28. Every day I count myself lucky and the most favourable to have a close and best friend as you. Not until the day I offended a special being, I realized I lost it all, what money can’t afford. Please and please I apologize for being rude and I’ve realized it’s all my fault. I’ve let go of my pride and I want to humbly plead that this friendship comes back to the loving way it has been. You matter so much to me, friend. I fill empty right now, come fill me up.

29. If I were to go round the best stores in the world, I know I would never be able to get a quality and affordable friend. Your friendship is so expensive and I’ll not want to trade it for any cheap commodity out there. I want to go extra miles for this friendship to remain enjoyable, meaningful, successful and inspiring. You’ve been a great motivator, family and inspiration to me. I cherish and value you everytime and every day.

30. I don’t want to count how many years I’ve known you but I just want to pray that this ever-flowing love existing in this friendship would continue to grow. You just match my taste and you understand me perfectly. I feel like the luckiest person on earth. You’ve bought my heart not just by being a friend but being loyal and trustworthy. Dearie, I can’t love you less. Your personality is so great. I admire you.

31. If I’m asked to look for a person so brave, strong, full of wisdom, kind, loving, truthful, fearless and caring, I do not need to search far because it’s close to me, “My Best Friend.” Your characters are so marvellous. I imagine at times how a person could be filled with amazing characters. Then I realized I had a rare gem for a friend. This opportunity I have of you been my best friend, I’ll hold it in my arms always.

32. Sincere apologies to you dear friend,
From my heart, I want to say I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Whether it was jealousy, pride or arrogance, I do not know. I shouldn’t have treated you the way I did. Forget my mistakes and overlook my bad behaviour. If you still decide to put me away, I know I deserve it but I’m asking you to reconsider for the sake of friendship and accept me back. It can work again, we’ll trash it out and I know we’ll scale through this time. I need your fun and smiles, I miss them.

33. Real friends stand with you in hard times, helps you in times of need, Cheers you up in sad moments, never leave you when you need them, celebrate with you in happy times, understands your feelings anytime, always ready to go extra miles, act and show true care and love. You have it all bestie. Indeed you’re awesome.

34. Thanks, bestie for staying by my side.
You put smiles on my face.
You keep my secrets safe and make my soul happy.
You’re always in my thoughts.
I’ll never forget to pray for you. I’ll always remember and know that I have a special breed as a friend so unique and perfect.
I’ll always remain loyal.
You’re my bestie and you’ll always be.

35. Dear sweetie,
I wish you abundance in life,
I wish you good success,
I wish you have a unique life,
I wish your joy continues to expand,
I wish you excel always,
I wish you divine and constant favours,
May you experience nothing but peace and good health all the days of your life.
Love you bestie.

36. Best Friend,
For all the times I took you for granted,
For all the times I shunned your words,
For all the times I never gave listening ears,
For all the times I left you alone,
For all the times I made you sad and unhappy,
I’m sorry and I apologize deeply from my heart.
I still need you, bestie.

37. I thought that money could buy everything in the world until I got your friendship so pure and true on a platter of gold, then I saw there’s one thing money cannot buy,’ true friendship’. Bestie, I value you so much not because of what you have but for being real to me. There’s nothing that can be as precious as that. You’re truly an awesome friend. May your days be beautiful.

38. Every time of the day when I think of who to show my gratitude to amongst my friends, nothing else comes to mind other than my best friend. You’re more than a million. Every word from you is so filled with life and encouragement. I can’t imagine losing your friendship to be in the midst of fake people. I love you the more everyday sweet friend. Enjoy!

39. To a Best Friend,
Who calms my fears,
Who builds my courage,
Who prays with me and for me,
Who inspires my soul,
Who cares for my future,
Who wants things right for me,
Who knows the right time and how to deal with me,
There’s nothing I can say than to say ‘Thank You so much’ best friend.
you’re with a difference.

40. More than a friend, you make my world beautiful
More than a friend, you’ve showered my life with so much happiness
More than a friend, you treat me right
More than a friend, you go extra miles to keep the friendship
More than a friend that’s who you are
A best friend so complete and charming.

41. Your silence waxed my bones so cold,
Your silence made my heart sick,
Your silence made me burn for your presence,
Tour silence kills me inside,
I don’t want your silence.
I don’t want a sick heart.
I don’t want anyone’s presence.
All I need is your forgiveness and all over I need your friendship.

42. Everything you’re made of is perfect.
Everything you do feels right and food.
Every time I see you, my heart leaps for joy.
Your type is rare and your type is the best.
Bestie, you’re just the right friend I need in my life.
You made it complete and you made me love friendship.
You’re valued.

43. Seeing I have you, I have everything.
I do want this bond to be broken.
You’ve paved so many successful paths for me to tread.
I thank God He brought you across my path.
I’m proud to tell the world you are my best friend.

44. You made me believe friendship can be so sweet and interesting.
How loving to taste of it. I thank you for always making me feel special despite my flaws.
Your characters are so admirable.
I feel I want you every second by my side.
You’re such a unique creature and I’m grateful you are my best friend.

45. My best friend,
The one I can run to for advice.
The one that can sing my soul to bed.
The one that can make my day so meaningful.
The one whose heart is of gold, so pure and full of love.
You’re a source of hope to my existence.
I find happiness with you.
I appreciate you bestie.

46. You’ve brought out he best in me.
you’ve proven to be the best person I could ever know.
No other person or friend ever has your qualities.
You’re so special and rare.
Every time I see you,
I have a calmness within that I have the right friend
who’d not lead me astray.
You are so dear to me bestie.

47. I don’t just call anyone bestie but I choose you.
You left me amazed and astonished with your unique characteristics.
I just found those great characters in you that suits my person and
I greatly admire you.
You captured and won my heart and so I’ll always call you bestie.
You’re really the best.

48. Everyday when I pray, I pray not for my self alone but for you and me.
Nothing satisfies me more than having you as a friend.
The great connection between us is so unique and special.
You’ve got that pure and meek heart which I admire a lot.
You make me feel safe.
Bestie, you’ve got no idea how much you mean to me.
You’re a great person dear.

49. Best friend,
May God give you comfort for every sorrow,
Strength for every weakness,
Support for every burden,
Praise for every circumstance,
Joy in every season,
Laughter all the days of your life,
Wealth for every hard work,
Grace for every challenge,
Victory for every battle.
May God keep this friendship pure always.
Love you!

50. Every time that I hurt you, I feel bad.
Every time that I make you cry, I feel that I broke the bond of closeness.
Anyhow it has seemed wrong to you, I’m deeply sorry
please accept my apology.
It will turn for the better and I promise to always cherish and respect you.
Forgive me bestie, you mean so much to me.

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  1. Dear Bestie,
    We haven’t been best friends our whole lives but through out my life i never even thought I could make a true best friend cause we move all the time, but since you came into my life I feel like I have made a real friend. You are always there for me and no matter what your doing I know I can count on you for anything. You understand how hard life can be because you’ve been through some stuff, just like me. You are the only person in this world who understands me. Thank you for never judging me because of my past. I love you and I always will.
    Your Bestie

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