2024 Friendship Text Messages for Best of Friends

Friends are like gifts that come into our lives effortlessly although it takes efforts to keep them. They come and make a huge difference. They encourage, inspire, care for, complement and support us even when everyone else neglects us.

Such friends deserve to be celebrated and appreciated. For standing by us and with us all through. They are like our backbone!

Below are some messages you can send to your friends ranging from inspirational to encouragement, to appreciation. Anything at all you can send to a friend.

Tell your friends how much you love them and cherish their friendship. They’ll appreciate it!

Friendship Text Messages for Your Friend

Best Friendship Text Messages for Your Friend to keep the friendship alive.

1. You are not just my friend. Over time, you’ve become an inseparable part of me. Thanks for coming into my life and staying. I love you.

2. Some friends stick closer than one’s family. That’s the friend you are to me. I’ve got a brother in you. Thanks for being by me all through.

Friendship Text Messages for Your Friend
Friendship Text Messages for Your Friend

3. If I could make a choice of a friend over again, I’ll have no other choice than you. You have proved to me over and over again how awesome and irreplaceable you are. I love you always.

4. Every relationship should be built on love and trust. And I’ve learnt those things from you. Thanks for teaching me about friendship.

5. Of all my friends, you’re d best, not just because you are different from the rest, bit because you are simply the best. Love you Bestie.

6. It takes so much time and effort to build a real friendship. Thanks for investing in making us better. I cherish our friendship.

7. Love makes the world go round. And your love has turned my life around. I love you dear friend to the moon and back. Thanks for being a great friend.

8. A friend is someone who cares about your cares, shares your burdens, makes you happy. You’ve been these and much more to me. I can boldly call you friend.

9. I’m sorry for getting angry at you the other time. I didn’t mean those harsh words I said. I’m sincerely sorry. Please accept my apologies dear friend.

10. Anyone can be called a friend but very few are true friends. You are one of the few. And I appreciate you for that. Keep being the best friend that you are!

Sweet Friendship Text Messages

Sweet Friendship Text Messages for Your Friend to keep the friendship going.

11. You inspire me to do great things. Thanks, dear friend for not giving up on me even when I thought all hope was lost. Thanks for being my hope.

12. I know I’ve been inadequate and undeserving and yet, you love me this much. Thanks for being a real friend.

13. Of all men I know, you’re the strongest. And because I’m your friend, you’ve made me strong too. Thank you!

14. In my darkest and hardest moments, you helped me push through. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. You’re simply amazing.

Sweet Friendship Text Messages
Sweet Friendship Text Messages

15. I miss you, sweetheart. You are seeing me next weekend. That’s not a request, it’s a requirement. Smiles.

16. Friendie, I just want you to know that I’m so much proud of you. You’re the best!

17. More than being a friend, you’re someone I look up to and learn a lot from. You make me want to be more. Thanks for that.

18. When I’m with you, I forget all my cares and worries. Because you make us share them even, and still take away my own half! Thank you!

19. I’m just flipping through our chats and letters and I’m smiling. They made my day. Thanks for still being my friend since forever.

20. I love and appreciate the fact that I can tell you anything no matter how disgusting and embarrassing and you would still love me. That’s why you are my best friend.

Best Friend Text Messages

Best Friendship Text messages for Your Friend to keep the friendship moving.

21. The only cure and remedy to my worries and pains are sharing them with you. That alone solves everything. Thank you, friendie.

22. It might be really hard and tight for you right now but I can assure you everything will be fine. I’m praying for you dear friend.

Best Friend Text Messages
Best Friend Text Messages

23. How are you doing today? I’m sitting back and relaxing because I know you’ll send me a really long essay, not missing out any detail just to answer that simple question. Smiles.

24. I have a best friend. Do I still need a boyfriend? I don’t think so. You’re my best friend and girlfriend. I think that’s just enough. I love you.

25. I wish you were here. No one else seems to understand me. And I mean it when I say you are simply the best!

26. You’re more than beautiful, friend. Your smile, voice, style. All are beautiful. I’ll shout it aloud that I’ve got a really beautiful friend!

27. I feel like holding your hands right now and giving you a warm hug. I miss us. Can’t wait to have you around. There’s a whole lot to gist about!

28. You are one of the few reasons I’m still keeping on till now. Thanks so much for encouraging and not giving up on me. You’re a great gift to me.

29. It’s been a while I told you I love you. I really do. And you know it. Can’t wait to see you Bestie.

30. Bestie, I forgot to tell you looked gorgeous today. You always look beautiful, and that’s one thing I love about you.

31. You’re the weirdest and the best person I’ve seen. It’s strange you combine both qualities. And I love you like that. Winks.

32. If anyone ever hurts or make you feel bad, don’t forget to report to me. Remember I know how to deal with anyone who messes with my friend.

33. I’m short of words right now. But I just want to say thank you for everything. You are my best.

34. The world would have been a better place if more people were like you but all the same, my world is a better place because you are in it. I love you, friend.

35. I love you. And I always will. Thanks for supporting me all these while. Cheers to better years of friendship.

36. My friend, better days are ahead of you. Don’t be discouraged because nothing can stop you from getting there.

37. I really do hope your day is going on well. Just checking up on you. And to tell you I miss you.

38. Anytime and every time you need my help, be rest assured that I’ll always be here for you. I’m going nowhere. What are friends for?

39. I’m thinking about you and the memories we share. They’re really lovely ones. And I’m ready to make more memories with you, my friend.

40. You are a really strong and brave lady, never giving up on things you want to do and always encouraging others to be better too. Thanks for your gift of friendship.

41. Don’t be scared, my sweetheart. Remember all things work together for our good. Your best is yet to come. Okay? You’ll be fine.

42. I heard one of the qualities of true friendship is understanding. Thanks for being a true friend because no one understands me better than you do.

43. When I say and even when I didn’t, you always listen. That’s why you are my best friend.

44. Thanks for giving me the freedom to be me and for letting me love myself and still be a better person. You’re a great friend.

45. Whenever you need anyone for anything, remember that I am always here. And that I love you.

46. You’re always in my prayers and I’m persuaded of better things concerning you. No matter how today seems, remember your future is undoubtedly bright.

47. Even when no one else does, I do believe in you. And you’re stronger than you’ll ever know.

48. I’ll rather be by you instead of being anywhere else. That’s how special you are to me. You’re a dear friend.

49. I enjoy your company more than I do anyone else’s. That’s because you are my friend and a really special one.

50. I value our friendship so much. Thanks for investing in me. I’ll sure do you proud. I promise.

51. Whatever you put your mind to, please do it not minding what people say. I know you have great things in you. Go ahead and do them.

52. You have my backup, and that might just be all you’ll need. I believe so much in you and be sure I’ll be there to support.

53. If you won’t mind critics and focus on your dreams, you will get to the peak. Hear them but do not listen. I’m your friend and I want the best for you.

54. When you fall, don’t be discouraged because it’s an opportunity to stand up again and stand out this time. I believe in you.

55. There will be times when no one will be there to encourage you. Those times, you have to stir up yourself. And I’ll be by you as much as I can too.

56. Friendie, smile always. Because you are an amazing friend and you deserve to be happy always. Keep smiling.

57. I’m not perfect. You aren’t too. And that’s why we are friends, to learn to love each other despite our imperfections.

58. One thing I can’t trade for another or afford to lose is your friendship. You mean a lot to me and I’m grateful to God for you.

60. When I’m in trouble, you’re there to help me out. And even when I’m happy, your presence makes me just happier. You’re my best friend!

61. To have a real and true friend isn’t an easy thing. It takes time and effort to build a true friendship. I’m happy I found a real friend in you.

62. What friendship entails is sharing. And sharing everything. Joy, gist, ideas, problems, food, just everything. Thanks for being my friend.

63. One can’t be friends with everyone. Friendship loses its meaning that way. Being friends with you has made me understand what true friendship really means.

64. I want you to know that no matter what, you are my friend. That’s one promise I’ll make to you over and over again.

65. Even when we’re not together, I still remember and care about you. The bond still feels as strong and even stronger. I miss you.

66. At times we quarrel, and those times, just the two of us know. Everyone else still thinks we are on good terms. Thanks for being a great friend all the time.

67. When it seems all hope is lost, you’re always there to gear me up and make me see why I should keep trying. I appreciate your efforts.

68. You are a friend I can proudly call friend anytime and anywhere. I’m really proud of you.

69. We’ve been friends since far back as I can’t even remember. Thanks for remaining a true friend since then. I cherish you.

70. I know I’m safe in your hands. And that my secrets won’t get into the open. Your heart is so big to keep all my secrets. I love you.

71. Real friends have so much in common and yet have some differences. The realness of friendship is understanding and accepting each other.

72. Hope you’re doing well over there? Cheer up and be happy. Everything will be alright. Just checking on you.

73. I value your friendship so much and it’s one of the things I’m always grateful for. Thanks for being my friend.

74. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say, rejoice. You will scale through this. I can assure you. All will be well.

75. “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening and live like its heaven on earth.” Cheer up, dear friend.

76. You are strong and true and honest in everything you do. That’s why I’m always proud to have you as a friend.

77. You’ve been a friend and a helper. Ever listening and understanding. God bless you abundantly for me.

78. You’re unique my friend! Just like the shining star in the sky, you stand out special among others. I love you always.

79. Keep being diligent in what you do. Never give up on yourself. You have a really bright future. And I’ll always support you.

80. You came into my life and illuminated it. Your presence made a lot of difference. Thanks for being a true friend.

81. My story won’t be complete without mentioning you in it. In fact, you are a great part of me. Thanks for rewriting my story and making it better.

82. Because of you, I can stand up boldly and be proud of myself. You’ve taught me to be daring and confident. I’ll always do you proud, friend.

83. One secret of real friendship is acknowledging one’s wrongdoing. I admit I was wrong the other time and I’m sorry about it.

84. Life might not be perfect for you, no one has it perfect too. Be grateful for what you have and for great things the future holds.

85. You are Funny, Real, Intelligent, Energetic, Nice and Dear. You are simply a great FRIEND!

86. Every day, you prove to me over and over again how irreplaceable you are. No one else can take your place, my sweet friend.

87. Whenever I think about you, I just feel this strength from inside that keeps me going. You’re a source of blessing!

88. I don’t ever feel alone or afraid because I know I have a friend who is going to be by me no matter what. You are that friend.

89. I miss you so much! When will you come back to me? You can’t leave me like this!

90. Because you are a friend who stands by me always, because you have a large and beautiful heart, because you care so much about me, I say thank you!

91. I love you, dear friend. You’re the best!

92. Without you, I feel incomplete. Being friends with you made me a better me. I appreciate you.

93. You’re my favourite and my best. You are a sincere and wonderful friend. And I’ll love you till the end.

94. Please let’s make our friendship better than it has always been. We can be more. I love you.

95. Hey friend. I miss you. I really do. Can’t wait for us to see again.

96. The fact that you exist is the more reason you should be the best you can be. You are here for a reason. The world awaits you!

97. Stop bothering about how bad you’ve been but how good you are. You and an amazing person, remember that always.

98. Don’t ever think you are alone. I’m always here for you and more than that, God is always there for you.

99. Everyone has their faults and inadequacies. No one is perfect. Appreciate who you are and don’t ever look down on yourself.

100. Dear friend, I want you to know that you mean so much to me and I’ll always cherish you. I can proudly call you friend!