2024 Best Prayers for Strength and Guidance

Every human being that has a relationship with God knows the importance of strength and guidance and there is no limit to how these can be harnessed to help one’s soul.

And what if you need some collection of prayers that can help guide and strengthen you or someone else?

Use the ones below and thank me later. Smiles.

Prayers that Can Help Strengthen and Guide a Soul

Powerful Prophetic Prayers for Strength and Guidance for Him or Her and Myself. Make your husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Friends and Loved ones feel loved and cared for with these Prayers for strength and guidance messages.

1. Dear Lord, I am weak but thou art strong, please, strengthen me. Strengthen my feeble knees. Uphold me with your right hand. Be my pillar. Order my steps in your word. Guide me, lead me. Help me never to go astray.

2. Show me the way, dear Lord. My heart faints, my spirit grieves. My strength is gone and all I hoped from God. Guide my feet. Lead me from all wrong. I am satisfied as long as you let me walk close to thee.

3. Who else would I call, if not you oh lord. Human strength has failed me as I’ve crumbled like a pack of cards. I feel so empty within and without. Dear Lord, lift me up from this mud of weakness and helplessness. Hold my hand, raise me up, give me the strength to carry on. Help me never to fall from grace nor go astray. Open my eyes that I may see the way you want me to go.

4. My heart faints and I’m broken. I feel so choked out, I so need to breathe. Dear Lord, give me the strength I so need lest I crash. My strength has failed me and my peace has ceased, who will help me out of this quandary? No one else can, except you. Calm this raging storm of mine, let peace be still even as I receive strength from above, to do better than ever before. Be the lamp to my feet and the light to my path in this dark tunnel of life. This road is dark and narrow, please walk with me.

5. I am tossed by the ravenous wind and my strength is gone. My voice conquered and my life has been tampered with. Useless is how I feel Oh Lord, come to my rescue. Help is my earnest plea. Lead me dear Lord as I know not which way to go. I submit to your will and your will alone, so tell me what to do. You’re gentle touch quickens my way weary soul and awakens my dying spirit. Breathe on me, Oh Lord, that I may live again.

6. The enemy laid hold on me, I lost track and strength all at once. Oh Lord, breathe on me, fill me with life anew, that I may do what you want me to do. Restore my sight Oh Lord, that I may see which way to go.

7. Dear Lord, lead me as I journey through the land of life. Be my shepherd, lead me in your path, the righteous path. I walk through this dark valley, guide me through. My knees wobble in weakness, give me strength from above, strength that never faints.

8. I am tired, weak and broken Oh Lord. I’ve lost faith and hope. I am helpless, come to my rescue. Strengthen this weak heart of mine. Open this dim sight of mine that I may see. My sins have been bound into a yoke, they entangle me and my strength has been sapped. Dear Lord, hold my hands and raise me up.

9. I weep in agony Oh Lord and my tears overflow. I am desolate, lost in this endless road. Come to my rescue. Save me and direct my path. Remember me oh Lord and see me through. Quicken my strength and lengthen my days.

10. Lord, I know you will hear me. For you do not cast men forever. In my grief, bring me peace. In my journey, be my guide. My strength has failed me and I’m weaker than I can ever imagine. My strength has failed me, be my light, my salvation and my strength, for your strength lasts forever.

11. My eyes flow unceasingly without relief. If my strength is placed on scales, it would be outweighed by feathers. Touch me, dear Lord, that I may be strengthened. Lead me through this barren land.

12. Guide me Jehovah. Breathe on me, that your fire may be kindled, touch me, that my strength may be quickened. Show me the way dear Lord, I’m gormless and I know not which way to go. I’m weak but thou art stronger. Hold me with thy powerful hand.

13. I cannot forget the trouble and pain within. I’m worn out and no strength is left. I’m lost and I do not know the way. Hasten oh Lord and strengthen me. Give me peace within.

14. I am broken and oppressed oh Lord. I am weak, tired and weary. My strength is gone and my life is at stake. I trod the wrong path and I wallow in regrets. Arise oh Lord, come to my aid. Lead me, lest I stray.

15. I feel so empty. Guide me always, satisfy my needs and strengthen my frame. Lead me through this journey that seems unending.

16. I lift up my eyes to you oh Lord. Look upon my weakness and strengthen me. Take away from me, every obstacle on my path. Guide my feet dear Lord.

17. O righteous God, bring to an end, my weakness. Make me secure as I journey through the earth. Save me by thy grace.

18. Harken unto me dear Lord. This heart of mine is weak and broken. My sun has refused to shine, and my strength is placed in a bit. Save me from this cold puddle of weakness. Usher my feet and lead me.

19. I’m loosing it, dear Lord. Who will help me out of this quandary. My heart faints and it bleeds day by day. I’m in a dilemma and I don’t know what to do. Be my guide. Be my pillar that I may lean. Help me to carry on. This is my earnest plea.

20. Like the stars of the morning, my strength fades. Renew my strength from day to day, blend it with thine and take away, everything that makes it hard to follow the right path. Let the heavens come to my rescue in the time of adversity and give me the support I need to walk through life’s journey.