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Yes, it’s that time of the day again! It’s the perfect time to make sure the day is remembered for good.. The time to send some Sweet Goodnight Messages for Him – Romantic Good Night Messages for Boyfriend.

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Sweet Goodnight Messages for Him – Cute Good Night Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

Here are the sweetest good night text messages for boyfriend to show him the extent of your love for him.

1. All that Matters…
When I’m with you, nothing else seems to matter as I’ve got all that matters to me here with me. Goodnight my dearest.

2. Abide with Us
We’ve always feel so happy together and I wish this happiness will always abide with us forever. Goodnight my love.

3. Peaceful Night Rest
I wish for you, a night full of wonder and pray you have a peaceful night rest, my dear. Goodnight my baby.

4. Nothing Else
All I ever needed or wanted tonight, is you and your love and nothing more and nothing else. Goodnight handsome.

5. To Love You
Tonight my dear, I love to love you so much more than you could ever imagine. Goodnight my dearest.

6. Making a Wish
Can I make a wish? I want you to love me, care for me and caress every stress away from me. Goodnight my baby.

7. Not a Dryness
I’m certain that tonight I’m going to have a sweet dreams, because you’re with me and there’s no dryness with you. Goodnight my love.

8. When You were..
The earth stop evolving and the sand of time was still, why? Because you were kissing me then. Goodnight handsome.

9. Me and You
I don’t need to be anxious about anything anymore, because this night is all about me and you, my dear. Goodnight my love.

10. Here Forever
Each night that I’m in your arms, I’m not bothered if the sun will rise or not, because I want us to be there forever. Goodnight my baby.

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11. Care for Me
Your presence I yearn for, as you’re always willing to listen to all that bothers me and care for me with your love. Goodnight my dearest.

12. Patience in Understanding
You’re patience in understanding me even when I don’t seems to understand myself and you support me with your strength and courage. Goodnight my love.

13. Chilling Night
Alone in my room on a very chilling night, I was very frightened and I only wish you were here to comfort me. Goodnight handsome.

14. When It Rained
When it rained and everywhere is very cold, it make me to think about you and your love and I wishing you’re here with me. Goodnight my dearest.

15. Guess What?
Guess what? Whenever you’re around, one thing is very certain; love is always within. I’m happy you’re here, my dear. Goodnight my baby.

16. No Limits
I’m always happy whenever you’re around, because my happiness and love knows no limits. Goodnight my love.

17. My Nightmares
I’m going to have sweet dreams tonight, because you’re here to fight away my nightmares. Goodnight my dearest.

18. Survival
As the plants need carbon dioxide to survive, your love is the air that I need to survive the night. Goodnight handsome.

19. Fuss and Pain
Can you cuddle me tenderly and ease me of today’s fuss and pain while I fall asleep in your arms? Goodnight my dearest.

20. I Crave for..
Each time I woke up in the middle of the night, I crave for your arms to cuddle me back to sleep. Goodnight my love.

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21. Stay the Night
It’s only in your presence that I have the courage to face any nightmares I might have while sleeping, stay for the night, my dear. Goodnight my baby.

22. Feel Depressed
When I feel depressed after the day’s anxiety, I always wished you were here to comfort me of the pains. Goodnight my dearest.

23. What I Desired
Its been a long day for me and my feet hurts so badly, and it’s one thing I desired. Can you massage me? Goodnight my love.

24. No more Nightmares
You don’t need to be anxious about nightmares tonight, because I will be right here with you. Goodnight handsome.

25. Now I’m Here
The day’s problems are over now, as I will be here to caress away from you whatever it is that has been bothering you all day. Goodnight my love.

26. A Promise
I promised you I will caress today’s stress and anxiety so as to be able to enjoy each others company. Goodnight my baby.

27. The Day is Over
Now the day is over with all its tension and pain that came with it and the night is here for me to relax my body, soul and mind. Goodnight my dearest.

28. Wonderful Chat
My love, all I wanted to do tonight is have a wonderful chat with you about how I spent my day, then fall asleep in your arms. Goodnight my love.

29. My Eagerness
I tried very hard to focus at work today, but your face just kept replaying in my mind, I can’t wait to see you tonight. Goodnight my baby.

30. Perfect Timing
All day long I’ve been telling you how much I love you, and now it’s the perfect time to express the love to you. Goodnight handsome.

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31. There’s Tomorrow
I don’t want you to feel sad because you couldn’t achieved all that you wanted today, since tomorrow is still there. Goodnight my dearest.

32. A Better Day
I know you have every right to be worried about today’s work, but don’t as tomorrow will be better than today. Goodnight my love.

33. The Moment I Craved for
Now it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for, to care and love you with every strength in me as the day’s struggle is complete. Goodnight my baby.

34. The Struggle is Over
I’m really glad that the struggle of today is over now, it’s time when I get to enjoy the company of my love. Goodnight handsome.

35. Only You
Only one person knows how to relieve me of the worries of the day’s work and that person is you. I need you more than ever today. Goodnight my dearest.

36. Your Arms
It’s your strong and protective arms I long for, to comfort me whenever I have a terrifying dreams. Goodnight my love.

37. Weigh Down
The pains and tensions of the day weigh heavily on me, and I’m depressed. I wish you’re here to comfort me and fall asleep in your arms. Goodnight handsome.

38. Let It Rain
I desired you rained your love upon me and washed away all the pains, tensions and worries of today. Goodnight my dearest.

39. What’s on My Mind?
After today’s work, I curled up in my sofa and all I was doing was just thinking about you and your love for me. Goodnight my baby.

40. The Cold Night
On a cold night when I’m all by myself, what I do is curled up on the couch and think about you till I sleep off. Goodnight handsome.

41. After the Downpour
After the heavy rain downpour tonight, I was very shivering and I yearn for you arms to make me warm. Goodnight my love.

42. After a Stressful Day
Today was very stressful, all I need is to be cuddle with you and enjoy your company, then fall asleep in your arms. Goodnight my dearest.

43. Another Hectic Day
I need your love and care so much tonight as my feet and back hurt so badly after a hectic day at work. Goodnight my baby.

44. The World around Me
Tonight, I crave for your gentle touch and your love before I’m gently taken away from the rest of the world around me. Goodnight handsome.

45. Mid of the Night
It’s your handsomeness I always look forward to see whenever I wake up in the middle of the night. Goodnight my love.

46. It’s a Pleasure
It pleases me to be entangled in your arms while you fall asleep as I love looking at you when you sleep. Goodnight my dearest.

47. Before the Rising Sun
I’m definitely going to dream about you when I sleep before the sun start rising again. Goodnight my baby.

48. My Dream
Since you’re the last person I saw before I fell asleep, you’re certainly going to be what I dream of. Goodnight handsome.

49. My Nights Are..
My nights are not just for me to sleep, but mostly to be cuddled up with the best thing that ever happened to me – you. Goodnight my love.

50. Kiss and Caress Me
I’m amazed with the sight of the stars up in the sky, but much more amazed am I, is the way you kiss and caress me. Goodnight my dearest.

51. Singing Lullaby
Allow me to watch and care for you as you gently fall asleep on my bosom tonight and sing lullaby for you. Goodnight my baby.

52. A place of Comfort
I’m happy that you are with me, because there’s no nightmares that will disturbed me in my dream as I’m protected in your arms. Goodnight my dearest.

53. Let Me Cherish You
Tonight in your embrace, I want to cherish you so much more than ever, as the moon keeps glowing in the sky. Goodnight handsome.

54. The Shining Stars
I wished to be cuddled up in your protective and secured arms, glance at the shining stars till I fall asleep. Goodnight my love.

55. Stay With Me
I’m scared that the nightmares will come back again if I close my eyes and sleep. Stay with me tonight and comfort me. Goodnight my baby.

56. Sound Sleep
Your presence gives the courage to have a sound sleep and not be frightened by my dreams. Goodnight my dearest.

57. Quiet Night
As you lie down to sleep, it’s my wish that you have a peaceful and quiet night rest, my dear. Goodnight my love.

58. Nothing Without You
Please don’t take your love back, as I will reduce to nothing without you nor your love tonight. Goodnight my baby.

59. No Place like It
There’s no place as warm and cozy as your arms, and that’s exactly what I crave for tonight. Goodnight handsome.

60. A Moment Here
A moment when I’m entangled in your arms is far better than a thousand days else. Goodnight my dearest.

61. Amazing Dream
There’s not a doubt, you’re going to have an amazing dreams, because I’ll be here by the time you wake up. Goodnight my love.

62. My Prayer…
It’s my prayer that God will send His angels to fight every nightmares and give you a lovely and sweet dreams in place of it. Goodnight my baby.

63. A Night with You
The anxiety of day has ended, the sun is out setting already, it’s that time I get to enjoy the rest of the night with the love of my life – you. Goodnight dear.

64. Into My Eyes
All I need is you looking straight into my eyes and tell me that all will be fine sooner than later. Goodnight my love.

65. Just a Wish
If I could make a wish, it will be to be cuddled up in your arms today, tomorrow and forever. Goodnight my baby.

66. In place of…
I give you my bosom in place of your pillow, so you can be rest assured to have a sweet dreams. Goodnight handsome.

67. Table Clock
Glancing at the table clock in my office, suddenly my face brightens up, because I will soon be with the love of my life – you. Goodnight my dearest.

68. Love You Dearly
Let me love you so dearly and kiss you so tenderly before the alarm clock goes on and present us into a new dawn. Goodnight my love.

69. Enjoying the Company
This time around, I don’t want to be bothered with work or past failures, I just want to enjoy your company as much as possible. Goodnight handsome.

70. Remember that…
I want you to remember that I will always be by your side watching over you when you’re engulfed in your dream. Goodnight my dearest.

71. Through the Window
When I look through the window and seeing the moon glowing, it reminds me of your glowing face, my dear. Goodnight my baby.

72. All My Yearning
I desired to cherish you and make you feel so happy, because that’s all I’ve been yearning for all day. Goodnight my love.

73. Rising of the Sun
When I wake up to the rising of the sun, it’s you and your glowing face I want to see first. Can you stay the night please? Goodnight my dearest.

74. At Your Service
I will always be at your service if you need anything tonight, no matter how tired I’m. Goodnight my baby.

75. Till Eternity
The night is just going to be here for a while, but my care and love for you will always be till eternity. Goodnight handsome.

76. What I Wished for
As the sun is shining and the moon glowing, I only desired to be cuddle with you, my dear. Goodnight my love.

77. Lover of My Heart
The flowers are blooming in the garden while I’m here thinking about the lover of my heart – you. Goodnight my dearest.

78. Reminds Me of You
Stirring up to the rising sun and the glowing moon, reminds me of the happiness that you company gives. Goodnight my baby.

79. Early to Bed
As I go to bed very early tonight, I want you to come into my dream and drive out the nightmares. Goodnight handsome.

80. Brighten Up
Just as the moon glow brighten in the night sky, so also your love has brighten up my heart. Goodnight my love.

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81. Hug and Kiss
The night is here again for me to hug and kiss you until I fall asleep in your arms. Goodnight my dearest.

82. Illuminate Me
When it’s night, I don’t see any darkness because your love has lighten up my world. Goodnight my baby.

83. When I’m Lonely
Each time when I feel lonely, I think about you and your love as I allowed the night to gently pass away. Goodnight my love.

84. With a Cuddle
I want all my nights starting from today to always end with a cuddle with the best thing that ever happened to me – you. Goodnight handsome.

85. Good Day, Better Night
My day was good as you were in my mind all through today and my night will be better as you’re here with me. Goodnight my dearest.

86. Having You
I enjoyed not having you around, but also having to hug you tightly and kiss you tenderly. Goodnight my baby.

87. Flashback
As I was watching the moon up in the sky, it brought back memories of you and I wish you were here now. Goodnight my love.

88. Keep You Warm
Allow me to replace your blanket tonight and keep you warm in my bosom as you doze off. Goodnight my dearest.

89. Only Desire
The only one desire of my heart is to constantly love and cherish you today and forever. Goodnight handsome.

90. A thousand Miles
Even though you’re a thousand miles away from me now, you will always be in my dreams. Goodnight my baby.

Sweet Goodnight Messages for Him from the Heart

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91. When You’re Away
Being away from you tonight, makes me realize how important your company means and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Goodnight my love.

92. The Happiness..
The happiness I feel within me when I’m with you knows no limits. I wish you’re here with me tonight. Goodnight my dearest.

93. Blow Away
As the breeze is blowing outside tonight, may they blow away today’s anxiety from you. Goodnight my baby.

94. The Best Thing
Lying down in bed and reminiscing about how much you’ve come to love me is the best thing to do tonight. Goodnight my love.

95. Beautiful Sight
I yearn for your company as I sit and enjoy the beautiful moon glowing and stars shining bright. Goodnight handsome.

96. Can be Compared…
Nothing can be compared to you nor the love you’ve given me, because whenever I’m with you nothing else matters. Goodnight my dearest.

97. Stay with Us
The happiness that is in the air when we’re together knows no boundaries and it will stay with us forever. Goodnight my love.

98. Quiet and Calm Night Rest
It’s my desire for you tonight that you have a very quiet and calm night as you rest. Goodnight my baby.

99. Just You
Tonight, I don’t crave for something so much more, as all I need is you and your love. Goodnight handsome.

100. To Treasure You
My mission tonight is a classified one; I want to treasure you so much more than you could ever imagine. Goodnight my dearest.