2024 Sweet Goodnight Messages for Her – Good Night Girlfriend

I caught you red-handed! So you’re the one with the most beautiful lady on earth? And you’re looking for some Sweet Goodnight Messages for Her?

Bravo! I love your devotion and commitment to seeing this relationship hitting limelight….

So I command you to…. Smile.

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Cute Good Night Messages for Her – Beautiful Good Night Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend

Is a beautiful and great night to have after a stress filled day. Wish your girlfriend a lovely night rest with these Romantic Good Night Messages and Quotes for Girlfriend.

1. Warm in Your Bosom
On a cold night like this, I want to be cuddled up with you in bed, so as to be warm in your bosom when I fall asleep. Goodnight dear.

2. Happiness within Reach
Happiness and love is always within reach when you’re around, and I’m glad you’re here with me tonight. Goodnight my love.

3. Stay to Comfort Me
I want you to stay with me tonight, so that you can comfort me when I have nightmares. Goodnight my dear.

4. Where I Find Solace
When I woke up after having a terrifying dream, it’s always your arms I long for, because there I find solace. Goodnight my baby.

5. Relived in Your Presence
Each night when I find myself depressed and sad; there’s one person I yearn for – you. In your presence I’m relieved. Goodnight dear.

6. Don’t be Afraid
As you fall asleep, do not be afraid because I will always be here to make sure you are safe. Goodnight my baby.

7. Promise Me You…
Before you go to bed tonight, promise me you won’t bother your mind the more over the day’s trouble and stress, but have a sound sleep. Goodnight dearest.

8. Don’t You Worry
The night is here to be enjoyed in each other company, so don’t you worry about today’s pain and ache any further. Goodnight my love.

9. It’s Now Time…
The day’s work is over; the day’s trouble are over too, it’s now time for me to sleep off all the stress and anxiety. Goodnight my baby.

10. Any Special Treats
Tonight I don’t want any special treats, I just want to sit with you on the couch and talk while I sleep off in your arms. Goodnight my love.

Sweet Goodnight Messages for Her from the Heart

Sweetest thing to wish your girlfriend after a stressful day is to have a lovely night rest. Here are Good Night Messages for Her from the Heart that satisfy your heart desire to wish her good night.

11. Can’t stop Thinking
I just can’t stop thinking about you all day today at work, and I can’t wait to be cuddled up in your arms, tonight. Goodnight my dear.

12. Expression of Love
Tonight like every other night, I don’t want you to just show me love; I want you to express it to me. Goodnight my baby.

13. Don’t be Depressed
As you curled up on the sofa, don’t be depressed about the ups and downs of today, because tomorrow will be better than today. Goodnight my dearest.

14. Time to Care and Love
The hustle and bustle of today are all over, it’s that time of the day when I get to care and love you much more. Goodnight my love.

15. Ease Away the Pain
I look to you to ease away from me the pains and aches from today’s workload with your care. Goodnight my baby.

16. Rain Me Love
I want you to shower me with care and dry me up with your love before I fall asleep in your bosom. Goodnight my dearest.

17. Here with Me
It’s raining so heavily outside while I curled myself up on the couch thinking about you and wishing you were here with me. Goodnight my love.

18. A Good Massage..
After a hectic and stressful day at work today, all I need is a very good massage from you, my dear. Goodnight my baby.

19. My Body Hurts…
My body hurts so much after a long stressful day, and all I crave for tonight is your love and care. Goodnight my love.

20. Beautiful Face
I hope to fall asleep in your bosom; comfort me from the cold and get to see your beautiful face again when I woke up. Goodnight my dearest.

Cute Goodnight Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

The night can be longer than expected if someone have a sleepless night without doing anything. You do not want your girlfriend to experience such a boring night. Here are Lovely Good Night Wishes for Girlfriend you can send to her.

21. In My Arms
I pray you’d fall asleep in my arms, because I love to watch you while you were sleeping. Goodnight my love.

22. Dream of Us
When you sleep tonight, make sure you close your eyes and dream of me and you together. Goodnight my baby.

23. Sight of Stars
Night times are not just there for us to sleep, but also to appreciate the wonderful sight of the stars up in the sky. Goodnight my dearest.

24. Angel at Watch
Allow me to be your angel at watch tonight; to guard and protect you from every scary dreams. Goodnight my baby.

25. Gladdens My Heart
It gladdens my heart to know that you’re always here beside me, while I’m gently taken away from the rest of the world. Goodnight my love.

26. Adore You
The night is calling us to come to bed; to embrace each other so as to adore you so much more than ever. Goodnight my dearest.

27. Lovely and Tender
There is no two place where I can be as comfy as in your lovely and tender bosom and that’s all I need tonight. Goodnight my baby.

28. Stay with Me…
I’m afraid that when I close my eyes to sleep, I will be haunted by nightmares. Can you please stay with me tonight? Goodnight my love.

29. Afraid to be Alone
I don’t want to close my eyes without knowing that you’re beside me, I’m afraid to be alone. Come over here and comfort me. Goodnight my dearest.

30. Comforted by Your Presence
You’ve given me relief from the torture and pain inflicted upon me each night I had a bad dream, as I’ve been comforted by your presence. Goodnight, my baby.

Sweet Dreams Text Messages for Her

Have a Lovely Sweet Dreams Messages, Quotes and Sayings for Girlfriend is the best messages you can send to your lovely girlfriend.

31. Lullaby for You
Tonight as you’re been gently taken away from the rest of the world, I will be singing lullaby for you so as to have pleasant dreams. Goodnight my dearest.

32. Bedtime Stories
Before you sleep off, I will be here to tell you a lovely bedtime story and be rest assured to have a lovely night rest. Goodnight my love.

33. Nicest Dream
You’re certainly going to have a nice dream tonight, because I’m definitely going to be what you dream about. Goodnight my baby.

34. God watch Over You
I pray to God to watch over you for me tonight. So you have no reason to be frightened as the hands of the Almighty is upon you. Goodnight my dearest.

35. My Guardian Angel
I sent my guardian angel to keep watch over you. When you see two angels in your room, don’t be afraid because the other is mine. Goodnight, my love.

36. Beyond the Stars
The night is here, the day is over. A time to be entangled in each other embrace; to love you beyond the stars. Goodnight my baby.

37. My little Request…
My dear, I have a little request. Can you please kiss and caress me like you’ve never before tonight? Goodnight my dearest.

38. Everything Tonight
I want everything tonight – your body, mind, heart and love. Please don’t take anything back. Goodnight my love.

39. Your Embrace
Each moment when you cuddle me up in bed is always amazing and I don’t feel like letting go of your embrace. Goodnight my baby.

40. The Moment…
There is nothing as awesome as the moment when I’m with you and you spoiled me with your care and love. Goodnight my dearest.

Good Night Sweet Dreams My Love

You can make your girlfriend’s night sweet with these Romantic Good Night Have a Sweet Dream My Angel Quotes.

41. Play like Kids
I want us to play like kids; run around the house and fall asleep in each others company before the cock crows. Goodnight my love.

42. There Forever…
Whenever I’m in your bosom like I’m right now, I want to stay there forever and always. Goodnight my baby.

43. God’s Protection
God will protect you from every nightmares that you might have tonight, because I’d prayed to Him to do that for you. Goodnight my dearest.

44. Today’s Failure
You have no need to be worried about today’s failure, the night is here for me to ease the pains away from you. Goodnight my love.

45. Being Better
Make sure you sleep well tonight, since today’s all over; tomorrow is another beautiful day to be better and do better. Goodnight my baby.

46. Beautiful Dreams
Henceforth, no more nightmares that deprived you of sound sleep as I’ve prayed to God to give you beautiful dreams tonight. Goodnight my dearest.

47. Rest Well
Now you can sleep and rest well, because tomorrow is definitely going to be better than today. Goodnight my love.

48. The Nighttime
The night is a time which I always look forward to, because it’s that time when I have you all to myself. Goodnight my baby.

49. Safe Company
I’m always happy whenever I fall asleep in your bosom, because in your company alone I feel safe and secure. Goodnight my dearest.

50. Young and Beautiful
My love, the night is young and beautiful as the stars are shining so bright, I want to be cuddled up in your arms today and always. Goodnight, my love.

Amazing Goodnight Love Messages for Her – Girlfriend

Amazing Good Night Love Text Messages for Girlfriend.

51. Everything will be Okay
I want to lie down with you and you tell me that everything is going to be okay while I sleep off. Goodnight my baby.

52. Breathe in Me
I desired to have you and your love for as long as there’s breathe in me tonight. Goodnight my dearest.

53. Amazing Time with You
I long for an amazing and beautiful time with you before sleep takes us away from the rest of the world around us. Goodnight my love.

54. Kiss and Caress
Let me kiss and caress and cuddle you up in my arms before you doze off to ease you of the day’s pain. Goodnight beautiful.

55. Tenderly Love You
I don’t wished to be anywhere else but with you in your bosom this night and love you tenderly. Goodnight, my dearest.

56. Make a Wish…
If you ask me to make a wish; I’d wish you should caress my body and comfort my troubled mind while I fall asleep. Goodnight my baby.

57. Love Affair
When you close your eyes to sleep, be rest assured to see me in your dream so as to continue our love affair. Goodnight beautiful.

58. Tick Tack
The clock is ticking – tick tack – now it’s time for us to bid the world goodnight as we fall asleep in each others arms. Goodnight my love.

59. Love each Other
Before the cock crows and ushers us into another beautiful day, let’s caress and love each other so much. Goodnight my dearest.

60. What Time is It?
There is time for everything; time to work and a time to play, but this time is a time for me to love you beyond the stars. Goodnight, my baby.

Wonderful Good Night Romantic Messages for Her – Girlfriend

Do Have a Wonderful Night Rest Messages for Girlfriend.

61. Under the same Roof
Here’s another moment for me and you to be together again, under the same roof, to cuddle each other and forget about the day’s worries. Goodnight my love.

62. The Other World
As you go to the other side of the planet, I will be here watching over you, my dear. Goodnight beautiful.

63. Your Smiling Face
Remember that I will always be here for you when you wake up, because I love to see the smile on your face when you wake up. Goodnight my dearest.

64. Around You
I want to be wrapped around your arms as the night falls asleep quietly before our eyes, my love. Goodnight my baby.

65. Lovely Sleep
I desire for you a lovely and sound sleep whenever you lie down to sleep today, tomorrow and always. Goodnight my love.

66. In a Special Way
Allow me to adore you so much tonight; love you in a special way because you deserve it, my dear. Goodnight beautiful.

67. What I Crave
Each time I look up the sky and see that the sun is setting already, I crave your love and care. Goodnight my dearest.

68. Bedtime With You
With the way you’ve showered me with your care and love, makes me always look forward to bedtime with you beside me. Goodnight my baby.

69. Your Tender Touch
When I settled down on the couch before bedtime, I always yearn for your love and touch, my dear. Goodnight my love.

70. Silent on the Street
There’s silent on the street, the stars in the sky are shining brighter and here I’m cuddled with the love of my life. Goodnight my dearest.

Sweet Goodnight Messages for Her Tonight

Let your girlfriend know you care about her well being with these Good Night Text Messages for Girlfriend from the Heart.

71. Under the Weather
I was shivering as the weather was so cold tonight, and I yearn for your body to keep me warm, my dear. Goodnight my baby.

72. To Love And Behold
A night like this, I long to be with you, my dear and no one else; to love and behold you. Goodnight beautiful.

73. Like a Toddler
I love falling asleep in your bosom each and every time, as you’ve always treat me like a toddler. Goodnight my love.

74. A Baby to Me
Tonight, I want to ease from you the day’s stress and anxiety and treat you like a baby you’re to me. Goodnight my dearest.

75. Rainy Night
I’m glad to have you not only in my life, but also be with me here on a rainy night like this tonight. Goodnight my baby.

76. Mean a Lot to Me
I desired to cherish and love you all over again and again, as you’ve come to mean a lot to me. Goodnight my dearest.

77. Tonight…
I want to love you like I’ve never been hurt before tonight, until the rising of the sun. Goodnight beautiful.

78. All I Wanted…
All I wanted to do tonight, is to enjoy your company as we look out in the sky and appreciate the works of God in creation. Goodnight my love.

79. Perfect Day
As I’ve started the day with you, I want you to be the one whom I end it with, to make it a perfect day. Goodnight my baby.

80. Sit and Talk
Just wanted to sit and talk with you about how I spent my day till sleep takes me away. Goodnight my dearest.

81. Reminds Me of You
Each time when I look up the sky to see the beautiful moon, it reminds me of you, my dear. Goodnight beautiful.

82. Thought of Your Love
Lying down in bed and thinking about you and your love is all I want to do tonight. Goodnight my love.

83. My Thought of the Day
As I lie down to sleep tonight, it’s you I’m going to dream about as you were in my mind all day. Goodnight my baby.

84. Every Night
I wished to be in your bosom not just tonight alone, but every other night and express my feelings for you. Goodnight my dearest.

85. In Your Bosom
I’m anxiously waiting for the sun to start setting as its a reminder of where I’m meant to be – in your bosom. Goodnight beautiful.

86. Just a Wish
I only have one wish; that you will be with me here tonight. Now you’re thinking that’s not possible, right? Goodnight still, my love.

87. Whenever You’re Around
Each time I’m alone, it reminds me of the happiness that your company gives me at night as my joy knows no boundaries whenever you’re around. Goodnight dear.

88. End My Weariness
Today’s workload was much and I’m very tired, all I need is your care and love to end my tiredness. Goodnight my baby.

89. It’s Time…
When the stars are shining brighter in the sky, Know it’s time for me to fall gently on the bed with you and caress you. Goodnight my dearest.

90. Thought of You
Whenever I lie down in bed, it’s you l want to think about as just the thought of you ease the day’s stress. Goodnight beautiful.

91. Wish You Were Here
Before I fall asleep every night, it’s you who I’m always thinking about and I wish you’re here with me. Goodnight my love.

92. Smile on My Face
There’s always a big smile on my face when I go to sleep, because I’m certain to wake up with you beside me. Goodnight my baby.

93. Make You Happy
I have only but one agenda tonight which I look forward to achieve – I desired to make you happy. Goodnight my dearest.

94. When You Wake Up
Just as the sun will always rise after setting, in the same way, when you close your eyes to sleep, I’ll be here when you wake up. Goodnight beautiful.

95. There for You
No matter how weak and tired I’m, I will always be there for you whenever you need me. Goodnight my love.

96. Glowing Moon
I wish you were here so as to enjoy looking at the stars glittering and the moon glowing in the sky together. Goodnight my baby.

97. Bright smiling Face
Looking through the window and seeing as many stars are shining brighter, it only reminds me of you and your bright smiling face. Goodnight my dearest.

98. Rising of the Sun
I desired we cuddle with each other and ease the tensions of the day away all through the night till the rising of the sun. Goodnight beautiful.

99. My Love Is Eternal
The night is not enough for me to show and express to you how much I love you; the night is for a while but my love is eternal. Goodnight my love.

100. Be Rest Assured…
Be rest assured to have a lovely night rest and sweet dreams as I’ll be here when you wake up. Goodnight my baby.