2024 Short Love Quotes for Her or Him

Love is one of the magical things that can be experienced by everyone. It can be best enjoyed if you open up your heart to it in the sincerest way and invest in it, no matter how small. The interesting thing is when you are open to love, you can’t hide it, you show it to the person you are in love with in so many amazing ways and a surefire way to express your love is to send your words.

So, I guess you are looking for those sweet words that will move your beloved from the ground state to the excited state, and if you want to move him or her in such a way that reciprocity becomes a mandate, you’ve got to pick up your phone now and type any of these love quotes I’m sharing with you.

Below are scintillating quotes you can use to thrill your lover – your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Husband or Wife.

Short Love Messages for Lovers

Romantic short love quotes for your lover. Express your love with these Short Love Quotes for Her or Him.

1. True love is indescribable, it makes you speechless and astonished from the very first day you encounter it.

2. Loves leaves us with an emotion that expresses our very own thoughts on our looks and actions.

Short Love Messages for Lovers
Short Love Messages for Lovers

3. Good feelings and a great state of mind are one the great packages love delivers to our footsteps once we open our heart to it.

4. Love is so powerful that it makes us clueless about how best to convey our thoughts, and yet still leaves us in a serious search for the right words.

5. Only one thing makes your day so bright and your night so cosy. It’s that same thing that makes you simply smile at space – Love

6. When you deeply care about someone and you can tell him how crazy you are in love with him, that’s love at its peak.

7. You are not just the source of my happiness, you are also the focal point on which my world rotates in pleasantness.

8. Love encapsulates the whole of the heart in such a way that, whether you choose right or wrong, you are tempted to see a good in it.

9. True love is just like an alarm clock, it always reminds you of your promises to your lover day in, day out.

10. When the thoughts of a particular person become a habit and repetition of the thoughts comes with a smile, it’s nothing else but love.

11. Love is like having a real fun time in paradise and having the sweetest of your dreams play out in reality.

12. The first and last thought of a neutral human being has a lot to say about the past and future of such. When it is love related, then it’s good love.

13. My love for you is like sleeping after an all-night vigil and waking up to my biggest desire.

14. Waking up with you in my thoughts give me so much hope that the day is going to be so beautiful.

15. Love makes the world looks brighter, livelier, bubblier, happier, bouncier and better off.

16. It doesn’t matter how love you have known each other, what matters is much you love each other every day.

17. Years become months, months become weeks, weeks become days, days become hours, hours become minutes and minutes become seconds when you find true love.

18. Time flies so fast when you are with the right person at the right time.

19. Love has a way of defining people by situations and circumstances. Your love towards me in my bad situation defined you.

20. Loving someone is like being lost in paradise and not wanting to find your way back home.

21. When you thought about someone yesterday, and you still keep thinking about the person today, tomorrow and next. It’s your heart saying something as deep as love.

22. No amount of time spent with you is too much, but we can start this journey of love from forever till eternity.

Short Love Messages for Lovers
Short Love Messages for Lovers

23. Love is like a mirror through which you see the soul and intent of your lover without concealment.

24. All I want to do with you is to hold you tight, look into your eyes as say the most real words in my heart to your ears.

25. My love for you is a rainbow after the storm and a cool breeze after the rain, just to calm your soul.

26. Falling in good love can make you entirely, fully, crushingly, totally, spectacularly, fabulously, passionately and ardently fall in beautiful sweetness.

27. Being alive is totally dependent on God’s grace, being in love is also dependent on you.

28. Every passing day, I wish you will always be with me throughout the 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week because you are my angel, my life and my entire world.

29. I woke up today feeling good and then I remembered the value of life and how it offered me you, I’ll always love you as long as I live.

30. Loving you is a journey that has a lot of steps and I am gonna love you every of every step of the way.

Short Love Messages for Lovers
Short Love Messages for Lovers

31. If love walks with you every moment of your life, you will end up having everything you need for the journey.

32. Having your loved one to start the beginning of your love story and also be the last of everything is unusual love.

33. Your looks and words are everything I need to keep my flow of your love running through my veins like the wave of an ocean hitting the shore.

34. I saw you and my soul was pleased with its voice, no wonder my heart has been all over, looking for you alone.

35. The most favourite place I love to be is anywhere I am when I am with you

36. When two souls and minds are aflame, the hearts of the lovers will have no choice than to beat at the same time.

37. Amidst diverse of choices I have ever made, I am so glad I finally made a choice to be with you.

38. Every day is not enough to stop falling in love with you, I’ll keep doing that until eternity.

39. Falling in love with you makes the sky so blue, the sun so bright and the day so beautiful.

40. You always make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world and I owe you for that my love.

Short Love Messages for Lovers
Short Love Messages for Lovers

41. Sometimes, disappointments in love can lead you to a greater blessing in love. That’s you.

42. If thinking about you would produce a flower from the ground, by now, I should have a world full of beautiful gardens.

43. Understanding lots of love quotes have been a mystery and fake storytelling to me until I found you.

44. My angel, the moment I found you, I knew instantaneously that I had found bliss.

45. Starting the day with love your is simply the best because I will end up smiling throughout the day.

46. Real love is like sleeping just after getting a good body massage and waking up with breakfast on your bed.

47. Even in this world full of the chaos of confusion, my love for you is one thing I am certainly sure will never change or decline.

48. Between the time I sleep and wake up, I only think about three things and they are you, you and you again.

49. When you are with the love of your life, you are not just ordinary, you simply become supernatural and extraordinary.

50. With you, I can do much more, I can fly further and I can dig deeper. Thanks for your love.

51. You may be just one person or a being, but to me, you are my world in its entirety.

52. When I am without you, there is almost nothing I can do, but when I am with you, I can do the extraordinary.

53. The power of love is seen when being with one person seem to be the only true happiness in life.

54. To love and be loved in return is sweeter than the sweetest experience in life.

55. No matter the level of challenges and problems conditions may present to you, once there is love, there is life.

56. True friendship most times leads to love, and friendship in love seals the deal forever.

57. One of the biggest mental diseases in the world today is love, it changes your entire thoughts and actions towards the loved.

58. There is only one solution to a love problem, to love in the right direction in a better way.

59. True love does not have friction where one is trying to the bossy and the other is striving to please the loved.

60. When an offence, before being committed, is waved and that act of forgiveness is repeatedly endless. It’s nothing but love.

Short Love Messages for Lovers
Short Love Messages for Lovers

61. A tender look, a secure soul, a restful emotion, a contented mind and a joyful spirit are some of the attributes of he, who has love dwelling in his heart.

62. True love is just like a personal angel which is rarely encountered, but once found, is yours forever.

63. Love is at its best when you look beyond each other’s eyes and then look in the same direction to the future.

64. The beautiful thing about true love is that it beautifies your soul and frees your mind from any hurt or regret.

65. Wisdom is not only seen in the way we handle our relationships with people, but wisdom itself is love.

66. Love teaches you to be brave and once you have that bravery, you have learnt to face life with whatever comes.

67. The power of love is such that, you can live a life free of worries and fear because you possess it.

68. The language of love is so universal that anyone in any part of the world you speak it to, respond to it in reciprocity.

69. There are three authoritative words that can sweep one’s feet away and make your head swirl. The words are – I Love You.

70. Love is a special multifunctional key that opens doors of happiness, joy, peace, great partnership, sweetness and pleasure.

71. Asides good diets, one of the most natural ways to look as young as ever is to wear a face of love.

72. Love has two sides, obsessed love that could kill the loved, true love that could die for the loved one, so choose wisely.

73. When love is at the extreme, going from warm to hot, its end may also go from cool to cold.

74. First love is so magical, but if not well managed, could lead to an experience and not an accomplishment.

75. No matter the situation, love will always make a way while indifference will always give a flimsy explanation.

76. In the beginning, love may be blindfolded, but along the way, its true definition will be revealed.

77. Our fate and destiny define our path, but love is largely by our choice whether directly or indirectly.

78. If love could be quantified as drops of water, I’ll give you oceans and rivers just to prove my love for you.

79. The essence of love lasts beyond this life, it’s a satisfaction you feel eternally, no matter what aspect of it changes.

80. There is one thing that connects a man to a woman and makes them feel like they have known each other for a long time. It’s love.

81. From time immemorial till date, Love is still the only powerful thing that can cause people to die for each other.

82. Talking about oneself is one thing you can never be tired of saying, that’s why lovers don’t get tired of talking to each other.

83. When distance and disagreement set in, only love is capable of bridging the gaps.

84. What keeps two hearts close to each other, no matter how far away they are is love.

85. For real, I have never loved another person the way I loved you and I will not stop now.

86. Love stays in our heart, though our feet may go anywhere, our love will remain in our hearts.

87. Wherever you are so much loved in this world is called home, that’s why I love being with you cos it feels like home.

88. True love stories with a perfect beginning never have an end, it lasts forever.

89. To love another person the way you love yourself or much more is equivalent to knowing there is a God of love.

90. When there is life, there is hope; but when there is love, there is all.

91. To get love back in a big way, you go to love someone too.

92. The moment you encounter love, there is a transformation that makes you know yourself more than the way you did.

93. A character is beautiful inside, a smile is beautiful outside but Love is beautiful inside out.

94. The only way to get love back is not money, fame, position or power, it’s simply love.

95. Two seeds grow from different soils and foundation, became very tall flowers and meet to be together forever.

96. The mystery of love is, the more you love, the more you expect perfection from the loved and the more you hate the mistakes made by your beloved.

97. You cannot force love, the best way you can get it is if it gives itself absolutely to you.

98. True lovers do not write down their hurts, they throw the record away and replace it with events of happiness.

99. Deep love comes with a little bunch of craziness, if not well managed and handled, could lead to hatred.

100. Perfect love is that which lifts the burdened heart and makes it as light as a feather.