2024 Long Distance Relationship Messages

Your Lover (Male or female) is far away from you, and you need to express your feelings to him or her: long distance relationship messages for girlfriend or long distance relationship messages for boyfriend.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
In times past, long distance relationships were believed to be nightmares .

Sometimes, you feel like looking into your lover’s eyes and pour out all your heart. The hurtful part is that everything ends as imaginations.

But technology has come to bring an end to nightmares and let you wake up to a land of rhapsodic sensations.

With few punches on your keypad, you can let out your deepest feelings in few words.

Feel free use these Long Distance Relationship messages to strengthen the connection and defy the distance between you and your Special Someone.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Communication strengthens a long distance relationship. Here is the best collection of Long Distance Relationship Messages you can communicate to your special one.

1. Even though we don’t see each other often, we are inseparable. You’re there and you are in my heart at the same time. I love you.

2. If I’m to quantify how much I miss you, I’ll be approaching infinity by now. I miss you very much, Honeypie.

3. We may be a million kilometres apart yet our love is 100% stronger each day. I love you.

4. Nothing can separate us even if we are in separate locations. I’m totally in love with you.

5. I can’t wait to set my cute eyes on your awesome physique again. The wait is Killing me, darling. I can’t wait anymore.

6. You make me fall in love with you more and more, every day. And it makes me miss you more terribly. Come to me, darling.

7. Confession: I smile sheepishly each time you cross my mind. I’m so in love with you.

8. I feel like seeing you before dawn. A date in our dreams, Yeah? Goodnight, love.

9. You’re always on my mind. We’re apart in distance but my heart is knitted into yours. I love you very much.

10. If we’re always together. We wouldn’t know how far love can go. Go

11. The number of miles between us is negligible, compared to how much you mean to me. I love you, Mine.

12. Thousands of kilometres from my eyes, zero millimetres from my heart. In other words, you’re right here in my heart. I love you.

13. When things go wrong, I just close my eyes, take a deep breath and remember the warmth of your embrace.

14. The Sun rises and sets, stars twinkle, day breaks and the sun rises again. Same way loving you comes naturally and continuous.

15. I wish I was with you to hug you, instead of texting this sweet “goodnight”.

16. Receive these words as my embrace and this text as my kiss. Looking forward to being with you again. Goodnight.

17. Last night, I thought of you before going to bed. This morning, I sent you words of prayers. Just to let you know that I can’t attempt keeping you out of my head. Good morning and have a splendid day!

18. My heart beats in the rhythm of your name. You’re the brightness of my smile. I miss my Lovesome.

19. Each evening, I long forward to be home again. Your arm is home and my safe haven. Countdown to seeing you again!

20. It’s hard to remember that I can’t hold you every day. But deep down, I know that you’re the only one from me and I’ll hold on to you tightly. Stay with me for life. I love you so much.

21. If you want to calculate our distance apart, don’t use a metre rule. The lonely moments plus the deepest yearns plus the way our bond gets stronger daily -now that’s the accurate measurement. I miss you too much

22. Just to remind you that I’ll always be there for you. I have you on my aspirations and plans. I have you at heart. And that’s all that matters. Good morning, my Sugar.

23. Hey, Honey! I feel you next to me right now can you just teleport here so that it can be more real?

24. In a physical sense, we are far away from each other. In love-sense it’s you and I always, together and forever.

25. I’m playing the filmstrip of the dear moments we’ve had together, in my head. Striking the strings of my guitar, humming about the special love we share. I love you.

26. What hurts is not the fact that we live far away from each other, what hurts most is the I can only kiss your lips on my phone screen. I miss you.

27. Sometimes, I want to whisper some sweet things into your ears but I can’t see you. I whisper them anyway. You must have heard them if you listen to your heart. In short, I miss you.

28. I’ll always be there for you, come rain, come sunshine. Distance makes zero difference ’cause you mean a million to me. I love you.

30. You’re a long haul away but never truly apart. I love you here, there and everywhere.

31. I’m jealous of the rain that falls on your skin because I’ve not felt it in a while. I’m jealous of the Nightingale that sings you to sleep because I can’t. I know I will, very soon. Goodnight.

32. I knew it wouldn’t come easy. We would have to make deliberate efforts to make it work. But, I’ve chosen this path because I want to remain Yours for life.

33. You make our relationship worth every mile. Even though I can’t behold your lovely face often, I fall in love deeper by the day. I love you.

34. This is to remind you that you’re so amazing to me. I love you Good morning my dearest.

35. I wish I can teleport to your house every morning, to kiss you awake. Good morning.

36. Let this text message remind you that you’re always in my thoughts and you’ve never left since the first time you came. Good morning.

37. One thing I like about you is that slice of excellence you put in everything you do. Can you make me proud today again? Good morning and have a fantastic day.

38. Like the moon lights up the night sky, thoughts of you brighten my heart and makes me sleep soundly. I hope you’d sleep well too, dear.

39. Each time the thoughts of you cross my mind, I smile occasionally like a psycho. I’m crazy about you, always remember. Good morning.

40. Each time you see the sun smile, remember that there’s someone who cares so much about you and wants to keep you ever smiling.

41. Every morning, I wake up to count my blessings. I can’t even count because the joy of having you overwhelms me. May you encounter much more joy today. Good morning.

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42. Even though I can’t wake you up with a real kiss, let this text message remind you that you’re a so sweet and I can’t stop thinking about you. Good morning.

43. In my sleep, I dream of being your lover. I wake up to relish the reality. I love you every moment. Good morning.

44. Waking up to remember that you’re mine makes me feel special. Good morning and don’t forget that there’s someone crazily in love with all of you.

45. When you’re away, I spend time rehearsing all the sweet things I have to say to you. But I go speechless when I set my eyes on you. You’re too amazing for words!

46. I miss you so much. All I can do is to put my hand on my chest and sleep off. Because that’s where you reside – in my heart. Goodnight.

47. People say that out of sight is out of mind. I say that it out of sight makes it fonder. As you go out today, know that I love you fondly. Good morning.

48. Sometimes, I cry when I miss you terribly. Other times, I smile because I know that the wind can only increase the flame of our passions. I miss you.

49. I’ll wait to see you again. Even though it seems like forever. I’ll wait forever and a day. Because I honestly want you and you only.

50. We connect perfectly in many areas. We bring out the best in each other. It’s been two years and counting. You see why I can’t wait to have you back and never to let you go again?

51. You are my one and only, forever. I don’t want any other. You’ve occupied my heart and I’m happy to have you there. I love and miss you.

52. When we’re together, the whole day seems like seconds. But when you’re away, a day seems like a thousand days. I’ll wait for you, a thousand days and one. I love you, hun.

53. I just got injured. I was about standing up from my bed when I fell hard. I fell in love with you all over again. Good morning Hun.

54. I’m done. I can’t cope with this anymore. It’s hard like a hard-boiled egg. I can’t cope with not seeing you for this long. Can you come here already? Hope you didn’t faint? I still need you in my life. Lol.

55. I can’t wait to see you again and pull your ears playfully. Let the countdown begin!

56. I love your giggles on phone. It keeping ringing in my memory. I love you and you’re my desire all day, long.

57. Words alone can’t perfectly capture what I feel for you. Wait until our next meeting and get your mind blown. Because I value you…

58. We’re miles apart but knitted at heart. Our love will wax stronger and never part. You’re my treasure!

59. When I miss you this way, I go reliving the sweet memories we’ve had. I can’t wait to make more!

60. I’ve been trying to sleep to no avail. I think it’s because I’ve not told you “I love and miss you”. Goodnight, Sugar.

61. Our love gets sweeter every day. I’m excited about how beautiful it will be tomorrow morning. I can’t wait till daybreak! Goodnight.

62. This is to tell you that you’re always on my mind, even in my dreams. Goodnight and dream of me.

63. Sleep well. Dream great. I care.

64. This night, I’m happy and sad. Sad because I’m missing you so much. Happy that you are mine and I’m yours for life. Goodnight.

65. As you go to bed, think of me wrapping my hands around you and telling you that you’re the sweetest thing that ever happened to me. I love you. Goodnight.

66. I have lots of tasks tonight. The first is to tell you that I love you and goodnight.

67. I feel uneasy tonight because I’m missing you. Please come to my dreams tonight and all will be well. Goodnight, love.

68. Missing you gets harder and easier. Harder because I’m craving seeing you. Easier because I’m a day closer to seeing you. See you soon, honey.

69. I feel like bombarding you with hugs this night. I hope this message does more than the hugs will do, to wish you a warm goodnight.

70. I think about you first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Because you’re my one and only. Goodnight.