100 Romantic Love SMS for Her or Him in 2024

‘If you’ve never loved, you’ve never lived’, so is the saying. That points out one thing to us: love is more than a feeling and an emotion – it’s life!

However, these days, we have found out that the expression of love isn’t well communicated. It’s only communicated on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s, which no doubt are once a year affair!

If you’re thinking you’re guilty, don’t feel too bad. We’re here to make things right, with the Most Romantic Love SMS for your Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

More to it is that you can choose one every day, to send to your loved one, thereby making them know you love them every day and that they remain in your thoughts every time.

Have a jolly good time selecting the best sweet romantic love sms in english for your love, and I hope your loved ones love them.

Romantic Love SMS for Her  – Your Girlfriend

Here are sweet romantic love messages for your girlfriend that will make your girlfriend to in love with you again and again.

1. With your life in my heart, I feel like I’m flying instead of walking. I feel awake even in my dreams. I feel so full when hunger calls! That’s all because I love you.

2. I’d love to be your boyfriend even in my other life. That’s just because you make me feel important!

3. Loving you is all I wanna do over and over again. It’s a journey I wanna take every day – until death.

4. You have made life truly worth living. How can I ever breathe without you? Tell me.

5. Even if the whole world burns to the ground, nothing will stop my love for you.

6. God sent Jesus to die for the sins of men. I can do anything for you – even as much as dying for you.

7. When I’m frail and weak and has little strength left, I want to be caught loving you ever still.

8. The moment I close my eyes to sleep, all I see is you in a joyous dip.

9. At the dawn of creation, God knew I’d love you the best. That’s why he had me specially made for you.

10. With the coming of each day, my love comes with new strength. I hope I can always love you as strongly as ever.

Sweet Romantic Love Sms for Her

Make yourself everything your girlfriend want with the following heart touching love quotes and messages for her.

11. At every glimpse of you, the least I can do is to give glory to the smart creator who made you. You’re the special one for me.

12. Ever wondered what C-LI-WI-YU means? It simply means I Can’t Live Without You!

13. You must be a really good sprinter because you keep running in my mind.

14. Why am I such a bad shooter? I keep missing you!

15. I love you more with every breath I take, and with every moment that passes.

16. By simply taking the risk to love you, I’ve earned more than what money can avail me.

17. They said I shouldn’t love you because you’re not Yoruba. You proved them wrong and showed that they’re blabbers!

18. My prayer is to always have you locked in my arms, and listen as our hearts make the grandest beat!

19. The moment you leave me, life will be without colour, hope and love. So don’t leave me.

20. All I’ve ever wanted is to have someone love me with her whole being. You did just that, by loving me with your spirit, soul, and body.

Romantic Love Sms for Girlfriend

Send these heartfelt love sms and quotes for your girlfriend and watch her love you the more.

21. Every day that passes without you by my side is like being dead while leaving. Don’t ever leave me again. Don’t.

22. You don’t have to go seeking prominence or platform anywhere. You have the stage in my heart, and I love you forever.

23. The best part of every blessed day is sharing my thoughts and moments with you. I don’t ever want to say goodbye when we part.

24. To the one who decorates the whole of my being from dawn to dusk, I pray God to strengthen my resolve to love you forever!

25. Man’s as cold as the tiled floors when you’re away. Man’s not hot without you.

26. Loving you is the greatest thing I’ve done all my life. I hope it tops the list of all of life’s achievements.

27. If the whole world will end tomorrow, I choose to be with you watching as the end unfolds. It’ll be a sweet end, for we’ll be together watching everything go away.

28. If there’s anything I want to be caught red-handed in, I want it to be loving you with my whole being!

29. With you in my life, I have a reason to live an extra day.

30. If it takes travelling to the ends of the world to prove my love for you, I’d do so a million times!

Romantic Love Sms for Her in English

Do you need well-composed love messages for your girlfriend as a prove of unending love?  Then these romantic I love you SMS for girlfriend in English is all you need.

31. Even if we are miles apart, know deep inside of you that I cherish and love you, and I’m never gonna do anything to hurt you.

32. Losing everything in the world won’t be as painful as losing you. Know that I don’t wanna ever lose you!

33. I’ve always dreamt of walking you down the aisle, with the whole world watching as we tie the knots. I hope that dream comes true.

34. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. I don’t intend knowing another.

35. May the sun stand still while gazing at our love. May the moon rest while staring down at us sharing a kiss. May the stars twinkle brightly as we consummate our love to the fullest proportion.

36. I’m one of the luckiest guys out there. I always can’t believe you said ‘yes’ to someone like me!

37. With you by my side, every day seems like a party. I’d love to spend the rest of my life partying – with you!

38. The extent of my love for you can never be fully expressed in words. I hope my care, love, and all-round respect for you speak volumes. I pray they do!

39. When the storms of life come calling to pull us apart, do know that I’ll stand with my chest against the wind saying ‘No’

40. I’m making a special shout out to a woman who made my entire life full of bliss.

Romantic I Love You SMS for Her

Show your girlfriend you really worth her love with the below touching romantic I love you messages for girlfriend.

41. You’ve been a special guide and scout to my life. Thanks always for making a man out of me!

42. Only you have taught me the special value of loving others truly. You’re my love teacher, and I always want to be your student, never to graduate.

43. You’re everything I’ve always wanted: caring, loving and supportive.

44. When the going gets tough, I’ll always cling to you. I hope you do same.

45. Whenever I’m sad, you’re always there to put a smile on my face. Whenever I’m sick, you’re present to nurse me back to health. Whenever life’s challenges come your way, I’ll always be there to stand guard with you.

46. With your presence in my life, I’m bold to say I’m a perfect man!

47. To others, you might be a daughter, a sister, a niece, or an aunt. To me, you mean everything – including the world!

48. In the world, people make friends. For me, I made a girlfriend, and that person is you!

49. I’m here to let you know that it’s you I’ve been waiting for all life long. Thanks for coming into my life.

50. Can you imagine a life without you – drab, sad, gloomy, null and void, darkness-ridden, and different shades of grey?

Romantic Love SMS for Him  – Your Boyfriend

With these romantic love quotes and SMS, you can finally retain your girlfriend’s trust and love.

1. I want to take this time to let you know that you always make me feel like a princess, a queen, and a first lady!

2. With you, I find the greatest joy to keep living each day as it comes. Thanks for always being there for me.

3. It feels so wonderful having you by my side always. I feel so safe and secure knowing my knight in shining armour is there to protect me.

4. The way you look at me makes me melt deep inside like candle wax. It could sometimes be intimidating feeling so powerless trying to resist you.

5. With you in my life, the world makes sense, and everything else is just perfect.

6. I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world, having a handsome man like you to myself!

7. Even if the whole world is meant for doom and Providence gives me a chance to save just one thing, I’d save you!

8. You’re the only guy I’ve met, that has made me feel loved. You treat me right always even when I develop crazy attitudes. Thanks for loving me the way I’m.

9. With you, I can LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH – with you, I can be all!

10. The hallmark of a gentleman is the ability to hold a lady tight and to treat her right. You’re one hell of a gentleman!

Sweet Romantic Love Sms for Him

Beat the imagination of your boyfriend just with one out of the following trending sweet love SMS for boyfriend.

11. You’re my perfect gentleman. Thanks for always helping me make right decisions.

12. You’re unlike a regular guy walking the streets of life. You’re my love, my life, my beginning, and my end! You’re my world!

13. My love for you is like the dew that comes right down from heaven; it is as hot as the sun, and it’ll burn for you, for the rest of my lifetime.

14. There has never been a moment of my life that I regretted knowing you. I pray no such moment comes calling.

15. I meant to let you know that you always will be my love and my life!

16. Life with you is a truckload of love, fun, and romance. If that’s all there’s to life, I’d love to keep living it!

17. You’re the best person I can always tell my secrets, without the fear of having it in the ears of the public. Thank you.

18. If I ever get a bargain of trading my love for you for a million dollars, I’ll turn down the bargain, and chase after you instead.

19. You’re the most charming, funny, exciting and loving person I’ve ever met. You’re just everything to me, baby boy.

Romantic Love Sms for Boyfriend

Show your boyfriend you really worth his love with the below touching romantic I love you messages for boyfriend.

20. Boyfriend, you mean so much to me that even the choicest words can’t explain. You’re everything I’ve always prayed for.

21. Though we’ve met in just a little while, I feel already that the best thing that’s happened to me thus far was meeting you.

22. Life will mean very little to me until you walk me down the aisle and we are married as husband and wife!

23. It’s only the thought of you, my love, that makes me smile like an idiot, even in my dreams. I don’t want that feeling to stop. I don’t.

24. No one melts my heart the way you do. A long time from now, I hope the feeling remains so.

25. When life was hard, and I felt like quitting, thanks for being there, and for giving me the support I needed to keep moving.

26. Though you’re not perfect, you’re all I ever wanted.

27. Will you hug me tighter, bring me closer, and love me forever?

28. Hello gentleman, thanks for changing my relationship status, and then my life.

29. Out of the 7 billion people walking the earth, you’re my one and only!

30. You’re my life and my love. God must have made us for each other before time began.

Romantic Love Sms for Him in English

Do you need well-composed love messages for your boyfriend as a prove of unending love?  Then these romantic I love you SMS for boyfriend in English is all you need.

31. The very thought of you alone brings a sparkle to my day and a spring to my steps.

32. Only you have the incredible touch to making my heart leap for joy every time. Please don’t stop touching my heart.

33. I can’t stop thinking about you, I can’t stop dreaming of you. I’ll do anything to keep you forever, or else, I’ll go crazy.

34. I know we were meant for each other. We will even make wonderful parents.

35. Romeo and Juliet will be jealous seeing how much we love ourselves.

36. Having your shoulders to rest my head gives me confidence that I’ll always be secure with you. I love you, honey.

37. I used to ask, “Can someone ever fall in love truly?” Upon meeting you, I know true love exists, and you were my answer.

38. Only you have been bold to tell me my faults, as well as helping me to outgrow them. Thank you.

39. You’re the most alluring man I’ve ever met. I fell head over heels in love with you, the first time we met.

40. You’re not just someone I want to spend the rest of my life with, you’re my brother and best friend.

Cute I Love You Sms for Him

Send these heartfelt I love you sms and quotes for your boyfriend and watch him love you the more.

41. Did you know that the sweetest thing in the world to me isn’t chocolate? The sweetest thing in the world is your love for me.

42. All I pray for us to be the mother of our kids, and your partner in love!

43. Without your ever loving presence, I’m as empty as a container void of water.

44. If your love is like the air I breathe, then I’ll need to keep breathing if I’m ever going to live.

45. I hope you know that the story of my life will be incomplete without you in it.

46. As much as I love the grandest things of life, I will stand by you till you can get them for me.

47. Until life’s fleeting moments’ end, I want to go down in love with you.

48. I won’t force you to marry me, but I’ll implore you to keep loving me if that’s the only thing you’ll do.

49. Until I met you, my life was comparable to that of a nun in the coventry!

50. I want our story to end this: “And they lived happily ever after.”

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